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Top 10 Most Popular Beard Styles in 2024

Top 10 Most Popular Beard Styles in 2024

In the Western World, beards are very trendy these days and have made a huge comeback as a fashion trend in the last five years. What would have been previously considered as a sign of somebody having given up on basic grooming, has actually managed to become pretty cool! There’s even scientific studies to show that some women are more attracted to guys with facial hair! But with so many different beard styles out there, it’s important to select the best beard styles to match your own personal style and face type.

Some people even think a man who has a beard is much cooler, has an air of maturity, and also appears quite intelligent. Ask yourself, wouldn’t you prefer to get advice from a guy with a beard as compared to a clean shaven one? Silly question, of course you would!! Jesting aside, it doesn’t look like the beard trend is going anywhere anytime soon. If you’ve got the ability to grow a lot of facial hair, why not explore some different beard styles?

Another reason why we adore a man with a beard is due to the fact that he has a great skin. When a guy does not shave, his skin is usually free from blemishes, as most facial spots are triggered by the razor irritating the skin. Beards also protect the face from the harsh world, and helps to keep his natural moisture intact. Furthermore, facial hair is known to resist as much as 95% of the UV rays of the sun from damaging the skin. Sounds pretty good all round!

According to a 2010 study, bearded males appear much more intimidating to other men, since the beard helps to make the jawline appear much larger. Therefore, your damsel will feel a lot safer when walking beside you down the street! There are plenty of cool beard styles out there, so it’s just a matter of picking the right one for you!

What’s Here

Up first, we’ve got the a roundup of the best beard styles of 2019. We’ve given examples, as well as care instructions, to help you achieve your perfect masculine look.

We’ve also put in some information about the history of beards, and why they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! If you’re looking for some product ideas to help you keep your beard looking sharp, check out the last section in our article.



balbo beard robert downy jr - most popular beard styles
Robert Downy Jr. sporting a trimmed version of his signature Balbo

The Balbo is amongst the most well-known beard styles for men at present. Hollywood superstar Robert Downey, Jr has rocked the Balbo look for many years, since it suits his features quite well. You’re required to grow a full beard first, so you have sufficient hair to shape this beard style. Don’t shave for at least 4 weeks until the beard has fully developed.



bandholz beard

The Bandholz beard style came to prominence on the face of Eric Bandholz, who is the founder of Beardbrand. It requires patience to grow a Bandholz, but it is one of the coolest full beard styles around at the moment. When you start out, you will appear quite patchy and unkempt, particularly during the initial 4 months. You must have the required patience, and just let it grow! Get rid of your razor as well as scissors; you will not be needing them for months!

Simply allow it to grow until it reaches the maximum length as is possible to grow genetically. After seven months, you may start to shape and cut it, or you might even keep it as it is, as per your personal preferences.


Circle Beard

circle beard
Brain Cranston and his “Heisenberg” Circle Beard

Also referred to the “standard” beard, this circle beard is actually a combo of a mustache and a round goatee beard style, and is also one of the most common short beard styles. It appears tidy therefore making it a fantastic option for guys who would prefer to appear presentable without getting rid of their beard.

To grow one of these, grow a sensible amount of hair and avoid shaving or over trimming. You might have to get a barber to make the perfect circle shape, as it can be tricky, but any good barber will have no problem doing this. Once you have been able to get the proper look, you can perform the maintenance trimming yourself.


Full Beard

full beard on Jason Momoa
Aquaman, Jason Momoa, often wears a full beard, sometimes tamed for Red Carpet events.

The manliest amongst all of the present beard styles, the full beard is definitely something you should not miss this year! A well-groomed fully grown beard is much more attractive since it actually emphasizes your features much better. It will match the diamond or triangle shaped faces, and is one of the coolest facial hair styles at the moment.

The full beard will depend a lot on your genetics. If you grow a beard all over your face, then it is very easy to achieve it. You simply allow the hair to develop a medium stubble, and then shape it carefully by using a razor. Stop shaving for 6 weeks in order to achieve the look. You can trim it after this period to maintain the look.



garibaldi beard style

Don’t you have sufficient time to keep a beard appearing kept? The Garibaldi, in that case, is ideal for you! It is somewhat shorter when compared to the Bandholz, therefore, trimming it occasionally is required. To grow the beard you simply stop shaving for several months, about 4 months should do it.

Trim the bottom of the beard to give it a round apperaance. The length of the mustache is something which you should also keep tidy since the focus will be on the beard. There is no need of any styling aid since it has to look quite natural.




