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The 10 Best Broadheads

The 10 Best Broadheads

The Paleolithic man used nothing more than stick with a sharpened point to gather his food. Later on, he discovered that incorporating a sharp piece of flint at the end of his missiles made the weaponry more deadly. As such, the early bow hunters started adding cutting surfaces to broadheads to improve their efficiency. One initial design that was adopted is the three-blade design. It involved making a triangular cross section surface that made the blade, less susceptible to wind-planing. As years went by, different improvements were added to broadheads and other bow hunting accessories. It is these advancements that have contributed to the popularity of archery as a sport. One challenging issue in the archery sector concerns the best broadheads.

For a long time, the archery industry has been divided into two main camps. One-half prefers fixed broadheads while the other favors mechanical broadheads. The debate concerning the superior brand has been waged on for years, and there seems to be no end in sight. This discussion highlights the merits and limitations associated with both types of broadheads. It also outlines some of the factors that you should watch out for when shopping for a broadhead. Keep in mind the best broadheads for something such as deer hunting, may not make the ideal broadhead for other purposes. Finally, you will find reviews of the high-quality broadheads available on the market.

Top 10 Best Broadheads

When shopping for broadheads, you may feel overwhelmed by the array of models available in the market. Manufacturers are always making improvements to the existing models as well as adding new brands to the mix, which makes it even harder for a consumer to select. Below is a highlight of the ten best broadheads that you should consider purchasing.

1. Swhacker 100-Grain 1.75 Inch Broadhead

Swhacker 100-Grain 1.75 Inch Cut Broadhead

The Swhacker constitutes heavily muscled shoulders, which reduce the chances of failure experienced with other types of mechanical broadheads. It has a simple design that comprises of a Shrink Collar covering the blade that eliminates the need for rubber bands and o-rings. This shrink collar fits perfectly with the contour of the ferrule, a feature that prevents aerodynamic drag. The 100-grain Swhacker is sold in a collection of three broadheads, having a thickness of 0.032 inches. The total cutting diameter is 1.75 inches. If you are in search of extremely sharp broadheads, Swhacker broadhead is your ultimate remedy. It comes with two blades: the Main and wing blade. The wing edges are used for cutting the hide, hair, and bones while the former is used on the inner organs.

Bonus Item Review: Swhacker Replacement Blades
swhacker replacement blades

If your interest in archery is tied to an enjoyment of bow-hunting it is important to find equipment that will be effective in dropping your game or fowl as needed. The Swhacker 110-Grain Broadhead will do that for you and the replacement blades are just as sharp as the originals. They are easy to switch out, and will make sure that your tracking distance is limited by bringing your target down quickly. Keep ’em sharp!

2. Slick Trick Broadheads Nuke

Slick Trick Nuke Mechanical Broadhead

The Slick Trick Nuke marks the first mechanical broadhead in the Slick Trick Broadheads line. It boasts of an unmatched design that utilizes minimal kinetic energy when deploying the blades. The Slick Trick Nuke can be described as a two-blade broadhead, which promises the same solidity and sturdiness as that of the best fixed blade broadheads. The blades have a thickness of 0.35 inches. The tip is crafted using steel, which is capable of breaking through the toughest of materials. Like the Rage Xtreme, the blades are rear-deploying; thus, challenges of surrounding deflection are minimal. The Slick Trick Nuke features a 1.3-inch diameter before deployment, which extends to 1.8 inches after the broadhead reaches the target.

3. New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead

New Archery Products Spitfire Broadhead

The NAP Spitfire Broadhead is considered one of the finest archery broadheads, and it can be used with both crossbows and regular hunting bows. It is available in 125 grain and 100-grain versions. The advantage of using the 125 is that it guarantees higher penetration levels and precision. The 100 version tends to have more speed once it gets shot out of the crossbow. If you’re on the market for the best crossbow broadhead, this is the one.

Spitfire Broadhead has gained a good reputation from hunters, particularly because of its mechanical retention system that keeps it from opening in-flight. Given that crossbows deliver considerably more torque than regular bows, you should invest in the right mechanical broadhead. The Spitfire’s ferrule is micro-grooved, which further enhances precision and accurate results. This model comes with three blades that are all razor sharp.

