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8 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers in 2024

8 Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers in 2024

By now, you’ve already started to consider purchasing a Bluetooth meat thermometer. Using one of these products is a great way to remove the strain of constantly checking in on the meat you’re cooking. We know Bluetooth meat thermometers make life easier, but the most challenging part is choosing which product is best for your needs. Here, we’ve built a list of the best Bluetooth meat thermometers for a variety of purposes. Stay tuned at the end for a look at characteristics you should consider when making your selection.

Our Top Picks:

Original MEATER Bluetooth Meat ThermometerBest Overall: Original MEATER Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
Our overall top pick is a Bluetooth meat thermometer that checks all the boxes on features that make cooking meat fast and simple. 
BOYON Meat ThermometerRunner-Up: BOYON Meat Thermometer
The runner-up is one of the best remote meat thermometers you may find. It comes with six probes and a variety of features that make usage a breeze. 
Govee Bluetooth Meat ThermometerBest Budget: Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
Here is an affordable and easy-read Bluetooth thermometer. It accurately temps different kinds of meat without breaking the bank to purchase. 
NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Meat ThermometerBest Stainless Steel: NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
Stainless steel probes can withstand higher temperatures. That’s why this is our pick for the best thermometer to stand up to extreme heat. 
Yummly Premium Wireless Smart Meat ThermometerBest Splurge: Yummly Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer
Our splurge pick is genuinely one of the most high-tech Bluetooth meat thermometers out there. It’s far more expensive than others on the list, but highly accurate. 
ThermoPro Long Range Bluetooth Meat ThermometerBest Long Range: ThermoPro Long Range Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
If you need a Bluetooth meat thermometer with a signal that can reach far, this is one of the best out there for you to consider.
ENZOO Wireless Meat ThermometerBest for Smokers: ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer
Smokers require meat thermometers that can offer an accurate reading through the smoke and stand up to the heat. Here is one of the best that can do both. 
Oprol Bluetooth Meat ThermometerBest BBQ: Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer
For your BBQ, this is our favorite thermometer. It is designed to make your BBQ experience as lowkey and intuitive as possible. 

A Closer Look: Best Bluetooth Thermometers

We’ve checked the temperature of these best Bluetooth thermometers for you, all that’s left is to get into the meaty detail below.

1. Original MEATER Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The best bluetooth thermometer

Original MEATER Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Brand: MEATER | Signal Reach: 33-feet | Probes: 1 | Power: Battery | Price: 💰💰💰

Coming in first as our favorite Bluetooth meat thermometer is the Original MEATER. This product checks all the boxes of a simple yet thorough meat thermometer. You can monitor meat from an iOS or Android app on your smartphone or tablet. Features of this thermometer we like the best include the advanced estimate algorithm, which estimates how much time is left before the cooking is complete, and the guided cooking system, which walks you through each step of the process for different kinds of meat. 

  • Temperatures are very accurate
  • You can extend the range of the device
  • Takes the guesswork out of any and every meal
  • Can be expensive for some budgets
  • Some reviewers had trouble staying connected

2. BOYON Meat Thermometer

The best runner-up bluetooth thermometer

BOYON Meat Thermometer

Brand: BOYON | Signal Reach: 100-feet | Probes: 6 | Power: Rechargeable Battery | Price: 💰💰

If you’re looking for a quality meat thermometer that comes with six probes and an app for your smartphone, check this one out. Its signal can reach up to 300 feet outdoors, providing you with accurate reading directly on your smartphone. A rechargeable battery lasts up to 50 hours and charges using a USB cable, making it more eco-friendly than models which require battery replacements. Each probe is color-coded and comes with individual readings that allow you to measure the temperature of multiple different kinds of meat at once. This thermometer is ideal if you do a lot of grilling with various kinds of meats. 

