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The 10 Best Bow Sights

The 10 Best Bow Sights

So what’s the big deal about getting the best bow sight? The answer is simply in the innumerable benefits. Clear sight picture, precise aiming, faster target acquisition, and durability/robust designs are among the many advantages of good sight bows. Unlike those before us, who had to gain experience for many years to be able to hunt, technological advantages have led to sophisticated bow sights that can enable even novice hunters to shoot accurately. While it still takes skill to hit targets dead center, you probably won’t need to work at it for years like our hunter-gatherer ancestors.

Alright, it’s about time to dive into this review and get to the good stuff! Also remember the best bow sight for hunting depends on what gear you are working with. For those practicing the skill of archery, the best archery bow sights will serve well.

Best Bow Sights: Compound, Recurve, & Other Archery Sights

In this section, you’ll find three sections that makeup our best of list: compound bow sights, single pin bow sights, and honorable mentions.

Section #1: Best Compound Bow Sights

Here is our bow peep sight reviews line-up of the best sights for compound bows.

1. Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Bowsight

Field Logic IQ 5 Pin Micro Bowsight

After taking a look at the specs and customer reviews, it was easy to conclude that this is the best IQ bow on the market. Even though this bow sight may cost you a little more, the benefits and quality definitely make it worth the investment. The Field Logic IQ 5 pin sight bow is suitable for all types of hunters both beginners and experts. It features instant feedback technology that helps the hunter to control the form, consistency, and muscle memory. It is the best bow sight to help you become a better hunter.

The bow helps you realize your faults, and once you master handling and targeting, you will appreciate the accuracy this bow provides. Some of its additional features include an adjustable second axis, option for both left and right-handed shooters and .019 fiber optic pins. Definitely one of the best bow hunting sights out there.

2. Trophy Ridge Punisher Sight

Trophy Ridge Punisher 5 Sight

The Trophy Ridge Punisher Sight is affordable and an excellent choice for hunting. One of its biggest benefits is that you do not need to adjust its pins. Being a five pin sight, this eliminates a large portion of the setup time. When they do need adjustment, the pins are easily movable. Coupled with the sleek design, it enables skilled hunting practice and quick distance settings.

The metal construction is another notable benefit. Most sights are plastic which makes them less sturdy. The only con with this bow sight is that it requires the addition of rheostat light if you need light. It does not offer a light option.

3. TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight

TruGlo Carbon XS 4 Pin .019 Bow Sight

The TruGlo bow sight has set standards as a multi-pin and lightweight sight. The construction is composed of lightweight carbon composite. The finishing is done with a TruTouch soft-feel coating. The carbon composite provides the much-needed durability, excellent strength, and solid feel. It has a larger and circular field of view. The hole that passes light has an inner diameter of 1.8 inches.

The sight blows in the dark to aid line up peep. Its reversible brackets offer a vertical adjustability. This kind of bow sight can be adjusted for both left handed and right handed shooters. In addition to the long fibers that provide extra brightness and accuracy, this sight bow has a micro push light button.

4. Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge 5 Pin Bow Sight Review

The smart pin technology in this Trophy Ridge sight sets it apart from the competition. The technology results in dead-center accuracy for a plethora of distances. With this accessory, you can set the sight to a distance of 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60-yard in a period less than 10 minutes. With this accuracy, you won’t need to tweak pins for extended sight distances.

The bow sight features an elevation adjustment and micro windage. Once you lock in one distance, all the remaining pins automatically fall in place. The bow sight is constructed using Ballistix Copolymer System that is as stronger as aluminum. However, it is up to 25 % less heavy. The soft touch coating helps reduce vibrations. The bow sight is availed for both left and right-handed people. It also features a rheostat that produces different light conditions and brightness

Section #2: Best Single Pin Bow Sights

These are the top single pin bow adjustable bow sights available.

5. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site Vertical Pin Sight

Trophy Ridge Pusuit Site Vertical Pin Sight

The Trophy Ridge Pursuit Site is the best single pin bow sight choice for someone looking for a high quality but inexpensive bow sight. It has a rheostat to offer additional lighting. The bow sight provides excellent accuracy without the need for a tape on its rear. However, since it is not expensive, it provides room to purchase a tape for extra accuracy.

