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Paintbrushes in Jar

How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes

Every artist has materials they love to use and those that aren’t their favorites. Acrylic paint has gotten the bad rap of being only for amateurs, beginners, or crafters because it’s troublesome to work within elevated art situations. A big reason why is because acrylic paint dries super-fast. Why is that an issue? It’s nearly

Best Cricut Machine for Beginners

Best Cricut Machine for Beginners in 2021

Crafting has exploded in the last few years. Everyone is creating and selling their products through tons of different platforms. The most popular crafting machine out there is the Cricut. But, if you’re just starting out, which model should you choose? Do you need the latest and greatest, or will a used one work? What

Best Sewing Machine for Leather

Best Sewing Machine for Leather 2021

So, leather. We love it- almost as much as we hate working with it. There’s no denying that the result is well worth it but crafting a sheet of leather into a functional and beautiful project is a bear. To have the best results possible, you need equipment up to the challenge. Here we will

Best Gifts for Artists

The 8 Best Gifts for Artists in 2021

Looking for the best gifts for artists? You’re not alone. 2021 has been quite the year. Not only due to the obvious, but it has also been a renaissance of creativity. People found talents they never knew they had, new passions they had never tried before, new parts of themselves that were ready to be free and

Best Sewing Machine for Kids

Best Sewing Machine for Kids: 7 Options for Learning the Craft

Sewing is one of those basic life skills that a lot of us didn’t realize we needed until we first moved out of our parents’ house and ripped a hole through our favorite sweater. If you’re hoping to do better by the next generation and teach your kids to sew early, then you’re going to

How to Make Paper Look Old

How to Make Paper Look Old for Arts & Crafts

When you’re trying to make a decoration or piece of art look old, sometimes the hardest thing to deal with is paper. There are a number of different techniques for how to make paper look old. In this article, we’ll go over each different technique to help you achieve that antique look in no time

Best Laminating Machines

10 Best Laminating Machines in 2021 (for Home & Office)

If you want to preserve documents and photos for as long as possible, it’s wise to laminate them. Laminating documents and photos gives them a protective shell — similar to how to vacuum sealers provide food with a protective cover. While you always have the option to get your documents laminated at a printing shop,

Needlepoint vs. Cross Stitch

Complete Guide to Needlepoint vs. Cross Stitch

In the recent past, there has been rising popularity in crafts done with a cloth, thread, and a needle. These crafts have evolved with time. Embroidery is deemed therapeutic and is said to be good for the brain. It protects the brain from premature aging while also helping ease disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Best Embroidery Machines

10 Best Embroidery Machines in 2021

You know what hasn’t gone out of style since pre-revolution France? The monogram. The sun king loved to put his initials on things, and frankly, so do we! But getting monograms onto fabric is hard without one of the best embroidery machines. Specialized embroidery machines have lots of design options, are intuitive to use, and

One of the Best Sewing Machines w Thread

10 Best Sewing Machines in 2021

Sewing by hand? No, thank you! The best sewing machines offer a more practical way to make and mend your own clothes. They’re also ideal for creating different types of crafts, bedding sets, window treatments, and more. With the machine doing all the heavy lifting, tailoring your own projects has never been easier. The only

best yarn for baby blankets

The Best Yarn for Baby Blankets in 2021

Not all yarns are created equal. For a baby blanket, you’re looking for something that’s super soft, and durable enough to last through multiple washes and lots of use. So, what is the softest yarn for a baby blanket? Which will last for a long time? Which will help you create the best baby blanket

The Best Nail Dit Kits

7 Best Nail Dip Kits in 2021

There is a new sensation in at-home nails called nail dip. You may have heard through Facebook, or even some friends working as a consultant for any number of companies for nail dip kits. But, there are incredible sets at great prices available online to ship straight to your door. Here we give you our