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The Best Gardening Shoes

The 11 Best Gardening Shoes in 2021

There is a wide world of gardening clogs, rubber booties, rain boots, lightweight slip-ons, garden work boots, and more. But what are the best gardening shoes? Well, that depends! A good gardening shoe will keep your toes protected and dry through multiple seasons of weeding, watering, fertilizing, trimming, harvesting, and so on. But they should also function

The Benefits of Saltwater Pools

The Benefits of Salt Water Pools

So you want to go for a swim? Maybe you’re wondering how saltwater pools differ from chlorine pools. Or maybe you want to learn more about the benefits of going to a salt water pool rather than a more traditional pool experience. It’s no wonder that saltwater pools are having a moment: they’re more eco-friendly,

Best Cordless Weed Eaters

Best Cordless Weed Eaters

Yard overgrown after a long winter of neglect? Don’t put off the project any longer. The best cordless weed eaters will help you trim your bushes, grass, and hedges—or simply tackle that tangle of tall weeds you’ve been avoiding. And best of all, it can all be done without the fumes and exhaust of a

Best Electric Weed Eater

6 Best Electric Weed Eaters of 2021

Weeds are the bane of any gardener’s existence, and most homeowners hate them, too. Luckily, the electric weed eater makes what used to be a back-breaking endeavor into a fast and (relatively) easy process. But what is the best electric weed eater? It can be difficult to “weed out” when there are so many to

Saltwater Pools vs Chlorine Pools

Salt Water Pools vs. Chlorine Pools

The word “pool” likely conjures up summertime, laying on a towel in the sun, and the smell of chlorine. What is more reminiscent of childhood fun than a swimming pool? Flash forward to the present. Here you are doing the more adult work of deciding between a salt water pools vs. chlorine pools. Do you go

Best Cordless Lawn Mowers

5 Best Cordless Lawn Mowers of 2021

Mowing the lawn is one of those activities that you either love or you hate. Some enjoy putting in some headphones and enjoying some mindless work, while others abhor the very idea and are all-too-eager to pawn the job off on the kids. One thing both sides can agree on, however, is that the best

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Best Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers in 2021

If you are getting tired of pushing your old lawn mower around, one of the best self-propelled lawn mowers might be for you. Instead of fighting to push your mower around your yard, a self-propelled mower will get you moving with less effort on your part and help to make yard work feel a little

Best Outdoor Solar Lights

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights

Are you looking for some relief on your electricity bill? Outfitting your yard or garden with solar-powered lights is an excellent way to save some cash. Not only that, but they are also a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property. The best outdoor solar lights also don’t compromise on power or

Best Patio Heaters

10 Best Patio Heaters in 2021

Here, we take a look at the best patio heaters for your outdoor space. When those warm summer nights start to feel like a distant memory, it’s time to make that outdoor space that you love so much usable year-round. Your outdoor patio is your sanctuary to bond and creates new memories. For all those

Zen Garden Ideas on a Budget - How to Make a Zen Garden

Zen Garden Ideas on a Budget: How to Make a Zen Garden

So you’re interested in some stress relief, Zen garden style. Sure, you could buy a pre-packaged kit, but that runs counter to the spirit of Zen gardening; plus, you’d be missing out on the deep satisfaction of making one yourself. Making your own setup is simple, meditative…and really, really cheap! Zen garden ideas on a budget

Best Gardening Gifts

The 8 Best Gardening Gifts of 2021

The best gardening gifts can be hard to come by. It seems like finding the right present should be easy, but then again, there’s a lot of gardening gear to choose from. What about beginning gardeners or older gardeners like grandma and grandpa? And what about kids who are interested in helping out around the