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7 Best Crochet Hooks in 2024

7 Best Crochet Hooks in 2024

Working on a new crochet project? Finding the best crochet hook for the job can be the hardest part. Luckily, there are endless options to choose from, and one of them is sure to be perfect for your next creation. This article walks you through 7 of the best crochet hooks to help you pick the perfect option for your upcoming masterpiece. Let’s check them out!

Our Top Picks: Best Crochet Hooks

In a rush? Here’s our ranking of the best crochet hooks:

1. BeCraftee Crochet Hook Set

The best crochet hooks overall

BeCraftee Hooks

Brand: BeCraftee / Material: Metal / Hooks Included: 9 / Case: Yes / Price: 💰💰💰

Our top pick has to be BeCraftee’s Crochet Hook Set. The crochet hooks have long, ergonomic handles and high-quality aluminum throats and hooks. You can work for hours on end without joint pain or snags splitting in your yarn. Plus, the set includes nine super versatile hooks that can be used for plenty of different projects. That makes it a worthwhile investment for your wallet and a handy addition to your crochet hook collection. 

It even comes in a cute, compact carrying case that can easily fit in tote bags, backpacks, and travel bags. You can take BeCraftee’s Crochet Hook Det everywhere with you! 

BeCraftee’s Crochet Hook Set comes with a gauge measure rule, scissor, locking stitch makers, stitch holders, row counter, sewing needles, and yarn needles. While some of these accessories might be more than you need, the travel case accommodates them all neatly and efficiently. 

For its price, versatility, and quality, BeCraftee’s Crochet Hook Set is our number one choice. 

  • Versatile & portable
  • Well-priced complete set
  • Ergonomic rubber handles

  • Metal material may catch the yarn
  • Accessories might be more than you need 

2. Boye Plastic Crochet Hook

The best crochet hooks runner-up

Boye Hooks

Brand: Boye / Material: Plastic / Hooks Included: 5 / Case: No / Price: 💰

Boye’s set of plastic crochet hooks brings a lot to the table. First of all, Boye is a major brand in the industry and has produced high-quality crochet hooks for decades. These tapered hooks boast an ultra-smooth, snag-free surface that allows them to move quickly through yarn without splitting. They’re also lightweight, color-coded, and versatile. For crocheters who struggle with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or wrist pain, ergonomic handles can be easily added to the hook shafts.

Best of all? Boye’s set of plastic crochet hooks is cost-effective, coming in at under $10.00. 

While the set doesn’t include a wealth of sizes, the ones that are included are widely-used and great for a load of different projects. Boye’s collection is our runner up for the best crochet hook set.

  • Slender and ultra-smooth
  • Well-known and respected brand
  • Can be used with ergonomic handles

  • Only five sizes included
  • Not a complete set, and no carrying case

3. Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set

The best crochet hooks for beginners

Bates Hooks

Brand: Susan Bates / Material: Aluminum / Hooks Included: 6 / Case: No / Price: 💰💰

What are the best crochet hooks for beginners? Well, you’ve got lots of options. But we think this Bates set is one of the best.

The Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set has the best crochet hooks for beginners. First of all, Susan Bates is one of the most well-known crochet brands out there. For new crocheters, having easy to use, high-quality crochet hooks will make learning stitches much more seamless. 

The Bates Silvalume set has plenty of other features that make it the perfect crochet hook set for beginners, too. The slender aluminum hooks are lightweight and easier to maneuver than some thicker, more ergonomic options, and the inline style has deeper, more angular hooks that will keep the yarn in place while stitching. There are also comfortable thumb pads that make gripping and controlling the crochet hooks easier.

The downfall? There are only six sizes included, ranging from F-5 to K-10.5. Advanced crocheters might need a bit more variety and range, but five sizes can be all you need if you’re just starting.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Well-known brand
  • Slender and lightweight

  • Only six sizes included
  • Tiring to hold after a while

4. Yarniss Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

The best ergonomic crochet hook set

Yarniss Hooks

Brand: Yarniss / Material: Aluminum / Hooks Included: 14 / Case: Yes / Price: 💰💰

Yarniss’s Crochet Hooks are our choice for the best ergonomic crochet hook set. The best ergonomic crochet hooks are known for alleviating arthritis, carpal tunnel, and joint pain while crocheting, but everyone can benefit from their comfortable design. 

Unlike some ergonomic crochet hook designs that just attach half a crochet hook to a handle, this set comes with full aluminum hooks fitted into each ergonomic grip. The collection also comes with colored stitch markers, scissors, and yarn needles in a portable bag, which makes it both comfortable to use and easy to take on the go. 

Like most crochet sets, Yarniss’s comes with the size of the hook stamped on the handle. The only problem, however, is that the sizes can be worn off with use. Many crocheters don’t find this too troubling because the crochet hooks are color-coded. The other pitfall with this crochet set? The carrying case is adorable, but a bit small. If you’re looking to carry all 14 crochet hooks and accessories around with you, then this might not be the right ergonomic crochet hook set for you. 

