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9 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2024

9 Best iPad Cases for Kids in 2024

Giving young kids their own tablets has been a little controversial over the years. But whether they have their own or just have access to yours, one thing is certain. That tablet needs a good, strong, kid-proof case! Sticky fingers, spilled juice cups, and unexpected tumbles down the stairs all put that expensive piece of technology at risk. Our guide of the best iPad cases for kids will help you navigate the sea of bright colors and empty promises to find a reliable case that can handle anything your kid has to throw at it (literally).

Our Top Picks

BMOUO Shockproof Kids CaseBest Overall – BMOUO Shockproof Kids Case.
Our first-place case has all the features you need: an ergonomic carry handle, built-in screen protector, precise port cutouts, and flip-out kickstands for hands-free viewing.
TopEsct Silicone Shockproof Kids CaseRunner Up – TopEsct Premium Silicone Kids Case.
This silicone case is non-toxic, easy to clean, and flexible enough to be easy to get on and off without sacrificing durability.
LTROP Shockproof Stand CaseBest without Screen Protector – LTROP Shockproof Case with Handle.
If you don’t like the idea of a built-in screen protector, check out this shockproof case that uses raised edges around the screen to keep it safe instead.
HDE Shockproof Heavy Duty Kids CaseBest for iPad Mini – HDE Kids Case for iPad Mini.
This mini case for iPad Minis features a cool integrated carry handle that folds both directions to double as a kickstand.
5. Azzsy Slim Heavy Duty CaseBest Case That’s Not Bulky – Azzsy Slim Protective Case.
If standard kid cases seem too cumbersome, checkout this slimline case that offers all the protection at half the bulk.
LTROP Shockproof Robot Kids CaseBest for Boys – LTROP Robot Kids Case with Shoulder Strap.
The robot design of this case offers a more traditional “boy’s” look that’s still available in a bunch of fun colors to suit anyone.
Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly CaseBest for Girls – Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly Kids Case.
For a more traditional “girl’s” look, check out this butterfly case with wings that double as a kickstand.
BRAECN Rugged Case with StrapBest Color Options – BRAECN Heavy Duty Kids Case with Pencil Holder.
For color lovers, this case comes in plenty of options and features a bonus pen holder, detachable carry strap, and combination hand strap and kickstand.
Dteck PU Folio Stand CoverDteck PU Folio Stand CoverBest Flip Cover Case – Dteck PU Folio Stand Cover.
This flip cover case comes in a ton of fun patterns and uses magnetic closure to protect your screen when not in use.

A Closer Look: Best iPad Cases for Kids

Here’s a deeper dive into all the best iPad cases for kids.

Note: Normally, we’d feature a budget-friendly pick for those not looking to break the bank. But all the cases on our list today are within $10 of each other, and many of them are only a few cents apart!

1. BMOUO Shockproof Kids Case

The best iPad cases for kids overall

BMOUO Shockproof Kids Case

Brand: BMOUO | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: 1 | Screen Protector: Yes | Price: 💰

To kick off the list of amazing features that won The BMOUO Shockproof Kids Case wins our first-place prize with a long list of great features that every protective iPad case for kids should have. The most obvious feature is, of course, the curved handle that’s built into the case’s frame. Your kids can easily carry their shows and games with them without fear of butter fingers. Dual pop-out kickstands make it easy to prop the screen up for hands-free watching, and strategic cutouts ensure clear access to all ports, buttons, speakers, cameras, etc.

The case itself is made from durable EVA foam that absorbs and redistributes impact to prevent cracking, while the built-in screen protector keeps the glass of the iPads screen safe without hindering touch sensitivity.

Check out the BMOUO store on Amazon for other iPad sizes!

  • Pop-out kickstands with multiple angle options
  • Large, ergonomic handle is perfect for little hands
  • Impact-absorbing construction is protective and easy to clean
  • The pop-out kickstands are detachable, but come off too easily
  • The front and back pieces snap together and apart, and aren’t sealed against liquids

2. TopEsct Silicone Shockproof Kids Case


TopEsct Silicone Shockproof Kids Case

Brand: TopEsct | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: 3 | Screen Protector: Yes | Price: 💰

In a close second place we have the TopEsct Silicone Shockproof Kids Case. Three curved handles provide multiple ways for your kids to hold and carry their tablet around. The food-grade silicone construction is non-toxic for those who like to experience the world with their mouth, and it’s easy to wash clean whenever needed.

Since the case is flexible, you won’t have to worry about deforming or breaking it when taking it on and off, and it’s also soft to the touch for any touch-sensitive users. Precise cutouts allow for easy access to buttons, ports, cameras, etc so operation isn’t hindered, and the included tempered glass screen protector ensures your iPad screen is all but shatter-proof. 

Check out the TopEsct store on Amazon for other iPad sizes, and sizes for Android tablets!

