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The 8 Best Marble Runs in 2024

The 8 Best Marble Runs in 2024

Marble runs have been around for decades, and for good reason. Not only are they loads of fun, but they also encourage a variety of critical thinking skills and engage multiple senses to enthrall pretty much anyone! These popular toy sets have come a long way from their wooden block beginnings, and this list is here to help you navigate the waters. Check out our top picks for the best marble runs.

Our Top Picks

Marble Genius 150 Piece Super SetBest Overall: Marble Genius Super Set
This 150-piece set features translucent plastic, a wide range of fun action pieces, and 65 glass marbles! Plus, it comes with access to a smartphone app full of track ideas. 
Magicfly Marble Run Race TrackRunner Up: Magicfly Marble Race Track
With 149 pieces and 4 motion-activated light-up marbles, our runner up offers fun in the sun and in the dark.
Gifts2U 130 Piece Marble Run MazeBest on a Budget: Gifts2U Marble Run Toy
For marble run fun on a budget, check out this 130-piece marble run that’s under $20.
National Geographic Glowing Marble Construction SetMost Pieces: National Geographic Glowing Marble Construction Set
National Geographic is known not only for its amazing animal photography, but also its high-quality STEM toys, and their massive 250-piece marble run set is no different!
COUOMOXA Marble Run Building BlocksBest for Toddlers: COUOMOXA Marble Building Blocks
For smaller hands, this Lego-like building block marble run kit is easy to put together and comes with fun action pieces like the Magic Elephant to keep things exciting.
Klobroz Marble Run Building BlocksBest for Advanced Toddlers: Klobroz Marble Building Blocks
Another Lego-like run, this marble building block set features smaller blocks perfect for older toddlers used to using standard-sized Legos.
Ravensburger Gravitrax Marble Run Starter SetBest for Older Kids: Ravensburger Gravitrax Start Set
If you have an older kid interested in the marble run world, check out the modern hex towers of this sophisticated, engaging kit.
ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain GameMost Unique: ThinkFun Gravity Maze
With 60 challenges and over 21,000 5-star reviews, this unique gravity maze engages problem-solving and critical thinking skills in older kids.

A Closer Look: The Best Marble Run Toys

We’ve built up our 8 favorite marble run toys, but keep reading below to see how they work.

1. Marble Genius 150 Piece Super Set

The best marble run toy set overall

Marble Genius 150 Piece Super Set

Brand: Marble Genius | Pieces: 150 | Ages: 4+ | Marble Material: Glass | Price: 💰💰

Our first-place prize goes to Marble Genius’s superset. This truly diverse marble toy set boasts not only 150 pieces, but 12 different action piece types with 85 usable building pieces to support them. 3 large base pieces along with supplemental smaller base pieces ensure your child’s creation is as stable as it is stunning. To top it off, this set comes with 65 glass marbles for endless fun and multi-marble racing.

As an added bonus, any Marble Genius marble run comes with access to their free smartphone app. There you’ll find interactive building instructions for a variety of configurations, as well as fun building challenges that update regularly.

  • See-through plastic pieces mean engaging visuals all throughout the track
  • Compatible with standard-sized marbles, making them easy to replace if lost
  • Wide range of expansion packs and themed sets available that coordinate together to create the ultimate marble run
  • Does not come with a drawstring bag or other storage/collection container
  • A few reviewers had issues with loose connection points causing unwanted toppling

2. Magicfly Marble Run Race Track

The runner-up best marble run toy set

Magicfly Marble Run Race Track

Brand: Magicfly | Pieces: 149 | Ages: 3+ | Marble Material: Glass/Plastic | Price: 💰💰

The runner up position goes to Magicfly’s Marble Run Race Track. This 149-piece set uses translucent plastic for easy marble viewing and also comes with large and small bases for structural stability. Though you won’t find a smartphone app to go with this one, the Magicfly kit does boast 4 motion-activated light-up marbles for added fun! 