The Imperial is definitely not one of the new beard styles, but it is one of the latest beard styles to become popular again! It  was popular at the turn of the century, especially in England, but now it has made a comeback. Nevertheless, you can include it with your chin beards or sideburns, like what Mel Gibson has actually done on his own beard. Simply make certain that you keep your beard simple in order to keep the mustache as the main focus of your face.

Refrain from shaving for several weeks, or perhaps months, until you have been able to acquire whiskers which are long enough to be properly shaped. Several enthusiasts say that they were required to wait as much as four months until they had achieved the look successfully.


Short Stubble

short stubble
Ryan Reynolds is king of the “I just woke up!” short stubble beard.

This is probably the simplest among all the popular beard styles. Also, it is something which you can maintain easily since there will not be any “special” methods in order to achieve the look. It definitely appears manly and doesn’t make you appear untidy. Simply don’t shave your mustache and beard for a few days.

After that time period, simply trim it so as to keep its length short. In case you develop hair above the cheeks, just shave it from time to time to maintain the look. You may also shave the hair that grows on the neck region,  keeping the stubble concentrated just on the lower part of your face.


Medium Stubble

medium stubble
Oscar Isaacs medium stubble appears thicker due to his naturally curly hair.

Well, in case you do not like to shape your short stubble, then you need to welcome the medium stubble! Simply keep your hair trimmed until it is approximately 3 to 5 mm long, and that’s it! It will possibly make you appear somewhat scruffy, however, if maintained properly, it will definitely bring out your manly image. Ensure that your beard does not reach beyond the cheek as well as the neck area, so trim or shave those regions. You don’t let the length grow in excess of 5 mm so you must have a good trimmer since you will be using it several times each month.


Long Stubble

long stubble
Jake Gyllenhaal has helped popularize the long stubble beard.

Measuring approximately 6 mm, the long stubble is a bit challenging to maintain as compared to the short as well as medium counterparts. This is because it is required to be trimmed meticulously to eliminate the stray hairs, particularly those which grow on the cheek area as well as on top of the Adam’s apple.

If not maintained correctly it can make you look unkempt, but it is still one of the most popular men’s beard styles. It’s commonly referred to as a “scruffy beard.”

It matches all types of face shapes. Don’t shave the beard for approximately one week, until it reaches 5 mm. Keep it trimmed properly such that it appears like a “shadow” on the lower part of the face. Ensure that you have eliminated the stray hair by using a shaver or trimmer.


Van Dyke

van dyke beard
Rock the Van Dyke beard just like Bond.

The Van Dyke beard style is actually derived from a well-known Flemish painter during the seventeenth century named Anthony Van Dyke. It is a combination of a mustache and a goatee, along with some precision styling. You need to wait until your beard becomes a bit long. Gradually shape the beard by making use of a good shaver.

Shave all the hair on the cheek, neck, as well as sideburns. Do not touch the mustache. Shape the beard on your chin region by forming an inverted T. Allow the beard on the chin to grow until it reaches about two inches. Make it a point to trim occasionally in order to achieve the desired V shape. You’ll be looking like Pierce Brosnan in no time!

Honorable Mentions

Here’s a few more options of beard styles that deserve a quick look.






chinstrap beard

When Does a Beard Look Good?

The agreed upon approach is that you should only attempt to grow a beard if it is coming in thick. Wherever your facial hair is thin or patchy, it is recommended to shave it off. Some men will have thick hair around the goatee only, while others can pull off the sideburns connecting to the chin (aka the chinstrap), and still others will have a grizzly face of fur in which they can choose any beard style they so desire. If your whole face is patchy, thin, or peach fuzz you’re out of luck for the time being.

Be patient.

Remember this means two things: either your genetics say nay and you may never be able to grow a beard or you’re going to have to wait awhile and tack on some years before your beard blossoms. You may want to consider chopping wood or boxing with grizzly bears to stimulate more beard growth.


The beard is just a vestigial trait that is controlled by testosterone meaning if it’s in your DNA you just need to wait.

Beard Growth 101: How Does it Work?

Beard growth, like a number of other things like height and hair loss, is mostly determined by genetics. Put simply, “it’s pretty much genes bro”. Remember, shaving your facial hair more often will not make your beard thicker. Men will generally start growing facial hair between the ages of 16 to 20, but that’s just an average.

Some people even start at the age of 12 and can grow a full beard by 16! You’d think they had popped out of the womb with a beard.

Nevertheless, some men can only grow peach fuzz until they’re about 24 then by 40 they are growing a wicked cool beard. There’s a very wide range here — indeed humans are each have their unique physical characteristics.

