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6 Best Lacrosse Heads in 2024: Faceoffs, Middie, Defensive

6 Best Lacrosse Heads in 2024: Faceoffs, Middie, Defensive

The best lacrosse heads differ as far as weight, durability and mouth width, among a few other factors. These variables make certain lacrosse heads better suited for certain positions, certain styles of play and for the individual preferences of specific players. You may even use a few different lacrosse heads if you switch between positions, or as your lacrosse skills improve.

What’s for certain is that finding the right lacrosse for you is important for any LAX player, and we’re here to help. In this guide, we break down the six best lacrosse heads in categories like the best for midfielders, the best for defense and the best for faceoffs. 

We also examined the different kinds of pockets made possible by each of these heads — high, mid, and low — with some feedback from real lacrosse players on control, scoop, passing and shooting.

Our Top Picks

Take your shot. Here’s a quick look at each lacrosse head we reviewed.

ECD-Lacrosse-Mirage-2.0Best Overall: ECD Lacrosse – Mirage 2.0.
According to one experienced LAX player. ECD simply crushed it with the Mirage 2.0 lacrosse head.
Maverik-TACTIK-2.0-Lacrosse-HeadFor Midfielders: Maverik TACTIK 2.0 Lacrosse Head.
With great accuracy and lots of whip, the Maverik TACTIK 2.0 lacrosse head is recommended at every level of play.
Warrior-EVO-QX-D-Lacrosse-HeadFor Defenders: Warrior EVO QX-D Lacrosse Head.
Close stick defensemen strike quickly with the EVO QX-D lacrosse head from Warrior.
STX-Surgeon-900-Unstrung-HeadFor Attackers: STX Surgeon 900 Unstrung Head.
With lots of whip on step downs, the Surgeon 900 helps attackers improve their game.
ECD-Lacrosse-Weapon-X-Lacrosse-HeadFor Faceoffs: ECD Lacrosse – Weapon X Lacrosse Head.
Lacrosse players call the Weapon X lacrosse head awesome for faceoffs without losing its shape.
StringKing-Mark-2FFor Shooting: StringKing Mark 2F.
Not only is the Mark 2F the best lacrosse head for shooting, it’s the best head on the market, some say.

A Closer Look: Best Lacrosse Heads

Keep reading for more information about what we like and some things players didn’t like about the best lacrosse heads in our ranking.

1. ECD Lacrosse – Mirage 2.0

The best lacrosse heads overall.

ECD Lacrosse - Mirage 2.0

Brand: ECD | Build: Mid Pocket | Features: Made in the USA | Price: 💰

One of the most highly anticipated lacrosse head releases of 2020, the Mirage 2.0 is a mid-pocket lacrosse head with Hero 3.0 mesh. ECD integrated feedback about O.G. versions of the head, tightening the face shape for a better scoop. It’s the perfect head for step-down cranks and sneaky snipes, according to reports, with an aggressive offset and stiff construction. 

Players who’ve used the head also call it easy to string with a lot of versatility, adding that with a quick release, the head helps you shoot darts consistently from any number of positions, and that’s especially true for step down shots on the outside. 

This head comes in unstrung white and black, with more expensive pre-strung elite pocket options also available. Otherwise, the Mirage 2.0 offers great ball control — practically slapping corners for you, based on reports.

  • Great head for beginners
  • Good for passers and dodgers
  • Throat reminds some of the old Easton stealth head
  • Tighter face shape not for every player

2. Maverik TACTIK 2.0 Lacrosse Head

The best midfield lacrosse heads.

Maverik TACTIK 2.0 Lacrosse Head

Brand: Maverik |  Material: Duratough | Features: Control Core Tech | Price: 💰

Middies in particular love the ground control scoop and control core tech offered on the latest version of the Tactik lacrosse head from Maverik. Made from Duratough material for improved stiffness and better consistency, the Taktik 2.0 has a thicker scoop than earlier models, we learned. Otherwise, the head is perfect for mid-range shooting and precision passing, and the ball control is also better than earlier versions.

With 20 sidewall holes, the pocket is now also highly customizable, and players who’ve tried it call the head easy to string, with X-Rail Technology distributing stress to the opposite rail for better durability. With an excellent channel and a mid-high pocket, the head also offers great hold and better accuracy, we learned, with a few nice color options to choose from.