  • Motion-activated light-up marbles for fun in the dark
  • Wide range of structural and action pieces for endless configurations
  • 6 additional glass marbles and 32 plastic marble pieces that snap together to make 16 plastic marbles
  • Plastic marbles that snap together may not be heavy or solid enough to successfully make it through a run
  • The included glass marbles are smaller than standard size, which may not be suitable for younger children (swallowing hazard)

3. Gifts2U 130 Piece Marble Run Maze

The best budget marble run toy set

Gifts2U 130 Piece Marble Run Maze

Brand: Gifrs2U | Pieces: 130 | Ages: 4+ | Marble Material: Glass | Price: 💰

Though marble runs don’t run very expensive on average, they may still be out of budget when it comes to kid toys. The Gifts2U Marble Run Toy Set, on the other hand, runs less than $20, making it more accessible to every family. This kit comes with 130 pieces, so you aren’t skimping too much to save, and uses a mix of translucent and non-translucent plastic so you can still mostly see inside the track. In addition to structural pieces, you’ll find fun action pieces and plenty of base pieces to keep things stable. 

  • Includes 30 glass marbles
  • Smaller marble and track size takes up less space when not in use
  • Start funnels feature lever to allow one marble in at a time for easy racing
  • Not compatible with standard marble size, making lost marbles more difficult to replace
  • Instruction manual has no descriptions and directional images are difficult to understand

4. National Geographic Glowing Marble Construction Set

The best marble run toy set with the most pieces

National Geographic Glowing Marble Construction Set

Brand: National Geographic | Pieces: 250 | Ages: 8+ | Marble Material: Glass (Glow-in-the-Dark) | Price: 💰💰💰

From the STEM name brand we all know and love, National Geographic presents their 250-glow-in-the-dark marble run. This behemoth of a race track is one of the largest kits out there, and can be used to make runs taller than your toddler! In addition to 135 smooth-run tube pieces, you’ll get 55 engaging action pieces and 10 large base pieces for added stability. All 50 marbles glow in the dark, and can be charged with the included UV flashlight keychain for glow-in-the-dark fun at any time. 

  • All included pieces fit into the convenient storage bag
  • Glow-in-the-dark marbles can be charged with included UV flashlight keychain
  • High-quality materials and construction with reliable customer service from well-loved name brand
  • Twice the size of many kits on this list, which unfortunately means twice the price 
  • Though the marbles do technically glow in the dark, they aren’t very bright, which some users found disappointing (think glow-in-the-dark paint rather than glow sticks)

5. COUOMOXA Marble Run Building Blocks

The best marble run toy set for kids aged 3 – 5

COUOMOXA Marble Run Building Blocks

Brand: COUOMOXA | Pieces: 110 | Ages: 3+ | Marble Material: Plastic | Price: 💰💰

So far, the marble runs we’ve featured use small pieces that require more developed motor control to snap together. Younger kiddos might be lacking in the finesse department, which is why COUOMOXA’s marble run set uses Lego-like building blocks. These large pieces are easy to snap together in a familiar way, making marble racing more accessible to smaller hands. Though none of the materials are translucent, all track pieces are open on top, so you can still see the marbles at all times. As a bonus, the included “marbles” are actually larger plastic balls that reduce the chances of accidental ingestion. 

  • 4 large plastic balls feature bright emoji faces for added whimsy
  • Pack of eye stickers included to create animal faces out of any piece
  • Include engaging action pieces for younger kids like the Magic Elephant and Thrill Seesaw
  • The included instructions for creating certain tracks can be difficult to understand
  • Plastic marbles are two pieces that snap together, and some reviewers noted this made them roll unevenly

6. Klobroz Marble Run Building Blocks

The best marble run toy set for advanced toddlers

Klobroz Marble Run Building Blocks

Brand: Klobroz | Pieces: 137 | Ages: 3+ | Marble Material: Plastic | Price: 💰💰

The Klobroz Marble Run Building Blocks should look familiar. Just like the COUOMOXA building blocks, they work on the same principle as Legos. These pieces are smaller than the COUOMOXA, though, which makes them suitable for more advanced toddlers with the motor skills to work on a smaller scale. Aside from that difference, this kit also comes with 4 large plastic balls designed to reduce choking hazard, and includes an eye sticker pack to turn any piece into a face. As a bonus, a giraffe figure is included to preside over the race!

