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7 Best Yoga Pants for Women

7 Best Yoga Pants for Women

While yoga is for everyone, the majority of practitioners in the United States are women. It isn’t surprising then, the enormous variety of yoga garments available for the female audience. Unfortunately, this can make choosing the best yoga pants for women an overwhelming task.

The truth is, you can practice yoga in any comfortable, nonrestrictive clothing. Not to say that indulging in a pair of yoga pants is a bad thing. On the contrary, feeling good in what you wear can positively affect your performance and outlook — even in yoga! That’s why we recommend the CRZ Yoga Pants for their lightweight, attractive fabrics and overall quality.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered with seven of the best yoga pants for women. Let’s jump in and try them on for size.

Our Top Picks: Best Yoga Pants for Women

Short on time? Here are our top picks:

  • Best Overall: CRZ YOGA PantsThese lightweight and super-soft bottoms hug your body like a glove, ensuring free-flowing yoga poses all session long.
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Teeki PantsConstructed from recycled plastic water bottles, these stylish Teeki Pants are as eco-friendly as they come.
  • Best Budget: Onzie PantsOn a budget? That’s no problem when you can grab a pair of comfortable, effective Onzie Pants on a dime. Did we mention they’re made in the USA?
  • Best Capris: prAna Momento PantsprAna is a luxury brand, and they make some of the best activewear on the market. Fortunately, the capri-cut Momento Pants are more affordable, without sacrificing performance. 
  • Best Bootcut: Spalding Yoga PantsChannel your inner athlete with these retro-inspired bootcut yoga pants that are comfortable on and off the mat.
  • Best Form-Fitting: Soul Flower PantsMade of organic cotton and a smidge of Spandex, these form-fitting pants boast a thick, luxurious feel that’s sure to support your practice.
  • Best Shorts: BALEAF ShortsPrefer something a bit shorter? The BALEAF Shorts provide a breathable, moisture-wicking experience guaranteed to keep you cool and comfy.

1. CRZ YOGA Pants

The best yoga pants for women overall


Brand: CRZ YOGA / Material: Polyamide & Spandex / Sizes: XXS – XXL / Colors: 33 / Price: 💰💰

Join the yoga craze with these fantastic pants from CRZ YOGA!

Featuring a blend of Spandex and polyamide, these compression pants are so lightweight, you barely know they’re there. The result is a freeing “naked” sensation that leaves you feeling loose and ready for the next pose. And you don’t have to worry about them falling down — these pants boast a high-rise fit that keeps them wrapped around your belly under the most arduous exercises.

Unfortunately, some of the lighter colors become a smidge transparent when wet. And though the pants are moisture-wicking, that’s no guarantee when you’re sweating up a storm in Bikram. Fortunately, the pants come in over 30 color options, so you can easily find a pair that works for you.

Overall, these are some of the best yoga pants for women in the industry, as rated by thousands of happy, healthy yogis.

  • Discreet key pocket
  • Super soft materials
  • Among the best compression yoga pants

  • Waistband occasionally folds over
  • Some colors become a teeny bit see-thru when wet

2. Teeki Pants

The best eco-friendly yoga pants for women

Teeki Pants

Brand: Teeki / Material: PET & Spandex / Sizes: XS – L / Colors: 12 / Price: 💰💰💰

For the eco-conscious yogi, Teeki’s yoga pants are homegrown in the USA and made from PET recycled plastic and Spandex. Each pair of pants incorporates between 18 and 30 water bottles! Talk about saving the planet.

Known for their breathability and elasticity, Teeki Pants offer a delightful cooling effect on the skin, with no sacrifice in range of motion.

That said, these are not for those who prefer a thicker pant material. Teekis are known for their lightness. So much so, that some users report feeling as if they are wearing nothing at all! Beware of the see-through factor in some styles.

  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Offer a cooling, breathing sensation on the skin
  • Made in the USA from PET (recycled water bottles)

  • A bit pricey
  • Prone to sliding on skin during hot yoga

3. Onzie Pants

The best cheap yoga pants

Onzie Pants

Brand: Onzie / Material: Polyester & Spandex / Sizes: XS – L / Colors: 4 / Price: 💰

Onzie Pants are for everyone, on every budget! High-waisted with a pull-on closure and thick waistband, these pants range from $20 and up. Though they require handwashing, these women’s yoga pants are made of quick-drying fabric (82% polyester, 18% Spandex) that’s comfortable and light. Users rave about using them for various athletic activities, from yoga to running!

Oh, and our favorite part? The colors are bright and beautiful, with patterns that run the gamut — from wild to whimsical to weird!

  • Made in the USA
  • Sleek, skinny aesthetic
  • Silky material w/ stretchy waistband

  • No pockets
  • Visual sweat marks

4. prAna Momento Pants

The best capri yoga pants for women

Prana Pants

Brand: prAna / Material: Nylon & Lycra / Sizes: XS – XL / Colors: 6 / Price: 💰💰

While prAna clothing is often beyond the means of everyday yogis, the new line of Momento Pants may be an exception. 

The prAna Momento Pants are all about comfort. They feature recycled nylon and Lycra construction with a moisture-wicking finish that’s great for those intense, sweaty sessions. They’re also UPF 50+, meaning they’ll protect you and your skin from those hot summer rays. And thanks to prAna’s unique Flatlock design, chaffing is a thing of the past.

Even though they’re more affordable than many other prAna garments, they’ll still cost you a dozen venti iced chai lattes. But hey, that’s good for the waistline anyway!

Overall, they’re some of the best quality yoga pants on the market.

