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6 Best Mini Drones with Cameras: GPS, Foldable, Deluxe (2024)

6 Best Mini Drones with Cameras: GPS, Foldable, Deluxe (2024)

Drones are changing the way we work and play. These days, many people take drones along with them while on vacation, or on hikes, capturing unbelievable footage of the scenery at an angle that would have otherwise never been available. And since most are foldable, it’s easier than ever to pack them along with all your camping gear. Or maybe instead, you’re a real estate or construction professional, seeking to add drone photography or videography to your services. Regardless of why you’re here, this ranking presents the 6 best mini drones with a cameras. Lightweight and easy use, these are the perfect introduction to the wide-world of drones. So let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a 10,000-foot view of each mini drone with cameras.

GoolRC-STS-S167-4k-Mini-DroneBest Overall: GoolRC STS S167 4k Mini Drone.
With a wide-angle lens, the STS S167 lets you see what the camera sees in real time.
DroneEye-4DRC-Mini-DroneBudget Pick: DroneEye 4DRC Mini Drone.
The best budget mini drone with camera is the 4DRC, offering 720P HD video at a price that can’t be beat.
DJI-Mavic-MiniDeluxe Pick: DJI Mavic Mini.
We like the crystal clear and stable video produced by the DJI Mavic Mini, the most deluxe mini drone in our ranking.
RUKO-F11-Pro-DroneBest with GPS: RUKO F11 Pro Drone.
We like the RUKO F11 for a quality camera and GPS functionality.
Potensic-A30W-RC-Mini-QuadcopterBest for Kids: Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter.
Kids love drones. Get them started with the A30W quadcopter from Potensic.
JKRED-LF609-Foldable-Optic-DroneBest Foldable: JKRED LF609 Foldable Optic Drone.
For the ease and convenience of a folding drone, choose the JKRED LF609.

Best Mini Drones with Cameras: A Closer Look

Zoom in and find out more about each drone we reviewed.

1. GoolRC STS S167 4k Mini Drone

The best mini drones with camera overall

GoolRC STS S167 4k Mini Drone

Brand: GoolRC | Control: App/Remote | Video Resolution: 4K HD | Max Range: 500 meters | Price: 💰💰

With 4K HD video resolution and a maximum range of 500 meters, the foldable GoolRC STS S167 has a little bit of everything, including both SD and micro SD media, a 120-degree lens, and accurate GPS. We also like that the drone offers an external SD card, and that it can be controlled conveniently from your device through an easy-to-use app (a remote is also included if that’s what you prefer).

Furthermore, the drone is sold in multiple battery pack configurations, meaning up to three batteries at one reasonable price. There’s also headless mode, altitude hold, and auto return home. Those who’ve tried the drone comment that it’s easy to assemble, simple to use for beginners, and a great choice for aerial photography. Some urge caution if you live in a particularly windy area, however.

  • Varied speed modes
  • Good choice for night flights
  • Long-range remote controller
  • Faster flight speeds available
  • WiFi distance could be longer

2. DroneEye 4DRC Mini Drone with 720P Camera

The best mini drones with camera on a budget

DroneEye 4DRC Mini Drone with 720P Camera

Brand: DroneEye | Control: Remote/App | Video Resolution: HD 720P | Max Range: 60-80 meters | Price: 💰

To get yourself the best mini drone with a camera that won’t cost you a bunch of money, we recommend the 4DRC from DroneEye. Easy to use, this remote controlled drone is also a great choice for kids and beginners, providing HD 720P video resolution at ranges of up to 80 meters. This well-reviewed drone also boasts one key take off and landing, altitude mode, and three speeds modes, while the 360-degree flip and trajectory flight are other cool features.

Supporting our decision to include DroneEye in our ranking was feedback calling it stable once it was calibrated with rugged construction. An extra propeller comes with purchase, just in case you break one, and most have it up and flying within about five minutes, regardless of experience. The battery is long lasting, but some do recommend picking up a few extra batteries just in case.

