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7 Best Cat Litter Mats in 2024

7 Best Cat Litter Mats in 2024

Much as we love them, cats can make a mess around the litter box. Scattered litter and accidents are unsanitary and a pain to clean up, even if you have put down a towel. Thankfully, pet companies have been improving what they offer, aiming to make the best cat litter mats that are both effective and easy to clean.

But with high-tech offerings flooding the market, it can be overwhelming to select one that’s right for your cat’s “go style.”

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best cat litter box mats out there. Keep reading to find out which has the features you need most.

Our Top Picks: Best Cat Litter Mats

  • Best OveralliPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean MatiPrimio’s smart design is sure to solve cleaning woes for any cat.
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Drymate Jumbo Cat Litter Trapping Mat. Made in the USA from over 50% recycled materials, Drymate’s mat is also large enough to serve multiple litter boxes.
  • Best BudgetAll-Absorb Cat Litter MatThis mat may be no-frills, but it’s also an effective and elegant choice for a clean litter box area.
  • Best Cat Litter Catcher MatBlackHole Litter MatIs your cat a champion litter spreader? This one was made for you.
  • Best for Messy CatsPetFusion ToughGripDurable and easy-to-clean materials make this mat suited for cats who, shall we say, think outside the box.
  • Best for Tender PawsDog Gone SmartFor those with sensitive paws, the best cat litter mat in the world won’t work if they won’t step on it.
  • Best Mat for Corner SpacesGorilla Grip Corner MatGorilla Grip is a trusted brand that conveniently offers a wider variety of sizes than most – including this mat for a corner litter box.

1. iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat

The Best Cat Litter Mat Overall

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper EZ Clean Mat

Brand: iPrimio | Material: EVA Foam | Waterproof: Yes | Size: 30” x 23”; 32” x 30” | Price: 💰💰

Whether your cat is a litter scattering master or tends to “miss” the litter box, the dual-layered iPrimio has you covered. Its top layer of honeycomb-shaped holes sifts litter into the bottom layer, which is fully waterproof for any wet messes. The space between the two is big enough to slip in a puppy pad if your cat frequently urinates outside the litter box.

The layers peel apart like a book for easy cleaning. Just shake litter into the trash and rinse or sanitize the bottom layer.

We also like that the honeycomb holes are large and smooth, designed to be comfortable for sensitive paws.

  • Durable
  • Great solution for incontinence
  • Controls litter spread better than other mats

  • Pellet litter can become stuck in holes
  • Thin material can make lifting it unwieldy

2. Drymate Jumbo Cat Litter Trapping Mat

The Best Eco-friendly Cat Litter Mat

Drymate Jumbo Cat Litter Trapping Mat

Brand: Drymate | Material: Polyester | Waterproof: Yes | Size: 47” x 36” | Price: 💰💰💰

All the best cat litter mats are BPA and phthalate-free, but Drymate takes it a step further by using at least 50% recycled materials. It’s a simple design: small ridges in the mat trap litter as your cat exits. A waterproof, non-slip backing keeps everything tidy.

This mat’s size makes it ideal for large or multiple litter boxes, but you can also trim it to fit your space.

  • Machine washable
  • Can be cut to custom size
  • Made from recycled materials

  • On the thin side
  • Simple texture isn’t enough to catch all litter

3. All-Absorb Cat Litter Mat

The Best Cat Litter mat on a Budget

All-Absorb Cat Litter Mat

Brand: All-Absorb | Material: Phthalate-free PVC | Waterproof: Yes | Size: 23.5” x 35” | Price: 💰

All-Absorbs’ mat is a simple solution. The non-toxic looped fibers trap litter coming off cats’ paws as they exit. The waterproof base can handle minor spills. Reviewers noted that the mat is quite large for the price, which helps its effectiveness.

To clean, vacuum or shake out, then give it a rinse.

  • Large size for a fair price
  • Effective at trapping litter
  • Looped fibers are soft on paws

  • Not suitable for large wet messes
  • Not as easy cleaning as other options

4. BlackHole Litter Mat

The Best Mat to Catch Cat Litter

BlackHole Litter Mat

Brand: Moonshuttle | Material: EVA Foam | Waterproof: No | Size: 30” x 23” | Price: 💰💰💰

Appropriately named, the Blackhole is for cat owners who just can’t seem to stop the cat litter from getting everywhere, no matter what they do. Reviewers rave about the honeycomb-shaped holes’ ability to catch the most stubborn bits of litter.

