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9 Best Futon Mattresses in 2024

9 Best Futon Mattresses in 2024

Buying a futon mattress online is a challenge. Without being able to touch and lie down on the mattress, you might question if you’re truly buying the best futon mattress for your home. Here we’ve compiled a list of the best futon mattresses reviewed by people who bought and liked or disliked their product. We found everything from the best quality futon mattress to the best Japanese futon mattress. You’re sure to find one here that is perfect for you. 

In our number one spot is the linen futon mattress from Kodiak Furniture. It comes in at a competitive price point with quality comfort and a stylish design. However, there are eight other futon mattresses here for you to choose from – each with their own unique features that are sure to pique the interest of prospective buyers. Keep reading to find the best rated futon mattress for your home. 

Our Top Picks

Kodiak Furniture Linen Futon MattressBest Overall: Kodiak Furniture Linen Futon Mattress.
Our overall top pick for the best futon mattress is a product that you’re certain to love for its unbeatable comfort and price. It’s an all-around good choice for many types of spaces. 
Mozaic Memory Foam Futon MattressBest Runner Up: Mozaic Memory Foam Futon Mattress.
It’s hard to beat a memory foam mattress. Our runner up for the best futon mattress is easily foldable, made of memory foam, and guaranteed to last a lifetime. 
Japanese Floor Futon MattressBest Budget: Japanese Floor Futon Mattress.
Traditional Japanese floor futon mattresses are rising in popularity and for good reasons. This one is our favorite pick for those on a budget. 
Kodiak Furniture Black Futon MattressBest Full-Size: Kodiak Furniture Black Futon Mattress.
Here is the best full-size futon mattress on the market. It looks and feels good while being reasonably easy to convert between couch and bed. 
Serta Queen Futon MattressBest Splurge: Serta Queen Futon Mattress.
For our favorite splurge pick, we’ve chosen a queen futon mattress from Serta. It’s unbeatable when it comes to comfort and style, and it will last you a lifetime.  
FULI Japanese Traditional Futon MattressBest Japanese: FULI Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress.
FULI offers a Japanese futon mattress that is comfortable, durable, and can easily roll away for compact storage. Consider it if you’re looking for the best Japanese futon mattress. 
DHP 6-inch Coil Futon MattressBest Sleeping: DHP 6-inch Coil Futon Mattress.
If you’re planning to primarily use your futon mattress for sleeping, this is one to take into consideration. It’s our pick for the best futon mattress for sleeping. 
Mozaic Futon Mattress FullBest Sitting: Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full.
We love this futon mattress for its comfort and style. We’ve named it the best futon mattress for sitting, but its versatility makes it perfect for every room. 
Classic Brands 8-inch Futon MattressBest Simple: Classic Brands 8-inch Futon Mattress.
This futon mattress is subtle in style but not in comfort. It’s our favorite simple futon mattress for its basic and flexible design. 

Best Futon Mattresses: A Closer Look

1. Kodiak Furniture Linen Futon Mattress

The best futon mattress overall

Kodiak Furniture Linen Futon Mattress

Brand: Kodiak | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Inner Springs | Price: 💰💰💰

This thick and plush futon mattress will look great in any home. Whether you’re searching for a futon mattress for sitting or sleeping, you should seriously consider this one. Inside the mattress are 13 gauge bonnell springs, which help it perfectly conform to all body types when sleeping or sitting. Surrounding the springs is a soft layer of Certipur-US foam and cotton to help this mattress achieve optimal comfort levels. Kodiak Furniture offers six colors of this product, guaranteeing that you’ll find one that fits your liking. Reviewers comment on this futon mattress being difficult to fold initially. Still, once it has been folded, it stays in place well. 

  • Fabric is of excellent quality
  • No odors upon opening package
  • Doesn’t seem to attract dog hairs and is easy to clean
  • It can be difficult to fold back into couch position
  • Mattress didn’t expand to full 8 inches for one reviewer

2. Mozaic Memory Foam Futon Mattress

The best runner up futon mattress

Mozaic Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Brand: Mozaic | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Memory Foam | Price: 💰💰💰💰

As one of the best futon mattresses for sleeping, this memory foam futon from Mozaic is an excellent option for your next futon mattress. The mattress is reversible, with a thick layer of memory foam in the center. It’s wrapped in a cotton cover that is the color of your choice. One of the best features of this futon mattress is the manufacturer’s guarantee that it will last for years to come. No matter what kind of futon frame you have, this mattress will make sure you never feel the frame while sitting or sleeping on the futon. The plush interior, and soft exterior make it hard to beat. Reviewers call it one of the most comfortable futon mattresses out there. 

