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7 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2024

7 Best Portable Washing Machines in 2024

Sick and tired of going to the laundromat to do your laundry? We don’t blame you. Laundry is a chore when you don’t have access to a machine you can use at home. That’s where the best portable washing machines come in.

They’re ready to go in a cinch and will clean your laundry just like a standard machine. The only difference is that they’re incredibly compact, inexpensive, and portable to boot! Just slip your laundry inside and watch as the machine works its magic.

If you’re ready to do your laundry on your terms, then pick up one of the best portable washers today.

Our Picks

Here’s a quick overview:

Super Deal Portable Washing MachineBest Overall: Super Deal Portable Washing Machine
This twin-tub washing machine has automatic functions, pulsating wash cycles, and low power consumption, all in a compact and lightweight package you can use anywhere!
Giantex Portable Compact Washing MachineRunner Up: Giantex Portable Compact Was Machine
Our runner-up loses out only due to price and size, but don’t discount this incredibly powerful, super portable washing machine.
Kuppet Mini Portable Washing MachineBest Budget: Kuppet Mini Portable Washing Machine
If you’re looking to save, check out this retro magenta machine that cleans as good as it looks!
Black + Decker Portable WasherBest Compact: Black + Decker Portable Washer.
When it comes to compact size, this tall and skinny model stands out above the rest.
ThinkGizmos Portable Washing Machine w_ Spin DryerBest Washer-Dryer Combo: ThinkGizmos Portable Washing Machine w/ Spin Dryer
While a few different washers on this list use the twin-tub design, no one does it better than ThinkGizmos! Reviews report that the spin dry cycle is almost as good as a real tumble dryer.
Panda Portable Washing MachineMost Settings: Panda Portable Washing Machine
Panda is the quintessential portable washer brand, and this state-of-the-art machine shows why.
WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Mini WasherBest Mini: WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Mini Washer
This mini machine uses a hand-crank to operate so you can clean your clothes without power.

Best Portable Washing Machines: A Closer Look

Here, we’re going to expand on why these 7 portable washing machines made our list.

1. Super Deal Portable Washing Machine

The best portable washing machine overall

Super Deal Portable Washing Machine

Brand: Super Deal | Weight: 26.5 pounds | Capacity: 13 pounds | Dimensions: 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches | Price: 💰💰

The Super Deal Portable Washing Machine is our pick for the best portable washing machine and dryer. It features a twin-tub design, one that washes and one that spins dry so that you can do it all in one machine. The powerful 1300RPM motor ensures that your clothes are as clean as can be after a short 15-minute cycle. The compact, lightweight design is easy to transport and use anywhere and everywhere. With its built-in gravity draining system, washing the washing machine out is just as easy.

  • Low power consumption and compact design make this an excellent unit for the environment and your wallet
  • Unique washing feature by Super Deal causes the water to pulsate through the machine, leaving no twisted clothes or messes
  • Automatic functionality allows you to put your laundry in, set one of the 3 intuitive dials, and leave it while the cycle finishes
  • Intake housing is smaller than comparable portable washers
  • The spin-dry tub is smaller than the washing tub, so you may have to dry in two separate loads what you washed in one 

2. Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine

The best runner up portable washing machine

Giantex Portable Compact Washing Machine

Brand: Giantex | Weight: 28 pounds | Capacity: 17.6 pounds | Dimensions: 31 x 27 x 16 inches | Price: 💰💰

The Giantex Portable Washing machine takes second place on our list only because of price and size. It’s a little bigger and a little more expensive, but in return, you get an extra 5.6 pounds of capacity, which could be the difference between needing to do just one load over two. It has the same twin-tub design. As a bonus, this model uses less water and requires less detergent than the average portable washer, making it our eco-friendly “green” pick, too!

  • Lightweight and compact for convenient storage and portability
  • Each washing cycle takes just 15 minutes, while the spin dry cycle takes 5
  • Powerful motor on the Giantex includes 300w of washing power and 110w of spinning power for an unrivaled clean
  • Attachments are flimsy
  • Some reviewers noted having issues getting the lid to latch for the machine to start consistently

3. Kuppet Mini Portable Washing Machine

The best budget portable washing machine

Kuppet Mini Portable Washing Machine

Brand: Kuppet | Weight: 10 pounds | Capacity: 10 pounds | Dimensions: 21.6 x 14.1 x 23.2 inches | Price: 💰💰

The Kuppet Mini Portable Washer is a small but ultra-affordable powerhouse! The convenient twin tub design pairs perfectly with the 1300RPM motor for a versatile yet powerful unit that delivers the perfect wash every time. The retro design and magenta-pink exterior is just a bonus for those of us who want to add a little color to an otherwise tedious chore. At a mere 10 pounds, this machine weighs less than a toddler and is easy to move around as needed so that you can stow it away between washes. It’s arguably the best portable washing machine for RVs, since you can move it around so easily.

