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The Best Golf Shirts for Women and Men

The Best Golf Shirts for Women and Men

If you’re familiar with golf rules, then you’ll know that the dress code at most courses and clubs require a colored shirt on men and women golfers. While to newcomers, this might seem like a somewhat stuffy suggestion for an athletic game. However, to those familiar with golf polos, than you will know that the best men’s golf shirts (and women’s) have been made with technologies making them far superior to any other polos on the market.

This is why we’ve created this page. You could go shopping and buy the cheapest or most conveniently located shirt available in order to satisfy immediate convenience. If you want a good fit, comfort, moisture-wicking material, and most importantly a good look- we suggest a more educated approach to shopping for golf shirts.

11 Best Golf Shirts for Men

Traditional Fit Shirts

Up first we have some loose fitting golf shirts for you closet. They range in price, material, and style, in order to help fit all of your needs.

1. Jolt Gear Men’s Dry Fit Golf Polo Shirt

Award For: Best Material for a Traditional Cut

Jolt Gear Men's Dry Fit Golf Polo Shirt

Available in four colors to best fit your simple style, the Jolt Gear Dry Fit polo is one of the best golf shirts from a lesser known company. They have a loose, but comfortable fit with enough stretch in the material to make sure that your swing and movements will not be hindered. Just like most of the other shirts on our list, the material used in this golf shirt is moisture wicking and also helps prevent odor from sticking around.

Jolt Gear also goes the extra mile in clothing care to include a laundry bag specifically for the preservation of your shirt. Wash in the bag with cold water for continued quality over multiple seasons of gameplay. For the price, you’re getting a lot of quality and that is always something to consider when shopping.

2. Adidas Men’s ClimaLite 3-Stripes Cuff Pique Polo

Award For: Best Style for a Traditional Cut

Adidas Men’s ClimaLite 3-Stripes Cuff Pique Polo

A fancy name, implies a fancy shirt, and that is absolutely the case with the ClimaLite Cuff Pique Polo from Adidas. The consumer reviews are off the charts for this one, as it’s quality matches its appearance. The polyester fabrics has a smooth finish, and the contrast piping makes this no ordinary polo. Keep in mind, this is a more traditional cut, so the sizes will run slightly larger than many other golf polos.

3. PGA Tour Men’s Short Sleeve Airflux Solid Golf Polo

Award For: Best Traditional Cut

PGA Tour Men's Short Sleeve Airflux Solid Golf Polo

The Airflux golf polo is another great option at a reasonable price for amateur golfers. The shirt itself doesn’t require a lot of explaining. It’s made of 100% polyester, that is breathable and helps keep you dry. The sleeves have a longer length, unlike some of the slimmer cut golf shirts out there.

PGA Tour made one of the best golf shirts for those who like the traditional cut of shirts, simple designs, and multiple color options. The care also doesn’t require a lot of attention, Machine Wash, and Tumble Dry Low for added product life longevity.

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

Award For: Best Deal for a Traditional Cut

Amazon Essentials Men’s Quick-Dry Golf Polo Shirt

The one thing you can almost always guarantee from Amazon Basics- you get what you pay for. Their golf polo shirt is no exception to this, and it’s a great option on the cheaper end of things. If you are new to golf, or need a cheap backup to keep in your golf bag in a quick-change situation- this is the shirt that will do the job well.

The wash and wear are pretty average, and it will likely only last you one season if you use it often. However, the consumer ratings are well above average, likely because the price vs. quality is more than fair.

Standard Fit Shirts

Slightly less baggy than the traditional shirt, you still get good length, and slightly looser arm holes. These are some of the best looking golf shirts around, because they fit a variety of body types.

5. EAGEGOF Men’s Tech Performance Golf Polo Shirt

Award For: Best Style for a Standard Fit

EAGEGOF Men’s Tech Performance Golf Polo Shirt

For a looser fit and added pizazz to your Golf Style, look no further than EAGEGOF Tech Performance Golf Polo Shirt. With this golf shirt, you don’t have the stretchiness of some of the moisture wicking materials, because it isn’t needed. This shirt will fit without you having to squeeze into it. The collar is durable and will not have issues with laying flat even after a wash.

6. Under Armour Men’s Performance Polo

Award For: Quality

under armour men's performance polo

This is another fuller cut shirt style that will allow for breathability, and freedom of movement. Made from 95% polyester, the material wears and washes quite well.

Essentially, this is one of Under Armour’s flagship shirts, and they haven’t needed to change it to compete with other brands. They set the standard of quality, UPF protection, and anti-odor technology. Added bonus: it comes in too many colors for us to even list.

7. Callaway Men’s Short Sleeve Opti-Dri Solid Golf Polo Tee

Award For: Best Wear

callaway men's short sleeve opti-dri solid polo tee

It wouldn’t be a golf gear review without Callaway, and they made sure to make the list by producing the Opti-Dri Solid Polo Golf T Shirts. Like many on this list, Callaway golf shirts boasts a material that transfers moisture away from the body to help keep you cool and dry on the course.

