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8 The Best Reusable K-Cups in 2024

8 The Best Reusable K-Cups in 2024

Coffee. It’s potentially the most popular drink in America, a necessity in most modern homes and business places. As the coffee world evolves, k-cups have risen in popularity. Now, most homes have a Keurig or other brand single-cup coffee machine. Although k-cups are incredibly convenient, they produce excessive waste, so if you want to be more green, reusable k-cups are the way to go. But which one do you pick? If you want to learn all about the best reusable k-cups, read on!

If you don’t have time to read the whole article, no worries! Check out our shortlist of favorite reusable k-cups.

Our Top Picks

In a hurry? We’ve got you covered with our top picks.

GoodCups Rainbow Reusable K-cupsBest Overall: GoodCups Rainbow Reusable K-cups.
These colorful k-cups are a great deal and work well, too!
PURELINE Reusable K-cupsBest Budget: PURELINE Reusable K-cups.
These k-cups are the perfect combination of low-price and high-quality.
Keurig My K-cup Original Single Stream DesignBest Splurge: Keurig My K-cup Original Single Stream Design.
This k-cup from Keurig is of excellent quality and works with almost every Keurig coffee machine.
Perfect Podz EX-Cup 2.0Best paper Filter: Perfect Podz EZ-Cup 2.0.
This cup is easy to clean and is compatible with paper filters—no more annoying mesh to clean!
FROZ Reusable K-cupsMost Durable: FROZ Reusable K-cups.
FROZ’s k-cups are sturdy and will last you for many, many cups of coffee.
Kicoco Reusable K-cupsEasiest To Clean: Kicoco Reusable K-cups.
Buyers love how easy this k-cup is to clean up!
DeliBru Reusable K-cupsHighest-Quality: DeliBru Reusable K-cups.
DeliBru’s k-cups are made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic to keep you safe.
Cafe Flow Reusable Stainless Steel K-cupBest Metal K-cup: Cafe Flow Reusable Stainless Steel K-cup.
This stainless steel k-cup is one-of-a-kind and is perfect for those who don’t want to use plastic.

Best Reusable K-Cup: A Closer Look

1. GoodCups Rainbow Reusable k-cups

The best reusable k-cups overall

GoodCups Rainbow Reusable K-cups

Brand: GoodCups | Count: 7 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰

GoodCups has some beautiful rainbow-colored reusable k-cups, with a total of 7 in this package. These cups are fully compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models and are “hack-free.” Food-grade stainless steel makes up the mesh part of the cup, providing a high-quality filter that will keep your coffee tasting delicious.

Most buyers were thrilled with their rainbow k-cups. They noted the excellent price for the quantity, how easy they were to clean, and that they seemed high-quality. However, some were disappointed, stating the cups didn’t produce the best coffee. Others said that the coffee would splash out rather than coming out in one smooth stream, creating a bit of a mess.

  • Great price
  • Very easy to clean
  • Good quality k-cups
  • Doesn’t produce the best brew
  • Coffee often splashes, doesn’t come out smoothly into the mug

2. PURELINE Reusable k-cups

The best budget reusable k-cups

PURELINE Reusable K-cups

Brand: PURELINE | Count: 4 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰💰

These k-cups from PURELINE come in a pack of 4 and are swiftly rising in popularity. They are designed to last at least 6 months and are fully compatible with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 machines. They are made of BPA-free plastic, and PURELINE claims they are chemical-free. Complete with a stainless steel mesh filter, these are some of the best k-cup reusable filters out there. 

Buyers wrote only positive things about these k-cups. They found that their coffee tasted great, the filter was easy to clean, and the cups fit perfectly into the coffee machines. Although there were only 26 ratings, they were all from last year and were from pleased customers. These k-cups from PURELINE may be on the rise, so check them out!

