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5 Best Drones for GoPro’s in 2024

5 Best Drones for GoPro’s in 2024

A drone with a camera is a great way to gain a unique perspective on the world, capturing footage from angles and heights that would otherwise never be possible. But did you know you can buy a drone with a GoPro mount, or a drone that’s able to be modified with a GoPro in order to capture even more spectacular views and unforgettable vistas, sometimes directly from your mobile device?

In this article, we break down 5 of the best drones for a GoPro in categories like the best overall, the best for beginners, and the best deluxe GoPro drone. We all tell you the best GoPro drone for the money. With a little practice, any one of the drones in this ranking will take your drone-flying experience to new heights.

It’s easier than you might think to find the best drones for GoPro’s, so let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

What are the best drones for a GoPro? We answer that question in our next section.

Holy-Stone-HS700D-FPV-DroneBest Overall: Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone.
With a 90° adjustable camera and 5G transmission, Holy Stone makes the best drones for GoPro.
Force1-F100GP-GoPro-Compatible-DroneRunner-Up: Force1 F100GP GoPro Compatible Drone.
Outfitted with a GoPro action mount, Force1 F100GP is the runner up for best GoPro drone.
Syma-X8G-Headless-2.4Ghz-4CH-RC-QuadcopterBudget Pick: Syma X8G Headless 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Quadcopter.
With a 6-axis flight control system, the Syma X8G is the best cheap quadcopter for GoPro.
DJI-Phantom-3-Standard-Quadcopter-DroneDeluxe Pick: DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone.
For the ultimate GoPro drone experience choose the DJI Phantom 3.
DROCON-Drone-with-1080P-FPV-HD-CameraBeginners Pick: DROCON Drone with 1080P FPV HD Camera.
With auto takeoff and landing. DROCON makes the best GoPro drone for beginners.

A Closer Look: Best Drones for GoPro’s

In our next section, we put a wind-angle lens on each drone we reviewed.

1. Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

The best drone for a GoPro overall.

Holy Stone HS700D FPV Drone

Brand: Holy Stone |  Feature: 5G Transmission | Feature: GPS Assisted Flight |  Feature: Quick-Release Propellers | Price: 💰

Topping our list of the best drones for GoPro is the Holy Stone HS700D. This FPV drone offers 5G transmission and the ability to edit and share your footage instantly. With a flight time of about 20 minutes, the HS7 has a brushless motor, with low power alert. It’s also easy to control, with altitude lock, direction control, and headless mode. The quick-release propellers make maintenance quick and easy.

According to feedback, this is a great intermediate drone to set up, initialize, and fly in a calm setting. Users particularly appreciate the freedom to mount a GoPro, although the drone camera itself is nice as is. There is no gimbal, however, limiting some angled footage that could otherwise be possible. Overall, though, the drone is quieter, very stable, and with GPS switched on, it tracks like a dream.

  • Double tough
  • Worth the money
  • Fast and responsive
  • App could be better
  • Takes a few flights to get used to it

2. Force1 F100GP GoPro Compatible Drone

Our runner-up pick.

 Force1 F100GP GoPro Compatible Drone

Brand: Force1 | Feature: Built-in Bonus Cam | Feature: 2 Batteries Included |  Feature: 2.4 GHz Remote | Price: 💰

Runner up for best GoPro drone is the Force1 F100GP. With a GoPro action camera mount that’s compatible with both GoPro Heroes 3 and 4, the drone offers 30 minute flight time, a brushless motor, and a complete set of accessories to help you get started. Also worth mentioning is the ability to do 360° flips, and the three shells included with purchase to customize the look.

Those experienced with the drone call it awesome and easy to learn how to use, with good battery life for the price. The motor is powerful, and the FHD 1080p action camera captures great footage — for when you’re not using your GoPro that is. Speaking of GoPro, they’re easy to mount on the drone, based on feedback, and one report said they even captured great GoPro footage at a height of 700 feet!

  • Excellent photo quality
  • Sturdy and reliable for the price
  • GoPro stays stable and balanced
  • Did lose connection on a windy night
  • Mount for older GoPros, but easy to fix
  • Nothing automatic, save flips and level

3. Syma X8G Headless 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Quadcopter

The best GoPro drone on a budget.

Syma X8G Headless 2.4Ghz 4CH RC Quadcopter

Brand: Syma |  Feature: 6 Axis Gyro | Feature: Fast Charging |  Feature: Bonus Camera Included | Price: 💰

The best GoPRO drone for not a lot of money is, without a doubt, the Syma X8G. With a holding case that’s compatible with a GoPro action camera (sold separately), the drone comes complete with a 6-axis flight control system, 3D lock, and one-key, 360 degree rolls. 

The camera included with the drone is an 8MP HD camera, which is excellent for the price point. There is no gimbal, however, so the footage can get a little bumpy, we heard, especially for beginners. 

Otherwise, the drone is easy to fly both at night and during the day, based on feedback. And it’s really quite durable, we learned, even after getting stuck in the trees and a few rough landings.  

One drawback to the drone, however, is the battery charging time. Once fully charged, though, the battery life is sufficient and flight times are long.

  • Good controller range
  • Best drone under $200
  • Smooth flying, stable video footage
  • Do not fly indoors
  • Bit wobbly when windy
  • Propeller installation a little tricky

4. DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone

The deluxe drone for GoPros.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Drone

Brand: DJI | Feature: Built-In Camera | Feature: GPS Assisted Flight | Feature: 25-Minute Flight Time | Price: 💰

The absolute best high-end drone for GoPro drone is the DJI Phantom 3 standard quadcopter. You’ll pay up for the thing, but with 720p HD real-time view, plus automatic flight assistant, as well as point of interest, follow me, and waypoints modes, it’s more than worth it.  Otherwise, the well-designed app lets you snap pictures and take video, straight from your mobile device.

And overall, the drone is very stable, producing a clean GPS lock, according to reports. It’s even easy to add modifications and accessories of your choice, like a GoPro. Despite the top notch performance, however, some say the controller range could be larger. But nevertheless this is a fantastic, “lower high-end” entry-point into the world of drones, based on feedback.

  • Fun drone to fly
  • Easy to learn flight controls
  • Awesome drone for the money
  • Almost too light?
  • Pretty loud when flying
  • Registration required ($5)

5. DROCON Drone with 1080P FPV HD Camera

The best beginner drones for GoPros.

DROCON Drone with 1080P FPV HD Camera

Brand: DROCON | Feature: 5G/WiFi Connectivity | Feature: Auto-Return Home | Feature: Follow & Surround Flight Modes | Price: 💰

Money aside, the best beginner drones for GoPro come from DROCON. Reasons why include user-friendly features like auto return, follow me, and surround flight mode, all of which make the thing easier to learn how to use. With an all-buckle design that’s easy to assemble, signals from the drone are also carried securely across 5G Wi Fi, and the FPV transmission range is a solid 450 meters or so. 

Fans of the drone agree that it’s easy for beginners, taking nice aerial pictures in particular. It’s possible to assemble the thing without using any tools at all, which is also good for noobs. And otherwise, the drone is easy to fly and very stable, producing clear photos and video. The set is a little short on spare parts, however, and charge time could be shorter, many report.

  • Nice safety features
  • Straightforward App
  • Live view stream very smooth
  • No spare batteries
  • Not a brushless motor
  • Spare blades included

Our Process

For this guide on the best drones for GoPros, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options. We then read about 150 user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each drone. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 5 GoPro drones on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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