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7 Best Soccer Balls in 2024: Adult, Youth, and Budget Picks

7 Best Soccer Balls in 2024: Adult, Youth, and Budget Picks

It might come as a surprise that not all soccer balls are created the same. Some are better designed for training while others are great for toddlers just learning to kick a ball. There are even some characteristics of soccer balls that you may have never considered before. Our overall top pick is the traditional Wilson soccer ball for it’s classic design, firm exterior, and affordable price. However, if this ball isn’t right for you, there is certain to be one here for you.

Our Top Picks

Keep reading for a quick list of the best soccer balls, with further details in the next section.

Wilson-Traditional-Soccer-BallOverall Best: Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball.
Our overall top pick is a classic soccer ball from a company who knows what they’re doing. It’s great for beginners and seasoned players.
Adidas-Final-Glider-Soccer-BallRunner-Up: Adidas Final Glider Soccer Ball.
The runner up choice for the best soccer ball is constructed to ensure it stays fully intact and inflated through frequent play. 
Champion-Sports-Viper-Soccer-BallBudget Pick: Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball.
Our budget pick is a top-notch soccer ball and the best soccer ball for the money. It’s durable for regular use inside and outside. 
Umbro-NFHS-Metero-Soccer-BallSplurge Pick: Umbro NFHS Metero Soccer Ball.
Our splurge pick is made from quality material that withstands regular use. It smoothly glides over all surfaces for accurate kicks each time.
Umbro-Tristar-Soccer-BallOutdoor Pick: Umbro Tristar Soccer Ball.
Some soccer balls stain or deflate faster when used outside, but not this one. Its firm exterior is supplemented by a steady rubber insert that makes it perfect for outdoor use.
CubicFun-Dinosaur-Soccer-Ball-for-KidsKid’s Pick: CubicFun Dinosaur Soccer Ball for Kids.
Not all soccer balls are ideal for young kids. This one from CubicFun comes with a fun dinosaur design and is built for kids just learning how to kick a ball.
GlowCity-LED-Light-Up-Soccer-BallNight Pick: GlowCity LED Light Up Soccer Ball.
Shake up your soccer play with this glow-in-the-dark soccer ball. Using LED lights, it allows players to kick it around after dark.

A Closer Look: Best Soccer Balls

Here’s all the research organized for you on the best soccer balls.

1. Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

The best soccer ball overall.

Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball

Brand: Wilson | Size Available: 3, 4, & 5 | Material: Rubber | Price: 💰💰💰

Wilson has a reputation of producing quality sports equipment and their soccer balls are no different. This traditional soccer ball comes in the classic black and white. This is a great choice for soccer players of all ages and skill levels. You can play with it inside or outside and it’s synthetic leather exterior will keep the ball intact. When it comes to choosing the right ball for kids, Wilson recommends a size three for kids aged 8 and under, size four for kids aged 8-12, and a size five for people 13 and older. Kids and adults will love kicking around this soccer ball.

  • Hard exterior that doesn’t puncture easily
  • Very affordable price for a high-quality soccer ball
  • Needs to be re-inflated somewhat often 
  • Soccer balls will get bigger with frequent use

2. Adidas Final Glider Soccer Ball

The runner-up pick.

Adidas Final Glider Soccer Ball

Brand: Adidas | Size Available: 5 | Material: Rubber & Synthetic Leather | Price: 💰💰

A soccer ball with durability and style characterizes our runner up pick from Adidas. An interior rubber bladder is the best for air retention, ensuring that you rarely need to re-inflate this ball. It will stand out on the soccer field with its bright red shade and white stars that make it look fun and unique. Players can easily take this ball anywhere to play. Due to the strategic design, it’s perfect for those still developing their skills, making it one of the best training soccer balls. Affordable, sturdy, and stylish – players will love improving their skills or just casually kicking this soccer ball around.

  • Very durable and retains air well
  • Unique color variation and pattern are fun
  • Some discrepancy and confusion with the sizing of the ball
  • Arrives with a pungent rubber smell that takes awhile to go away

3. Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball

The best soccer ball on a budget.

