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6 Best Sandboxes for Kids in 2024

6 Best Sandboxes for Kids in 2024

Sandboxes are a unique and fun way to bring the beach to your home. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with features and added toys that kids are certain to love. We’ve built a list of the best sandboxes for kids, each with characteristics that make them uniquely delightful. Our overall top pick is the Best Choice Products Wood Cabana Sandbox for its practical design and reasonable price. However, no matter what kind of sandbox you’re looking for, you will certainly find one here. Keep reading for the best sandboxes for kids. 

Our Top Picks:

Best Choice Products Wood Cabana SandboxBest Overall: Best Choice Products Wood Cabana Sandbox
With bench seats and a canopy to provide shade, this is our overall top pick for the best sandbox for kids. It’s durable, affordable, and the kids are certain to love it. 
Octagon Cedar Wood SandboxRunner-up: Octagon Cedar Wood Sandbox
Simple and stylish are the best words to describe this sandbox. It’s also large enough for a handful of kids to play at the same time.
Kids Sand Table with CoverBest Budget: Kids Sand Table with Cover
A strict budget shouldn’t restrict you from buying a fun sandbox. This elevated sandbox is perfect for young kids and very affordable. 
Step2 Play and Cover Sandbox for KidsBest for Older Kids: Step2 Play and Cover Sandbox for Kids
Here is the best sandbox for older kids. It’s basic structure allows for more open space for kids to play in the sand. 
Costzon Sandbox Pirate Boat SandboxBest Splurge: Costzon Sandbox Pirate Boat Sandbox
If you’re looking to splurge on a sandbox and want one with a unique character, definitely check this one out. It’s an especially good choice if the kid loves pirates. 
Step2 Crabbie SandboxBest for Toddlers: Step2 Crabbie Sandbox
The best sandbox for toddlers is adorable, shaped like a crab, and ideal for 2-3 kids to play in. It also is priced incredibly fairly. 

A Closer Look: Best Sandboxes for Kids

We’ve made some pretty sturdy sandcastles in our life, but it all starts with a good foundation. These sandboxes are designed with a child’s fun in mind. Between their unique shapes and styles, you’re certain to find the perfect one.  Read on to see why these 6 are the best you’ll find.

1. Best Choice Products Wood Cabana Sandbox

The best sandbox for kids overall

Best Choice Products Wood Cabana Sandbox

Brand: Best Choice | Capacity: 150 Pounds | Accessories: Comes with Cover | Materials: Stained Wood | Price: 💰💰💰💰

This sandbox not only looks cute, it’s also durable to regular wear and tear. The sandbox itself is surrounded by wood benches so kids can play without getting their clothes sandy. Two buckets on the side can be filled with water or used to store sand toys. The canopy overhead is UV resistant and protects sand from soaking when it rains, but the set also comes with a cover to go over the sand. It has a bottomless design with a liner that can be adjusted to promote drainage, ventilation, and overall sand depth. This sandbox is fully equipped for kids to enjoy.

  • Can easily fit 2-3 kids
  • Assembly directions are easy to follow
  • Delightfully different from most other sandboxes
  • Some reviewers received broken boards
  • Putting the tarp over the sand is challenging
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2. Octagon Cedar Wood Sandbox

The runner-up best sandbox for kids

Octagon Cedar Wood Sandbox

Brand: Creative Cedar Designs | Capacity: 800 Pounds | Accessories: Comes with Cover | Materials: Cedar | Price: 💰💰💰

Sometimes simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to kids toys. For this sandbox all you need is sand and sand toys for kids to have a great time. The sandbox is shaped as an octagon with four sides having slightly thicker pieces of wood that can be used as benches. Assembly is easy using the product’s “slot system” and requires only a screwdriver. The cedarwood sandbox and tarp are both made from eco-friendly material. It’s a durable sandbox that will last kids years of regular use. The tarp is easy to put on and keeps unwanted water and animals out.