  • Includes markers and scissors
  • Great for arthritis and carpal tunnel
  • Comes with a convenient portable case

  • Included case is very small
  • Crochet hook size notations wear off

5. Glarks Bamboo and Aluminum Crochet Hook Set

The best crochet hook deal

Glarks Hooks

Brand: Glarks / Material: Aluminum & Bamboo / Hooks Included: 24 / Case: No / Price: 💰💰

Glark’s Bamboo and Aluminum Crochet Hook set is perfect if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck. With each of its 24 pieces costing less than $0.60 per hook, this set gives you a little bit of everything at an affordable price.

It includes both bamboo and aluminum options, which can be hard (or impossible) to find. If you’ve been wanting to try out bamboo but don’t want to invest in anything crazy expensive, Glarks’ Set of Bamboo and Aluminum Crochet Hooks could be the perfect compromise. 

It also comes with hooks in a wide range of sizes. In fact, Glark’s crochet set is one of the few that includes jumbo crochet hook sizes that work well with chunky yarns. Better yet, you’ll also get a variety of hook types. Plenty of crocheters enjoy using inline and tapered hooks in their projects, and this set comes with the benefits of both. 

One of the only complaints about this set of crochet hooks is the texture and roughness of both the bamboo and aluminum options. Part of the draw of bamboo crochet hooks is its ability to keep yarn from moving around too much, but for those who prefer a faster, cleaner stitch, this might not be the right fit. 

  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Includes inline and tapered hooks
  • Features bamboo and metal crochet hooks

  • Not as smooth as other hooks
  • Difficult to manage with no carrying case

6. Yarn Mania Light Up Crochet Hooks Set

The best crochet hooks for travel

Yarn Mania Hooks

Brand: Yarn Mania / Material: Plastic / Hooks Included: 9 / Case: Yes / Price: 💰💰

Yarn Mania’s Light Up Crochet Hooks Set is the best travel crochet hook set you could ask for.

Its clear plastic hooks will illuminate your stitches no matter where you might be. This is the perfect crochet set for flying, driving, or watching TV. The best part? You can take it with you right out of the box. Everything you need to get going is included. Batteries arrive inside the set, and each will power your crochet hooks for up to 100 hours each. The light-up hooks also have ergonomic handles that will let you work with ease, even if you’re sitting on a cramped flight or crowded bus. 

This set’s only flaw is its light settings. While some light up crochet hook sets have multiple settings that dim or brighten the light to your needs, Yarn Mania’s set only has one on and off setting. If you’re someone who lives by the mentality, “the brighter, the better,” then you’ll likely have no issues with it. Overall, Yarn Mania’s Light Up Crochet Hook Set is a no-brainer for its price, comfort, and portability. 

  • Ergonomic and color coded
  • Boasts a handy portable case
  • Comes with batteries and lifetime guarantee

  • Only one light setting (on or off)
  • 100 hours of battery life means you’ll need to replace them over time

7. Amure Clover Crochet Hooks Set

The best crochet hook splurge purchase

Clover Hooks

Brand: Clover / Material: Metal / Hooks Included: 8 / Case: No / Price: 💰💰💰💰

If you’re an experienced crocheter who’s looking to treat yourself, this is the perfect splurge. The Amure Clover Crochet Hooks Set is well above the other top picks’ price points, but it might be a fantastic investment for the right crafter.

Like Bates and Boye, Clover is a top crochet hook brand with decades to perfect its design and manufacturing. The metric sizes are carved into the handles so they’ll never rub off, and its wide grip and slender handles make the hooks easy to move. 

The drawback of Clover’s Amure Crochet Hook Set is the price. It’s definitely not the right crochet hook for everyone, but for the practiced pros who notice slight differences between crochet hooks, the Clover set has stellar quality. It will be a breeze to use for hours on end, no matter what you’re working on. 

  • Tried and true brand
  • Snazzy color coded handles
  • Smooth and ergonomic hooks

  • Very expensive
  • Not completely snag-free despite claim

What to Look for in Crochet Hooks 

Crochet Hooks
Image by Canva Photos

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a crochet hook. Let’s have a look.

1. Skill level

If you’re new to crocheting, prioritize versatility. Aim for sizes that aren’t too tricky to maneuver or handle. Lots of crocheters tend to use sizes between 5-6mm, so look for sets that include hooks in that range. 

2. Yarn Type

And if you haven’t figured out what you like to make or what kind of yarn you love, that’s okay. The best crochet hooks will be the ones that offer flexibility. Don’t go for any jumbo hooks or tiny hooks, and avoid specialty hooks like steel lace crochet hooks and Tunisian crochet hooks.  

3. Crocheting Challenges

The best crochet hooks for you will also depend on your style of crocheting. Some people tend to hold the crochet hook like a pencil and rely on the thumb rests, while others hold it like a wand at the end of the shaft.

Invest in a style crochet hook that makes the grip the easiest and most comfortable. Some people get frustrated with how easily yarn slips off the hook, so bamboo might be the best option. For others who prefer a smooth crochet hook, opt for plastic or high-end aluminum hooks that move without any texture. 

Our Process

For this guide on crochet hooks, our team spent 4 hours researching the most popular models from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about a hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each hook. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 crochet hooks on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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