  • Makes great coffee
  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Fit into coffee machines perfectly
  • Some found alignment issues with Keurig machines
  • Others received their k-cups damaged beyond use

3. Keurig My K-Cup Original Single Stream Design

The best splurge reusable k-cups

Keurig My K-cup Original Single Stream Design

Brand: Keurig | Count: 1 | Filter: Comes with Reusable Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰💰💰

This Keurig k-cup is made of BPA-free plastic and comes with a metal mesh filter. It is worth noting that this is designed specifically for coffee, so if you want a k-cup that works for tea, Keurig does not suggest buying this product. The cup is compatible with all Keurig coffee makers, so whatever model you own, it should work with it (except for the Keurig Duo—read more below). It is also worth noting that this k-cup comes in a pack of 1. Although it isn’t costly, it is pricier than many options on this list with multiple k-cups.

There were some mixed reviews about this Keurig K-Cup. Overall, buyers seemed to like it. It was a sturdy material, so it didn’t seem like it would break any time soon. However, some mentioned it was somewhat difficult to use. Although some got the hang of it and had no further issues, some did not. Several buyers were disappointed that it did not fit the Keurig Duo machine, despite being advertised as “universal.” Needless to say, maybe don’t get this if you have a Keurig Duo!

  • Great product
  • It’s a very sturdy material, won’t break
  • Once the user figured it out, it was a great product
  • Difficult to use
  • Didn’t fit Keurig Duo

4. Perfect Podz EZ-Cup 2.0

The best paper filter reusable k-cups

Perfect Podz EX-Cup 2.0

Brand: Perfect Pod | Count: 1 | Filter: 25 Paper Filters Included | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Perfect Podz has the best reusable k-cup with paper filters. They are made of solid BPA-free plastic and come with 25 paper filters. These filters are for one-time use, so you need to keep buying paper filters with this k-cup. The EZ-Cup is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models.

Buyers were very pleased with this reusable k-cup. They thought it was straightforward to use, was sturdy, and most preferred it’s paper filters to the standard metal mesh filters other k-cups come with. A couple of buyers had complaints, however. One found the lid wouldn’t close fully, leading to grounds in their coffee. Another liked the cup overall but thought a single-use k-cup still makes better coffee.

  • It’s effortless to use
  • Good quality material, sturdy
  • Works better than metal mesh filter k-cups
  • Didn’t brew strong enough coffee
  • The lid would not close for one buyer

5. FROZ Reusable K-cups

The best durable reusable k-cups

FROZ Reusable K-cups

Brand: FROZ | Count: 4 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰

These cups from FROZ are some of the best reusable filter k-cups on the market. They are heat-resistant, and the mesh is stainless steel. The lid is secured by a silicone seal that keeps it from leaking or letting grounds pour out mid-brew. Best of all, the plastic is BPA-free!

Buyers were in love with these adorable k-cups! They loved that they came in a pack of 4, and found that the k-cups worked amazingly. Compared to many other brands, there weren’t very many who experienced grounds leaking into their mugs. A couple of buyers thought the coffee was too weak, however, and another mentioned these cups didn’t work with finely ground beans.

  • 4 cups are better than 1
  • No grounds leak into the mug
  • The product works exceptionally well
  • Coffee was weak 
  • Doesn’t work for finely ground beans

6. Kicoco Reusable k-cups

The easiest to clean reusable k-cups

Kicoco Reusable K-cups

Brand: Kicoco | Count: 6 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰

This pack of 6 reusable k-cups from Kicoco are compatible with all Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models. Due to the inside of the cup being ridgeless, it should be a breeze to clean up compared to many other brands. These also have a great, low price considering that you get 6 reusable cups!

Buyers were happy with these reusable k-cup filters. They mentioned that these filters work for tea and coffee, so check this one out, tea lovers! Buyers also enjoyed how durable these cups are, as well as how easy they are to clean. The only complaint that people had was that the bottom of the k-cup is solid. Some believed this contributed to the coffee being too watery.