  • Can withstand a few accidents
  • Free app recommended
  • Fun to play with
  • 14+ age guideline accurate
  • Flight time could be longer

3. DJI Mavic Mini

The best deluxe mini drone with camera

DJI Mavic Mini

Brand: DJI Mavic | Control: App | Video Resolution: 2.7K HD | Max Range: 30 minutes | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

The absolute most deluxe and tricked out mini drone with a camera is the DJI Mavic Mini. From a leading brand in the drone industry, the DJI Mavic captures 2.7K HD video in about a 30-minute flight time. It also takes 12 MP aerial photos, with a 3-axis motorized gimbal for better stability and clearer images. There’s also abundant battery life, and although it’s made from plastic, the drone is overall very sturdy.

About as light as a smartphone, the Mavis is also foldable, coming complete with a flight tutorial, and even a pair of spare propellers just in case. Some comments say this drone is not for beginners, which is something to keep in mind before purchasing. But other first-time drone users caught on quickly. 

It’s otherwise highly portable, and the video and captured photos are great, based on feedback. But the app does work best on iPhones, according to many.

  • Comes with everything you need
  • Battery arrives fully charged
  • Great for aerial photography

4. RUKO F11 Pro Drone

The best mini drones with camera and GPS

RUKO F11 Pro Drone

Brand: RUKO | Control: App | Video Resolution: 4K HD | Max Range: 1200 Meters | Price: 💰💰💰💰💰

Quality GPS is crucial to enjoying your drone, taking quality footage, and getting it back safe and sound. With 4K HD resolution and a maximum range of 1200 meters, the RUKO F11 has the most reliable GPS functionality in our ranking. Intended for adult use, this remains stable while hovering for better and clearer footage than what’s offered by the competition.

We also like the auto return, one key take off and landing, and headless mode, among other functions. Overall, it’s an awesome drone that’s easy to control and lots of fun to fly, according to reports. A professional-grade drone priced like a toy, some say, with outstanding power, a convenient folding profile, and a durable frame made from ABS plastic and aluminum.

  • As promised, 30-minute flight time
  • Responsive controls
  • Spot-on GPS

  • Camera a little fish-eye at some angles
  • Batteries charge slowly

5. Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter

The best mini drones wtih cameras for kids

Potensic A30W RC Mini Quadcopter

Brand: Potensic | Control: App/Remote | Video Resolution: HD 720P | Max Range: 2 Lithium Ion Batteries | Price: 💰💰

To get the best mini drone with a camera for kids, we recommend the Potensic A30. With this quadcopter, children enjoy taking real-time live video, and taking high quality photographs from a variety of angles. It runs through an app controller that requires a phone, and the video resolution is HD 720P.  Otherwise, power comes from two lithium ion batteries included with purchase. 

The Potensic A30W also offers low battery alert, gravity induction mode, and even custom flight paths. Kids and families who’ve tried the drone call it lots of fun and easy to use. One 10 year-old appreciates you can use it both indoors and outdoors. The drone is otherwise great for beginners, easy to fly, and very stable. It’s even enjoyed by children as young as four.

  • Still worked after crashing on concrete!
  • Very lightweight
  • Amazing speed
  • Not great in super strong wind
  • Battery life could be longer

6. JKRED LF609 Foldable Optic Drone

The best foldable mini drone with camera

JKRED LF609 Foldable Optic Drone

Brand: JKRED | Control: Remote | Video Resolution: 4K HD | Max Range: 50-80 meters | Price: 💰

Many choose to use a drone with a camera on their outdoor adventures. In this case, you’ll definitely want a foldable drone to pack with you wherever you roam. And with 4K HD video resolution and a range of up to 80 meters, the JKRED LF609 is the best foldable mini drone in our ranking, 

The drone runs on a remote control, and the altitude mode keeps it stable in the air. There’s a 6-Axis gyroscope, and it can even perform 360-degree 3D flips in one continuous roll. Made from metal and plastic, once the arms are folded, the drone is small and remarkably easy to carry or pack along with you on your next adventure. 

Once unfolded, the arms lock firmly into place and the LF609 typically runs for about half an hour on a fully-charged battery.

  • Great price, long flight time
  • Good handling
  • Very stable
  • Picture quality gets mixed reviews
  • A little choppy in the wind

Our Process

For this guide on mini drones with cameras, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 30 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about 120 user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each tablet. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 6 mini drones with cameras on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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