  • Moisture-wicking fabric
  • Incorporates recycled materials
  • Comfy capri length w/ wide waistband and hidden pocket

  • Expensive
  • Muted, minimal colors only

5. Spalding Yoga Pants

The best bootcut yoga pants

Spalding Pants

Brand: Spalding / Material: Cotton & Spandex / Sizes: SM – 3XL / Styles: 3 / Price: 💰

Spalding’s a well-known activewear brand with a range of excellent wares. Still, it was a bit surprising to see the company venture into women’s yoga pants. But boy, did they deliver!

These boot-cut, flared pants are made of 92% cotton and 8% Spandex. Together, these fabrics provide the ideal level of compression through the thighs and nether region. Unlike some competing options, the Spalding Yoga Pants stay on and up during all your poses. Plus, the Spalding Yoga Pants are so comfortable and fashionable that they’re as ideal for everyday wear as they are for yoga!

These are some of the best cotton yoga pants for women. Do yourself a favor, and grab a pair today.

  • Versatile usage
  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Among the best flare yoga pants

  • Extra-long
  • May shrink in the wash

6. Soul Flower Pants

The best form-fitting yoga pants for women

Soul Flower Pants

Brand: Soul Flower / Material: Cotton & Spandex / Sizes: SM – XXL / Colors: 5 / Price: 💰💰

As their name implies, these yoga pants are special. Made from organic cotton (with a smidge of Spandex) and eco-friendly dyes, Soul Flower Pants come in an array of beautiful colors and styles. Products are available in solids or decorated with simple, heartfelt artwork and designs. Manufactured ethically in the USA, yogis can feel good in these clothes.

Soul Flower is the quintessential athleisure yoga wear – functional and fashionable – on and off the mat.

  • Made in the USA
  • Lovely, minimal designs
  • Feature thick, luxurious, organic fabric

  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Tend to slide down during intense yoga sessions

7. BALEAF Shorts

The best yoga shorts for women


Brand: BALEAF / Material: Polyester & Spandex / Sizes: XS – 5XL / Styles: 42 / Price: 💰

Summer heat got you down? You’ve got to try these stunning yoga and exercise shorts from BALEAF!

The BALEAF Shorts feature a blend of polyester and Spandex, delivering a breathable and moisture-wicking experience that’s ideal for regular or hot yoga. In terms of comfort, the wide, compression waistband sits right on the belly button, offering excellent support and coverage. Muffin top? Not with these shorts!

The Baleaf Shorts come in dozens of different colors and boast some of the best consumer reviews on the market. An unbeatable deal.

  • Lightweight and comfortable fit
  • Comes with a cell phone pocket
  • Great moisture-wicking abilities make them some fo the best yoga “pants” for hot yoga

  • Runs a bit small
  • Material isn’t very stretchy

What to Look For in the Best Yoga Pants for Women

Due to the various stretching positions involved, there are a handful of essential attributes to consider when picking up a pair the best women’s yoga pants.

Group Using the Best Yoga Pants for Women
Image by Canva Photos

1. Fit

First, consider your body type. For some women, “curvy” yoga pants honor their figures best. Others, especially yogis with diabetes or other health considerations, may prefer low-waisted yoga pants to accommodate medical devices, treatment sites, and personal preference. And still, others may prefer form-fitting or compression pants. We included a range of options on our list to help you find the perfect pair for your unique body.

2. Function

All too often, the blissful serenity of the yoga classroom is disrupted by a clothing malfunction. Don’t let this happen to you!

Clothing can be loose or form-fitting, but it should allow for the free-flowing movement of the body and its limbs for maximum benefit. Soft, stretchy material is optimal.

3. Comfort

The best-fitting yoga pants are comfortable for the wearer. Whether doing yoga asana (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), or meditation, the quality of your practice will be affected by the degree of comfort, or discomfort, your garments provide.

Consider the season and what types of yoga pants correspond to the time of year you are practicing. Breathable, natural fibers are best for the skin at any time, but especially during the warmer months or in hot yoga classes.

The best yoga clothes for women, in general, should also cover and stabilize those parts of the body that you (and everyone else) would like to remain concealed. That way, when asked to look between their hands in Downward Dog, the people behind you won’t be disturbed when faced with the sight of whatever is revealed when your yoga pants don’t “stick the pose” as well as you do.

4. Cost

Women’s yoga pants can be expensive. Finding a pair under $80.00 is considered a good deal in some circles. In others, spending even half of that amount is entirely out of the question. So, the first step in finding the best pair of yoga pants for you is to identify the amount you are willing and able to spend. Read reviews of products that fall in your price range to ensure they have the desired quality (material that holds its shape, stitching that stretches) and durability (fabric that lasts through multiple wearings and washings).

An additional “hidden” cost to consider is that the synthetic materials some women’s yoga pants are made of can be harmful to the environment, and thus, harmful to us. If that is important to you, take note of the material of the pants you are considering and whether or not an environmental cost may be included with your purchase. You can’t go wrong with organic cotton products or pants made from other plant-based fibers such as linen and hemp.

5. Style

The fun part! What colors appeal to you in yoga pants wear? Are you most drawn to patterns or solids? What types of yoga pants correspond to your style: leggings, capris, bootcut/flared, skirted, gypsy, harem? Compression pants, anyone? Keep in mind that comfort and style go hand in hand, and that above all, functionality is your goal.

If you are a devoted student of yoga or a yoga educator, you may like the versatility of an “athleisure” style pant that can be easily dressed up for wear outside of the studio.

Our Process

For this guide on yoga pants for women, our team spent 4 hours researching the most popular options from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each pair of pants. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 women’s yoga pants on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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