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10 Best Desk Lamps in 2024

10 Best Desk Lamps in 2024

Since we haven’t figured out how to see in the dark (yet), light is still necessary for a functional workspace. Finding the right light can even help with your productivity and mood. We don’t think it’s necessary to compromise on the function to find something that fits your space and style. So, we researched and put together a list of the best desk lamps on the market to suit various needs. And, because most workspaces don’t have a singular purpose, we’ve included many lights with adjustable settings to help you transition between tasks and through the different parts of the day. 

Our overall favorite on pick is one of the best LED desk lamps that you can find. The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Fast Wireless Charger has multiple brightness and color settings that will work for just about any situation. It’s also energy-efficient, flexible, and can accommodate both wireless and USB charging for your devices. 

Our Top Picks: Best Desk Lamps

Here’s a quick look at the best desk lamps that you can find, without even having to leave your house. 

TaoTronics LED Desk LampBest Overall: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Fast Wireless Charger
This lamp will surpass most people’s needs with its five color settings, five brightness levels, and additional features. We would love this lamp even if it couldn’t wirelessly charge devices. 
Miroco LED Desk and Floor LampBest Green Pick: Miroco LED Desk and Floor Lamp
Adjust the height, hue, brightness, or angle of the light to make this lamp suitable for almost any room or situation. It gets bright enough for intricate projects and dim enough to use as a nightlight. 
V-LIGHT 1 Energy Saving Desk Task LampBest Budget: V-LIGHT 1 Energy Saving Desk Task Lamp
This is one of the best reading desk lamps for someone on a budget. It’s also an excellent option for kids because it’s safe, simple, and comes in several fun colors.
BenQ e-Reading LED Desk LampBest for Eyes: BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp.
This is one of the best modern desk lamps that will brighten your desk without straining your eyes. It has several adjustable features, and it’s even smart enough to detect the lighting of your room and adjust itself accordingly.
BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading LED Monitor Light with Desktop DialBest for Computer Work: BenQ ScreenBar with Dial
This light attaches to the monitor to keep your desk space clear and your screen free from glare. You can manually adjust the color temperature and the brightness levels or set it to auto-adjust to your room.
STARPIE Portable LED Desk LampBest Portable: STARPIE Portable LED Desk Lamp.
Small and lightweight enough to easily carry around. Plus, it’s battery-powered so that you can use it anywhere.
Phive LED Desk Lamp with ClampBest for Artists: Phive LED Desk Lamp with Clamp.
This lamp takes up very little desk space and provides a clear, focused light for detailed tasks. The swivel arm makes it easy to move the light around to where you need it.
V-LIGHT White Shade Banker's LampBest Vintage: V-LIGHT Banker’s Lamp with Replaceable LED Bulb
With this lamp, you can have a vintage look with the modern energy-efficiency of an LED bulb. Why settle when you can have the best of both worlds?
AUKEY Table LampBest Mini: AUKEY Table Touch Sensor Lamp
For a lamp that takes up hardly any space, it certainly offers a ton of adjustable settings. You can choose from different light modes, brightness levels, and a rainbow’s worth of colors.
Brightech Grace LEDAwBest Soft Light: Brightech Grace LED USB Lamp
This light has a classic style that will fit with almost any decor. It offers a soft, diffused light that will warm up your work area.

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp with Fast Wireless Charger

The best desk lamp overall 

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Brand: TaoTronics | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: Yes | Price: 💰💰

This lamp is perfect for anyone who needs to move around a lot because it’s fully rotatable and swivels. It has five color modes. Whether you’re sleeping, reading, studying, or relaxing, you can quickly adjust the setting to your mood. You’ll love all the lighting options (five brightness levels total), and it fits in most places, mainly because you can adjust the color of the light.

The brilliant part of this desk lamp is the Hyperair technology built into the Qi charging pad. Hyperair is essentially an intelligent chip that monitors and adjusts the charging temperature getting your device the fastest charge possible. 

  • This lamp is so much easier on the eyes than a standard lamp
  • Being able to adjust the color and the brightness makes video calls look better
  • The USB charging port can charge a tablet that doesn’t have wireless charging capabilities

  • The head of the lamp only moves up and down and can’t be tilted from side to side
  • The heat generated from wirelessly charging some larger phones can trigger the touch sensor when it’s too close, causing the light to cycle through its settings

2. Miroco LED Desk and Floor Lamp

The best energy-saving desk lamp

Miroco LED Desk and Floor Lamp

Brand: Miroco | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: Yes | Price: 💰💰

This lamp is somewhat of an all-purpose light due to its versatility. There are five brightness levels, and the highest setting is powerful enough to light an entire room on its own. It also has three different color hues to suit your mood and a flexible gooseneck to help angle the light. You can even set an hour timer to turn the lamp off so you won’t forget. 

The best part of this lamp is its three options of adjustable height. Although you will have to screw or unscrew the section extenders to change the size, the small amount of extra effort is completely worth having a lamp that can transform from a desk lamp into a floor lamp for different occasions. You can even set it up as a floor lamp and use it next to your desk to free up space. 

