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Best Cat Carriers

The 6 Best Cat Carriers of 2021

Traveling with your cat? Taking it to the vet? While it may be enticing to just set your cat loose in the car, it is actually dangerous for both you and your cat to drive this way. Traveling can be very stressful for cats, so finding a way for them to be cozy and comfortable

Best Dog Toothpaste

Best Dog Toothpaste of 2021: Top 6 Options

We know what you’re thinking: You want me to brush my dog’s teeth? Seriously? Yes, we do. And so does your veterinarian. And your dog probably won’t mind it either. Maintaining your pup’s oral health is crucial to keeping their overall health in check. In addition to annual dental cleanings at your vet, your dog needs daily

Cat Fleas vs. Dog Fleas

Cat Fleas vs. Dog Fleas

If you shudder at the idea of creepy crawly things, imagine finding one — or dozens — on your dog or cat’s skin. Ectoparasites — like fleas — are a type of parasite that exists on the outside of their host, burrowing into the skin to extract a blood meal. There are many different types

Best Cat Brushes

8 Best Cat Brushes of 2021

While cats have a reputation for being excellent self-groomers, it’s still important as an owner to pay close attention to the health of their coats and skin. The ASPCA recommends a weekly brushing or combing session (or biweekly, particularly for long-haired cats) to remove dirt, dander, and dead hair. Brushing your cat is also a

Dog Digging in Yard

How to Stop a Dog From Digging

Bella whines and scratches at the back door; she needs to go out right this second! Her energy is high, and she is excited to play. The backyard is her amusement park, her playground. You let her out, and within minutes she’s throwing dirt and sod into the air behind her as she digs a

Best Pet Birds for Beginners

Best Pet Birds For Beginners

Birds are both adorable and majestic, sweet and stoic. Having a pet bird can be fun and enjoyable for your family, but you must choose the right bird to suit your needs. What do you need and want from a pet bird? The right bird for each family is out there. First, you need to

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs

Best Cat Food for Sensitive Stomachs: Top 7 Picks of 2021

Cats are remarkable creatures; they are tiny little killers with precious faces meant to be squished and smooched. Cats are obligate carnivores and do not require vegetables or grains to survive. Still, a well-balanced diet is ideal for keeping them healthy. Most cats will have some gastrointestinal issues in their lifetime (like nearly all animals),

Best Dog Ear Cleaner

10 Best Dog Ear Cleaners of 2021

If you’ve done any shopping for your dog’s ear care recently, you may have noticed that there’s been a significant increase of widely available ear cleaning products. Having more choice is terrific, but how do you navigate all the cleansers, drops, flushes, and wipes — not to mention their barely-pronounceable ingredients? Is it even possible

Best Canned Dog Food

10 Best Canned Dog Food in 2021

There are hundreds — if not thousands — of dog food brands on the market. Making the right choice for your dog can be a daunting one. Every dog has to eat, right? So how do you decide which dog food is right for yours? Suppose you are choosing a canned dog food brand for

Best Dog Chew Toys

10 Best Dog Chew Toys in 2021

Dogs love to chew. It’s ingrained in them, a primal, ancient need to gnaw and shred. It’s how puppies play and interact with their pack. However, our fur babies are not wolves in the wild, and chewing on any old thing won’t do. The best dog chew toys provide enrichment, stimulation and work as a

Best Dog Training Books

6 Best Dog Training Books in 2021

Whether you adopted a new puppy in 2021, or your furry friend has been a part of your family for years, there is no better time to begin training your dog than today with the best dog training books on the market! When your dog is well-behaved, your relationship with them is even more enjoyable.

Dog Playing With the Best Interactive Dog Toy

10 Best Interactive Dog Toys of 2021

As more pet owners embrace caring for dogs’ mental well being alongside physical health, the makers of dog toys are following suit. Interactive dog toys alleviate boredom and stimulate your dog’s brain. From attention-grabbing puzzles to enticing treat dispensers, the best interactive dog toys tap into dogs’ natural instincts, exercising problem-solving skills, and even managing