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7 Best Gardening Podcasts in 2024

7 Best Gardening Podcasts in 2024

Whether you’re tending window box tomatoes in the big city or living the country life growing all your own food, gardening is more popular than ever. If growing all things green is your passion, the best gardening podcasts are a great way to learn. You can hear the tips and tricks of master gardeners or simply connect with other plant addicts like yourself. 

To help you get started, we ranked the seven best garden podcasts to keep you company, no matter the season. If you have soil under your fingers as we speak or your best friends are houseplants, keep reading. Because just around the corner, your new favorite podcast awaits.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick menu of what we liked about each podcast in our ranking. 

Let's Argue About PlantsBest Overall: Let’s Argue About Plants.
From the editors of Fine Gardening comes a podcast with a feisty spirit, blending lively conversation and useful tips from guests and hosts alike.
A Way to GardenBest Scientific: A Way to Garden.
A Way to Garden, hosted by nature book writer, biologist, bird artist, and blogger, Margaret Roach, is the podcast for anyone who loves to be informed while they’re also entertained.
Encyclopedia BotanicaBest for Vegetable Gardens: Encyclopedia Botanica.
Among many other engrossing topics, Encyclopedia Botanica, hosted by Hilary Dahl from Seattle Urban Farm Company, offers raw and uncut advice about growing vegetables.
The Organic Gardener PodcastBest Organic: The Organic Gardener Podcast.
Helmed by artist and educator Jackie Marie Beyer, the aptly-titled Organic Gardener Podcast helps you grow your own, Earth-friendly produce and plants.
PlantramaBest Humorous: Plantrama.
If you like to mix mirth with your manure, choose Plantrama — a podcast that’s both informative and funny from garden writers Ellen Zachos and CL Fornari.
Still Growing PodcastBest w/ Interviews: Still Growing Podcast.
Guests and interviews keep podcasts fresh and exciting, and our choice for the best garden podcast in this format is the Still Growing Podcast, hosted by master gardener Jennifer Ebeling. 
The Beginners GardenBest for Beginners: The Beginners Garden.
From the author, educator, and gardener Jill McSheehy comes The Beginner’s Garden, the podcast helping fledgling green thumbs build a successful garden from the ground up. 

A Closer Look: Best Gardening Podcasts

If you want to know more about each varietal of podcast in our list- we’ve got features and summaries of them listed below.

1. Let’s Argue About Plants

The best gardening podcasts overall

Let's Argue About Plants The best gardening podcasts overall

Host(s): Steve Aitken and Danielle Sherry | Average Length: 40 Minutes | Schedule: Bimonthly

Hosted by Fine Gardening editors Steve Aitken and Danielle Sherry, Let’s Argue About Plants is a bimonthly podcast meant to help you be successful growing all sorts of things in your garden. With new guests each episode, the podcast covers topics ranging from plants for kids to plants for nooks and crannies. For example, you can even hear how to add the color blue to your garden — a rare shade in the natural world.

On a recent installment Karen Beaty, horticulturist for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, TX, talked about planning your garden around plants that bloom in fall. That’s while Leslie Harris, owner of LH Gardens, a landscape design and maintenance firm in Charlottesville, VA, dropped by the podcast to chat about see-through plants and how to add them to your garden.

Aitken, Sherry, and their guest don’t always agree, but no matter what, the discussion is genial and always highly entertaining.

2. A Way to Garden

The best scientific gardening podcast

A Way to Garden

Host(s): Margaret Roach | Average Length: 30 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

Gardening, after all, is both an art and a science. We recommend A Way to Garden for science-minded gardeners, hosted by nature book writer, biologist, bird artist, and blogger Margaret Roach. In a recent chapter of the 30-minute podcast Doug Tallamy, author of The Nature of Oaks: The Rich Ecology of Our Most Essential Native Trees, talked about practical ways to clean up your fall garden that is rooted in ecology. 

In another installment, Ken Druse, author of Making More Plants, dropped in to advise on pinching and propagating. Roach also takes inspiration from listener emails. She did this in an episode about drying flowers, with Jenny Elliot of Tiny Hearts Farm

As one of the best gardening podcasts, this show is useful, engaging, and matter-of-fact, with a keen eye toward both the science of ecology and the heart and soul of gardening. Such as in the recent episode covering the benefits of fostering a deep connection to nature.

3. Encyclopedia Botanica

The best vegetable garden podcast

Encyclopedia Botanica

Host(s): Hilary Dahl | Average Length: 35 – 45 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

The best podcast for you veggie gardeners out there is Encyclopedia Botanica, from co-owner of Seattle Urban Farm Company Hilary Dahl. Each week, Dahl covers topics like crop planning, irrigation, and mid-summer succession planting. 