  • Very easy to put together
  • Long lifespan even in the brutal summers of Texas
  • Large sandbox, great for households with multiple kids
  • Water might pool in the center of the cover after a heavy rain
  • Several reviewers received broken parts, but easily got replacements

3. Kids Sand Table with Cover

The best budget sandboxes for kids

Kids Sand Table with Cover

Brand: SOWOW | Capacity: Max 15 Pounds | Accessories: 15 Piece Toy Set and Cover | Materials: Plastic | Price: 💰

Some sandboxes might be far out of your price range if you’re working with a budget. However, this doesn’t mean affordable sandboxes aren’t available to you. Here is our favorite pick for those on a budget. It’s a sand table that comes with toys and tools for kids to play with. It’s smaller than a standard sandbox, but it’s also far less messy. We also consider this one to be one of the best sandboxes for young kids due to its shorter height and small play area. You can even put sand on one side with water on the other for a more versatile play space.

  • Simple and perfect for younger children
  • Comes with a lid that can turn it into a small table
  • Comes with toys for kids to play with in sand or water
  • Tray may be too small for some kids
  • Short legs means kids rapidly outgrow the sandbox

4. Step2 Play and Cover Sandbox for Kids

The best sandboxes for older kids

Step2 Play and Cover Sandbox for Kids

Brand: Step2 | Capacity: 200 Pounds | Accessories: Comes with Cover | Materials: Plastic | Price: 💰💰

A common misconception is that sandboxes are only playable for toddlers. Usually this is due to their small size. However, there are some sandboxes that are big enough for older kids too and here is our favorite from Step2. Four corner seats provide space for kids to sit while they play. This full sandbox comes with a contemporary design that is ideal for multiple or older kids to play. It’s made from plastic with a lid that protects the sand and toys from all kinds of weather and outdoor animals. You might also love that this sandbox comes fully assembled, it’s ready to play in as soon as you fill it with sand.

  • Color won’t fade after a lot of sun exposure
  • Sturdy enough to withstand constant use by dogs
  • Cover stays on very well and prevents water from getting in
  • Can only fit one older kid, maybe two younger kids
  • Gaps on the side between lid and box might let bugs in

5. Costzon Sandbox Pirate Boat Sandbox

The best splurge sandboxes for kids

Costzon Sandbox Pirate Boat Sandbox

Brand: Costzon | Capacity: Max 200 Pounds | Accessories: None | Materials: Wood | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Our favorite splurge pick is also one of the coolest and most unique sandboxes you could choose. It’s shaped like a pirate ship with the sandbox sitting in the main part of the ship. A bench sits toward the back of the ship with a steering wheel and flag for your little one to pretend they are driving the boat. Under the bench is storage space for sandbox toys when not in use. A liner goes underneath the boat to promote drainage and ventilation. The biggest complaint from reviewers is the lack of cover. You’ll need to purchase a cover or simple tarp separately. 

  • Cute and unique sandbox that kids love
  • Very sturdy wood when put together properly
  • Compact size takes up less space, without sacrificing enjoyment
  • Pretty small for most ages of kids
  • User manual instructions challenging to understand

6. Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

The best sandboxes for toddlers

Step2 Crabbie Sandbox

Brand: Step2 | Capacity: 300 Pounds | Accessories: Comes with Cover | Materials: Plastic | Price: 💰💰💰

Here is another excellent sandbox from Step2. The crabbie sandbox is cute and simple, making it a great option for toddlers. It arrives fully assembled, requiring that you only add sand before it’s ready to play in. The lid fits snuggly over the base of the sandbox to keep both the sand and toys inside safe from water and critters. The claws of the crab become seats when the lid is removed allowing for 2-3 kids to comfortably play. Reviewers comment on how long this sandbox has lasted them – it’s well worth the price. 

  • Great value for a great sandbox
  • The crab shape is adorable and unique
  • Lid fits tightly and doesn’t blow away in strong wind
  • Plastic is somewhat thin, dents easily
  • Seats aren’t strong enough to hold anyone but toddlers

Sandboxes are excellent toys to get kids outside and playing. You can choose a simple wood sandbox or a plastic one shaped like a fun animal. Add sand and some toys to give kids a unique place to play this summer. Choosing from one of these sandboxes guarantees you’ll have a quality product at home. 

Our Process

For this guide on the best sandboxes for kids, our team spent 1.5 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each sandbox for kids. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 5 sandboxes for kids on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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