Its additional features include adjustable pin indicator, silent adjustments, unlimited pin settings and an alumni construction. Its installation simple since no construction is required. The Trophy Ridge Pursuit is definitely one of the best single pin sights.

6. HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Bow Sight

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite .019 5500 Bow Sight

The HHA OL-5519 optimize lite is a single pin bow sight with a universal option. It’s best use is for target shooting more than anything else. Its instructions are straightforward, and it comes with a set up that enables setting distance according to your hunting needs. We think it is an excellent choice for any new bowhunter.

With this bow sight, you will enjoy features such as RMOR technology, green sight ring, .019 single sighting pin and an aluminum material. RMOR technology translates to more durability with the aluminum pins.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few others we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave off the list.

7. Apex Gear Covert Series 1 Pin Sight

Apex Gear Convert Series 1 Pin

The Apex Gear Covert Series Sight is extremely efficient in all environments, and it is complete with a pin that quickly changes from red to green. It features a one-handed adjustment for the desired yard distance. It also has a micro adjustable elevation and windage to aid in tack driving accuracy.

Apex Gear convert 1 pin includes both .010 and .019 Dia. pins. The three-axis rotational-aperture adjustment and gravity line bracket adjustment helps to tune the sight so that it works accurately in accordance to the bow shooting characteristics. It can be used for both left or right-hand bows.

8. Apex Accu Strike Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

Apex Accu Strike Pro 5 Pin Bow Sight

With a lightweight and compact design, this sight matches manufacturer trends for small size bows and a new TRU-FLO fiber design. The sight also has an extra and long fiber routed running through the bracket to improve durability and exposure to ultraviolet light. The coating consists of the TRU-TOUCH soft feel.

The fiber can be replaced easily and quickly courtesy of new pin design. It also features a micro push-button light. Its construction is all-metal meaning a sturdy construction. The aperture has an internal diameter of 1.8 inches with a glow-in-dark ring. The sight can also be adjusted for both right and left-handed people

9. Archery XTreme Carbon Carnivore 5 Pin Bow Sight

AXT Carnivore 5 Pin

This sight is constructed from the 6061 T6 solid Billet. The sight brackets and entire housing is 100% carbon bands meaning a stronger but lighter sight just appropriate for precise targeting. The 11 inch of the .019 Dia. fiber optic helps provide extreme brightness. In lower lighting, the arches utilize LED sight light from the fiber harness system to increase intensity.

The EZ technology features a tool-less micro adjusting which is necessary for easy and fast set up while in the field. The sight also allows for left-hand and right-hand adjusting.

10. Axcel Sights ArmorTech HD Vision Sight

ArmorTech Axcel HD Vision Sight

Armor fiber tech gives 100% protection of the fiber in a tubing enclosure. It also features and interchangeable left hand and right-hand feature. A tool-less elevation and windage thumb lock is also availed. The elevation and windage knob offers 20 clicks per revolution adjustment. It also has less mounting holes and adjustable 2nd and 3rd axis. The individual pins also have individual micro adjustment knobs.

What is a Bow Sight?

As implied earlier, a bow sight (the micro version is known as a bow peep sight) is a device that is mounted on the riser of the bow to enhance the accuracy in shooting. Recurve bow sights, compound bow sights, crossbow sights, you name it there’s a sight for it. Similar to the bead on a shotgun, a bow tells the hunter where the projectile is pointed, enabling the hunter to achieve clean kills even at long distances.

There are two main classes of bow sights: simple and complex. As the name suggests, simple bow sight is straightforward, mostly with a 3-pin fiber optic track and an up-down adjustment capability. With only two allen screws, simple bow sights are easy to install. No surprise they can be as cheap as $20.

On the other hand, complex bow sights are more sophisticated, and this is reflected in their price that can go as high as $250. Complex bow sights have superior features like gang adjustment feature that allows simultaneous adjustment of pins. Individual pins can also be fine tuned. These devices also come with more fiber optics, a discrete aiming ring, graduated scales, camouflage devices, anti-vibrations, cam adjusters, quiver mounts, among other top class features.

For centuries, our ancestors have hunted with bows, killing targets at safe distances. Using intuition and accurately firing the arrow with respect to distance and the wind, most hunters were able to bring down their targets. Although it is not impossible to shoot a target without a bow sight, the task in not easy.