  • Built-in slot on the back to hold a tablet pen
  • Integrated kickstand holds screen up, but goes flat when needed
  • Three curved handles offer options for holding; can be used like a steering wheel for gameplay
  • Car headrest strap doesn’t always stay tightened
  • The kickstand isn’t adjustable, may be too difficult for younger kids to open

3. LTROP Shockproof Stand Case

The best iPad case for kids without a built-in screen protector

LTROP Shockproof Stand Case

Brand: LTROP | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: 1 | Screen Protector: No | Price: 💰

Lots of iPad cases come with their own built-in screen protector these days. But not everyone likes that – especially if it makes the touch screen less responsive. So, if you prefer your iPad case without anything covering the screen, check out the LTROP Shockproof Stand Case.

Instead of a screen cover, the edges of this case protrude further than the screen to act as a barrier to absorb impact before it even gets the chance to damage your iPad. The integrated handle features ribbing along the inside for better grip, and holds back to convert into a stand for hands-free viewing. Precise cutouts make it easy to access all buttons and ports, and the rugged design can handle all the bumps and tumbles your kid has to offer.

Check out the LTROP store on Amazon for more iPad sizes

  • Port cutouts are truly precise but large enough for easy access
  • Built-in handle rotates over 180 degrees for multiple viewing angles
  • Durable material is stiffer and stronger than foam or silicone but doesn’t chip
  • Some users noticed the handle creaks/squeaks when you adjust it
  • Due to stiffness, it can be difficult to get your iPad into place the first time

4. HDE Shockproof Heavy Duty Kids Case

The best iPade Mini case for kids

HDE Shockproof Heavy Duty Kids Case

Brand: HDE | Size: 8″ | Handles: 1 | Screen Protector: No | Price: 💰

While many of the cases on our list are available in Mini size, one of the best iPad mini cases for kids has to be the HDE Shockproof Heavy Duty Kids case. The shape probably looks familiar, with it’s adjustable handle/kickstand and thick, protective border. This rugged case is made from non-toxic EVA foam, so it’s lighter-weight than cases made of plastic or silicone without losing any protective power.

Though it doesn’t come with a screen protector, the edges around the screen are raised to absorb any impact before it has a chance to reach the glass. The handle rotates over 180 degrees for a wide range of viewing angles, and the precise cutouts mean easy access to all important buttons and jacks.

Check out the HDE store on Amazon for more iPad sizes

  • Durable case design takes falls and drops with ease
  • Hard EVA foam material is non-toxic and easy to wipe clean 
  • Texturing along the edges offer better grip in addition to the handle
  • The handle stand isn’t really compatible with portrait viewing
  • There isn’t a cutout for the power button, though it can be pressed through the case

5. Azzsy Slim Heavy Duty Case

The best iPad case for kids that’s not bulky

5. Azzsy Slim Heavy Duty Case

Brand: Azzsy | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: None | Screen Protector: No | Price: 💰

One of the biggest complaints about protective iPad cases made for kids is how thick and bulky they are. That bulk works in your favor, as it’s an extra buffer against those hardwood floors, but it can definitely be cumbersome to handle and tote around. Enter the Azzsy Slim Heavy Duty Case. The slimline design of this case mimics what you might expect to see for a smartphone, with an integrated kickstand that can be used for both portrait and landscape viewing.

Three separate layers ensure the ultimate level of protection, with a PC bumper for both the front and back and a soft silicone exterior cover to absorb shock. The edges of this case extend past the glass touchscreen to protect it without covering it up, and the precise cutouts in all three layers ensure no operation is inhibited.

  • Durable materials stand up to rough and tumble use
  • Slimline design is easy to bring with you in bags, purses, briefcases, or kid’s backpacks
  • Integrated kickstand can be used both portrait and landscape, and lays flat when not in use
  • There’s no built-in handle to help kids carry it around
  • The slimline design may be difficult for little hands to keep a good grip on

6. LTROP Shockproof Robot Kids Case

The best iPad cases for boys

LTROP Shockproof Robot Kids Case

Brand: LTROP | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: 3 | Screen Protector: No | Price: 💰

LTROP makes our list again with this durable EVA foam case with a fun robot design. The legs of the robot pop out as a kickstand to hold the screen up for hands-free viewing, and the robot’s headphones form the upper handle! There are two other side handles that are both thick and ribbed for easy handling. In fact, most of the case features texturing for better grip, and there are two cutouts designed to be used with the included detachable strap that is perfect for hanging from car headrests.

And, with a whole rainbow of colors to choose from, this case is perfect whether you’ve got a kiddo interested in a more traditional “boy’s” look or they’d rather bright, fun pink! 

  • Raised edges to protect screen without covering it
  • Hard EVA foam is durable but lightweight and easy to wipe clean
  • Precise cutouts to all ports, plus two cutouts for detachable strap
  • Some reviewers reported a distinct plastic odor upon delivery
  • The raised edges are lower than other cases, and may not offer enough screen protection

7. Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly Case with Kickstand
The best iPad case for girls.

7. Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly Case

The best iPad case for girls

Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly Case

Brand: Feitenn | Size: 9.7″ | Handles: None | Screen Protector: No | Price: 💰

In the theme of cases that not only protect your iPad, but also look fun doing it, check out the Feitenn 3D Cartoon Butterfly Case! This non-toxic EVA foam case uses the same durable, lightweight material as the robot case, but instead features a whimsical butterfly design.

Rather than robot legs that stick out as a kickstand, the butterfly’s wings flex to prop up your screen. The texturing of both the wings and antennae makes them easy to grip for carrying around, and the raised wing pattern is a great added sensory experience. Plenty of spacious cutouts make it easy to access all ports, buttons, cameras, etc, while the main screen cutout features raised edges for an added layer of protection. 

  • Antennae can be used as carrying handles
  • Butterfly design is fun to look, kickstand wings look good and work well
  • Lightweight EVA foam construction protects against falls and is easy to wipe clean
  • The stiff EVA foam can be difficult to get on and off
  • The cutout around the camera protrudes just far enough that it may show in pictures

8. BRAECN Rugged Case with Strap

The best iPad case for kids with the most color options

BRAECN Rugged Case with Strap

Brand: BRAECN | Size: 10.2″ | Handles: Hand Strap | Screen Protector: Yes | Price: 💰💰

Whether you’re looking for a more gender-neutral option or just like fun rainbows, this case is for you! The BRAECN Rugged Case with Strap features a range of solid color cases to choose from, but also has striped choices for those who prefer a little pizzazz. In addition to a detachable shoulder strap, each case includes an integrated hand strap and kickstand combo. Since the hand strap is made with Velcro, it’s easily adjustable to suit the size of your kid’s hands.

Beneath it, the kickstand easily pops out and can be used to prop your screen up in both portrait and landscape orientations. There’s also a pencil holder on the back so it’s always there when you need it. The case itself is made of three separate layers: two hard PC bumpers for the front and back, and an exterior soft silicone cover to absorb impact. The front bumper includes a built-in anti-scratch screen protector too.

Check out the BRAECN store on Amazon for more iPad sizes

  • Super fun colors and designs
  • Durable materials with three layers of protection
  • Kickstand can be used in both landscape and portrait positions
  • Comes with detachable shoulder strap, adjustable Velcro hand strap, and pencil holder
  • The kickstand isn’t adjustable, and can only be used at one angle per orientation
  • Assembly instructions are packaged inside the case, and many users had trouble getting the case open to even access them

9. Dteck PU Folio Stand Cover
The best flip cover iPad case for kids.

9. Dteck PU Folio Stand Cover

The best flip cover iPad case for kids

Dteck PU Folio Stand Cover

Brand: Dteck | Size: 7.9″ | Handles: None | Screen Protector: Flip Cover | Price: 💰

Flip cover cases aren’t as big as they used to be, but some still prefer them. If that’s you, then the Dteck PU Folio Stand Cover is definitely your best bet. This slimline, soft cover comes in dozens of fun designs to suit pretty much anyone, and completely covers the screen when not in use to prevent scratches.

The synthetic PU leather material is durable and helps absorb impact, but is also soft to the touch. Inside the case you’ll find card slots, perfect for kids who want to have their own “credit cards,” along with multiple ledges to prop the screen up at different angles. The magnetic closure keeps the cover flipped closed when not in use, and there’s an exterior loop for holding a stylus – which is great, because a stylus is included!

Check out the Dteck store on Amazon for more iPad sizes

  • Can be propped up at multiple viewing angles
  • Includes bonus stylus, card slots, and cleaning cloth 
  • Soft PU material is gently protective, soft, and flexible
  • The cutouts are deep, making pressing buttons and plugging things in difficult
  • The PU material is double-layered, which is more protective but makes the case heavier

What to Look For in the Best iPad Cases for Kids

With so many cases around the same price point and available in multiple iPad sizes, here are some other main features to keep in mind to help you make your decision!

Screen Protector

Most tablet covers built for kids will include a built-in screen protector to keep your iPad completely sealed away. However, these can reduce the screen’s responsiveness, which can be frustrating for kiddos. 


Fine motor skills are one of the first things kids start to learn as they head into toddler-hood. But they’ll be developing this particular ability well into their teen years, as every growth spurt changes the way their body interacts with the world. All of that to say: kids can be pretty clumsy. Having built-in handles on their tablet case gives them something solid to hold onto, so they’re less likely to drop it.


Handles are important, but holding the iPad can get tiring, especially when watching a show or movie. Tablet cases with built-in kickstands make it easy to prop the tablet up for easy viewing. The best covers have kickstands that can be used in both portrait and landscape positions.


You’ll see a lock of words like “rugged” and “shockproof” when looking at iPad cases for kids. The main thing you want to check for is reinforced corners and edges. 

Our Process

For this guide on the best iPad cases for kids, our team spent 3 hours researching 18 products from brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about 75 user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each iPad case. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 9 iPad cases for kids on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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