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8 Best Slam Balls & Best Medicine Balls for Slamming in 2024

8 Best Slam Balls & Best Medicine Balls for Slamming in 2024

Slams are a great exercise, working your pecs, shoulders, back, and abs, among other muscles. To add slams to your routine, you’ll need a ball. Most medicine balls work for slam exercises, and you can use a slam ball just as well as a medicine ball. The primary difference between the two being size, weight, texture, construction material, and some medicine balls come with handles (not ideal for slams!) To help you choose, we present the four best slam balls, and the four best medicine balls for slamming. We’ll even tell beginners what size medicine ball to use when they’re just getting started. Look through this list and you’ll have the best slam ball for your next workout, so let’s get started.

Bounce through why each ball in our ranking landed where it did.

Top Picks: Best Slam Balls and Best Medicine Balls for Slams

Best Slam Balls:

1. BalanceFrom Weighted Slam Ball

The best Slam Ball Overall

BalanceFrom Weighted Slam Ball

Brand: BalanceFrom | Weight Options: 10 | Materials: Rubber/Synthetic Leather | Surface: Treaded | Price: 💰💰

When just getting started with slams, it’s crucial to find the right weight slam ball. It’s the wide variety of weight options that helped earn BalanceFrom weighted slam balls the best quality slam ball distinction in our ranking. What size slam ball to use for beginners varies a lot on your general conditioning. We (very) generally recommend that women try a slam ball from between 10 to 40 lbs, and men start somewhere between 20 to 40 lbs. 

No matter what size slam ball you need, BalanceFrom has you covered with weights starting as low as 4 lbs and going as high as 75 lbs. The balls are filled with beads and made from rubber and synthetic leather with a nice, grippy, tread surface. Those who’ve worked out with the ball call it good quality, solid, robust, and well-balanced. They’re on the smaller side, better suited for slamming, and maybe best of all, very reasonably priced.

  • Texture similar to a tire
  • Feels like it has sand in it
  • Good shape and weight distribution

  • Too slippery for some
  • Some broke quickly after use

2. RAGE Fitness Slam Ball

The best budget Slam Ball

RAGE Fitness Slam Ball

Brand: RAGE | Weight Options: 3 | Materials: Heavy-Duty Rubber/Sand | Surface: Textured | Price: 💰

RAGE Fitness slam balls are our pick for the best price slam ball. With only three weight options, the balls are heavy-duty rubber with a textured, non-slip surface. RAGE slam balls offer a no-bounce design (crucial for the full effect of the slamming exercise) and an air valve to adjust firmness; less air equaling less bounce. The balls are full of sand. Unlike other slam balls, we learned RAGE balls only increase in diameter about one inch for every 10 lbs as you move up in weight, keeping them small and compact as the heaviness increases.

Experienced users say RAGE slam balls are durable and take a lot of punishment. According to input from consumers, RAGE balls aren’t so small that you have to lean or push off them. They do tend to lose air, but they’re easy to reinflate with a simple bike pump. One satisfied slammer used it on a concrete garage floor, and the ball stood up to the test. 

  • Priced right
  • Good for indoor core exercises
  • Solidly manufactured and durable

  • Sand shifts, affecting control
  • Too small for some big hands
  • Quickly misshapen for some users

3. Titan Fitness Slam Ball

The best selection Slam Ball

Titan Fitness Slam Ball

Brand: Titan Fitness | Weight Options: 15 | Materials: Rubber/Synthetic | Surface: Treaded | Price: 💰💰💰

As previously mentioned, the right weight matters when it comes to slams, which goes for those experienced with slamming just as much as those just starting. For the best selection in weight, going as high as 150 lbs, choose from Titan Fitness slam balls. With a tire-like tread surface for grip, Titan Fitness balls are encased in a rubberized shell. They’re about 14-inches in diameter and filled with sand, with a slightly squishy texture and no bounce. Those who’ve used the ball like the grip, commenting that their diamond formation hand position slowly inches outward to the sides of the slam ball as their grip strength declines throughout the workout. 

The tread on the balls also gives a reference for gauging how much your hands have moved, an important consideration for proper slam form. Balls as heavy as those available from Titan Fitness aren’t for everyone. However, if that’s the level you’ve reached, don’t hesitate to choose Titan Fitness slam balls: the balls many call durable, easy to grip, and well made—heavy enough for the most advanced slam ball workout.

  • Perfect size
  • “Solid AF” and worth the money
  • Raised treads help with grip when sweaty

  • Too heavy for concrete, some say
  • Some expected a more “solid” feel
  • Feels like a ball inside of a ball; moves around

4. Lifeline Slam Ball

The best Slam Ball for Crossfit

Lifeline Slam Ball

Brand: Lifeline | Weight Options: 3 | Materials: Plastic/Sand | Surface: Textured | Price: 💰💰💰

Slam balls are a great addition to any Crossfit routine, and our choice for the best slam balls for CrossFit come from Lifeline. Sold in three different weight options and made from plastic, the balls are filled with sand and offer a grippy, textured surface. CrossFit is all about explosiveness, and Lifeline slam balls have a flexible plastic exterior that withstands repeated impact. They’re full of a gel-substance for weight, and they’re easy to grip. They sit flat on the floor like a flat tire. However, they go round again as soon they’re picked up due to the gel substance on the inside. 