A bow sight can improve the accuracy of even the most inexperienced shooters. However, not every bow sight out there will offer such great capabilities. Whether for a seasoned veteran or a basic option for a beginner, only the best bow sights can offer a great experience.

Just like any other product, it is crucial to get the value for your money when purchasing a bow sight. We’ve  done the nitty-gritty for you, and pieced together all the information you need to know about bow sights. From the basic definition of a bow sight, types of bows sights, top brands of bow sights, to reviews of some the best bow sights on the market. No need to look any further than right here.

Types of Bow Sights & Top Features

This section provide information for our readers and talk about the components of bow sights.

Fixed Pin Sights

Fixed pin sights are the most frequently used type of sight. The pin is what a hunter looks at as he lines the target. Usually, a fixed pin sight comes with 3 to 5 pins, which one can set for specific distances depending on their preference. Once the pins are set, they remain “fixed” until they are readjusted again. As long as the hunter adjusts the pins right, which can be challenging and requires practice, a fixed pin sight is very effective.

Adjustable Bow Sights

For intermediate and advanced hunters, the movable pin sight is the ideal choice. Unlike fixed pins sights, which come with up to 5 distance sets, movable pin sights are designed with one pin which is adjusted by sliding the entire house up or down. For experienced hunters, adjusting a movable pin sight can only take a few seconds.

At the rear of the sight, there is a white tape that can be used to mark the distances. The hunter will use the marked distance when necessary. This provision is advantageous because all the hunter has to do is move the pointer in accordance to the current distance situation. To get started, one can make larger marks of five to ten yards and then progressively make marks for smaller distances.

Tree Stand Sights

There is an enormous difference between shooting on uneven terrain, level ground or elevated areas. Accurately judging the different yardages between the various places can be an uphill task. Therefore, tree stand sights or pendulum bow sights sight gives a hunter instant accuracy in any location. Mostly, hunters shooting at downhill angles or taking short-range shots use these sights. In this sight, the pin swings out and up to take care of the odd angles.

Competition Sights

These sights are designed primarily for sports. Due to their cost, size and complexity of their design, hunters rarely use them. They come with a myriad of premium features, and some reviewers have rated them as the most accurate sights ever made.

Although we will take a deeper and explicit review of some of the best bow sights for you, some of the top bow manufacturers include Carbon tech, Alpine Archery, Bear, Darton, Elite, G5, Harman, LimbSaver, Mathews, Quest, TNT, Win & Win, etc.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is used to transfer information over long distances. In bows, the fiber optic is used to trap light hence producing a lighting-up effect without a battery. This capability makes the fiber optic cable visible even at dawn or low light dusk, enabling the hunter to aim accurately at the target. Most of the today’s hunting sights have fiber optic pins which come in a variety of sizes.

It is not advisable to choose bows with long fiber optics for it can create extremely brilliant light or a starburst effect, which is distracting. Micro-fine pins like the .019” pins allow for shot placement, causing almost no loss of sight picture. However, short pins can be hard to see in some situations.

Larger .040 shine brighter hence offering a distinct aiming point, but such pins will cover much of the sight picture especially when aiming at long distances. 029” pins, which are moderate, are the most popular choice today for they allow a hunter to experience both the two worlds.

Bubble Level

This feature allows the bow to remain perfectly still when the hunter is taking a shot. Some models are made with bubble levels to suit either left handed or right handed shooter, where the bubble in left handed bows appears at the top. Some models are universal. For left-handers, it is not advisable to purchase bows with curved bubble levels for they cannot be used in an upside down position.

Gang Adjustment

This feature allows the hunter to adjust all the pins simultaneously. The pins can be adjusted up down or left right. Apart from making the sighting-in and setup easier, the feature offers the sigh a wider range of possible settings. It is crucial that you buy a bow with these feature for easy elevation and windage adjustments. Lucky for you, most bows today come with this feature.

There are other features you can get in bow sights including micro windage and elevation adjustment, aluminum bows, plastic bows, and sight light and radioactive pins. Most of this feature are luxurious since the basic design of a bow should work perfectly, but if your budget allows, you can go for bows incorporating these features. Most bows today are made of aluminum.

Peep Sight For Bows

These are far less precise then bow sights you can calibrate, but better than nothing. Ofttimes bows will come with a peep sight built into the design. Next up we have single pin bow sight reviews as well as single pin archery sights.