  • Very durable
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Work well for tea as well as coffee
  • Coffee comes out very watery
  • The bottom is solid, causing a weak brew

7. DeliBru Reusable k-cups

The best plastic reusable k-cups

DeliBru Reusable K-cups

Brand: DeliBru | Count: 4 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰💰

This 4 pack of reusable k-cups from DeliBru are made of BPA-free plastic and are complete with a metal mesh filter. They claim that their k-cups are fully compatible with any Keurig 1.0 or 2.0 model and are hassle-free to use. These are dishwasher safe, although they may be easy enough to just wash by hand! Best of all, if you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return the cups within the first 60 days, and they will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

The majority of buyers were satisfied with these cups. They liked that they were being more eco-friendly by using them, loved how sturdy the BPA-free plastic was, and thought they seemed like good quality reusable k-cups. However, a few thought the cups did not make the best coffee, noting theirs came out watery. Some others mentioned their Keurig models did not work with the cups despite their claiming they were compatible.

  • They are very sturdy
  • k-cups are excellent quality
  • Much more eco-friendly than single-use k-cups
  • Made watery coffee
  • Cups did not work with some models that it claimed to work with

8. Cafe Flow Reusable Stainless Steel k-cup

The best metal reusable k-cups

Cafe Flow Reusable Stainless Steel K-cup

Brand: Perfect Pod | Count: 1 | Filter: Built-in Metal Mesh | Price: 💰💰💰

Perfect Pod’s stainless steel k-cups is one of our simplest cups on the list. It doesn’t require any extra parts and is easy to clean and reuse quickly. It is compatible with various coffee makers. Various Keurig models work with it and select Breville, Cuisinart, and Mr. Coffee models. The description happens to have a handy chart that lists out all the models it is compatible with. Unfortunately, this only comes as a package of 1 k-cup. It is pricy; however, it is typical for metal instead of the regular plastic models to be more expensive.

Buyers were pleased with this metal reusable k-cup, overall. They enjoyed the coffee it brewed, thought it was very easy to clean, and loved how eco-friendly and simple to use it was. However, some noted the pod let some coffee grounds through, and one mentioned they used a paper filter with it, even though it wasn’t supposed to need one. For one buyer, they mentioned theirs worked well but broke after several months of use.

  • It makes great coffee
  • Eco Friendly and easy to use
  • Easier to clean than mesh cups
  • Broke after several months of use for some
  • Allows some grounds through, could use a paper filter

What to Look for in the Best Reusable K-cups

Alternatives to using the Best Reusable K-cups.jpg
Image by Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to k-cups, although they are relatively simple products, you still need to know exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s what you need to know about your options for the best reusable k-cup.


Most reusable k-cups are made of sturdy plastic and have a metal mesh filter built into the cup. Some plastic k-cups don’t have the mesh and use a paper filter to produce the best brew if you don’t like trying to wash out the tiny mesh filters. 

On the other hand, you can also buy stainless steel cups that are free of plastic, if you prefer. The one issue with stainless steel k-cups is that they may be quite hot if you need to take them out of the coffee machine right away, so be careful! Your best bet with plastic k-cups, which are the most common reusable k-cups, is to find some that are BPA-free. 

Pros and Cons: Plastic vs Metal

As mentioned before, one con about metal k-cups is that they can be HOT right out of the coffee machine. However, if you’re anything like most people, you leave your cup in the machine for longer than five minutes, so the heat may not be an issue for you. 

Another common complaint about stainless steel k-cups is that they don’t brew as strong of coffee due to the larger holes that create a filter. So, if you want to find the best reusable k-cup for stronger coffee, plastic may be the way for you to go. Either that or you can buy mini paper filters to help you make the perfect cup of joe. 

The issue with plastic k-cups (with a mesh filter) is that some struggle to clean out the mesh with ease. Always read reviews to make sure people have an easy time cleaning their k-cups, because some are easier to clean than others, depending on the quality of the product. 

And now we come to plastic k-cups, which use a paper filter. These are very easy to clean, but if you don’t want to have to buy paper filters, these are not for you!

In Conclusion…

No matter your preferences or needs, there is a reusable k-cup out there for you, possibly in this list! 

So, find your perfect k-cup and get brewing!

Our Process

For this guide on best k-cups, our team spent 6 hours researching the most popular options from over 13 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred and fifty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each k-cup. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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