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6 Best Pomade for Thick Hair in 2024: Matte, Shine, Strong Hold

6 Best Pomade for Thick Hair in 2024: Matte, Shine, Strong Hold

It can be difficult for men with thick hair — not to mention men with thick and curly hair — to find a hairstyle that suits them, or that, once styled, will hold the look all day long.  Many men turn to pomade for help in these instances, but no two pomade products are the same, nor are heads of hair ever exactly the same. Add to that, accomplishing your desired look, and it can be quite difficult to settle on a pomade product perfectly suited for all your hairstyling needs.

In this ranking we review the best pomade for thick hair, from matte finish to high shine, and from curly hair to medium hold and at a variety of price points. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have the information you need to find the thick hair pomade that’s right for you.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick sampling of each thick hair pomade we reviewed. You’ll see them in the same order further on in the article.

Sauvecito Pomade Original HoldBest Overall: Sauvecito Pomade Original Hold.
Suavecito provides the perfect hold without ever feeling heavy or weighted down — best of all, it smells amazing!
American Crew Men's Hair PomadeBest for Thick & Curly Hair: American Crew.
Hair thick but also curly? American Crew will tame your hair and leave a nice sheen.
Smooth Viking Hair Care Forming CreamBest Matte Finish: Smooth Viking Hair Cream: Matte Finish.
For matte finish, Smooth Viking removes the frizz, keeping your under control and looking great.
Reuzel Blue PomadeBest Strong Hold: Reuzel Blue Pomade.
Reuzel Blue Pomade offers a strong hold for thick hair, with no flaking whatsoever.
Layrite Original PomadeBest Medium-Shine: Layrite Original Pomade.
We like Layrite Original Pomade for medium shine with lots of hold. It also washed out cleanly.
Viking Revolution Hold Pomade for MenBest High-Shine: Viking Revolution Extreme Hold.
Viking Revolution leaves a fantastic shine without flaking or dryness.

A Closer Look: 5 Best Pomades for Thick Hair

Here’s a closer look at the best thick hair pomade to buy. We’ve got specs, features, and user reviews to help guide you in your decision.

1. Sauvecito Pomade Original Hold

The best pomade for thick hair overall.

Sauvecito Pomade Original Hold

Brand: Sauvecito | Strength: Medium Hold | Size: 4 oz | Ingredients: Water based | Features: Gluten-Free | Price: 💰

Water soluble, easy to apply, and even easier to wash out, Suavecito makes the first product in our ranking. With medium-strength hold, Suavecito pomade is gluten free, combing-in easily with no white ‘n’ flaky residue. For thick hair with lots of natural volume, Suavecito never felt greasy or heavy, providing a nice sheen without ever looking wet.

Otherwise, a small amount of Suavecito in the palm of your hand offers medium hold and shine, without ever feeling like you’re running Vaseline through your hair, and without giving your hair that crunchy feeling. Add a little water, and Suavecito reactivates well for restyling throughout the day.

The product does contain beeswax, though, so some do report it getting a little sticky over time. Generally speaking, though, it never gets greasy, stays shiny, and washes easily off your hands.

  • Holds up well at the club
  • Great for spot management
  • Manages a “faux-hawk” hairstyle
  • Scent not for everyone
  • The scent marketed for women is much more expensive

2. American Crew Pomade for Men

The best pomade for thick and curly hair.

American Crew Men's Hair Pomade

Brand: American Crew | Strength: Medium Hold | Size: 3 oz | Ingredients: Water, Castor Oil, Safflower, Sage | Features: High Shine | Price: 💰💰

Hair not just thick, but also curly? Listen up, the best pomade for thick and curly hair is made by American Crew. Providing medium hold and high shine, this liquid pomade leaves a nice shine on a thick and curly mane, and without an overwhelming smell. It also shampoos out easily. 

Some with curly hair want some control, but would rather not shellac their curls like pomades for curly hair can sometimes do. Other Curly-haired fellas with difficult to control hair report that American Crew tamed frizziness without ever becoming overly stiff. American Crew is a great choice for these preferences as well, with some reporting nice control throughout the day without any undesirable “floof.” It also has a nice luster — shiny, but not wet — and most apply with their fingers, not with a comb.

  • Really nice scent
  • Thins out nicely in wet hair
  • Strong hold, can still run fingers through it
  • Frequently counterfeit
  • Just “decent,” some say
  • Maybe not the best for longer curly hair
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3. Smooth Viking Hair Cream: Matte Finish

The best pomade for thick hair with a matte finish.

