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The Best Golf Putters

Your golf reputation can sometimes be defined by the short game: Chipping and putting stats like “putts gained per round” are crucial for your golf success. So, long story short, that old putter of yours needs to hit the road. But with so many putter options out there, which one should you choose to replace old reliable? Fear not and find your new best friend here. Check out our list of the best golf putters, and read through our golf putter reviews!

1. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putters

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Putters

By far one of the best golf putters on the market, if you go with Titleist, you’ll need shades (because your golf future is bright). One of the masters over at Titleist, putter aficionado Scotty Cameron comes “swinging” with his signature club. The Select Putter has an artisanal design for the serious golfer, yet the latest version takes a stab at advanced technology.

With less vibration and stainless steel face inlays, the craftsmanship is obvious in this classy putter. For either mallet or blade putters, if you’re for real about your putting, Scotty Cameron Select has to be your go-to.

2. Ping Vault 2.0 Putters

ping vault 2.0 putters

Another stellar choice for best golf putter comes from Ping. The timeless brand comes through with its flagship putter design, the Vault 2.0. This year, it comes in three sleek colors: Copper, platinum, and stealth. Plus, they have a milled pattern on the face of the club that fluctuates in depth; this improves how fast the ball goes on off-center hits, a useful feature.

For the ultimate putting performance, you can’t go wrong with Ping.

3. Ping Sigma G – Tyne H & Craz-E

Ping Sigma G - Tyne H & Craz-E

Sticking with Ping, they’re also famous for their Sigma G Series of putters, including the Tyne H and the Craz-E.

This is one of the best golf putters for a reason; Sigma G balances past and present style. Staying soft without compromising the trajectory and ball speed upon impact, it’s one of the most technologically advanced golf clubs on the market. If you’re all about blade putters, this is a price-friendly version of the Vault 2.0’s.

4. Edel Torque Balanced

Edel Torque Balanced best golf putter

A unique structure is what David Edel is all about. Super innovative, these putters hang toe-up instead of toe-down or face-balanced choices of putters. This feature decreases torque, which creates consistency within your putting game.

The toe-up design allows for Edel to remove weight from his Torque clubs. Relieving the putter from additional mass keeps the club safe from twitchy torque when your stroke is happening. Consistency is key; Edel is strongly aware and uses this to his – and your – advantage with this model. For those who love blade putters, Edel Torque Balanced is a tough putter to beat.

5. Bettinardi iNOVAi 5.0

Bettinardi iNOVAi 5.0 best golf putter

A bold new lineup with success found on the PGA Tour, Bettinardi’s knack for creating quality putters is on display again. This time, their fresh iNOVAi 5.0 provides all the classic characteristics of a Bettinardi. Great in both mallet and blade form, this model uses a stainless steel-aluminum blend to create a high-quality putter.

Not to mention, the rounded mallet look of their mallet design adds to their steady strike attributes and further aids MOI numbers (moment of inertia). An extremely valuable gold club to have in your arsenal, think about the iNOVAi 5.0.

6. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putters

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putters

This stainless steel option from Cleveland Golf is quality at an affordable price. The Huntington Beach series is incredible year after year, enhancing the feel at the point of contact with the ball. The pattern in the face causes friction between the club and the ball, resulting in a more consistent role than previous models.

Plus, it’s constructed to customize based on your putting stroke. The best golf putter ever made by Cleveland Golf, these are premium putters without the premium price tag.

7. Mannkrafted Boutique Custom Putters

Mannkrafted Boutique Custom Putters

For one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and customization, look no further than Lamont Mann. From humble beginnings as a golf club repairer, Mannkrafted has become a wonderful way to make your mark out on the course. With full-fledged putter design made with love and attention, these putters are equal parts style and personality.

Now, you might lack a little bit in the technology aspect of current putters. However, if you aren’t about the latest and greatest, definitely give Mannkrafted’s custom-order putters a try.

8. Odyssey O-Works

Odyssey O-Works golf putter

Known as the top brand of golf putters on the Tour, Odyssey has been a mainstay in the golf industry for decades. The mallet design of their popular O-Works model was why this club got the most putting wins of 2017. The latest version comes in both red and black, as well as includes a “microhinge” face insert, which allows for the ball to immediately role upon impact. (This is despite the quality of your stroke.)

Optimal balance and a stainless steel layer with protrusions that flex at contact – creating topspin – round out the benefits of this cutting-edge putter from Odyssey.

9. Odyssey Exo Models

Odyssey Exo Models golf putter

Odyssey also has their Exo line of putters. This putter has the same hinge technology as the O-Works series but instead has a polymer insert that’s outward facing. The Exo putters have a wire-frame appearance that adds to the stability of the club, made from multiple materials and created with the utmost care. A tad costlier than the O-Works model, Exo is one of the best golf putters available today.

10. Toulon Design Putters

Odyssey Toulon Design Putters

Sean Toulon, a well-known name in the golfing industry, busts out his best with his newly designed putter.

While he began his career making custom designs, Sean has upgraded to providing some of the best golf putters in the world. The new editions, “Atlanta” – used by Sergio Garcia – and “Portland,” are highly stable and made out of carbon fiber. Lightweight stainless steel and aluminum, along with a diamond-pattern milled face, optimizes the look, feel, and sound of this club. A fantastic putter to round out our list, give the Toulon careful consideration.