Overall, Dahl and her podcast are known for breaking down complicated gardening principles accessible to gardeners of all skill levels. 

In a recent episode about container gardening, Dahl discussed the best veg containers and which type of soil to choose. Her guest that day was Sara Gasbarra, founder of Verdura, a full-service garden design company and gardener for a long list of Nashville chefs, restaurants, and hotels. 

Another recent installment covered everyone’s favorite vegetable —spinach! – including types, germination, and overwintering. We also like the periodic Q ‘n’ A episodes, in which Dahl answers questions submitted via the online messaging platform, Slack.

4. The Organic Gardener Podcast

The best organic gardening podcast

The Organic Gardener Podcast

Host(s): Jackie Marie Beyer | Average Length: 25 – 60 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

The best organic gardening podcast in our ranking is — naturally enough — The Organic Gardener Podcast, hosted by artist and educator Jackie Marie Beyer. Let’s face it, organic gardening is the goal of almost all green thumbs. This podcast helps you do just that.

In a recent episode, educator Mary Elizabeth O’Neal joined Beyer to talk horticulture and ag science. And Joey and Holly Bird, the hosts of another fine gardening podcast in its own right, the Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener, also dropped in recently to talk about seeds and the business of gardening.

Other current installments discussed foraging for food and even homemade vegan cream cheese from unsweetened plain cashew-milk yogurt. The podcast deserves kudos to address food security issues and food justice with installments featuring Leah Penniman from Soul Fire Farm and Onika Abraham of Farm School NYC.

5. Plantrama

The best gardening podcasts for humor

Plantrama The best gardening podcasts for humor

Host(s): Ellen Zachos and CL Fornari | Average Length: 25 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

Laughing makes everything better. Comedy podcasts are some of the highest rated, and our choice for the best funny podcast is Plantrama from Ellen Zachos and CL Fornari. Zachos is known as the author of the wildly popular The Wildcrafted Cocktail, and Fornari penned The Cocktail Hour Garden. Gardening and cocktails — what’s not to like?

In a recent half-hour weekly podcast episode, Zachos and Fornari examined a highly divisive and controversial subject: pumpkin spice and why some people can’t get enough. The episode addressed allspice and revealed which garden plants produce the flavor that so many have grown accustomed to in their Fall lattes.

Other recent installments covered foraging and cooking chestnuts. Elsewhere, Fornari and Zachos talked foraging for silverberries, cherry tomatoes, and saving seeds. The hosts also field questions from listeners. We like the quirky, unusual, but always informative subject matters, like the best uses for those carrot tops that usually end up in the compost.

6. Still Growing Podcast

The best garden podcast with interviews

Still Growing Podcast

Host(s): Jennifer Ebeling | Average Length: 120 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

If expert testimonial is kind of your thing, check out the Still Growing Podcast, a two-hour weekly podcast from master gardener Jennifer Ebeling. The podcast drops on Fridays, with a new guest each week. For example, check out recent episodes with guests like Luke Ruggenberg, author of Twenty Reasons Not To Garden (And Why I Ignore Them All), to find out just what it means to be a horticultural humorist.

Or instead, try a recent conversation about composting with Michelle Balz, author of No-Waste Composting. You can also learn how to calculate the real cost of trees with arborist Al Zelaya. The handy and extensive alumni section on the podcast’s website lets you browse all the previous guests. In short- you’ll never be at a loss for new listening material. 

7. The Beginners Garden

The best gardening podcasts for beginners

The Beginners Garden The best gardening podcasts for beginners

Host(s): Jill McSheehy | Average Length: 5 – 50 Minutes | Schedule: Weekly

If you’re getting into gardening, you know everybody has advice for your new garden. To separate the wheat from the chaff, be sure to try author Jill McSheehy’s weekly podcast for beginners, called (aptly enough) The Beginners Garden. Some episodes are as long as an hour, meanwhile some are as short as five minutes. McSheehy provides practical tips while demystifying gardening lingo.

Subjects of recent episodes include a beginner’s guide to preparing your garden for next season and whether or not it’s best to grow herbs in containers. Appropriate for a podcast aimed at beginners, McSheehy also takes inquiries from listeners, no questions too big or small. Take, for example, “when removing plants, is it best to pull them up by the roots?” The answer may surprise you.

Most importantly, anyone new to gardening will have successes and failures. McSheehy sees every bump in the road as a learning experience. Some episodes of the podcast are themed around successes, while others address failures. No matter what, McSheehy is always about digging yourself out and trying again.

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