Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures
Woman Wearing the Best Hiking Socks

Best Hiking Socks of 2021: Protect & Insulate

Just a pair of socks? We think not! Without the right pair of socks, even the most comfortable of hiking boots can leave you with blisters, sweaty toes, and aching feet. This list of the top seven best hiking socks will help you select a well-fitting pair of socks that will work together with your shoes to

Types of Kayaks

7 Most Popular Types of Kayaks

When most people think of kayaks, they think of a small, single-seater, canoe-like boat that you use to float around a lake or calm river. But kayaks come in all different shapes and sizes. In fact, there are over a half-dozen types of kayaks available!  Whether you like casual kayaking, sea kayaking, whitewater kayaking, or even

Best Fishing Kayaks

The Best Fishing Kayaks in 2021

It’s a gorgeous sunny day at the lake, and there’s a cool breeze keeping the temperature at a near-perfect 70 degrees. You’ve been on the water for two hours now, and have already caught three sizable fish — a fantastic haul. To celebrate, you crack open a beer, sit back, and relax in one of

Benefits of Kayaking

The Top 8 Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking is ever-increasing in popularity among outdoor enthusiasts of all types. That’s because the benefits of kayaking are seemingly endless! Maybe you like meandering down calm rivers to enjoy the peace of nature. Or, perhaps you appreciate the challenge of whitewater rapids. Heck, you may even be a fisherman seeking a reliable, stable vessel to

Best Rooftop Tents

5 Best Rooftop Tents in 2021

Rooftop tent camping has risen in popularity over the last few years, with more and more outdoorspeople discovering the appeal of sleeping off the cold, hard ground, and keeping food away from curious critters. We’ve compiled a list of the top five best rooftop tents so you can start spending your nights in the wild

Best Kayaks

7 Best Kayaks in 2021

Kayaking is a growing outdoor activity that combines some of the best of what nature has to offer: sun, clear water, and beautiful scenery. It’s an easy sport to get hooked on, and first-time paddlers almost always come back for more. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil, smooth tour through the morning fog and yonder

How to Pack a Cooler for the Beach

How to Pack a Cooler for Camping, Road Trips, and More!

It seems like, no matter what size cooler you have, there’s never quite enough room for all the food and drinks you want to bring. Learning how to pack a cooler for camping, how to pack a cooler for a road trip, or even how to fill a cooler for a simple day at the

Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks

7 Best Tandem Fishing Kayaks in 2021

Kayak fishing is a newer hobby ever-rising in popularity with on-shore anglers looking to switch things up. While fishing (and kayaking) is definitely enjoyable and relaxing when you’re alone, sometimes the peace and tranquility is best shared with a good friend. We’ve compiled a list of the year’s best tandem fishing kayaks, so you and

Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks

The Best Ocean Fishing Kayaks in 2021

While kayaking by itself is already a widespread hobby, kayak fishing is rising alongside it in popularity. Whether you’re an on-shore angler looking to switch things up or just a kayak enthusiast looking to try something new, we’ve compiled a list of this year’s best kayaks for ocean fishing, so you can be sure to

Best Cooler for Camping

7 Best Coolers for Camping in 2021

Whether you’re roughing it in the woods or set up with a nice tent on a national park campground, you’re going to need a cooler to store your perishables (and hopefully, keep your drinks cold!). But what’s the best camping cooler? We’ve taken the liberty of digging into that question and come up with the

Best Hiking Shoes for Women

The Best Hiking Shoes for Women in 2021

While hiking boots are a staple to any woman’s wardrobe, they’re sometimes a little too much, kind of overkill for the outing you have planned. That’s where their lighter-weight cousins, regular hiking shoes, come into play. To help you find the absolute best hiking shoe for you, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks

Best Hiking Boots for Women

The Best Hiking Boots for Women in 2021

Hiking boots are a staple in any woman’s closet, ideal for walks along nature paths and intense hikes in the great outdoors. But with so many brands and styles out there, it can be hard to find a quality pair that will work best for you. That’s why, in this article, we’re going to look