They’ve also brought the golf shirt game to another level by integrating what they call “Opti-Shield” which is a layer of the material that creates a UPF 50 barrier from the sun. Your range of motion will also not be hindered, so you’re looking at plenty of comfortable golfing days in your future with this best shirt for golfing.

8. Nike Golf TR Dry Heather Roll Polo

nike collarless shirts

This Nike TR Dry shirt gives the illusion of a collar for the appeasement of dress codes. However the design of the collarless golf shirt allows the wearer to not worry about adjusting or ironing to get it to lay flat. It allows for comfort, and the rest of the shirt isn’t half bad either. It’s made with Nike’s high quality moisture wicking athletic material. The fit is standard around the torso, but does have slightly narrower sleeve openings.

Slimmer Cut Shirts

These shirts are a slightly slimmer through the torso and have more fitted sleeves.

9. Gildan Mens Dry-Blend Jersey Golf Polo

Award For: Best Cotton Golf T Shirts

gildan mens dry blend jersey golf polo

If you prefer a more traditional cotton material to the polyester blends of the modern era, than look no further than Gildan’s dry blend Jersey Polo. Why we like it: It’s the best of both worlds. You get 50% preshrunk cotton for comfort and feel, and 50% polyester to help keep you cool and dry during your time at the links.

Since it’s preshrunk, make sure to order your precise size. The shirt is long, but not too loose, and will help you avoid outfit adjustments throughout your day.

10. Nike Men’s Dry Victory Polo

Award For: Best Nike Golf Shirt

nike mens dry victory polo

11. IZOD Men’s Big and Tall Title Holder Polo

Award For: Best Golf Shirt for Big and Tall

IZOD mens big and tall title holder polo

IZOD has been a name in the golf polo game for a long time, and the continue to produce high quality golf gear at a fair price. For Big and Tall golfers, look no further for the best fitting golf shirt for you. The Title Holder Pro features moisture wicking properties, and a stretch that allows you to stay comfortable through all 18 holes.

The designers have also included a special shoulder seam that helps create a smoother swing and allows full range of motion. The other bonus, is that it provides some UV protection to help keep your skin fresh. It’s available in up to sizes 5X Big and 5X Tall.

4 Best Golf Shirts for Women

Here we have some of the best golf shirt brands for women, and really this is only just a handful. We’ve got the best looking golf shirts for women here at Shelf.

1. Adidas Golf Ladies ClimaLite Textured Short Sleeve Golf Polo

adidas golf ladies climalite textured short sleeve golf shirt

We’ve featured some of Adidas other climate control apparel on our other pages, such as our golf shoe reviews, because they have mastered the all-season apparel game. Womens golf shirts are no exception. The ClimaLite textured golf shirt provides a dry and cool experience for the wearer, and it’s easy to care for.

It also features only a two-button placket, which is preferred by many women athletes for comfort. Currently, this shirt is available in over 10 colors in order to fit the style needs of any avid golfer.

2. Xpril Women’s Coolmax 2 Tone Collar Zipip Golf T Shirt

xpril womens coolmax 2 tone collar zipup polo

Say bye-bye to buttons with the Xpril Coolmax 2- featuring an easy to use zipper that adjust to body types and keep your cool and collected on the course. It terms of design, this shirt definitely is an eye catcher. It ditches the classic one-tone shirt, or stripes for a sleek and stylish way to visit the course. This is why it makes our best golf shirts list.

The one thing to note is that they base the clothing on a smaller size average, but the reviews and quality is still great. Read through consumer reviews, and order at least one to two sizes up. But trust us, it will be worth it for access to a dry, comfortable, and colorful game.

3. DRI-EQUIP Ladies Moisture Wicking Heather Golf Polos

Award For: Best Women’s Plus Size Golf Shirts

DRI_EQUIP Ladies Moisture Qicking Heather Golf Polos

Joe’s USA as made a great shirt women who prefer a slimmer cut. The DRI-EQUIP is cut a tad longer in the back to create comfort when bending and swinging. The material is snag resistant, and as the title implies all the colors are heathered for a softer look.

The shirt is moisture wicking, and available in sizes all the way to 4XL, which is what makes it a great option for women’s plus size golf shirts. If you want a more relaxed fit, it is recommended that you order a size up.

4. Puma Golf Women’s Pounce Sleeveless Polo

puma golf 2017 women's pounce sleeveless polo

Ladies, if you have a tendency to run hot on the course, we highly recommend this Pounce Sleeveless Polo from Puma. It brings breathable technology to an almost-tank that still remains appropriate for dress codes. The stylish seeming also creates a slim look. It fits as expected, and will also conform to your style being available in over 15 colors in regular sizing.

What You Need to Know Before Shopping for a Golf Polo

golf polos

There is a chance you might be asking “what education do I need to buy a shirt?”