  • Excellent quality mattress, fair price
  • Incredibly comfortable for both sleeping and sitting
  • Thick and supportive enough to make any frame used hard to feel
  • Strong smell upon opening package
  • Did not fully expand to 8 inches for some reviewers

3. Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

The best budget futon mattress

Japanese Floor Futon Mattress

Brand: MAXYOYO | Firmness: Light | Thickness: 4 Inches | Internal Structure: Memory Foam | Price: 💰💰

You don’t have to own a nice futon frame to reap the benefits of a futon mattress. A Japanese floor futon mattress offers all the comfort and softness of a futon without the potential hassle of a frame. This mattress is ideal for those wanting an easy solution to having a place to sleep for guests, but don’t want a futon taking up space in their home. It has a memory foam center with soft floral patterned fabric on the outside. The mattress weighs only ten pounds, making it easy to carry and store. It also comes with a carrying case big enough to hold the futon when rolled, providing for easy storage. It’s perfect for those working with a tight budget or space. 

  • Very comfortable for the floor or as a mattress topper
  • Comes with two pillowcases, matching sheet, and carrying case
  • Despite thinner thickness, the inner memory foam is delightfully dense
  • Runs smaller than expected
  • Not ideal for those who prefer firm mattresses

4. Kodiak Furniture Black Futon Mattress 

The best full-size futon mattress

Kodiak Furniture Black Futon Mattress

Brand: Kodiak | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Inner Springs | Price: 💰💰💰

In terms of style, here is one of the most versatile futon mattresses. It’s sleek black design allows the buyer to incorporate it into all kinds of living spaces easily. High-density foam construction makes for perfect comfort – it’s one of the best futons for sitting and sleeping. Many futons come in a size queen, but if you’re working with a smaller space or already have a full-size futon frame, this is a good one to consider. An easy hinge innerspring functionality allows the mattress to convert between a couch and bed. The tufted cover adds character, and you can choose between black or brown. Here is a good option for those seeking a premium full-size futon mattress. 

  • Looks and feels like real leather
  • Cool and comfortable to sleep on
  • Spills and any messes are hard to clean off
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Can be heavy to move between positions 

5. Serta Queen Futon Mattress

The best splurge futon mattress

Serta Queen Futon Mattress

Brand: Serta | Firmness: Very Firm | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Foam Core | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

For those looking to splurge on a new futon mattress, we’ve found the one for you. This queen-size futon mattress from Serta offers one of the most comfortable places to sit and sleep. It’s fitted with Cottonique, which combines different grades of cotton and polyester fibers to create a soft yet durable fabric. It is sure to outlive the more traditional cotton covers that most futon mattresses have. The manufacturing company offers a 5-year warranty, but it will be hard not to love this mattress. It ships tightly rolled in a box and quickly expands to its full size. Here is one of the best futon mattresses that are well worth the price. 

  • Exterior fabric is comfortable and durable
  • Foam core interior very comfortable to sit and sleep on
  • Better support than many other futons available
  • Dense and floppy futon mattress
  • Not the most stylish piece of furniture

6. FULI Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

The best japanese futon mattress

FULI Japanese Traditional Futon Mattress

Brand: FULI | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 2.5 Inches | Internal Structure: Polyester | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Traditional Japanese futon mattresses are lightweight, plush, and lie directly on the floor. They’re perfect for daily use or can easily be rolled up and stored, only to be used for guests. This Japanese futon mattress from FULI is one of the best Japanese futon mattresses on the market. It equals the size of a king bed. Reviewers have used it on the ground and or even as a mattress topper on top of their bed. Both have worked perfectly. The product’s high-grade material helps ensure that it is soft and firm simultaneously, making sleeping on the floor feel like you’re lying on a cloud. It can easily be stored when not in use, which means it’s great for guests. Choose this product if you’re looking for an excellent Japanese futon mattress. 

