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6 Best Micro Drones: FPV, Camera, Racing (2024)

6 Best Micro Drones: FPV, Camera, Racing (2024)

Ever daydream about how cool it would be to be able to fly around like a bug, peeking into all the nooks and corners, and see the world from that unique point of view? It’s kind of the whole conceit behind Marvel’s Ant Man, isn’t it? It’s also exactly what’s possible with any one of the best micro drones from this ranking. 

In our list, we include high-end racing drones, FPV drones, nano drones, and micro quadcopters with a camera. By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll have the information you need to get started with nano quadcopters, for a little fun with the family and a whole lot more. Being an actual superhero may not be possible, but with a nano quadcopter, you just might feel like one.

Our Top Picks

Buzz through the best micro drones we reviewed.

EMAX-Tinyhawk-2-Camera-Racing-DroneBest Overall: EMAX Tinyhawk 2 Camera Racing Drone.
This all-in-one kit can be flown both indoors and outside.
Sky-Viper-Dash-Nano-DroneBudget Pick: Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone.
For a fun affordable micro drone, look no further than the Sky Viper Dash.
BETAFPV-Beta65S-Whoop-Drone-with-CameraBest FPV: BETAFPV Beta65S Whoop Drone with Camera.
First-person-view flying (FPV) lets you truly see what the drone is seeing while it’s in the air.
iFlight-Alpha-A85-HD-Whoop-Micro-Drone-with-Nano-CameraBest with Camera: iFlight Alpha A85 HD Whoop Micro Drone with Nano Camera.
To view, send, and record your micro drone’s adventures, choose the iFlight Alpha A85.
Holy-Stone-HS190-Foldable-Nano-Drone-for-KidsBest for Beginners: Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Nano Drone for Kids.
Get kids and beginners started with the foldable and easy-to-use Holy Stone HS190.
EMAX-Tinyhawk-RTF-Micro-Racing-Drone-2Best for Racing: EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Racing Drone.
To try your hand at indoor drone racing, we like the EMAX Tinyhawk.

A Closer Look: Best Micro Drones

In our next section, we’ll zoom in on each micro drone we reviewed. 

1. EMAX Tinyhawk 2 RTF Micro Racing Drones

The best micro drone overall

EMAX Tinyhawk 2 Camera Racing Drone

Brand: EMAX | Camera: RunCam Nano 2 | Propeller: Avan Turtlemode 4-Blade | Indoor/Outdoor: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Up first in our list of the best micro drones is the EMAX Tinyhawk 2. With a quality camera, this drone is perfect for racing, or just exploring with your drone, both indoors and outside. It’s sold with 5.8g goggles and a remote controller. And it’s all powered by a lithium polymer battery, and a USB charger is included with purchase.

Fans of the drone call it the best quad RTF FPV drone for the price, and it comes with everything you need to get started. Some do caution, however, that even though it can be flown both indoors and outdoors (many micro or nano drones can’t) it flies fast, so make sure you have plenty of space. 

Otherwise, though, the drone can take quite a beating, based on feedback, and users say it ships ready to fly and it’s very simple to use.

  • Very fast and maneuverable
  • Built like a tank!
  • Light and flexible
  • Not for windy days outdoors
  • Goggles a tad small

2. Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

The best budget micro drone

Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

Brand: Sky Viper | Camera: N/A |  Propeller: Replaceable | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only | Price: 💰

The Sky Viper Dash is our pick for the best micro drone for the money in our ranking. Affordably priced, this indoor-only drone has replaceable propellers, auto-launch and landing, and dual-flight mode, including both manual and auto. We also like the eight pre-programmed, one-touch stunts.

Though cute and small, this nano drone is made from very sturdy material, according to reports. And although it’s listed as indoor only, some have tried it in parking lots with great success. Just be careful around trees, though. 

Otherwise, the drone handles well and flies smoothly. It’s especially easy to fly in assist mode, and overall, very easy to control.

  • Good for teens and beginners
  • Good value for the money
  • Sold with extra propellers
  • Battery life not great
  • Propellers easily bent

3. BETAFPV Beta65S Whoop Drone with Camera

The best micro FPV drone

BETAFPV Beta65S Whoop Drone with Camera

Brand: BETAFPV | Camera: M01 AIO |  Propeller: Whoop 31 mm | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only | Price: 💰💰

One of the coolest things about a micro or nano drone is they fly into, over, and around spaces where a larger drone might not otherwise be able to fit. And with FPV, or first-person-view flying, you can see what the drone sees, generally fed straight into a pair of goggles. For an FPV drone specifically, we like the Beta 652 from BETA FPV, an indoor-only whoop drone that’s easy to use and with a brushed motor, camera, and remote control.