4. Barnett Outdoors-X Expandable-Blade Broadhead

Barnett Outdoors-X Expandable-Blade Broadhead

The Barnett is consistently a high-rated mechanical broadhead among hunters. If you are looking at expandable broadheads, you’ll want to give this one a close look. It is available in 100 and 125-grain versions. Experts recommend using this broadhead with crossbow arrows if 20 to 22 inches. The Outdoors-X blades create massive wounds in the target, which lead to blood trails. Beyond the reward of quality, Barnett offers a five-year warranty, just in case any manufacturing defects crop up.

Bonus Review: BestSelling Crossbow Accessories


Along with making top quality bowheads, Barnett Outdoors is known for being #1 when it comes to many other bow accessories. If you’re looking for a high quality case check out the Barnett Crossbow Case and it’s many 5 star customer reviews. They also manufacture the Talon Crossbow Sling, that will enhance your hunting experience that is also consistently a best seller.

5. New Archery Products Killzone Maxx

New Archery Products Killzone Maxx

Another outstanding product from the New Archery company is known as Killzone. This 2-blade model has been ranked the best mechanical broadhead among it’s competitors and continues to be one of the best available. The first aspect that you notice from the Killzone Maxx is that it does not have any rubber bands or Shock Collar as is the case with most Rage broadheads. To hold the blades in proximity, a tension clip like the one used in NAP Spitfire brand, has been used. It is equipped with the rear-deploying design and comes with a 100 grain and 125-grain versions. However, this broadhead is not designed for just any individual with hunting skills. Shooting a massive mechanical broadhead as this one requires, at least, 80-foot pounds of kinetic energy in a bid to achieve full penetration.

Bonus Review: Killzone Practice Broadhead


No need to waste any of your proper broadheads on target practice or while setting your sights for the day. The Killzone Practice Bowhead will provide you with the opportunity to acclimate yourself to the feel and flight of the best mechanical broadhead around before you even use the real deal.

6. Excalibur Bolt Cutter

Excalibur Bolt Cutter Fixed Blade Broadhead

The Excalibur Bolt Cutter is a type of fixed broadhead that comes with three blades. It is one of the top rated fixed broadheads in the market and is available at a reasonable price. The design of fixed broadheads is one that has been in existence since the medieval era. It constitutes a small surface area and a somewhat high weight gor an 150-grain broadhead that achieves remarkable accuracy and deep penetrations. If mechanical broadheads are not your thing, the Excalibur bolt cutter is just the alternative for your elk and deer hunting expeditions.

7. Grim Reaper Whitetail Special

Grim Reaper Whitetail Special

Grim Reaper is credited with inventing the Razortip technology, which employs patented small-sized blades that enhance penetration. The Grim Reaper Whitetail Special will make your whitetail hunting expedition more fun. It has a 2-inch cutting diameter and a retention system that prevents the blades from opening in flight. The tip is chisel shaped, which enhances quick cutting upon contact. It comprises of three blades that open distinctly.

Given that the Grim Reaper is large, it is coupled with blades 0.035-ich thick to guarantee sturdiness and cut back on potential damages when shot through rocks. This particular broadhead comes packaged with a practice head; hence, saving the blades that you will utilize during hunting.

8. Muzzy Phantom Broadhead

Muzzy Broadhead

For a long time, Muzzy has been an industry leader in the production of high-quality and reliable products. In fact, the majority of bow and crossbow hunters only use Muzzy broadheads. The Phantom 4, which was produced in 2015, is a vivid example of the outstanding products the company makes. It is offered in a 100-grain version. The blades are also crafted using stainless steel, and they come with a 1 1/8 inch cutting diameter that is sure top achieve deep penetration. They are well suited for carbon and aluminum arrows, as they meet the industry standards 8-32 thread.

9. Trophy Taker T-Lock Broadhead


Another broadhead that would not miss among the best broadheads is the T-Lock Broadhead produced by Trophy Taker. This broadhead is constructed with stainless steel that has been heat-treated in order to ensure durability. One of the things that sets this particular piece apart from others in our review is the thickness of the blades. This allows for penetration of even the most dense bones, while still being ergonomically constructed to be quick, quiet and effective.

10. Rage X-treme

Rage Xtreme Two Blade Broadhead

In the recent years, the Rage broadhead has garnered a significant audience of the mechanical market. This popularity can be attributed to their rear-deploying technology, which achieves less kinetic energy when opening compared to the traditional forward-deploying blades. The Rage X-treme boasts of having the largest cutting diameter at 21/4 inches. It has a thickness of 0.34-inches and is very sharp. If you attempt shooting through sheet rock, the head experiences only minimal damage on the shock collar.