The Blackhole’s dual-layer design is similar to iPrimio’s. However, it isn’t waterproof, so take note if your cat is on the messy side. On the other hand, we liked that this mat opens only on one side, meaning less chance of accidentally spilling litter during clean up.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Cats like walking on it
  • Marked reduction in scattered litter

  • High price
  • Not waterproof

5. PetFusion ToughGrip

The Best Cat Litter Mat for Messy Goers

PetFusion ToughGrip

Brand: PetFusion | Material: FBA Grade Silicone | Waterproof: Yes | Size: 38” x 26” | Price: 💰💰💰

While PetFusion’s mat isn’t the top performer at catching litter scatter, it is possibly the best option for cats who struggle with incontinence or bowel troubles.

Made from FDA grade silicone, this mat is bendable enough to allow for easy dumping but firm enough to not let wet messes spill during clean up. A raised lip around the edges keeps urine from leaking as well. And since there are no double layers or complex textures to navigate, this mat makes it easy to clean any unfortunate poop presents left for you.

  • Simpler cleaning than other textures
  • Thickness keeps wet mess from the floor
  • Large enough for box to sit on (catches stray fire)

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Not the best mat to catch cat litter

6. Dog Gone Smart

The Best Mat for Sensitive Paws

Dog Gone Smart Cat Litter Mat

Brand: Dog Gone Smart | Material: Microfiber Chenille | Waterproof: No | Size: 35” x 26” | Price: 💰💰💰

Brand: Dog Gone Smart | Material: Microfiber Chenille | Waterproof: No | Size: 35” x 26” | Price: 💰💰💰

We know the feeling. You spend time and money finding a miracle-working cat litter mat, but your cat takes one look at the funky textures and thinks, “Nope! I’m jumping right over that thing.” (Hopefully it came in a cool box to play with!)

Not only do owners want their money’s worth, but they also want their cats to be comfortable. Dog Gone Smart’s mat is simple but luxurious, and reviewers note how much their cats like the texture. Little do the cats know that the cuddly microfiber also works hard to pick up litter and wick moisture from paws.

  • Machine washable
  • Traps litter effectively 
  • Soft texture is pleasant for cats

  • Not dryer-safe
  • Decorative threading can be pulled out

7. Gorilla Grip Corner Mat

The Best Mat for Corner Spaces

Gorilla Grip Corner Mat

Brand: Gorilla Grip | Material: Phthalate Free Vinyl | Waterproof: No | Size: 32” x 32” x 45” | Price: 💰

Brand: Gorilla Grip | Material: Phthalate Free Vinyl | Waterproof: No | Size: 32” x 32” x 45” | Price: 💰

While there are many corner litter boxes out there, we found few matching litter mats. Of them, the highly-reviewed Gorilla Grip mat offers the highest quality materials.

Phthalate-free vinyl is looped into a mesh that masterfully picks up pesky litter. Any litter that bounces off collects in the deep grooves that crisscross the mesh. Cleaning is done with a simple shake, a good vacuum, or a gentle soaping up.

  • Surface is soft and springy
  • Comes in hard-to-find shape
  • Tight weave catches most litter

  • Has a strong odor
  • Water resistant rather than waterproof

What to Look for in a Cat Litter Mat

Cat about to use one of the Best Cat Litter Mats
Image By Elwynn / Canva Photos

As we searched for the best cat litter mats on the market, we kept in mind how wildly different cats (and owners!) are. In your own shopping, you may want to ask yourself a few questions about what you and your cat’s needs are.

  1. What kind of mess does your cat make? If it’s the litter you’re most worried about, look for mesh textures or double-layer mats with holes. For wet messes, be sure it’s waterproof, and keep an eye out for special features.
  2. What textures does your cat enjoy? Choose one your cat likes walking but not chewing on.
  3. What cleaning methods are ideal for you? The ASPCA recommends cleaning litter boxes once a week. Choose a mat that matches your cleaning habits and preferences.

Once you settle on what it is you’re looking for, we’re confident one of these mats will be the red carpet to your cat’s litter box throne.

Our Process

For this guide on the best cat litter mats, our team spent 2.5 hours researching the most popular options from over 20 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about two hundred and fifty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each Cat Litter Pad. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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