  • Simple action pieces like U-turns, funnels, and slides
  • Includes red flag for the finish line and fun giraffe figure
  • Compatible with Duplo-brand building blocks for easy kit expansion
  • Not as many action piece variations as other kits
  • The plastic balls snap together from two pieces and may fall apart easily

7. Ravensburger Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Set

The best marble run toy set for older kids

Ravensburger Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Set

Brand: Ravensburger | Pieces: 122 | Ages: 8 | Marble Material: Metal | Price: 💰💰

The standard marble run nowadays is made up of colorful translucent pieces that you snap together to create fun racetracks for colorful marbles. But this might seem too childish for older kids. That’s why the Ravensburger Gravitrax is designed with modern black and white hex supports, metal-like plastic tracks, and sleek metal marbles. The lime green accents add a pop of color, and the metal marbles come in a few different colors for easy differentiation when racing. By counting hex height and obeying the laws of gravity and inertia, users can race their marbles up slopes, around corners, and even do fun trick shots!

  • 24 fun challenges and varied action pieces, including trick shot pieces
  • Sleek, modern design is engaging for older kids while still encouraging STEM education principles
  • Launch button on launch pad allows for simultaneous marble release (and more accurate racing)
  • Some reviewers found the base that all tracks are built on top of to be flimsy
  • Though the track pieces look like metal, they are made of plastic and need to be handled carefully or they may snap

8. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

The most unique marble run toy set

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Brand: ThinkFun | Pieces: 10 Towers | Ages: 8+ | Marble Material: Metal | Price: 💰💰

ThinkFun takes the concept of a marble run and turns it into a brain teaser. This gravity maze uses clear plastic blocks with varied interiors that users manipulate to create a clear path for their marble. 60 different challenge cards detail the guidelines your child must follow, and then encourage them to figure out how they can create a clear path while following them. Translucent colored plastic interiors make it easy to differentiate between blocks and visualize the marble’s path. 

  • 60 challenge cards get progressively harder to develop your ability
  • Challenges can be solved in multiple ways, encouraging users to think outside the box
  • Uses a fun method to engage critical thinking, problem-solving, and sequential reasoning in older children
  • Instructions are clear, but the process may be complicated and can take a few tries to get the hang of
  • Pieces fit together tightly, which may cause some difficulty, but ensures everything stays in place for marbles to run smoothly

What to Look For

Marbles grouped together on a Blue background
Image by Canva Photos

Marble runs are a fun-filled way to introduce your child to STEM-related education. Just by playing with a marble run or marble race game, your child will learn a variety of things, including critical thinking skills, spatial awareness, cooperation, hand-eye coordination, patience, cause-and-effect, and more.

But not all marble runs are created equal. While our list of top picks should help you narrow it down, here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop to ensure your child gets the most out of their play!


Age Range

This might seem like a given, but be sure to check the recommended age range of the marble run you’re interested in before you buy. Most will have a minimum age of 3, due largely to the small plastic pieces and marbles involved. But some marble runs are easier to construct with simpler pieces than others. You don’t want to frustrate your 4-year-old with something a little too complicated for them to have fun figuring out. 



The number of pieces that a marble run comes with is a pretty good way to judge the size of the kit you’re getting. But don’t let that number be your only deciding factor. Some companies may count things like base pieces, supports, and even the instruction manual in their final piece count. Be sure to see what kinds of pieces are included. You want plenty of structure pieces, but also a range of “fun” action pieces like bridges, spinner wheels, funnels, etc.


Piece Material

Most marble run sets nowadays are made of translucent plastic so your child can watch their marbles no matter where they are in the track. Even the best wooden marble run of decades past can’t boast see-through pieces! Not all sets utilize this debatable superiority, so if that’s an important feature for you or your kids, be sure to check.



In addition to checking the number of pieces, be sure to see how many marbles come with your set. Marble runs can be arranged in pretty much endless configurations, and that can include multiple “start” points or even multiple intersecting tracks. Having multiple marbles is important not only so you can send them one after the other without waiting for the first to reach the end, but also so you can race!


Marble Material

Most of the best marble run toys will come with glass marbles, which is generally considered the best material. Though eating the marbles is definitely not a good idea, glass marbles can’t be chewed and are slick, which makes them less likely to get caught in the throat should the worst happen. 

Our Process

For this guide on the best marble run toy sets, our team spent 2.5 hours researching the most popular options from over 32 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about fifty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each marble run toy set. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 marble run toy sets on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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