Well for starters, there’s Fit, Material, Stretch, Odor Control, Moisture Control, Wash, Wear…. The list is not a short one. However, if you’re familiar with our site, you’ll know that Shelf is good at making the complicated, well, less complicated.

On this page, you’ll find the basics about the best golf shirts for men and women. We have key features listed for you, as well as suggestions as to which best golf polo shirts are right for certain types of golfers. After all that, you’ll find our recommendations for best men’s golf shirts, and the best women’s golf shirts, and all of the best golf shirt brands. By the time you get through our golf polo guide, we feel confident- that you’ll feel confident.

Features of Golf Polos

The benefit of our guide, is that you can really lockdown what features are important to you in a shirt before you shop. Nothing is worse than ordering clothes online, waiting to get them, and then realizing that the fit, material, or other factor doesn’t really serve the purpose for what you were searching for.

Check out the following features that apply to both men and women when shopping for your golf shirts.


There are many different fits of golf shirts to consider. Some more traditional fits feature a looser cut, with room in the sleeves and a traditional collar. However, many styles today feature a slimmer cut on the torso and arms to eliminate friction. Not everyone finds this modern fit to be for them, so make sure you are checking fit before any other features.

Length is another factor of fit to take into mind, check consumer reviews about length, and we have made sure to add in a couple of big and tall/plus size options for anyone that needs more than what traditional golf shirts can give you.


Cotton is still common for polos, but most golf polos nowadays are made from some sort of polyester blend. It not only washes better, but is a more breathable material. It contributes to some of the moisture and odor control we will talk about it a little bit.


Along with the polyester, many shirts feature some type of elastic variation to give the shirt some stretch. This often means less pull on your arms during your swing, and coupled with modern slimmer fits, can sometimes mean that the shirt will fit tighter than perhaps expected.

Odor and Moisture Control

Moisture and odor control technology is perhaps the most important advancement that has been made in the golfing clothes world. Being able to play a full 18 holes without pitting out, or a reapplication of deodorant is a big deal. We highly recommend this feature for summertime play.

Wash and Wear

A shirt is only worth as much as it’s life, and if you want a multiple season shirt, chances are you are going to pay a bit more for it. Most golfers are facing having to wash even the best golf polo shirts after every use. The more durable it is, the less painful having to care for it will be.


Last but not least, style plays into your buying choice. You might consider this the same as fit, but we want to remind you that color can be just as important- especially to the superstitious golfer. Do you prefer a pocket? A zipper instead of buttons? A lower cut collar? Consider the best golf polo shirts you’ve ever owned- what about it made you love them?

Make sure you take note of these things before making your buying decision. You might even be able to get away with one of the collarless golf shirts that cheat the dress code but remain classy. The last thing you want to be dealing with during a friendly game or amateur tournament is being uncomfortable from the waist up.

Golf Shirt Suggestions

Here’s a few quick examples of some Top Down golfers to help you narrow down your own inquiries about shopping for a golf shirt.

Example One:

George is a casual golfer, he goes out a few times each spring with his boss, but his clubs tend to get dusty once the business of summer hits him. He likes his shirts loose, but not baggy.

Our Suggestion:

George shouldn’t plan on forking out too much cash for a top-of-the-line golf shirt. He’s probably only going to wear it a few times each year- so even a cheaper quality shirt might last him multiple seasons. We recommend a standard fit, 100% polyester or cotton-blend polo, such as the Amazon Basics Golf Shirt we review below.

golf shirts for men

Example Two:

Stacy golfs almost year around, and is tired of ending the season with only a couple of shirts to choose from due to wear and tear. She wants something she can wear no matter what the weather is, even if it means throwing a golf jacket over the top.

Our Suggestion:

A slimmer fit shirt is highly recommended in this case, especially if Stacy wants to comfortable wear a golf jacket over the top. She should look for something polyester, and pay a bit more for it if she wants to avoid snags, pilling, and having to replace it mid-season.

Example Three:

Jackson is a 27 year old newbie at golfing. He’s learning from his retired father, who lives on an executive course. He doesn’t have a lot of extra cash, but still wants to look sharp. He hates his current golf polo, that feels like it gets in the way when he swings.

Our Suggestion:

Welcome to golfing Jackson, right now it’s going to be OK for you to spend a little less on gear as you acclimate to the golfing world. Look for a reputable brand such as Nike or Adidas, you might spend a bit more on them, but they could end up serving you a dual purpose for semi-formal outings or even be work appropriate. He might even want the collarless golf shirt made by Nike, that fits his everyday style better. Look for a slim fit with stretch. The sleeves will sit tightly around the biceps, and will eliminate friction if it’s made with high quality material.

Golf Shirt Reviews

You’ve made it this far, I’m guessing to get to the part you actually came here for, our review sections of the best golf shirts for men and women. You are likely to find one that fits your needs, among all of the best golf shirt brands. We have them organized by fit for t