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Best Garage Door Openers

10 Best Garage Door Openers in 2021

So your garage door opener finally gave out, and now you need to buy a new system. But where to start? The best garage door opener will be quick, quiet, loaded with the latest technology, and capable of connecting to your home network. By perusing our garage door opener comparisons below, you’re well on your

Best Gifts for Bakers

The 8 Best Gifts for Bakers: Perfect for Birthdays & Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to start gift hunting. Finding the perfect gift for your favorite baker can be a challenge, especially when that baker seems to already have everything they could need for their hobby. To help ease the burden, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts

Best Affordable Stand Mixer

Best Affordable Stand Mixer: 7 Top Picks of 2021

Sometimes your kitchen endeavors demand an extravagant stand mixer, but your budget just doesn’t agree. If this is the case, you don’t have to settle for less than high quality. Many of the best stand mixers under 100 dollars come equipped with all the same pieces as the more expensive models on the market. We’re

Best Reusable Metal Straws in Glass

The 8 Best Reusable Straws of 2021

In the past couple of years, using reusable products instead of plastic, disposable ones have risen in popularity. This is due to the adverse effects of single-use-plastic on us, and our planet’s health. Now, reusable straws are easy to find, and it can be overwhelming to find the kind you want with so many endless

Different Types of Shower Heads

10 Different Types of Shower Heads

Choosing the right shower head for your daily routine can greatly impact the quality of your everyday showering experience. And while taking a shower is a pretty basic human activity, we all have our own unique method. Luckily, there’s a giant world of different types of shower heads for every preference or whim. Whether you’re

Daybed vs. Futon

Daybed vs. Futon: Which Lounger Is Better?

It can be challenging to find which type of bed will work perfectly in your space. If you’re here, that means you’re contemplating between getting a daybed vs. futon for a bedroom or other space in your home. Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled all the information you need to choose between a

Best Electric Fillet Knife

The 9 Best Electric Fillet Knives in 2021

You have great options when it comes to selecting a fillet knife. There are countless brands and products on the market that make choosing the perfect electric knife for your needs possible, if not somewhat daunting. Most people searching for the best electric knife for filleting fish are either seeking one that is cordless, ideal

Best Light Bulbs for Garage Door Openers

7 Best Light Bulbs for Garage Door Openers 2021

Most of us have probably never given much thought to the best light bulbs for garage door openers, until it’s time to replace yours. Even then, it’s not likely a topic you want to spend lots of time researching. Not to worry — help has arrived! Here’s the main thing to know: you need to

Best Cordless Handheld Vacuums

10 Best Cordless Handheld Vacuums in 2021

If you’re tired of having to find an outlet in every corner of your house to plug in your vacuum, a cordless option may be just what you need. Cordless handheld vacuums are lightweight and portable. They’re an excellent option for cleaning your car or hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your home. And if you’ve

Best Outdoor Flood Light

8 Best Outdoor Flood Lights of 2021

My family woke up the other morning to find the hubcaps stolen from my wife’s car. And we don’t even live in a bad neighborhood! It’s hard to imagine 20-year-old Toyota Corolla hubcaps have much value — it may very well have been a group of teenagers being a nuisance. Nevertheless, we figured it was

Steamer vs. Iron

Steamer vs. Iron for Clothing and Linens

People all over America utilize clothes irons, clothes steamers, or dry cleaners to keep their clothes crisp and smooth. Getting wrinkles in your clothing is almost impossible to avoid, and most people want to remove these wrinkles to look professional and put-together. While taking your clothes to a dry cleaner is very time-effective, it may

Best Electric Pasta Makers

7 Best Electric Pasta Makers of 2021

You no longer have to visit a specialty grocery store for fresh pasta. By using an attachment to your standard KitchenAid mixing bowl or purchasing one of the best electric pasta makers, you can easily make delicious pasta at home. Making pasta from scratch might feel intimidating, but it’s a simple and intuitive process with