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10 Best Medicine Balls in 2024

10 Best Medicine Balls in 2024

When used correctly, the best medicine balls can seriously upgrade your workout and fitness game.

Medicine balls can help push your strength to the next level. Not only are there many routines designed just for medicine ball workouts, but they are also easy to quickly grab mid-workout and incorporate into many types of lifts and exercises to give yourself a little extra challenge. Crossfit athletes also greatly benefit from throwing a versatile medicine ball into their equipment mix.

Our favorite medicine ball comes from Valor Fitness, one of the top brands around. But we’ve rounded up the top ten options to help you start feeling the burn.

Our Top Picks

In a hurry? Here’s a quick overview of the top picks:

Valor Fitness Medicine BallBest Overall: Valor Fitness Medicine Ball.
If you’re seeking an incredibly durable medicine/wall ball at a fantastic price, look no further than Valor Fitness.
AmazonBasics Medicine BallBest Budget: AmazonBasics Medicine Ball.
AmazonBasics isn’t a fitness company, but their ultra-cheap and high-performance medicine ball will have you believing otherwise.
Reebok Medicine BallBest Luxury: Reebok Soft Medicine Ball by Dynamax.
Money not an obstacle? The Reebox Dynamax is frequently cited as one of the best medicine balls in the sport.
Valeo Fitness Medicine BallBest Brand: Valeo Medicine Ball.
Valeo’s been around for decades, and it shows. With a basketball-like exterior, this medicine ball is ready to spring into high-intensity action.
J Fit Medicine BallBest Durable: j/fit Soft Medicine Ball.
If you’re a hardcore CrossFitter, the j/fit Soft Medicine Ball is a triple-stitched dead ball perfect for high impact action.
SPRI Medicine BallBest Reliable: SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball.
Thanks to its built-in handle, the SPRI Xerball is exceptionally comfortable to hold, making it a reliable medicine ball for various exercises.
Fuel Pureformance Medicine BallBest Grip: Fuel Pureformance.
Prefer something easy to grip? The Fuel Pureformance boasts a unique rubber texture that’ll help you get a handle on your workout.
Cap Fitness Medicine BallBest for Beginners: CAP Barbell Medicine Ball.
For those just starting, the CAP Barbell bouncy medicine balls start at just two pounds, and they don’t break the bank.
CFF Medicine BallBest Wall Ball: CFF Wall Exercise Ball.
If wall balls are your thing, the CFF Wall Exercise Ball features the perfect balance of durability and spring.
J Fit Premium Medicine BallBest Bouncing: j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball.
Perhaps the best rubber medicine ball on our list, the j/fit Premium is perfect for wall balls, slams, and other hardcore activities. It’s like a boomerang, always coming back.

Best Medicine Balls: A Closer Look

Here’s a detailed look at each of the medicine balls.

1. Valor Fitness Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball overall

Valor Fitness Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: Valor Fitness / Material: Vinyl / Weight: 6 to 16 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰

First on our list is the Valor Fitness Medicine Ball.

Explicitly designed for CrossFit workouts, it’s a natural number one. Use it for typical medicine ball exercises like rolling push-ups or v-ups, or try it out as a wall ball. That’s right — the Valor Fitness Medicine Ball doubles as a wall ball thanks to its ultra-durable construction and vinyl exterior. Pretty cool.

At any weight, this ball measures 14 inches in diameter and features extra-strength double stitching.

Oh, and the Valor Fitness Medicine Ball also features a grippy outside and soft inside. This lets CrossFit trainers use it for partner exercises without fear of injury.

  • Ideal for home gyms
  • Ultra-durable and weather-resistant
  • Attractive two-tone colors organized by weight

  • Some feel the weight ratio is just a smidge off
  • Can be difficult to grip, despite specialized design

2. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball on a budget

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: AmazonBasics / Material: Rubber / Weight: 10 to 18 pounds / Price: 💰💰

Our first and only ball not from a fitness company, Amazon hit the nail on the head with this offering.

This ball weighs in at 10 pounds and is made from rubber with a patterned grip. The grip is much like a basketball, meaning accidental drops aren’t an issue. The AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is also evenly balanced. The bouncing is predictable, and the weight distribution even.