Roughly the size of a basketball, these balls land with a thud when they’re dropped—just what you want from a slam ball—and the texture feels great under your palms. According to some reports, there is just a little bit of bounce, but that’s ok—it only makes it easier to scoop the ball back up. In addition to Crossfit, one user chose Lifeline to build-back upper body strength after a surgery. 

  • Pebbled texture
  • Small; stores easily
  • Makes you squat low to pick up

  • 30 lbs too heavy for most!
  • Not the best for true “no bounce”
  • As spendy as some dumbbell sets

Best Medicine Balls for Slamming:

1. Power Guidance Medicine Ball

The best medicine ball for slamming overall

Power Guidance Medicine Ball

Brand: Power Guidance | Weight Options: 7 | Materials: Rubber/Iron Sand | Surface: Treaded | Price: 💰💰

There are subtle differences between medicine balls and slam balls, but if you stay away from medicine balls with handles and choose a ball on the smaller side, the average medicine ball works just fine for slams. Our pick for the medicine balls for slams come from Power Guidance. With seven weights to choose from, Power Guidance balls and made from rubber and filled with iron sand (iron sand—just sounds tough, doesn’t it?) What we liked, in particular, is these no-bounce med balls are versatile enough for slams, but also playing wall ball. 

Reviewers call Power Guidance solid and stable, commenting that you can barely feel the sand move, with excellent grip. Some caution: if you’re new to slams, start light. For medicine ball exercises besides slams, some found the ball too squishy to use for push-ups.

  • Helpful for building muscle
  • Quiet, doesn’t disturb the neighbors
  • Good training videos available on Youtube

  • One split after four months
  • Sand has too much play, for some
  • Sand shifting take some getting used to

2. Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

The best budget medicine ball for slamming

Amazon Basics Medicine Ball

Brand: Amazon Basics | Weight Options: 4 | Materials: Rubber/Iron Sand | Surface: Textured | Price: 💰💰

Weights options: 4 Material: Rubber/Iron Sand Surface: Textured Price: 💰💰

To get yourself into slams without spending a bunch of money, choose a medicine ball Amazon Basics. These textured balls come in four weight options with a textured surface. They are rubber, and they look a bit like a basketball. Though affordable, these balls hold up well over repeated use with a textured surface providing exceptional grip for slams and other core, strength, and conditioning exercises. 

Fitness industry professionals who’ve used the balls say they’re the same balls you can expect to find in a commercial gym. Others say the ball is seemingly indestructible, with a pebbly grip. One user does recommend using biking gloves while using the ball, however. There are no ‘heavy spots’ and the weight distributes evenly across the ball.

  • Great for tossing drills
  • Like a super-heavy basketball
  • Plenty of at-home exercises available

  • Some bounce
  • Not for concrete
  • One showed up covered in oil

3. Crown Sporting Goods Leather Weighted Medicine Ball

The best leather medicine ball

Crown Sporting Goods Leather Weighted Medicine Ball

Brand: Crown Sporting Goods | Weight Options: 3 | Materials: Leather | Surface: Smoothed | Price: 💰

Simply put, leather says quality, and Crown Sporting Goods is our choice for the best weighted leather medicine balls. They’re tough enough, though, for slams and other medicine ball exercises. These balls do not bounce, according to experienced users, and some say the balls aren’t perfectly round, but instead seem to be filled with something like small gravel.

The balls are also small in diameter, just what you want to maintain control, making them great for torso strengthening exercises. They’re also soft to the touch, with a great vintage look. One does caution, however, that the smaller circumference is not ideal for knee stabilization for bridge lifts in yoga, or the correct arm spacing for overhead arm lifts.

  • Looks great on display
  • Affordable for real leather
  • Shape “gets better” with use

  • Too hard for some
  • Overstuffed, some say
  • Smaller than it seems it pictures

4. Fitness Gear Medicine Ball

The best beginner medicine ball

Fitness Gear Medicine Ball

Brand: Fitness Gear | Weight Options: 3 | Materials: Rubber | Surface: Textured | Price: 💰💰💰

Fitness Gear best medicine balls are the best for beginners who want to try slams. They come in three weight sizes only. When you’re just getting started with slams, though, you want to start light, and at only 8 lbs at the lightest, Fitness Gear medicine balls are a perfect choice. They are rubber, with a texture surface. They are a little spendy, but they’re perfect for those trying out slams or other medicine balls exercises for the very first time.

The inflation of the ball is also adjustable, so you can make it as hard or as soft as you’d like to suit your grip strength on the textured non-slip surface—another contributing factor for Fitness Gear earning the best for beginners designation. One personal trainer commented it’s not only the perfect ball for slams but also great for burpees and push-ups. Many comment on the dimpled, finger-grab surface, and they’re sturdy enough for balance exercises as well as slams.

  • Use it to workout anywhere!
  • Good for cardio/core workouts
  • Good to warm up for TRX workouts
  • Some seam splitting issues
  • Not good for multiple users—burst
  • Does bounce at an angle sometimes

Our Process

For this guide on Best Slam Balls & Best Medicine Balls for Slamming, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 40 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about forty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each Slam and Medicine Balls for Slamming. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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