Otherwise, the brackets on the propellers keep little fingers safe from spinning propellers, the ABS body is nice and durable, and it’s so small and portable it can fit in your pocket. Those who’ve had fun with the Beta65S say it flies great right out of the box, and the smart audio is another really nice feature. 

The body is also very sturdy and overall the drone is very well constructed, with resilient components, and highly-customizable flight characteristics. But though it’s suitable for beginners, the drone is not completely without a learning curve, based on feedback.

  • Looks good after several crashes
  • Double-mounted motor supports
  • Safe to fly indoors
  • BetaFlight required to tweak settings
  • No real color choices
  • No telemetry

4. iFlight Alpha A85 HD Whoop Micro Drone with Nano Camera

The best micro drone with camera

iFlight Alpha A85 HD Whoop Micro Drone with Nano Camera

Brand: iFlight | Camera: Vista HD VTX Nebula |  Propeller: HQ2*2*4 | Indoor/Outdoor: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

For the absolute best micro drone with a camera, look no further than the iFlight Alpha A85. With a Vista HD VTX Nebula camera, this thing has a brushless motor and it’s safe to fly up to seven minutes — pretty average for an entry-level drone of this sort. Otherwise, we like how well it’s fine-tuned to fly smoothly for the best footage possible.

This is a really fun little drone, according to reports, that fits through all sorts of little gaps, including trees and branches. It connects well to an FPV and FPV controller. But it does take a little getting used to: hovering, specifically, is a bit tricky. But nevertheless, this beginner-to-intermediate drone captures a clear picture, is durable, and it is also very fun to fly.

  • Minimal BetaFlight use required
  • Flies great, easy to maneuver
  • Great for cruising around
  • Pairing with goggles and controller could be easier, some say
  • Good for freestyle flying? TBD.

5. Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Nano Drone for Kids

The best micro drone for beginners

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Nano Drone for Kids

Brand: Holy Stone | Camera: N/A |  Propeller: 4 + 4 spare propellers | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor only | Price: 💰

The Holy Stone HS190 has a lot to offer if you’re new to drones, or maybe seeking the best drone for fun with friends, family, and kids. Compact and foldable, this well-reviewed nano quadcopter has several features making it easier to use for children and beginners, such as altitude hold, one-key take off and landing, and one-key return, among many others. For fun, we also like 3D flip, rolling the drone in different directions.

Feedback on the drone says buy it and you won’t be disappointed. One five-year-old child tried the drone and loved it. The battery lasts about 20 minutes, based on feedback, and the quality is otherwise phenomenal, with great design, and quality instructions. But even though the drone is easy for kids to use, there’s enough to keep users interested as their skills progress.

  • Comes with lots of spare parts
  • Easy to control
  • Fast speeds!
  • Can’t store the drone with the propeller guards on
  • Beeps non-stop while charging, some say

6. EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Racing Drone

The best micro drone for racing

EMAX Tinyhawk RTF Micro Racing Drone

Brand: EMAX | Camera: 25mw VTX and 600tvl |  Propeller: Whoop + 1 extra set | Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor Only | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Drone racing is a fun pastime, with drone racing leagues popping up all over the place. The best micro drone for racing in our list is the EMAX Tinyhawk RTF. Sold with goggles and a remote, this drone has everything you need to get started with racing. First off, it’s real FPV not Wi-Fi, and it functions in level mode, horizon mode, and full acrobatic mode right out of the box. 

Otherwise, the drone is super durable and everything it says that it is, according to reports. Good for different skill levels, it withstood several crashes, we learned. Otherwise, users like that it comes with a convenient carrying case. The goggles work well, the battery life is good, and although it’s listed as indoors only, some have good luck flying it outdoors as well.

  • Best for both beginners and experts
  • Good flying range
  • Blast to fly
  • Not the crispest camera image
  • Goggles too small, for some

Our Process

For this guide on the best micro drones, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 30 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about 150 user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each micro drones. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 6 micro drones on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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