  • Serves all kinds of sleepers well
  • Has really helped some with their back issues
  • Can be covered with a duvet cover for protection and appearance
  • Users can feel the floor beneath the mattress
  • May be expensive depending on your budget

7. DHP 6-inch Coil Futon Mattress

The best futon mattress for sleeping

DHP 6-inch Coil Futon Mattress

Brand: DHP | Firmness: Plush | Thickness: 6 Inches | Internal Structure: Inner Springs | Price: 💰💰

This futon mattress from DHP excels as both a bed and couch. Still, it is exceptionally comfortable as a bed, making it our pick for the best futon mattress for sleeping. The product’s sturdy interior and soft exterior covering make it an excellent place to lay your head at the end of the day. It comes in five different color options, allowing you to choose the perfect shade for your futon frame and space. This futon mattress is another affordable option for those on a budget. The most significant factor to note is that this futon is heavier than most, making it slightly more difficult to push back into a couch position. However, its level of comfort is hard to beat. 

  • Durable for consistent use
  • Excellent price for the quality
  • Despite being a bit heavy, the comfort provided and the price point make it well worth it
  • Comes out of the package with a strange smell
  • Not ideal for those who want firm futon mattresses

8. Mozaic Futon Mattress, Full 

The best futon mattress for sitting

Mozaic Futon Mattress Full

Brand: Mozaic | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Memory Foam | Price: 💰💰

Once you sit down on this futon frame you’ll never want to stand back up. The center layers of memory foam surrounded by soft cotton fabric make this futon mattress from Mozaic the best futon mattress for sitting. The futon is stylish when combined with a futon frame of your choice, making it a great choice for any space. A tufted exterior fabric gives it a sofa-like appearance. Like most futon mattresses, you should let it air out for two to three days after opening the package before using it. You’ll look forward to resting on this futon mattress. 

  • Works best with a futon frame
  • Looks good in all styles of rooms
  • Incredibly comfortable for sitting and sleeping
  • Takes a few days to expand fully
  • Mattress is cumbersome and can be hard to bend

9. Classic Brands 8-inch Futon Mattress

The best simple futon mattress

Classic Brands 8-inch Futon Mattress

Brand: Classic Brands | Firmness: Medium | Thickness: 8 Inches | Internal Structure: Inner Springs | Price: 💰💰💰

From Classic Brands is a futon mattress that delicately blends style and firmness. If you need a firm mattress to get a good night’s sleep, here is a prime futon mattress for you. The interior is filled with individually wrapped innersprings. This helps ensure the mattress has a long lifespan, further protecting it against daily wear and tear. A plush velour quilted cover makes the surface of the futon mattress soft and easy to clean. For spills, simply wipe them away with a wet rag. In summary, this futon mattress is a great option if you plan on sleeping on it nightly or only using it as a couch. 

  • Fast delivery after order
  • Very thick and supportive futon mattress
  • Customer support is incomparable and readily available
  • Strong smells upon arrival but fades over time
  • Not ideal for those who prefer very plush futon mattresses

What Are the Different Kinds of Futon Mattresses?

Tetsting out one of the Best Futon Mattresses
Image by Canva Photos

Futon mattress comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. You have options when it comes to the style of their outer coverings and materials filling their interior. When choosing the kind of futon mattress you want to purchase, you should think about the inside support and the exterior fabric. Also, consider the thickness of each mattress. If you plan to sleep on the futon mattress regularly, it’s recommended that it be at least six inches thick. 

Features to Look For

The best futon mattresses usually either have springs or memory foam on the inside. Ones with innersprings will most resemble the feel of a traditional mattress, if that is what you prefer to sleep on. 

Some futon mattresses come with a solely foam interior. Reviewers consider these futons to be better equipped for sitting and the occasional use as a bed rather than everyday bed use. They tend to be stiffer than memory foam or innerspring futon mattresses. 

However, if you would rather sleep on a firm mattress, maybe this is a good option to consider. 

Finally, the best memory foam futon mattresses offer excellent support and promote a good night’s sleep. Reviewers love sleeping on these futon mattresses night after night. 

The exterior of the futon mattress is another factor to take into consideration. A good futon mattress will come with a removable cover that allows for easy cleaning. Some futon mattresses come with coverings that resemble leather, while others have a fabric outside. You can choose any variety of colors and textures as well. In brief, a choice here depends on knowing what style of covering is the most comfortable for you. 

Knowing your options will help you choose the best futon mattress for your home and make sure it is one you’ll love for years to come. 

Our Process

For this guide on futon mattresses, our team spent 2.5 hours researching the most popular options from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about thirty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each futon mattress. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 9 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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