  • Perfect for 2-way midfielder
  • Love the face shape and scoop
  • Great stringing tutorials on YouTube
  • Generally low marks for value
  • No stringers dream, some say
  • Top rail and middle section a little flimsy

3. Warrior EVO QX-D Lacrosse Head

The best lacrosse defensive heads

Warrior EVO QX-D Lacrosse Head

Brand: Warrior | Material: Therma-Loc Resin | Build: Mid to Mid-High Pocket | Features: LOC-Throat Feature | Price: 💰

Designed for close defensemen, the Evo QX-D from Warrior is first choice in our ranking for best defensive lacrosse heads. With a LOC-Throat feature and a mid-to-low pocket, the QX-D is made from Therma-Loc resin. And it’s tough, just what defensive player are looking for in their LAX head

With  a bottom rail design, the head also offers better ball control, especially when fielding grounders, and it’s generally known for maintaining shape and stiffness when temps are hot. 

Players who’ve tried the QX-D particularly like the LOC-Throat feature, minimizing head wobble, and that the head is relatively light, especially compared to similar defensive heads.

  • Very light
  • Incredibly stiff, flared-out face
  • Two screw holes to absorb contact
  • String holes mysteriously beveled?
  • Not everyone needs the LOC-Throat feature
  • Mid-pocket placement generally recommended

4. STX Surgeon 900 Unstrung Head

The best lacrosse heads for attackers.

STX Surgeon 900 Unstrung Head

Brand: STX | Material: EnduraForm | Build: Speed Scoop | Features: InnerLock Stringing | Price: 💰

Crafted specifically for offensive players in the game of lacrosse, the STX Surgeon 900 is our pick for the best head for attackers. It’s made from extra-durable EnduraForm Material with innovative speed scoop tech for fielding grounders, as well as Innerlock stringing for better hold. And the Surgeon 900 is sturdy, with great feel, especially on step downs. 

The head is also highly customizable, we learned. Those who’ve used the Surgeon while playing the attack position specifically say it improved their game, with lots of whip and accuracy. The pinched face shape is particularly popular, and it’s much lighter than the Surgeon 700, according to reports.

  • Nice colors and designs
  • Light, good for attackers
  • Familiar Surgeon silhouette
  • Offset not for everyone
  • Not Omega plastic, which some prefer
  • Some don’t like the look of the channel lock

5. ECD Lacrosse – Weapon X Lacrosse Head

The best lacrosse heads for faceoffs.

ECD Lacrosse - Weapon X Lacrosse Head

Brand: ECD | Material: FlexForm | Build: Short Throat | Features: Precise Flex Points | Price: 💰

Faceoffs are an important part of how the game of lacrosse is played, coming at the beginning or after a goal is scored. Given the close-quarters necessary to perform a faceoff, certain lacrosse heads are better suited than others. For this reason, we like the Weapon X lacrosse head from ECD. 

With a short throat, perfect for faceoffs, the head is made from FlexForm material, with precise flex points. Weapon X feedback from experienced players calls it a great faceoff head that’s also good for shooting passing for all-around play. It’s easy to string we learned, and once broken in, offers perfect flex points, wrapping around the ball without warping.

  • Great for shooting
  • Amazing durability
  • Strings up for any play style
  • Good for middies? Debatable.
  • Offset takes a while to get used to
  • Sidewall design slow to break in, some say

6. StringKing Mark 2F

The best lacrosse heads for shooting.

StringKing Mark 2F

Brand: StringKing | Build: Slightly Pinched Face | Features: Low Side Profile | Price: 💰

And finally, the best lacrosse head for shooting is the StringKing Mark 2F, according to our research. With 29 stringing holes, more than most, the Mark 2F has a slightly pinched face and a low side profile. 

Aggressively angled, this head acts like a funnel, we learned, scooping up ground balls. And with what’s called “advanced bone-growth optimization” the head remains as light as possible without sacrificing strength. 

What’s more, extra stringing holes mean the head is highly customizable to your style of play, but especially for the versatile mid pocket, which is perfect for shooting. Otherwise, this raved-about head offers great ball feel and control, with great accuracy and shot speed.

  • Simple to string
  • Really all you need
  • Nice, consistent pocket
  • Only one color
  • Not great for defense
  • Bit confusing to string