  • Small and compact size makes it easy to store and travel
  • App comes with alarms when various temperatures are met
  • Comes with multiple probes, making size differences a problem of the past
  • App can be difficult to use
  • Small glitches in diagrams and text on the app for some users

3. Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The best budget bluetooth thermometer

Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Brand: Govee | Signal Reach: 230-feet | Probes: 2-6 | Power: Battery Powered | Price: 💰

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a quality Bluetooth meat thermometer. You can choose between six types of food, one for each probe if that is the version you choose, to accurately temp each kind of meat simultaneously. There are three ways to place this meat thermometer: a magnet, stand or hanging hook. The app on your smartphone will alert you when a set temperature is reached, allowing you to relax and let technology do the work. This thermometer refreshes every two seconds and sends accurate temperatures (nearly to the second) to your app. It’s a good option for those on a budget. 

  • No issues with weekly use at over 400 degrees
  • Intuitive to use for a product at such a low price point
  • Well-constructed thermometer, stays in place in meat well
  • No way to look at past temperatures on the app
  • Must remain connected to the app to log temperatures

4. NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The best bluetooth thermometer with stainless steel probes

NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Brand: NutriChef | Signal Reach: 328-foot | Probes: 2-6 | Power: Battery Powered | Price: 💰💰💰

A good probe can make or break the quality of a Bluetooth meat thermometer. You need a thermometer with probes that are sensitive to changes in temperature and can quickly deliver accurate temp reading to your phone app. By leaving Bluetooth on and connected to your phone, you’ll receive push notifications when meat reaches a specific temperature. One of the more unique features of this product is the ability to look at the temperature history timeline. This allows you to know the rate at which your meat is cooking so you can make adjustments accordingly. 

  • Easy to clean after use
  • Stainless steel probes can handle very high temperatures
  • Can set a temperature if you prefer medium, medium-rare, or medium-well steaks
  • Can only change settings on phone app, not the thermometer
  • Some reviewers had trouble staying connected to meat thermometer

5. Yummly Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

The best splurge bluetooth thermometer

Yummly Premium Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Brand: Yummly | Signal Reach: 150-feet | Probes: 1 | Power: Magnetic Charging Dock | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Should you be looking to splurge on your Bluetooth meat thermometer purchase, Yummly offers a top-quality product and allows you to do just that. One of the coolest features of this product is the app that comes with assisted cooking and recipes. Simply tap what you’re cooking and how cooked you want it, then let the thermometer does the rest. At its fullest charge, the thermometer can last for up to 25 hours. You can use it in all kinds of grills and smokers. It’s versatile, and the app’s interface makes it intuitive to use. You can sit back and relax while the technology does the work then enjoy perfectly cooked meat. 

  • Helps achieve perfectly cooked meat without the guesswork
  • Works with steak, turkey, duck, and many more kinds of meat
  • Thermometer is within one or two degrees of lab used thermometers
  • Not ideal for smoking meat for long periods
  • Only one probe can be used with the app at this time

6. ThermoPro Long Range Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The best long range bluetooth thermometer

ThermoPro Long Range Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Brand: ThermoPro | Signal Reach: 500-feet | Probes: 2 | Power: Rechargeable Battery | Price: 💰💰

Maybe you’re grilling in the backyard and want to relax indoors, but your home is far from your grill. Or perhaps you don’t want to worry about losing the Bluetooth connection on your phone anywhere in your house. To meet these concerns, you need a Bluetooth meat thermometer whose signal can reach far. ThermoPro’s long-range Bluetooth thermometer can reach up to 500 feet away while keeping the temperature readings accurate and delivered quickly to your phone. If you begin to walk out of range, your phone will receive an alert to ensure you are always within distance for a reading from your Bluetooth thermometer. 

  • App for iOS and Android, very user friendly
  • This thermometer is perfect for slow cooking
  • The range is good enough to work through stone and brick walls without issue
  • Too expensive for most budgets
  • Probe must be properly placed to ensure accuracy of temperature readings

7. ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer

The best bluetooth thermometer for smoker

ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer

Brand: ENZOO | Signal Reach: 500-feet | Probes: 4 | Power: Battery Powered | Price: 💰💰

Most Bluetooth meat thermometers are versatile, with the ability to be used on several different kinds of meat in different environments. However, it takes a particular level of durability to be able to withstand a smoker. These four probes connect to a box that reads out accurate temperatures each time. Users can heat up the wires attached to the probes to 716 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s great for BBQs, ovens, grills, and smokers. If you need a Bluetooth meat thermometer that can truly do it all, ENZOO might be the best option for you. 