So at what age can men grow a full beard by? 

Anytime between 16 and 40 is the general consensus. Some men will already have a thick beard in their 20’s, but it will keep getting thicker in their 30’s. Others will see all their growth before the age of 25.

How long does it take for facial hair to develop?

Oftentimes in the space of 2 to 4 years after facial hair first starts coming in does it fill out but that’s not always the case as we’ve mentioned before. So if you’re in your 20’s and still don’t have a thick beard, there’s still hope!

History of Beards

the history of beards- best beard styles

The removal of facial hair was extremely painful many centuries ago , since they just plucked out the hairs at first, and after that they sharpened anything which they would get their hands on, such as crystals, sea shells, and also flints to cut the beards.

Egyptians, Greeks, and Vikings – Oh My!

In the case of the Ancient Egyptians, both the kings and queens used to sport a fake metal beard known as a ‘postiche’ which they believed would connect them with the gods.

pharaoh postiche

The early Greeks used to talk about their ‘beardless boys’. Growing a beard was a right of passage that separated the man and the boy. In Homer, it was a sign of entreaty to touch the beard. Alexander the Great was the very first clean-shaven emperor. A clean-shaven face was much more militarily convenient (somebody would be able to grab a warrior by clutching his whiskers), so the fashion of being clean shaven gradually spread from him.

While beards signify the superiority of the ancient Greeks, they might also indicate barbarism. The Lombards that conquered Northern Italy during the 6th century was reputed for their long flowing beards. And our very own traditional image of the merciless Viking would never be complete sans a full beard!

During the eighteenth century, we continue seeing beardedness as a sign which marked the boundaries of a particular culture. In the time of Peter the Great, a long beard was an indication of Russianness. Peter, in his endeavor to push his nation along more European lines, introduced a beard tax, which resulted in the shaving of individuals by force who sported a beard before him.

Beards… A Sign of Masculinity?

Beards a Sign of Masculinity

Both men, as well as women, have the propensity to find guys with facial hair much more masculine, and therefore there might be certain advantages in the bedroom while you sport a beard. You can achieve a short beard in just a few days of not shaving, so what have you got to lose? You could be wooing the ladies by this time next week!

As a matter of fact, try to think about it – a clean shaved guy in a suit, and another one with a nice beard in a suit – who appears more commanding? This is also a valid reason why the religious scholars used to keep a beard. Ok, it might not be the reason, however it does work for sure! Beards also help if you are not that well built. Possessing a big beard will definitely make you appear a bit larger, and definitely more masculine.

Beard Kit: Products that Could Help Men with Facial Hair Grooming

Any guy that has ever grown a beard is going to tell you that the trickiest part is comprehending how to properly manage the facial hair. With a bit of commitment, almost anybody will be able to grow a scruff. Nevertheless, facial foliage is actually a totally different story.

The majority of the men who usually sport clean-shaven appearances make the blunder of assuming that a trimmer is all that they require to maintain a beard, but this is untrue. Since it requires much more than trimming to develop as well as manage a beard, you’ll require an all-in-one beard kit for the most desirable results.

1. Beard Care Accessories

Several kits are available along with products such as beard oil, shampoo or balm, which help to soften, nourish and also condition the beards.

2. Beard Styling Essentials

An all-in-one grooming kit might offer quite a few beard styling accessories, such as clippers and scissors for maintaining the desired length of the facial hair. Some other grooming kits comprise of beard wax, which assists to tame the unruly hair strands, or to perhaps shape a mustache.

3. Beard Management Tools

Beard as well as mustache combs happen to be the most typical accessories for managing the facial hair, helping to guarantee that your beard stays tangle-free. Several grooming kits provide a soft bristle brush rather than a comb. Some other brands also add a beard soap to the kits, which could be extremely beneficial for day to day beard care routines.

The beard grooming kits are extremely beneficial since they offer almost everything that we will ever require to grow and also maintain a proper beard. Nevertheless, prior to purchasing a beard grooming kit, do not forget to take some time to shop around, because you’ll find so many different brands out there and the majority of the packages do not offer the same accessories.

If you care for your beard deeply, then it definitely makes sense to take care of it. It would be rather frustrating trying to grow a beard to your desired length for several weeks, only to end up appearing like an untidy caveman sporting a beard which sticks and appears filthy. If you don’t want to chase females away with a messy appearance, then it is vital  to pick up one of the beard kits, so you can treat your beard with the love and respect it deserves.

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