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The Best Golf Grips

The Best Golf Grips

If you’re an avid golfer, your golf clubs are probably getting a decent amount of use. If that’s the case, eventually you might need to replace your golf grips. Or perhaps you’ve bought a cheaper or used set of irons that need upgraded. Using the best golf grips is going to be crucial, and you definitely have options to be able to fit your individual needs.

You’ve come to the right place to help make your decision and find the best golf grips for irons, drivers, and more. We have narrowed down the best grips available to you, in our golf grip reviews section. After that, we breakdown the variety of golf grips out there, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Best Golf Grips Comparison Chart

Here in our comparison chart of all the best golf grips. We’ve given you some basic information and an ability to quickly compare consumer review ratings and cost all in one place. The order of the comparison chart reflects the same order of our reviews in the next section (by type and then price) to make it easier for you to reference.

If you’re on a smartphone or smaller screened device, you may have to click on the small green plus signs next to each product image in order to expand the table and access more specifications.

Black Widow Fusion IICorded
Innovation Grips Two Tones, Multi Compound-Cord SetCorded
Black Widow TorqueCorded
Lamkin R.E.L. Ace 3GenBlended
Winn Golf DriTacRubber
Oversize Pro Velvet KarmaOversize/Rubber
Winn DriTac AVS OversizeOversize/Rubber
Grand Tour Arthritic GripsArthritis/Rubber
Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Wrap
JumboMax Super Oversized Wrap GripOversize/Wrap
Winn DriTac WrapWrap
NCAA Golf Putter GripPutter
Super Stroke Legacy 1.0 Putter GripOversize/Putter
Callaway Jumbo Light Putter GripPutter
Lamkin Training GripTrainer

A Closer Look at the 15 Best Golf Grips

Without further ado, let’s get into the closer look section.

1. Black Widow Fusion II Grip

Best Corded Grips

black widow white golf grip

The Black Widow brand creates web-like corded grips with a bold new look. Looks can be deceiving, but these grips go beyond fashion. They have superior traction and are lightweight to boost your grip without weighing down your swing.

2. Innovation Grips Two Tones, Multi Compound-Cord Golf Grips

Best Corded Grip Set

compound cord golf grips

As far as corded grips go, this set gets you the best quality for your dollar. They come in two different colors with a core size of 0.58. They come only in standard size, but you will get enough to fit all of your clubs. Innovation grips are fitted with a velvet cord compound, with cord on top and rubber towards the bottom of the grip.

3. Black Widow Torque

Best Corded Grips Runner Up

black widow fusion II

This second model of golf grip by Black Widow is a close runner up for best corded grip. The traction technology used on these cords creates an anti-slip surface in all weather types. This brand has innovated the game of golf grips and traction, and this grip is no exception.

4. Lamkin Golf Club Grips R.E.L. Ace 3Gen

Best Blended Grips

lamkin blended grips

Lamkin combines the functionality of corded grips with a soft rubber material. It’s available in standard size. The surface is nice and tacky, which means that your hands will be comfortable while also maintaining a solid hold. This set of grips is also available in a standard size set.

lamkin standard set

5. Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

Best Rubber Golf Grips

dritac winn golf club grips

Weather resistant and composed of a specialized kind of rubber, these slip-resistant golf grips are the best rubber golf grips on the market. These are one of the best golf grips for women, as well, since they are available in “lady” size in a couple of different colors. They are advertised as 65% more shock absorbing than other rubberized golf grips.

DriTac grips are also available to order in sets.

dritac set

6. Oversize Pro Velvet Karma

Oversize Pro Velvet Karma golf grips set

The Velvet Karma Pro is an oversized golf grip that is 1/16″ thicker than a standard size grip. It’s created with a compound rubber that’s one of the softest in the game, giving you a comfortable yet incredibly stable grip. This set will help upgrade all of your clubs, and take your game to the next level.

7. Dritac AVS Oversize Gray Golf Grip

Best Jumbo Golf Grips

dritac oversize golf grips

8. Grand Tour Arthritic Golf Grips

Best Grips for Arthritis

grand tour arthritic golf grips

From Innovation grips, these Arthritic Golf Grips are perfect for anyone that has a harder time grasping their clubs firmly. They have great surface traction and are slightly larger which helps wrist movement. We highly recommend them to seniors or anyone else with hand or finger issues.

9. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Grip Kit (13 piece)

Best Wrap Golf Grips

The Golf Pride golf grips are made from a high tack rubber that imitates the feel of leather grips. They are easy to replace and install, and if you buy them in a set they come with all of the gear you need to do it yourself.

golf pride wrap kit

Golf Pride wraps are also available for individual purchase without the extras and in a a few different sizes.