  • Carrying and storage case included with product
  • Considered to be the gold standard for thermometers
  • Manufacturer offers 3-year warranty on replacement probes
  • Alert for losing Bluetooth signal goes off often
  • Some reviewers experienced variations in temperature readings

8. Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The best BBQ bluetooth thermometer

Oprol Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Brand: Oprol | Signal Reach: 196-feet | Probes: 6 | Power: Battery Powered | Price: 💰💰💰

With summer right around the corner, you should have a thermometer to make grilling as easy as possible. This Bluetooth meat thermometer from Oprol is one of the best for BBQ. In this package, you’ll receive the Bluetooth meat thermometer, two BBQ meat claws, six probes, and an easy-to-read manual. The stainless steel probes can easily withstand up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit of heat and can be set to cook for specific kinds of meat. The gear provided in this product makes it the perfect tool for your BBQ. 

  • Easy to use, ideal for BBQ use during the summer
  • Helps to get that perfect temperature of your meat with its high accuracy
  • Brightly colored probes make it easy to assign each to different kinds of meat
  • App can be challenging to use at times
  • Some reviewers had difficulty getting the device to connect with the app

What Is the Difference Between a Bluetooth and WiFi Thermometer?

Using a thermometer on some meat
Image by Canva Photos

WiFi thermometers have been around far longer than Bluetooth thermometers. However, a WiFi meat thermometer’s range only goes so far, whereas a Bluetooth thermometer’s range can go much further. WiFi thermometers are required to run through your router at home, so you’ll have to make sure the signal is strong enough to reach outdoors. If you want to BBQ at the park, a WiFi thermometer is less ideal unless you tether to your smartphone, which can take a toll on your data. Either way, Bluetooth thermometers can be used in more environments, making them the more versatile option. 

How Do You Choose a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer?

There are so many Bluetooth meat thermometers out there, each with features and characteristics that may make them stick out from the crowd. However, when it comes to choosing one that will work best for your kitchen and grill, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. 


Number of Probes

A little-known characteristic, but one with a huge impact, is the number of probes that come with a meat thermometer. Many products come with only one probe, meaning you’ll have to remove and replace it in different parts of the meat to ensure a thorough cook. Some products come with up to six probes, each with the ability to measure different kinds of meat accurately. The main issue with only having one probe is if you’re cooking multiple kinds of meat. You will be required to reset the thermometer, which can become a hassle. 


Bluetooth Range

The last thing you should know when using a Bluetooth meat thermometer, is that Bluetooth signals cannot always reach from your grill to your phone. The strength of the signal varies depending on where you are in relation to the thermometer. If you need to be indoors, the signal must pass through walls, severely diminishing its strength. Some Bluetooth meat thermometers have a range of 200 feet outdoors. Consider where you expect to be in relation to the meat you’re cooking before choosing which thermometer is best for you. 


Temperature Accuracy

Here is easily the most crucial feature of any meat thermometer. You must ensure that meat is cooked to the correct temperature to ensure it’s not undercooked or overcooked. Read meat thermometer reviews carefully and research each brand you’re considering before making a final purchase. (Or simply use our guide to make your final choice!)



Bluetooth meat thermometers can vary dramatically in price. Some come with devices that sit on your countertop and read out the temperature, while others connect directly to an app on your phone. Price generally indicates accuracy when it comes to temperature. A meat thermometer with more probes will also come in at a higher price point. These are all things to consider when aligned price with features. 

A Bluetooth meat thermometer can prove to be one of the handiest tools in your arsenal when grilling. If you choose the right product for you, they can make grilling a breeze. 

Our Process

For this guide on Bluetooth thermometers, our team spent 2 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred and twenty-five user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each Bluetooth thermometer. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top # [blank] on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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