Champion Sports Viper Soccer Ball

Brand: Champion | Size Available: 3, 4, & 5 | Material: Rubber & Synthetic Leather | Price: 💰

You might be surprised to find that soccer balls can be expensive. The good news is that not all of them require you to spend big money. This soccer ball from Champion Sports is our favorite budget pick. Colored in white, black, and red and with a classic design, this soccer ball is excellent for beginners and seasoned players. A four-ply, soft-touch TPU cover stands up to regular play and an air-tight internal bladder keeps it reliably inflated. Use it to play casually or in games, inside or outside, and it will perform well.

  • Clean after playing on grass, doesn’t get stained
  • Incredibly affordable price, available for all budgets
  • Ball sometimes struggles to hold air
  • Ball ships deflated and no pump is included

4. Umbro NFHS Metero Soccer Ball

The best soccer ball to splurge on.

Umbro NFHS Metero Soccer Ball

Brand: Umbro | Size Available: 5 | Material: Rubber | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Play soccer like a professional with this soccer ball. It’s our favorite splurge pick for it’s high-quality make. A durable casing helps keep the exterior intact during intense play. It also comes with some of the most accurate play and shape retention of all the soccer balls on this list. This ball is ideal for more experienced players looking for a quality soccer ball to advance their skills on the field. It’s machine stitched together, instead of glued, which helps keep it intact. This soccer ball is one that’s hard to beat.

  • Lightweight, smoothly glides over surfaces
  • Both kids and adults can effectively use this soccer ball
  • Likely too expensive for most budgets
  • Might be too smooth for some preferences

5. Umbro Tristar Soccer Ball

The best soccer ball for outside and rough terrain.

Umbro Tristar Soccer Ball

Brand: Umbro | Size Available: 5 | Material: Rubber | Price: 💰💰💰

Some soccer balls are built tougher than others to withstand outside use. Gravel, sand, pavement, and grass are all surfaces this soccer ball can handle, which is what makes it our pick for the best soccer ball for outside. Machine-stitched seams between panels ensure they stay together while the ball is being kicked over all kinds of surfaces. A durable casing prevents stains and rips when being played with on rocky surfaces. Accurate trajectory and smooth shooting make this an excellent option for outdoor play.

  • Ball arrives fully inflated and ready to play 
  • Great for practicing dribbling and control drills
  • Lightweight, less ideal ball for beginning soccer players
  • Do not leave ball outdoors when not in use to prevent wear

6. CubicFun Dinosaur Soccer Ball for Kids

The best soccer ball for kids.

CubicFun Dinosaur Soccer Ball for Kids

Brand: CubicFun | Size Available: 3 | Material: Synthetic Leather | Price: 💰💰💰

Kids just beginning to play soccer need a ball that is catered to them. This soccer ball is perfect for young kids, especially toddlers. The fun dinosaur print is inviting while a firm exterior casing keeps it together well. The casing, while tough, is soft to the touch and elastic, which is perfect for kids who are still getting comfortable with soccer balls. You can use the ball inside or outside. CubicFun recommends it for kids ages 3, 4, and 5 as it’s built to be proportioned to most kids in this age group. Youngsters are certain to love this soccer ball.

  • Soft casing doesn’t hurt kid’s foots like other balls might
  • Comes with a hand pump and mesh bag for easy transportation
  • Plastic inflating needles provided are weak and bend easily
  • Hand pump is not very high quality, will likely need to be replaced

7. GlowCity LED Light Up Soccer Ball

The best soccerball for playing in the dark.

GlowCity LED Light Up Soccer Ball

Brand: GlowCity | Size Available: 5 | Material: Nylon & Rubber | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Make your soccer game a bit more interesting by playing after dark with a ball that glows in the dark. This neon orange soccer ball is visible from a few hundred yards away when in the dark. It’s able to recognize when it’s in the dark and instantly begins glowing. After 30 seconds of no use, it also turns off on its own. Batteries are included and easily replaceable. Rubber grommets protect the LEDs, making the soccer ball durable and fully water resistant. If you want to try playing with a soccer ball that offers a unique experience, check this one out.

  • Comes with a spare set of batteries and lights
  • Will not get waterlogged if played with in wet grass or snow
  • Lights are difficult to install
  • Does not feel like an actual soccer ball, feels more like a toy

A quality soccer ball is an investment in great play and people of all ages can enjoy the ones on this list. If you’ve been seeking the perfect soccer ball for yourself or a loved one, choosing one from this collection ensures a quality pick. Now, select your new soccer ball and get playing!

Our Process

For this guide on the best soccer balls, our team spent 2 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about 200 user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each soccer ball. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 soccer balls on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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