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How to Choose a Drone: Welcome to the Hobby

How to Choose a Drone: Welcome to the Hobby

Drones is an ever evolving industry and is being approached by beginner pilots every single day. The problem however, is that not every enthusiast of the hobby knows how to choose a drone, and that sometimes leads to frustration and disappointment of the newbie pilots who’d like to start with this hobby.

That being the case, this post was created with the intention to bring some sense to the conversation about drones and provide the best guidance to help you buy your first drone.

If you’ve been looking for some information that looks real and useful to help you get your first drone, and not just the regurgitated content that is out there, I invite you to stay until the very end of this post, because I’ll be showing you the best approach to find the best drone for you.

Why Drones?

how to choose your first drone

If you want to start with drones just because it is what everybody is doing these days, you could end up finding that it isn’t really your thing. If you get one of the high-ticket drones that people use in their videos, only to discover a few days later that drones are not your thing, the buyers’ remorse will consume you.

That is why I actually encourage you to ask yourself this question first. Drones can be very expensive gadgets in the long run, and that is why it makes no sense to start with them if you are not really sure you really like them.

In my opinion, the best (yet not the only one) reason to start with drones is to have fun with them. Simple and plain fun flying through the skies.

The truth is that people see drones and they think about aerial photography, amazing footage, and so on. All those things are fine, and we will get to that later on, but for now, you have to know that drones are supposed to be fun, and that’s the spirit I will always encourage to all my readers.

Base Your Budget on Your Purpose

how to choose a drone

It is true that drones have many applications, but don’t you think the person exploring the crater of a sleeping volcano is having fun with the footage they are taking? I can bet on it!

The same goes for wedding aerial photography, drone racing, real estate, or landscaping. People who fly drones are having fun doing what they do, and that is critical if you want to start with drones.

Because marketing videos only market one half of the story, but as soon as you get your drone (especially if is one of the expensive ones), you’ll know that some things behind the scenes need to happen before taking off.

Think of it in this way. Most people would agree they want a  Ferrari, yet, besides the high price of this car, nobody thinks about the type of maintenance a car like that requires, or the type of tires.

I can bet those things can be a bit more expensive than in a normal car, but if you truly want to have a Ferrari, you better be ready not just to pay for the car, but also, for what the car will require to keep running.

The same thing goes for drones, and that is the side that nobody talks about. You now may be thinking that getting a drone is a bad idea, but that would be as wrong as assuming that drones only have the side people market about them.

Instead, I want to show you what is the best way to start with drones without you breaking your wallet and going step by step so that you can enjoy the fun.

Define Your Needs

Like I said at the beginning of the post, the first thing to do is to be clear that drones are for having fun. And like I said, these have many applications, and you can have fun while making money with your drone.

That is why it is very important to define if your desired application requires a drone with camera or not. Maybe you want to be a drone racer, and if that is the case, it would be a good idea to start practicing with a cheap drone with a camera on it.

On the other hand, you probably just want to have fun with a small drone in your living room and if that is the case, a camera may not be needed.

Think of it for a second and make a wise choice. The intention is to start somewhere and get some traction from there.

Are You Breaking the Law? – Regulations are Important

no drones allowed

Something that has been very controversial in the last few years is how the governments around the world are regulating drones’ use. This is primarily because a drone is essentially a flying camera, and thus, people’s privacy could be violated.

There have been some reports of drones hitting hitting commercial airplanes, which poses a risk to the life of the individuals traveling. Thus, the use of drones have been regulated to ensure that users do not become a threat to anyone.

If you want to know more about regulations in the United States of America, be sure to check this page.

If you live outside the US, make sure to follow the laws and regulations of the country where you’ll operate your drone.