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8 Best Lacrosse Sticks in 2024 for All Positions

8 Best Lacrosse Sticks in 2024 for All Positions

Whether you’re new to the game of lacrosse, or simply curious about trying it out, the most basic bit of gear required to play is the lacrosse stick, and the kind of stick you use depends a lot on the position you play: from middies to attackers, and from defense to goalies. 

Did you know there’s evidence that aboriginal Canadians played the game of lacrosse as early as the 17th century? That makes it one of the oldest team sports to be played anywhere on the North American continent!

To help you get started in the game, we researched the eight best lacrosse sticks for different positions, as well as for young men and women who have just started playing.

Keep reading, because your new favorite team sport to play is waiting to be discovered.

Our Top Picks

Take a pass through each lacrosse stick we reviewed. 

STX-Lacrosse-Stallion-200-Complete-StickBest Overall: STX Lacrosse Stallion 200.
For catching and ball control, there’s no better lacrosse stick than the Stallion 200.
CAKLOR-Lacrosse-Complete-Midfield-StickFor Midfielders: CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Midfield Stick.
From passing and shooting, to scooping ground balls and playing defense, the CAKLOR midfield stick helps middies do it all.
Warrior-Reg-Max-Warp-Pro-Complete-Defense-Lacrosse-StickFor Defenders: Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro.
With a head designed for defense, the Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro throws punishing checks and consistent outlet passes.
Franklin-Sports-Attack-Lacrosse-StickFor Attackers: Franklin Sports Attack Lacrosse Stick.
Lacrosse sticks for attackers need to be lightweight and tough, just like the Attack lacrosse stick from Franklin.
STX-Lacrosse-Eclipse-2-Complete-Goalie-StickFor Goalies: STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2.
Goalies need a wider hide to play their position, just like the one on the Eclipse 2 goalie stick from STX.
STX-Lacrosse-Crux-600-Girls-Complete-StickFor Youth Girls: STX Lacrosse Crux 600.
High school girls who play lacrosse like the Crux 600 for better ball retention and targeted flex points.
STX-Stallion-50-Youth-Lacrosse-StickFor Youth Boys: STX Stallion 50 Youth.
For young boys new toLAX, the Stallion 50 is lightweight, with a head and pocket perfect for while learning to throw and catch.
Warrior-Evo-Warp-Next-Lacrosse-StickFor Beginners: Warrior Evo Warp Next.
LAX beginners like the Warrior Evo Warp Next for straighter drives and more controlled throws.

A Closer Look: Best Lacrosse Sticks

A closer examination of each lacrosse stick is coming up in our next section.

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200

The lacrosse sticks overall.

STX Stallion 200

Brand: STX | Material: Plastic | Shaft: Alloy | Pocket: Soft Mesh | Price: 💰💰

Suitable for all positions in the game of Lacrosse, the well-reviewed Stallion 200 is a nice beginning stick from a leading brand in Lacrosse gear. It’s also sophisticated enough for advanced players to use. 

The stick has an alloy handle with “memory marker” graphics and medium-hard soft mesh stringing, and in every other way, the stick is nearly identical to other higher-priced options, according to feedback. 

It’s comparable to higher-end sticks for throwing, cradling, and picking up the ball off the ground. And those who’ve tried the stick call it the perfect choice to learn the fundamentals.

  • Good grip
  • Can’t beat the price
  • Perfect for teaching
  • Better secondary than primary

2. CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Midfield Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for midfielders.

CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Midfield Stick

Brand: CAKLOR | Material: Plastic | Shaft: Alloy | Pocket: Soft Mesh | Price: 💰

Midfielders do a little bit of everything in the game of lacrosse, and the best lacrosse stick for middies should be equally versatile. We found just that very stick from CAKLOR. With a new-material 6000 series alloy handle, this CAKLOR product has a softer molded head for a more forgiving response, and professionally strung mesh. 

Beginning middies love to use it when learning to throw and catch, but it’s sturdy enough for adults to use, according to reports, with mesh that’s a little stiff at first but easy to soften up over time. Solid, sturdy, and lightweight, these sticks are the real deal, we found out.

  • Great for tossing
  • Overall good weight
  • Advanced stick, entry-level price
  • Ok, but not the best
  • Shorter than expected
  • STX have better pockets

3. Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Complete Defense Lacrosse Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for defenders.

Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro Complete Defense

Brand: Warrior | Material: Carbon | Shaft: Regular Max Carbon | Pocket: Regulator Max Warp Pro | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

LAX defensive players typically require a longer stick for poke checks and to keep away offensive players. They also often prefer a head allowing for more intricate adjustments and targeted flex zones. 