  • Easy drain tube means it’s a simple matter of setting the machine up and forgetting as it does its work
  • 3 simple dials on the top of the washer feature options like washing time, washing mode, and dryer settings for intuitive operation
  • Comes equipped with Kuppet’s signature technology that uses less water and detergent without compromising on quality or performance
  • Lesser-known brand means customer service may be an issue if problems arise
  • The noise level and vibrations are higher than other portable washers, and reviewers recommend putting the machine on an anti-slip mat to prevent it “vibrating itself” off the counter

4. Black + Decker Portable Washer

The best compact portable washing machine

Black + Decker Portable Washer

Brand: Black + Decker | Weight: 44.1 pounds | Capacity: 6.6 pounds | Dimensions: 17.7 x 18.1 x 31.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰

The Black + Decker Portable Washer is a fantastic unit with a beautiful design and intuitive LED control panel for easy operation. This apartment size washer is taller and skinnier than many other models, which means it takes up less real estate on your counter or floor and saves you some space. The countertop washing machine style is probably the best portable washing machine for apartments. Since it’s a top-load, and the control panel is also on top, you can pretty much nestle this baby anywhere it will fit (as long as you still have access to a water source). There’s a built-in lint filter that you can easily wash (the recommendation is once a month) but won’t need replacing. 

  • Includes a safety shutoff feature should anything go wrong during operation
  • Automatic unbalance detection will warn about and help remedy uneven laundry placement
  • Gentle cycles that are easy on your clothes combined with 3 water levels make this an excellent unit for all your laundry needs
  • Adapter that connects to the water supply breaks easily
  • Many reviewers reported that the water hose is not 100% sealed, but as that is usually attached to a sink and any leakage drains directly into a sink basin, it’s not usually a problem

5. ThinkGizmos Portable Washing Machine w/ Spin Dryer

The best portable washer-dryer combo

ThinkGizmos Portable Washing Machine w_ Spin Dryer

Brand: ThinkGizmos | Weight: 24.2 pounds | Capacity: 7 pounds | Dimensions: 23.62 x 14.96 x 27.17 inches | Price: 💰💰💰

ThinkGizmos does it again with another perfect appliance that saves space and delivers quality performance. The lightweight and compact design make this washer dryer combo a dream machine for use in your home, apartment, or anywhere you travel. It also has that twin-tub design that lets you wash and then spin-dry your clothes, saving you the hassle of wringing wet jeans or a soaked sweater out after it’s clean. As a bonus, this machine comes with a free-floating lint filter that gathers up lint as your clothes wash. After a load, pull it out, dump whatever collects, and then put it back!

  • All you need to get going is a power supply, water, and detergent
  • 3 convenient setting dials give you pinpoint control over the different functions of your machine
  • Twin tub design features a washer and dryer that function independently of one another, giving you the full laundry experience in one simple unit
  • Timer can malfunction, so be sure to keep the instruction manual for troubleshooting
  • A few reviewers reported that the machine had a weird, manufactured smell for a few weeks upon arrival, but this didn’t appear to transfer into clothes

6. Panda Portable Washing Machine

The best portable washing machine with the most features and settings

Panda Portable Washing Machine

Brand: Panda | Weight: 63.8 pounds | Capacity: 11 pounds | Dimensions: 37 x 19.75 x 20.5 inches | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Panda is one of the front runners in the portable laundry business, and their machines are top of the line. This portable washing machine comes in as the most expensive on our list, but it certainly makes up for it in features and settings. The electronic display lets you customize every wash the way you want it. There are six different washing cycles to choose from, including normal, quick, heavy, bulky delicate, and spin only. Other features include an extra rinse function, 3D waterfall, pulsating water flow, and weak water flow to conserve water.

  • Timeless design and large see-through windows make this unit perfect in any space
  • Stainless steel tub and pulsating water flow technology means you’ll get the perfect clean every time
  • Simple operation and automatic functionality allow you to set the intuitive LED display panel and wait for the cycle to finish
  • About twice as heavy as the other portable washers on this list
  • Significantly more expensive than pretty much every other portable washer on the market

7. WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Mini Washer 

The best portable mini washing machine

WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Mini Washer

Brand: The Laundry Alternative | Weight: 5.5 pounds | Capacity: 5 pounds | Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 12 inches | Price: 💰

The WonderWash Non-Electric Portable Mini Washer is unlike any of the other machines on our list. It’s a non-electric machine, which means you don’t have to plug it in or have any access to power to use it. Its patented design allows you to clean up to 5 pounds of laundry in minutes, just by using the simple hand crank on the side of the unit. If you’re looking for an off-grid washing machine (that you can use when the zombie apocalypse starts), then this baby is definitely for you. Or, if you want a bucket washing machine in case of power outages, this is probably for you too. Plus, it comes in five fun pastel colors: blue, mint green, pink, white, and yellow!