10. JumboMax Super Oversized Wrap Grip (+5/16 inches)

Best Oversized Grip

jumbomax super oversized wrap grip

JumboMax is the perfect brand for all things oversize golf. They make amazing oversize golf grips, and this is no exception. This wrap is made from rubber, and helps absorb shock on your joints. They can also be a great substitute golf grip for someone with arthritis.

11. Winn DriTac Wrap

winn dritac wrap golf grip

This in another great set from Winn, that will outfit your whole club set with style. Wrap grips are easy to replace, and can be adjusted to fit various needs of the golfer. This particular set does not include the installation gear (grip tape and solvent), however, we do have a recommendation for an installation kit below.

12. NCAA Golf Putter Grip

NCAA golf grip putter

Quality sometimes meets style at the perfect intersection, which is what you get with this Putter Grip from Team Golf. Represent your College as an alumni or a fan on the green. It also includes a gel top ball marker with your teams logo on the top of the putter, easily removable, and fun to use.

13. Super Stroke Legacy 1.0 Putter Grips

Best Putter Grips

This is the smallest version of the Legacy 1.0 grip, and is one of the best golf grips for putters available.

super stroke putter black

SuperStroke is also available as a jumbo putter grips.

14. Callaway Jumbo Light Putter Grip

callaway odyssey putter grip

Callaway has designed this jumbo putter grip to looks and feels like a tour quality grip. The grips are made with a semi-pistol shape in order to fit with hand sizes and shapes of all kinds. It’s got an advanced feel due to materials and construction.

15. Lamkin Training Grip

This training grip is designed for right handed women golfers, the shape provides the golfer the perfect hand positioning, to help train your muscles to find the correct grip. Of course, this isn’t approved for tournament use, but it can help correct hooks and slices, as well as distance. We highly recommend this for anyone that needs to improve their swing without paying for professional training.

Bonus Merch

Here we have just a few more accessories to help your golf grip become the best version of itself. Click the pictures for more information!

Golf Grip Kit

golf grip kit

Exterior Grip Tape

exterior grip tape

Golf Grip Sizes

Grip sizes are base off of hand size, measuring from the wrist crease up to the tip of your middle finger.

  • Junior: Varies, smaller than standard
  • Undersize: 1/64 inches smaller than standard
  • Standard: 7 inches to 8 ¾ inches hand size
  • Midsize: 1/16 inches larger than standard
  • Jumbo: 1/8 inches larger than standard

Some players like a thicker grip, and it might be advantageous to those with arthritis or that like to have a looser grip. Each layer of grip tape adds about 1/64th of an inch.

While that may not seem like a lot, a couple of extra layers can make a big difference. Midsize golf grips, though only slightly larger than standard, can be difficult to find. Golfers use jumbo golf grips primarily for putters. Just remember, your grip should fit like a shoe. Likely, you’re using the wrong grip type if it doesn’t feel right.

Types of Golf Grips

There are grips that are made with things other than just grip tape, and most are made adjustable so that the same grip can be purchased for irons, fairway woods, and drivers and cut accordingly. In order to find the best golf club grips, you’ll first need to decide what kind you want to use.

top rated golf grips

Wrap Golf Grips

This is a common form of golf grips because it can be easily layered and adjusted to fit well. Leather golf grips were the original wrap, but are now commonly constructed from synthetic material that is similar to that on gloves made to help with grip. The disadvantage of the wrap grips is that if they are not done well or are used frequently, they tend to unravel and deteriorate faster than others.

Rubber Golf Grips

Rubber grips are often slightly cheaper because of how easily they are manufactured. They are the most common because of this. The style is common on golf sets when you purchase them, but they are sometimes made out of plastic or silicon that resembles the same shape.

It’s important to look club sets with decent grips, because having to refit grips for a brand new pair is an unnecessary expense. If you go for a cheaper grip, you might want to consider investing in a nice pair of gloves.

Corded Golf Grips

These are the best all weather golf grips, as they are coarser, and therefore provide better friction. Gloves are recommended with corded grips because they can feel a little like rope in the hands. Corded grips last the longest, but they are definitely not as soft as other types.

Putter Grips

Flat edges on grips give the golfer a certain advantage since that would make it easier to align your thumbs and grip. That’s why official golf rules only allow this design on putters. They are usually made from plastic since having a firm grip on a light swing is not as necessary. Grip thickness comes into play quite heavily on the greens. Too much wrist movement is a problem for many golfers whilst putting and grip thickness can help or hurt your bad habits.

Grip Tape

An important thing to remember, whether you are having your grips replaced in a pro shop or attempting some DIY, replace your grip tape! Golf grip tape goes under the grips, and needs to be removed before attaching your new grips. After removing the grip tape, it’s suggested that you scrub the shaft of the club with a sponge or a steel wool using mineral spirits or another metal safe cleaner. We will give you a couple of recommendations for grip tape here, too. If you’re at all interested in learning how to replace grips yourself, there are some great how-to videos on YouTube.