All in all, it’s another excellent medicine ball for beginners at an extremely affordable price.

  • Precision weight
  • Exceptional value
  • Fantastic grip, similar to a basketball

  • Rubber sheds over time
  • Unpleasant chemical smell

3. Reebok Soft Medicine Ball by Dynamax

The best luxury medicine ball

Reebok Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: Reebok / Material: Vinyl / Weight: 6 to 30 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰💰

At 14″ in diameter, the Reebok Soft Medicine Ball is like many others on the market. But, that’s where the similarities end.

The Reebok is a dream come true for CrossFit junkies. Manufactured here in the USA, the overall look, feel, and performance are second to none.  

What’s that mean, exactly?

First, the ball is rugged and stylish with a two-tone black and red design. In terms of the feel, the Reebok’s weight is perfectly balanced for a stable throughout all your exercises. Not to mention, the soft shell vinyl exterior is both comfy to practice with and exceptionally durable.

You’ll have to shell out a bit more for this medicine ball, but it’s worth the price for serious users.

  • Wide variety of weights
  • Gym quality for home use
  • Durable and guaranteed to last years w/ standard use

  • Not a slam ball
  • On the expensive side

4. Valeo Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball brand

Valeo Fitness

Manufacturer: Valeo / Material: Rubber / Weight: 4 to 6 pounds / Price: 💰💰

Valeo has been producing medicine balls since 1988 — longer than most rival companies have even been around. And over the years, Valeo has learned a thing or two about quality construction.

Of our best medicine balls so far, this one is smaller in diameter and made from a durable rubber shell. The rubber offers grip, and the ball still stands up to CrossFit wall ball exercises.

The small diameter also makes this ball great for core, agility, and base training. It’s easy enough to grip while moving around quickly.

The best part? Valeo manufactures their medicine balls in variable weights, starting at a mild 4 pounds and going up from there.

  • Quality brand
  • Durable rubber shell
  • Smaller diameter that’s great for core and agility

  • Very smelly at first
  • Reports of cracks at the inflation hole

5. j/fit Soft Medicine Ball

The best durable medicine ball

J Fit Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: j/fit / Material: Vinyl / Weight: 6 to 30 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰

Next up is the j/fit Medicine Ball. This bad boy offers exceptional durability, even when compared to other wall balls.

Why? Well, this is one of the few balls around that features triple stitching. Meanwhile, the insides are made from overstuffed cotton batting, making for easy catching and soft impacts.

Weight isn’t an issue, as this wall ball comes laden with inner sandbags that ensure it’s centrally balanced. The sandbags also help the cotton keep its shape.

For the money, this ball is hard to beat. Durable, solid grip, balanced, and soft? That’s the winning combination.

  • Gym-quality at a fantastic price
  • Incredible range of sizes (9 total)
  • Very versatile, and can be used for different exercises

  • Inconsistent springiness
  • Stitches begin to unravel after awhile

6. SPRI Xerball Medicine Ball

The best reliable medicine ball

SPRI Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: SPRI / Material: Rubber / Weight: 8 to 20 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰

The SPRI Xerball boasts a good bounce thanks to its high rubber content. This makes it excellent for any low impact, two-person activities.

This ball is durable, featuring thick walls that will keep it bouncing well into its lifespan. The SPRI also features a textured grip like the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball.

Sweaty hands and accidental drops stand no chance against this member of our best medicine balls list. The dual grip handles on the top and bottom ensure a steady grip during even the most vigorous activities.

  • Holds air well
  • Reliable inner weights w/ no shifting
  • Convenient handles make it easy to grip

  • Difficult to re-inflate
  • Awkward shape for many exercises

7. Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball

The best handheld medicine ball

Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: Fuel Pureformance / Material: Rubber / Weight: 2 to 12 pounds / Price: 💰💰

Fuel your workout with unbridled Pureformance with this exceptional medicine ball.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Fuel Pureformance Medicine Ball is the unique rubber texture spread across the surface. This proprietary design makes the ball extra grippy and a dream to use across your workouts. 

You’ll also notice the vivid colors that change depending on the ball’s weight. Speaking of which, you’ve got a total of six weights to choose from, ranging from 2 for lightweight exercises to 12 for more advanced regimens. 

