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The Best Golf Travel Bags

The Best Golf Travel Bags

Checking your golf clubs can be an emotional event. If you’re headed on vacation to a golf resort or your favorite course, this is by far your most valuable piece of luggage. Even if you are driving and transporting your clubs personally, it is important to find the best golf travel bags to take along on vacation with you.

Travel golf bags are made to go over your golf club bag to add some protection. They are frequently made from cloth with padding, but just like normal suitcases, there are hard shell bags as well. Check out our golf travel bag reviews to learn more about the options that are out there to keep your precious cargo safe.

1. CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Golf Bag Travel Cover

caddydaddy constrictor

Made from high-quality nylon, this bag is heavily padded to protect the heads of your clubs and is backed by a 1 Year Full Bag Replacement Warranty – that includes any damage caused by airlines (which is pretty much unheard of in the luggage world). The wheels are skate-quality, and it is outfitted with lockable zippers for security to go along with the protection. For the cost, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth with this golf travel case.

2. Club Champ Golf Bag Travel Cover

club champ golf bag travel cover

Club Champs travel golf cover is a basic way to protect your clubs without fuss. This is one of the golf travel bags with wheels and is fully collapsible for ease of storage. This bag is constructed with extra padding on the top to protect golf clubs when they are moved around in the loading process and transit. The biggest benefit of this bag is its lightweight – a little under 5 lbs – so it won’t impact the cost to travel.

3. Izzo Golf Padded Travel Cover

izzo golf padded travel cover

If having wheels is a necessary feature for you, this Izzo Golf bag is a good fit. It is easy to carry with a padded strap. The bottom of the case is lined with vinyl, so there is extra protection when standing it up or moving it around. It folds down to as small as 7.5 inches, so when it’s not in use, you will hardly notice it – a benefit of no wheels.

4. Samsonite Golf Hard Sided Travel Cover Case

samsonite golf travel bag

Samsonite uses ABS plastic in all of their hard-sided luggage, which is the perfect combination of lightweight and durable. The best part of these golf travel bags is that it is equipped with both 4 spinner wheels and 2 in-line skate wheels so you can either push the bag ahead of you or pull it behind you without worrying about snapping any wheels. It also comes with straps that will help keep your club bag in place within the hard case.

5. SKB Deluxe ATA Golf Travel Case

skb deluxe ata golf travel case

Made in the USA, SKB Deluxe Golf Travel Case is made from polyethylene construction that will keep your clubs secure all the way through security and on their way to your destination. It will fit up to a 48-inch driver and most golf bags. This is a sturdy solution to your search for a golf club travel bag.

6. Club Glove Travel Cover Bundle Last Bag Collegiate

club glove travel cover bundle

This bag comes with a solution for the extra protection needed for golf club heads when using a soft-sided travel case. A stiff arm is essentially a tension rod that keeps the bag taut and straight in order to protect the club heads when the bag gets swung around and stacked with other luggage.

The great thing about this golf club travel case is that it’s available in a large range of colors to fit individual style. Club Glove also throws in a TSA approved Master Lock as another bonus. Club Glove makes high-quality golf travel bags, this one is made from sturdy nylon with heavy-duty buckles. Your clubs will be safe with this best travel golf bag.

The Club Glove Stiff Arm Travel Golf Club Protector is also available for purchase on its own.