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Shelf’s E Award


Recognizing Environmental Responsibility

You’re probably here because you’ve been reading one of our articles and noticed a green label on a product or brand like the one you see at the top of the page. 

We’ve created this label to bring attention products that our writers have researched and found to be environmentally responsible choices. 

Why the fuss?

Our ethos at Shelf is about consuming mindfully. As a company that is here to simplify the online shopping experience for people, we felt called to take things a step further. As consumers ourselves, we understand how much pressure is put on consumers to make eco-friendly choices. However, we also recognize that this practice is unfair and won’t create the kind of change we need to cut pollution on a global scale. Pressure has to be put on the manufacturers and large corporations. 

But this doesn’t mean we don’t have a part to play. By supporting the brands that are making significant efforts to be environmentally respsonible, we can give more power to our buying decisions and also feel great about how we spend our dollars- and as always, we at Shelf are here to do the work for you. 

Where do you find this award on Shelf?

When using one of our product roundups to make a buying decision, you can easily hone in on eco-friendly options by using our green Shelf “e-label” to guide you. Our editors and writers have collaborated to give any— and sometimes all —products on a Top Picks list an “e-label” and green banner, like the example you see below. 

e label example

Our Current Process

Our current selection process is fairly tame, to make things easily digestible. 

We have our writers and editing team access products, weed through any potential greenwashing done by the retailers or manufacturers, and decide which products in their selection deserve some extra attention from our readers for being eco-friendly. 

Here’s an example of what we are asking:

  • What are the primary ingredients/materials used?
  • Where is the product primarily manufactured and sold?
  • Is the product built to last?
  • Is the product recyclable? Reparable? Reusable? etc.
  • What about the packaging?
  • What is the brand as a whole doing to make a difference?

We don’t expect perfection from brands and products. No one can change everything but everyone can change something. A few small steps in the right direction can start leading towards big change in the retail industry.

Sometimes you might see an Top Picks section without any “e-labels,” which shows a gap in the industry where possibly new options could come later! Or maybe you know of an eco-friendly product that deserves to be in one of our Top Picks lists. If that’s the case, comment directly on articles or contact us

What’s on the Horizon for Shelf’s E Award

We hope to see this process evolve and grow, as the market is daily. Look for updates in the future that include master lists of our “e-label” product choices, and ways to recognize brands more than just individual products.