Overall, it’s a fantastic medicine ball, but not for slams. It’s a bit more fragile than its rivals, so you’ll need to go a bit easier on ‘er.

  • Unrivaled grip
  • Fair pricing for the weight
  • Great for cardio and strength exercises

  • Not for slamming
  • A bit more fragile than other medicine balls

8. CAP Barbell Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball for beginners

Cap Fitness

Manufacturer: CAP Barbell / Material: Rubber / Weight: 2 to 10 pounds / Price: 💰

This medicine ball comes from CAP Barbell, which specializes in free weights and benches.

Based on the price, you probably wouldn’t expect a high-quality medicine ball. But you’d be wrong.

The Cap Medicine Ball features a thick rubber wall for withstanding impact. The rubber also helps this ball bounce. And while it’s not ideal for slamming exercises, it excels in the bouncing department.

The Cap is a solid all-around medicine ball and is available in weights ranging from 2 to 12 pounds. We’d say it’s excellent for any CrossFit beginners.

  • Very affordable
  • Ideal for CrossFit newbies
  • Rubber provides an ideal amount of grip

  • Large for a medicine ball
  • Strong chemical smell that persists for weeks

9. CFF Wall Exercise Ball

The best medicine wall ball

CFF Medicine Ball

Manufacturer: CFF / Material: Nylon / Weight: 20 pounds / Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Our next medicine ball hails from Christian’s Fitness Factory (CFF), an American company providing gear specially made for CrossFit training.

This wall ball comes in weighing 20 pounds, with a 14-inch diameter. The weight’s centered, and the soft exterior helps prevent injury. Like similar wall balls, the stitching here is top-notch. The CFF also offers a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer defects.

Our favorite part? The contrast between the white and red colors really grabs your attention, so you won’t miss any rebounds off the wall.

  • Very durable
  • Small handles and lacing add much-needed grip
  • Great for a range of medicine & wall ball exercises

  • Very slippery
  • Mildly lopsided weight distribution

10. j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball for bouncing

J Fit Premium

Manufacturer: j/fit / Material: Rubber / Weight: 4 to 12 pounds / Price: 💰💰

From the same company that brought us the j/fit Wall Ball MAX, the j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball sets the tone for the company’s more premium offerings.

This ball comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 12 pounds, and features a textured grip and small diameter. Its hollow inside makes for great bouncing, while its size and grip allow for easy throws and movement.

Overall, the j/fit Premium Rubberized Medicine Ball comes across as small yet very versatile.

  • Convenient 9″ diameter
  • Solid bounce and reliable performance
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor CrossFit regimens

  • Muted colors
  • Only a few weight options

What to Look for in a Medicine Ball

Best Medicine Balls
Image by Canva Photos

Medicine balls are great for a variety of activities, including strength training, cardio, even stretching. But some excel more than others in specific areas.

So… what specifications should you consider when choosing the perfect medicine ball for your workout? Let’s have a look.



Medicine balls come in a variety of materials. Some of the most popular include:

  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Nylon
  • Leather

They’re also filled with different substances, ranging from air (which helps them bounce) to sandbags (which helps them stay put).

Stitched medicine balls and extra-durable rubber balls can take more of a beating, which makes them ideal for rougher activities like slams and tosses. Standard rubber balls are better for more stationary exercises and milder workouts.

Be sure and take a look at user reviews to see which ones hold up to which activities.



What’s the ideal weight for a medicine ball?

According to some top experts in the field, the perfect weight requires mild exertion without straining your body. In other words, you should be able to maintain proper form without risk of injury, while working a bit harder from the increased resistance.

When in doubt, choose a lighter ball. You don’t want to risk injury, and you can always move up the weight ladder.



Last but not least is size. For many medicine balls, size is dependent on weight. Heavier balls boast a larger circumference, while lighter ones are smaller in diameter.

Pay close attention to the size of the medicine ball! Just because the weight is ideal doesn’t mean it’ll be comfortable in your hands.

Our Process

For this guide on medicine balls, our team spent 4 hours researching the most popular options from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each ball. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 10 medicine balls on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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