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Best Silicone Whisks

5 Best Silicone Whisks of 2021

Silicone whisks are rapidly replacing metal whisks in kitchens everywhere. They are non-reactive and can be used on all different kinds of pots and pans. Silicone kitchen utensils get any culinary job done without causing damage to your other kitchen cookware. If you’ve made the decision to transition to using a silicone whisk or you’re

Best Manual Coffee Grinders

7 Best Manual Coffee Grinders of 2021

If you’re considering purchasing a manual coffee grinder, keep reading, we’ve rounded up a variety of options based on many coffee needs and preferences. Our pick for best manual coffee grinders overall is the Hario Ceramic Coffee Pro. Read on for our complete list of picks!  Our Top Picks: A Closer Look: The Best Manual

Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters

The 5 Best Electric Tankless Water Heaters of 2021

If you’re reading this article, you likely already know that electric tankless water heaters are pretty great. They take up dramatically less space than traditional tank heaters, they’re ultra-efficient, eco-friendly, and can save you some serious money over time. Plus, who doesn’t want access to an endlessly hot shower, on-demand? So out of all the options,

Best Home Theater Projector Screens

Best Home Theater Projector Screens of 2021

Having an in-home theater used to be a hallmark of the rich and famous. But nowadays, you have other options besides spending thousands on a massive television screen. You can bring the full movie experience to your living room or man cave with a quality projector and projector screen. This list of the best home

Best Standing Desk Mats

Best Standing Desk Mats of 2021

The advent of standing desks has provided a healthier alternative to sitting at your desk for 8 hours (or more!) a day. But more often than not, your business-professional-sanctioned work shoes just aren’t cut out for standing for long periods of time. For the employees who have grown tired of sitting all day, and now

Best Nut choppers and Grinders

8 Best Nut Choppers and Grinders of 2021

If you’ve ever had to chop several cups of nuts by hand, you know what a drain on your time and energy it can be. A simple and affordable solution is a nut grinder. Choose from an electric or manual and a variety of special features. The challenge is determining what style of nut chopper

Best Paper Towel Alternatives

Cleaning Green: Best Reusable Paper Towel Alternatives of 2021

Paper towels are a staple in almost every American’s home. They are incredibly convenient, but they also are very wasteful. If you want to be more eco-friendly, you may wonder what to use instead of paper towels. With how easy paper towels are to use, it can be hard to imagine how to stop using

Best Video Doorbells Without a Subscription Required

Best Video Doorbells Without a Subscription Required in 2021

The uptick in online shopping has also led to problems with “porch pirates” stealing deliveries. And anyway, wouldn’t you like to know who’s knocking from the comfort of your couch, or to sleep more soundly because you’ll be alerted whenever someone approaches your house in the middle of the night? To enjoy these benefits, it’s

Best Stainless Steel Rice Cookers

8 Best Stainless Steel Rice Cooker in 2021

Owning a rice cooker is a must if rice is a regular ingredient in your meals. The best stainless steel rice cookers create a final product that is thoroughly cooked, versatile, and delicious. Add spices and other ingredients to liven it up or stick with a basic white rice for all kinds of meals. Rice

Best Electric Knife Sharpeners

How To Use An Electric Knife Sharpener

If you’re a regular cook, your knives are likely some of the most treasured cooking tools in the kitchen. Maybe you have a favorite knife or set of knives that get the job done better than any others. However, knives, like any other kitchen tool, experience wear and tear after regular use. As a blade

The Best Air Conditioners with Heat

Best Window Air Conditioners with Heat in 2021

The best window air conditioners with heat keep you cool in the summer and warm and toasty all winter long. Best of all, these best-rated units require minimal installation (if any). They are quiet and relatively affordable, especially when compared to updating the HVAC system of an entire house. Meaning they’re an excellent choice for

best smart locks for airbnb

Best Smart Lock for Airbnb & Vacation Rentals in 2021

After investing in an Airbnb or vacation rental, your next concern is how to keep it safe, both when the unit is rented and when it’s empty. With people coming and going constantly, you’ll also need a quick and convenient way to distribute keys to renters or cleaning staff, or to help a forgetful tenant