  • The dimmest setting works well as a nightlight 
  • The multiple height options make it incredibly versatile 
  • The various color and brightness settings are perfect for video calls

  • It would be nicer if the brightness worked on a slider instead of having preset levels
  • The power cord plugs into the control panel on the pole of the lamp instead of into the base

3. V-LIGHT 1 Energy Saving Desk Task Lamp

The best budget desk lamp

V-LIGHT 1 Energy Saving Desk Task Lamp

Brand: V-LIGHT | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: No | Adjustable Color Temperature: No | Price: 💰

You’ll get an updated take on an old classic when you choose to opt for this desk lamp. It has an adjustable metal gooseneck and is just tall enough to be the perfect fit for a medium-sized space. You can’t go wrong when you choose it, and it’s perfectly functional and stylish at the same time.

  • It doesn’t get hot
  • It’s easy and safe for kids to operate
  • The light is bright and doesn’t distort colors, so it’s great for art projects

  • The bulb is not replaceable if it gets broken
  • It’s a bit small and a little top-heavy if it’s bumped

4. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

The best desk lamp for eyes

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

Brand: BenQ | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Although it has a high price tag, this desk lamp is worth it for the ergonomic design. It automatically adjusts to the light levels in the room and emits just the right amount of light. The LED lighting is flicker-free and comes in a unique curved shape that gives you the best lighting range possible.

The LED panel built into the light will last over 50,000 hours (about 17 years with an average usage of 8 hours per day). That helps the BenQ e-Reading Desk Lamp land in the “buy it for life” echelon of products and makes it our pick for the best office desk lamp for your eyes.

  • The arm is sturdy and remains in place without falling
  • The lighting is very evenly distributed and doesn’t create a glare
  • Adjusting the light settings when working before bed helps with sleep

  • It doesn’t have any charging ports
  • It can only remember one preferred setting at a time 

5. BenQ ScreenBar with Dial

The best desk lamp for computer work

BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading LED Monitor Light with Desktop Dial

Brand: BenQ | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰

If you’re anything like us — between the water bottle, the coffee cup, the notebooks, and the keyboard — there’s not much room left over for other items on your desk. Having a desk lamp with virtually no footprint is a great feature. This lamp consists of only three pieces: the control dial and wire, the mounting piece, and the ScreenBar itself.

There is an edition of this lamp without an adjustable dial, but we strongly suggest splurging on it. The dial controls dimming and light hue — taking the setting from warm to cool. The dial is smaller than a computer mouse so that it won’t take up any valuable space.

BenQ Screenbar review
Photo by Sharayah Barr / shelf

The mounting unit is a counterweight, meaning you just set it on the top of your monitor, and the weight does all of the work for you. No tightening or adjusting is necessary besides merely moving it around to the desired position. Removing it is just as easy.

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, this is a perfect lighting solution that will free up your desk and take it easy on your eyes. It’s USB powered, and you can adjust the angle to keep the light off your screen. There’s even an auto-adjust feature that will change the warmth and brightness to best suit your space. 

  • There’s quite a large difference between the warm and cool light settings
  • Being able to shift between warm and cool light makes a tremendous difference when it comes to eye strain
  • The monitor mount has a low enough profile that it won’t block the webcam, but it’s strong enough not to worry about it falling

  • The USB cord is not super long
  • Some reviewers had issues with the ambient light sensor not working properly

6. STARPIE Portable LED Desk Lamp

The best portable desk lamp

STARPIE Portable LED Desk Lamp

Brand: STARPIE | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: No | Price: 💰

This might be the best desk lamp for college students that we’ve ever come across. It’s affordable, highly adjustable, and completely portable. The light closes up like a flip phone that’s less than a foot in length and weighs barely over a pound. It’s easy just to throw in a bag or move to different locations around the house when you need it. On its lowest settings, it can last up to 8 hours on a single charge. It even comes in four different colors to suit your style. This portable light would make an excellent gift for any student and could pair perfectly with a reusable notebook.

  • It takes up very little desk space, and it’s cordless
  • It easily fits in a bag and won’t turn on accidentally when it’s closed
  • Being able to charge it using the computer’s USB is super convenient 

  • The brightness settings reset each time it’s closed
  • It still uses the battery when it’s turned off if it isn’t flipped closed

7. Phive LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

The best desk lamp for artists

Phive LED Desk Lamp with Clamp

Brand: Phive | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: No | Price: 💰💰

This architect task light is the best desk lamp for drawing out detailed designs. It’s a great lamp if you want to get some serious work done — it clamps onto your desk and swivels and swings to get you just the lighting you’re looking for. A great space-saving option as it consumes minimal desk real estate. It’s adjustable by the percentage of light you want to use, and you can keep your personal settings stored when you find the brightness you like best.