The all-new Range X-treme broadheads are readily noticeable with the yellow-colored ferrule and are tailored for use in bows with draw weights of more than 60 pounds. Among the best broadheads for deer, the Rage X-treme ranks first.

Bonus Review: Rage Broadhead Case


The Broadhead Case by Rage is an efficient and price effective way to make sure you Rage X-treme broadheads stay in peak condition before use. The case fits up to 6 broadheads, produced with a compact and durable design in bright red making it easy to find in your gear. It can also fit other Rage broadhead types, including those with 3 blades.

Should You Use the Fixed or Mechanical Broadhead?

Bow hunting is a skill that requires a high level of precision. Hunting and taking down game through archery is no simple task. As such, broadheads constitute a significant piece of the puzzle when it comes to bowhunting accessories. Deciding between fixed and mechanical broadheads depends on your preferences and needs. However, there are some prominent brands that you should try out. These include the Excalibur bolt cutter, the Grim Reaper Whitetail special, and the Rage Xtreme.

Fixed broadheads are characterized by a single solid piece or replaceable blades, which are fastened to the ferrule. Mechanical broadheads, on the other hand, consist of blades that move upon impact. To determine the particular broadhead type that meets your needs, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads, including the replaceable models, are famed for being strong. Their remarkable ability to survive any impact is a definite mark of superior craftsmanship. Given the simplicity of the fixed blade’s design, it means that the entire energy of the arrow is transferred directly to the target. It increases the chance of a complete pass-through. Also, the majority of fixed-blades can cut holes as wide as ¼ inches, which is enough to create a blood trail to follow.

However, the blades of this broadhead tend to have a flat surface. This feature can result in an alteration of the path of your arrows, causing you to miss your targets.

Fixed Blade Broadheads
Fixed Blade Broadheads

Mechanical Broadheads

The good thing about mechanical broadheads is that they are not as prone to planing as the fixed models. Mechanicals allow you to shoot from long distances and still hit your target with accuracy. Usually, the mechanical broadheads open the full cutting blades once they reach the target. This leads to large cutting diameters, which leave impressive entrance and exit wounds. Although the broadhead will penetrate the rib-cage, many hunters report that they are not efficient. The cause of the inefficiency arises from the fact that some kinetic energy is lost once the blades open on impact.

Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads
Mechanical Broadheads

If you’re looking for more information about broadheads, Cabela’s has a good broadheads 101 overview at this page here.

Choosing the Perfect Broadhead

Choosing the Best Broadhead for You

Initially, bow-hunters had to accept the one-size-fits-all type of broadheads. Nowadays, they have a vast array of options to select from. When choosing the right broadheads, consider the following:

1. Kinetic Energy

Put simply, the kinetic energy of any arrow takes into account the velocity and weight. The ideal place to start from is to determine the amount of kinetic energy that your arrow has once it reaches the target. For arrows that have 30-39 ft-lbs draw weights, fixed blades are the most efficient. Mechanical broadheads are not recommended for bows and arrow setups that generate less than 40 ft-lbs. With a kinetic energy output in the range of 40- 60 ft-lbs, the Wasp fixed-blade, and the Jack-Hammer SST 1-1/4 mechanical broadheads are the best choice.

2. Broadhead Design

Besides the kinetic energy, you also need to consider the broadhead’s design, which refers to the slope of the blade. The design and the blade configuration are the primary determinants of efficient use of the cutting diameter. You will find different broadheads that have similar cutting diameters producing varying penetration results. Before purchasing the broadhead, ensure that you research on brands with intricate and functional designs.

3. Flight Precision

The ultimate goal of every hunter is to make sure that they hit their targets. The early models consisted of massive, long broadheads with a vast blade surface area. A hunter often needed to turn and make sight adjustments to achieve accurate flight. Choosing broadheads that are compact is critical to successful game hunting.

4. Razor Sharpness

A dull broadhead should have no room in your quiver. You should always purchase broadheads that have excellent sharpness. The benefit of the sharp blade is that it can cut through vascular tissue in an efficient manner that prevents blood clotting. The profuse bleeding will guarantee a fast, clean kill as well as ample blood trails.