  • Manual crank is very gentle on clothes and gives you full control over the cleaning cycle
  • This ultra-small unit measures just over 1 foot in diameter and weighs only 5 pounds for incredible convenience
  • The WonderWash Mini Washer features a durable design that stows anywhere, making this the most affordable and flexible machine on our list
  • Non-electric operation means you need to hand-crank each cycle
  • Putting it together is a little complicated, and the suction cups on the base meant to hold the machine in place while you use it don’t work that great

What is a Portable Washing Machine?

Preparing a load of the best washing machines
Image by Canva Photos

Portable washers are small, efficient washing machines designed for flexibility. All you need is a sink (or faucet), and you’re set for a quick wash.

Portable washers take up little space and don’t weigh near as much as traditional machines. They come with a wide array of features, including some only found on portable units! A few of the options you’ll run into include:

  • Adjustable water level settings
  • Speed level customization
  • High load capacity
  • Automatic wash cycles
  • Spin dryer

Plus, depending on the brand and model you choose, each unit offers extra features that make using it easy and enjoyable.

How Do Portable Washing Machines Work?

Portable washers work the same way as most washing machines, but there are a few key differences. For example, you don’t have to have a direct connection to the waterline. However, the washing cycle itself remains very simple.

First, the clothes go through an initial rinse as water pours into the washing chamber. Then the electric spinner rotates the clothes around at high speed, and the detergent coats the laundry.

After they’ve been fully coated with detergent, the washer puts the clothes through another rinse cycle until they’re stripped of cleaner. Finally, the excess water is whisked away by the electric motor, and pumped out via the drain tube.

When you hear a buzz, your laundry is done and ready to dry.

Benefits of Portable Washing Machines

There are lots of reasons to go for a portable washing machine. From the ability to stow it away after use, to the ability to take it wherever you go, these small washers are incredibly flexible.

The only caveat is that load size is about half of what you’ll get in a full-size model. Since most units measure only a few cubic feet in diameter, the internal space is much more limited.

That said, all you need is a sink to operate portable washing machines! No more running to the laundromat or searching for spare quarters. You can take care of all your cleaning in the comfort of your home (or apartment, or dorm room).

Portable Washing Machines are Great For:

A finished load from one of the best portable washing machines
Image by Chee Gin Tan / Canva Photos
  • Apartments and condos. Are you renting an apartment without a washer? Portable washing machines are the way to go. There is no need for installation, and they tuck perfectly in whatever space is available. Plus, you can easily bring it with you when you move!
  • Extra loads. If your home goes through a lot of laundry, portable washing machines are a fantastic way to take the “load” off the main unit. Consider washing your children’s clothes or excess linens for efficient multitasking.
  • Parents who use cloth diapers. Portable washing machines are a great option for parents who use cloth diapers. Instead of putting the diapers through your main washing unit, a portable washing machine is a clean and healthy alternative.
  • Small businesses. Perhaps you do business in an office space, café, or small retail location that goes through towels or linens? A portable washing machine is a great option for streamlining your to do list.

Another nice thing about portable washers is that they may save you some money. Compared to a full-size unit, portable washing machines cost only pennies to run. They also require fewer resources and maintenance over the years, so you won’t be calling the handyman all the time for leaks and broken parts. 

There are several ways you can utilize a portable washing machine. Put your creativity to work and consider all the possibilities one of these units will afford you.

How to Use a Portable Washing Machine

Using a portable washer couldn’t be simpler! Check out the 5 easy steps involved in operating a portable washing machine:

  1. Attach the water hose to your faucet using the built-in adapter
  2. Place the drain hose in the sink or tub
  3. Add detergent and adjust your settings
  4. Turn the portable washer on and wait for the cycle to finish
  5. Remove your laundry and either hang dry or use the built-in spin dryer on your unit

Voila! You’re all set to go. However, each unit is unique, so be sure to read the manual for detailed instructions and maintenance information.

What to Look For

So, what is the best portable washing machine? The answer depends on your needs, but here are a few things to keep in mind as you look:

  • Weight – Is it too heavy for you to carry? Will it weigh down your countertop?
  • Size – Does it fit where you need it to?
  • Capacity – Will you have to do more than a load or two to wash all your clothes?
  • Twin-Tub – Does it have a separate spin cycle tub to dry your clothes out? Is that important to you?
  • Water Source – Can it plug directly into your sink or faucet? Do you have to fill it with water manually?
  • Settings – Does it have all the settings you want or need, like delicate, bulky, whites, colors, etc?

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