  • The LED light is bright and well diffused 
  • The arm is very sturdy and holds its position
  • It has excellent reach and adjustable flexibility

  • Only having the one color mode is limiting
  • The head of the light doesn’t have enough articulation for some reviewers

8. V-LIGHT Banker’s Lamp with Replaceable LED Bulb

The best vintage desk lamp

V-LIGHT White Shade Banker's Lamp

Brand: V-LIGHT | Lighting Type: Replaceable LED or Incandescent Bulb | Adjustable Brightness: No | Adjustable Color Temperature: No | Price: 💰💰

This lamp gives any room a traditional vibe with its stunning finish and ornate decorations hence falling into the banker’s desk lamp category. Can’t you picture it in Gringotts Bank? Jokes aside, it’s a beautiful desk lamp with a very reasonable price tag. It’s also one of the best-looking desk lamps we’ve found.

  • The LED bulb stays cool enough to touch
  • The white shade is made of high-quality glass and looks expensive
  • You can use the included LED bulb or a standard incandescent light bulb 

  • LED light is too bright
  • Some reviewers found minor quality control issues with the lamp’s base

9. AUKEY Table Touch Sensor Lamp

The best mini desk lamp

AUKEY Table Lamp

Brand: AUKEY | Lighting Type: LED | Adjustable Brightness: Yes | Adjustable Color Temperature: Yes | Price: 💰

With this lamp, you can cycle through a vast selection of colors until you decide on the one you like, or have it cycle through on its own like a slideshow. It’s perfect for small spaces and is touch-activated, so it’s fun to use as well. It’s also dimmable so that you can have a more muted color show.

  • Touch-based controls make it easy to operate
  • The red light is the perfect temperature for reading in bed
  • The range of colors and brightness levels are fun and useful

  • It emits a low amount of light when it’s turned off
  • The lamp isn’t compatible with a smart-home-system

10. Brightech Grace LED USB Lamp

The best soft light desk lamp

Brightech Grace LED

Brand: Brightech | Lighting Type: LED or Incandescent Bulb | Adjustable Brightness: No | Adjustable Color Temperature: No | Price: 💰 

Not only does this lamp give you a soft, warm glow with a fabric lampshade, but it also provides a USB plug-in wherever you decide to place it. That’s an extra, convenient place to plug in your devices or charge your phone. It’s energy-saving and made out of solid wood. It’s small enough to fit in tight spaces, but it still manages to give out a healthy amount of light. 

  • The lamp gives off a warm, ambient light
  • Having a pull chain to turn the light on and off is convenient
  • The LED bulb that comes with the light is energy-efficient and bright

  • The lamp is tinier than a standard lamp
  • The lamp base isn’t heavy enough and will move around if it’s bumped

What to Look for in the Best Desk Lamps

One of the Best Desk Lamps in Use
Image by Polnon Prapanon / Canva Photos

What to look for in a lamp all comes down to what task you’re looking to do. We’ll show you the light when it comes to selecting one. We’ve got you covered regardless of whether you want the best study desk lamp or a lamp that won’t be limited to one room of your house. 

1. Creating an Atmosphere

You may not be an interior designer, but you know that the right lighting can improve a room’s look and feel. Decorative lights are great, but lights that can serve multiple purposes, and set the mood, are even better. Here are some things to consider that can help create the perfect atmosphere.

  • Lighting Type

If you’re trying to decide between incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or LED desk lamps, we’re here to help. In our opinion, LED lighting is the clear winner. They make perfect task lights. They also last much longer than other types of lights and are the most energy-efficient. LED lamps are usually the best desk lamps for your eyes and can help reduce eye strain. They also tend to be the most adjustable light type that you can choose. Some LED bulbs can even work with your smart-home-system.

  • Brightness and Color Adjustability

If you want a light that can serve multiple purposes, finding one with adjustable color and brightness settings might be the way to go. In particular, if you do any video calls from your desk, having a light that adjusts to softer hues and something other than full brightness can be a huge plus. Changing the tone and level of light is an easy way to transform a room’s mood for different tasks or times of the day.

  • Power Source

Unruly cords are an eyesore, and outlets aren’t always everywhere we need them. Rechargeable, battery operated lights can eliminate the cord and outlet problem entirely. However, you can also opt for a light that’s USB powered so you won’t have to worry about finding a nearby, open outlet. 

2. Matching the Decor and Space

When it comes to desk lamps, looks and size do matter. You’ll need something that will fit your decor and not get in your way when you work. You probably already know your own style, but here are some things to look for that can help make the most of your space.

  • Adjustable Articulation

If you plan to use your desk lamp as a task lamp, you might want a light that you can angle and move around to light up different projects. 

  • Size and Type

How big is your workspace, and how much real estate do you have on your desk? Make sure you choose a light that’s tall enough and bright enough for your purpose. Also, if you don’t want to give up desk space, you may want to look for lamps that attach to your monitor or clamp on to the edge of your desk. An adjustable floor lamp can also provide ample light without having to sit on your desk.  

Our Process

For this guide on the best desk lamps, our team spent 8 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers, big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each unit. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 10 desk lamps on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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