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Who Gives a Crap Tissues Review: Good for Your Bum

Who Gives a Crap Tissues Review: Good for Your Bum

For a while now, my family has been trying to cut down on our plastic consumption. We tried plastic-free toothpaste and the best eco-friendly laundry detergent, but even though we found recycled or bamboo TP at our local store, most of it came packaged in plastic, or instead, when sold in paper packaging, available in individual rolls at an impractical cost for a family of three.

Layer the pandemic on top of that, when we were making a concerted effort to go out to stores as little as possible, and it was time to search the internet for the best plastic-free toilet paper subscription service, delivered right to our front door. 

We settled on Who Gives a Crap USA, and here is our review, based on the following three factors:

  • Website and customer service: 5/5 Stars
  • Selection and product quality: 5/5 Stars
  • Shipping: 5/5 Stars

Here’s a closer look at what went into our Who Gives a Crap review:

Who Gives a Crap Toilet Paper: Website and Customer Service

First off, the company is called “Who Gives a Crap” adding a little bit of irreverent fun to an often tedious chore: buying toilet paper. Their slogan is: “Nice Bum” — what’s not to like? The good times continue to…um, roll (pun intended) on the Who Gives a Crap toilet paper website, which is reliable, enjoyable to use, and simple to navigate. 

The rate at which the product is shipped is also convenient and intuitive to change if necessary. You even get reminders when it’s time to top off. Just in case you’ve burned through your supply more slowly than usual, you can delay the shipment, or bump up the shipment when you really gotta go. Either way, shipping is free on most orders.

Who gives a grap tissue review
Image by William Kennedy for Shelf

Who Gives a Crap: Selection and Product Quality

Recycled TP isn’t the only product available from Who Gives a Crap, there’s also 100% bamboo double-length toilet paper, tissue paper, paper towels, gift cards, and a coffee/TP bundle — because anyone who drinks caffeine in the morning knows that TP and coffee are two great things that go well together. 

There are also reusable paper towel substitutes called “dream cloths,” described on the website as “one part sponge, one part cloth and three parts marvelous.” We haven’t tried them, nor have we tried the bamboo TP option.

The recycled TP we have used, however, isn’t the plushest, cushiest tush towel — we tend to think those qualities are a bit overrated in toilet paper, anyway — but it is sturdy, yet gentle, and up for the task. So, too, are the paper towels for spills around the kitchen, and it’s all made without dyes, inks, or scents. 

Who Give a Crap: Shipping

Shipping is free on any order from Who Gives a Crap over $25, and $8 on any order less than that dollar amount, and shipping time is 2 – 7 business days. The company ships to Hawaii and Alaska for an extra fee, and to Canada through the Canadian version of their website.

Notably, all the products available from the certified B-corp are able to be mixed and matched.

According to their website, a package from the company could include the following:

  • 48 rolls + paper towels or tissues
  • 24 rolls + paper towels and tissues
  • 4 orders of paper towels
  • 4 orders of tissues

The company also offers limited editions of their product, counting as one package

Otherwise, the product arrives neatly prepared for shipping, and each roll of paper comes wrapped in paper with fun designs. We especially like the “EMERGENCY ROLL!” wrapped in bright red — pull that from the pantry and you know it’s time to restock. Most importantly, it’s all recycled and recyclable.

who gives a crap review

Who Gives a Crap Tissues Review: Final Thoughts

Products from Who Gives a Crap are likely more expensive than the plastic-wrapped TP for sale at your local supermarket. Fresh rolls of TP take an exacting toll on the environment, however, and each time you can choose recycled — better still, recycled TP not sold in plastic packaging — you make a difference.

What makes Who Gives a Crap truly great, though, is how they give back: 50% of profits are donated to build toilets around the world. Did you know about 4.2 billion people live without proper sanitation facilities, according to the UN? This lack of proper sanitation is a leading cause of death and disease!

Choose the fun, reliable, and convenient Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and you’ll turn the task of buying toilet paper and other useful household supplies into something enjoyable, and while you’re at it, the money you spend will have a positive impact on the planet!