For these reasons and more, we chose the Warrior Reg Max Warp Pro as the best defense lacrosse stick to buy. This is a lightweight and complete defense stick, with an improved pocket design for better feel and added stiffness. And there’s varying diamond patterns in the pocket for a smoother release.

  • Suitable for advanced players
  • TruOffset — better ball control
  • Both High School and NCAA legal
  • Pricey
  • Only two colors
  • Some defensive players prefer a deeper back pocket

4. Franklin Sports Attack Lacrosse Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for attackers.

Franklin Sports Attack

Brand: Franklin | Material: Aluminum | Shaft: Neo-Grip Surface | Pocket: Semi-Soft Mesh | Price: 💰

Unlike a defense player, attackers typically prefer a shorter stick, like the attack lacrosse stick from Franklin Sports. Using this stick, attackers enjoy easy hand adjustments for quick shots and passes due to the neo-grip surface texture. 

Aluminum construction keeps the stick lightweight, and the semi-soft mesh offers a deeper pocket for better ball control when cradling. A beginner-priced complete stick with premium design, fans of the Franklin Sports Attack lacrosse stick comment on the high quality shaft and netting.

  • Good colors
  • Very well made
  • Good for beginners
  • Only one color
  • Not for advanced players
  • Semi-soft mesh pocket not for everyone

5. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick

The best lacrosse stick for goalies.

STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Complete Goalie Stick

Brand: STX | Material: Plastic | Shaft: Ergonomic Throat Design | Pocket: 2D Memory Mesh | Price: 💰💰💰💰

With the wider head a goalie needs to play the position, the STX Eclipse 2 is the next pick in our ranking of the best lacrosse sticks. There’s also increased stiffness on account of the new sidewall geometry, and a new scoop design for better ground ball performance. 

Don’t miss the added sidewall holes for more diverse and varied pocket styles. Goalies who’ve played with the Eclipse 2 call it heavenly, and that it improves catching and throwing 300%.

  • Good net for first-timers
  • Comes strung for elite goalies
  • More stringing holes than other goalie heads
  • Isolated head cracking 
  • Some pick a different shaft
  • Not a regulation boys stick

6. STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Girls Complete Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for high school girls.

STX Lacrosse Crux 600 Girls Complete Stick

Brand: STX | Material: Plastic | Shaft: Lightweight 10° Handles | Pocket: Launch II | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

A high school girl just getting into the game of lacrosse should consider the STX Crux 600, with a signature Crux 500 face shape and innovative drop rail technology. There’s also top string protection and exclusive speed scoop technology for ground balls, targeted flex points and easy adjustability. 

Prior to the Crux 600, STX Speed Scoop has never been available in a women’s stick. One young female player who’s tried the Crux 600 on varsity in high school calls it amazing, and that you’ll see improvement in your game right away.

  • Amazing price
  • Very light and easy to use
  • Great for high school lacrosse
  • Pretty pricey
  • Not for true beginners
  • Only for female players

7. STX Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for youth.

STX Stallion 50 Youth Lacrosse Stick

Brand: STX | Material: Plastic | Shaft: Plastic | Pocket: Soft Mesh | Price: 💰

The best lacrosse stick for a youth boy just learning the game is the STX Stallion 50. With a shorter and thinner handle, the Stallion 50 helps young men develop the fundamentals of the game like throwing and catching. 

This complete stick also has a softer and more moldable head than other options, with soft mesh stringing for a more forgiving response. This well-reviewed lacrosse stick is excellent for beginners, with good weight for a child. It’s not a regulation female stick, however.

  • Good price for entry-level
  • Works with regular-sized balls
  • Sturdy, able to be rough with it
  • Not for NCAA/High School
  • “The Whip” requires adjustment
  • Too long for some young players

8. Warrior Evo Warp Next Lacrosse Stick

The best lacrosse sticks for beginners.

Warrior Evo Warp Next

Brand: Warrior | Material: Polypropylene | Shaft: Kryptolite | Pocket: Kevlar | Price: 💰💰💰

First steps when learning the game of lacrosse include getting a feel for catching and throwing with the stick. Several of the LAX sticks in our ranking could be good for beginners. But we chose the Warrior Evo Warp Next as the very best. 

This stick, in fact, is designed specifically to teach new players how to play, with a lightweight handle. And the results are good. The Warrior Evo helped one new player throw better, with drives that were straighter, and high, arcing tosses. 

Some upgrade to a higher-quality shaft, eventually, but for a first-year school stick, the Warrior Evo works perfectly, based on feedback.

  • More power
  • Accurate passes
  • Builds confidence
  • Just a starter stick
  • Grips fall off, some say
  • Pocket takes some getting used to

Our Process

For this guide on lacrosse sticks, our team spent 5 hours researching the 40 most popular options from manufacturers big and small. We then read about 3-5 user reviews per product (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each one. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 best lacrosse sticks on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.