Smooth Viking Hair Care Forming Cream

Brand: Smooth Viking | Strength: High Hold | Size: 2 oz | Ingredients: Abyssinian Oil, Green Tea, Beeswax | Features: Paraben Free | Price: 💰💰

Smooth Viking makes the best pomade for thick hair with a matte finish, controlling your frizz without that shiny, still-wet look. This paraben-free pomade is perfect for lots of volume and texture, washing out easily without residue, while remaining flexible enough for restyling. Those who’ve tried Smooth Viking call it soft, but not oily in consistency, and that after using it, you can continue to run your hands through your hair.

We also learned a small amount of Smooth Viking is easily spread through your hair using nothing but your fingers, for a strong hold and a long-lasting matte finish. It’s also unscented for those with aroma sensitivities, or for anyone who is just looking for a hair product that doesn’t also smell.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for a little extra help keeping your curly hair in check without making it too crusty, or adding too much heaviness, then Smooth Viking is the best choice for you, based on feedback.

  • Dries nicely
  • Nice light cream
  • Easy to rinse off, won’t hairline cause acne
  • Unscented? That’s debatable
  • You’ll use a lot of it in longer hair
  • Hold not strong enough for some

4. Reuzel Blue Pomade

The best strong hold pomade for thick hair.

Reuzel Blue Pomade

Brand: Reuzel | Strength: Strong Hold | Size: 4 oz | Ingredients: Water, Castor Oil | Features: Vanilla Wood Scent | Price: 💰

If high hold and high shine are priorities for you in a pomade to tame your thick hair, Reuzel Blue pomade is up for the task. Vanilla-wood scented, this water-based wax pomade offers super high hold, in fact, with no flaking at all, according to reports. The fragrance is a bit strong, it’s important to note, but most say it’s not an overpowering or unpleasant smell. 

Otherwise, in semi-wet or towel-dried hair, the pomade goes in easily, offering solid hold, and washing out in the shower. Most report the hold lasting all throughout the day, with a long-lasting sheen as well. It does feel a little bit stiffer than some other pomades, but rarely flakes, and it’s versatile enough for both a clean cut and tousled look, according to reports. This product will also demolish a cowlick, we learned.

  • Washes out easily
  • Strong enough for a military man
  • Doubles nicely as a mustache wax
  • Scent not for everyone
  • Not for “finger combers”
  • Best used in very wet hair, some say

5. Layrite Original Pomade

The best medium shine pomade for thick hair.

Layrite Original Pomade

Brand: Layrite | Strength: High Hold | Size: 4.25 oz | Ingredients: Water Based | Features: Mild Cream Soda | Price: 💰 💰

We liked the Layrite original pomade for a nice medium shine solution for thick hair, perfect for anyone looking for a hold that’s strong, but a nice sheen that won’t make your hair look like you just got out of the shower all day long. With a waxy-like substance that washes out like gel, this true pomade is never greasy, maintaining its hold without much shine effect on your face.

Layrite will also do the trick if you like to restyle your hair several times throughout the day, with very little stickiness. It also washes out easily at the end of the day, with a mild scent that many describe as sweet, some like cake although the company describes it as “mild cream soda.” Put it in your hair while mildly damp for more shine or better control, or apply it when your hair is dry for more of a matte look. It otherwise coats your hair evenly, and it can be combed through or spread with nothing but your fingers.

  • Not sticky residue
  • Just a little bit suffices
  • Keeps hair soft enough to run fingers through
  • Hold could be better
  • Smells too strong for some
  • Not the best choice for frizz and curls
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6. Viking Revolution Extreme Hold Pomade for Men

The best high-shine pomade for thick hair.

Viking Revolution Hold Pomade for Men

Brand: Viking Revolution | Strength: Extra Strong Hold | Size: 4 oz | Ingredients: Water Based | Features: Silicone Free | Price: 💰 💰💰

And finally, if that high shin, just got out of the shower look is what you’re after in your pomade, Viking Revolution extreme hold pomade for men is the right choice for you. Water soluble and silicone free, this gel also offers a firm hold, even though you might need to use a bit more than what you’d otherwise use for a different product. It washes out easily, though, and smells nice, according to reports.

Otherwise, the hold provided by Viking Revolution lasts all day, based on feedback, even after walking in the wind, or after taking a nap. It goes on a little thick and does need to be combed. The pomade also worked well for one man with wire-like thick hair that’s difficult to tame. And for another man with thick hair and big curls, it offered full control without the hardness of gel.

  • Fantastic price point
  • Also works well on beards
  • Good choice for those who sweat heavily
  • Pretty sticky
  • Not for “finger combers”
  • Gotta use quite a bit of it

Our Process

If you’re looking for the best hair pomades for thick hair, you’ve come to the right place. At Shelf, we’ve mastered online shopping to bring our readers carefully researched and curated lists of the top products from around the market. For this article, your author looked at the top brands and manufacturers and compared the features, benefits, and quality of each pomade. They narrowed their list down to the 6 best for you to choose from. You can count on our articles to bring you the right information. If we missed your favorite product please let us know in the comments below.