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Best Electric Bikes Under $1000: Folding, Fat Tire, Mountain, and Cargo

Best Electric Bikes Under $1000: Folding, Fat Tire, Mountain, and Cargo

If you’ve been out on a walk recently, you may have noticed what seems like a traditional bike approaching, only to have it whizz by you with the sound of a motor and without much apparent exertion from the rider at all. That’s an ebike and they’re more popular than ever. If you’re looking for a little pedal assist on your commute, if you’re simply looking for an emissions-free transportation option, or just a fun way to stay in shape, an electric bike could be right for you. And these days, with many options available for less than a grand, the best ebikes are also pretty affordable. In this ranking, we tell you what you need to know about this new form of transportation, and present our picks for the best electric bikes under $1000.

Our Top Picks:

In a hurry? Here’s a quick rundown of what we liked about each in our ranking.

eAhora XC100 26'' Electric BikeBest Overall: eAhora XC100 26” Electric Bike
Reaching speeds of 20 mph, the eAhora XC100 is the best ebike in our ranking costing less than a grand.
ANCHEER 12″ _ 350W Folding Electric BikeBest Convenience: ANCHEER 12″ / 350W Folding Electric Bike
For the ultimate convenience, choose the 12-inch folding e-bike from ANCHEER. 
Macwheel 27.5″ _ 500W Electric Mountain BikeBest for Mountains: Macwheel 27.5″ / 500W Electric Mountain Bike
For the most rugged terrain, we like the electric mountain bike from Macwheel.
Ecotric 26_ 36V 500W Fat Tire Electric BicycleBest Support: Ecotric 26″ 36V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle
For less stress on your hands and back, try the best fat tire ebike from Ecotric.
Nakto NAK- CLSFB 26 in. Classic Cargo Electric BicycleBest Cargo: Nakto NAK- CLSFB 26 in. Classic Cargo Electric Bicycle
The Nakto NAK- CLSFB is the best ebike to get you — and your groceries — there and back again.
SWAGTRON EB12 Electric BikeBest for Commuting: SWAGTRON EB12 Electric Bike
For city commuting, the SWAGTRON EB12 can’t be beat, offering a classic diamond frame and flat-bar design.

A Closer Look: Best Electric Bikes Under $1000

Pump the brakes and take a closer look at the best ebikes under $1000.

1. eAhora XC100 26” Electric Bike

The best electric bike under $1000 overall

eAhora XC100 26'' Electric Bike best electric bikes under $1000

Brand: eAhora | Frame: Aluminum | Brake Style: Disc | Speeds: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰

eAhora makes the overall best electric bike under $1000 in our ranking. With a 350W brushless motor and an intelligent controller connected through the E-PAS system, the cruising range of the XC100 is nearly doubled, and all without using any more power or increasing speed. Among the other quality technical specs we like about this bike, there are energy saving functions and control features, a hidden battery case for safety, and a 7-speed shifter with M370 derailleurs. It also comes in some nice color combos.

Furthermore, the 3-levels of pedal assist make the bike easy to ride for people of all sorts of physical abilities. It’s also easy to assemble, though the instructions are on Youtube only, and very few adjustments are necessary once it’s all put together. Otherwise, the bike offers great battery power and energy regeneration, we found out, especially when going downhill. And generally speaking, there’s enough battery life for rides up to 50 miles. Some did switch out the seat for a more comfortable option, however.

  • Really cool looking
  • Nice aluminum frame
  • Easy cruising at 8 MPH
  • Seat could be comfier
  • Nowhere to put a water bottle

2. ANCHEER 12″ / 350W Folding Electric Bike

The best folding electric bike under $1000

ANCHEER 12″ _ 350W Folding Electric Bike best electric bikes under $1000

Brand: ANCHEER | Frame: Aluminum | Brake Style: Disc | Speeds: 1 | Price: 💰💰

To stash your ebike in your office or in a small office space, consider the electric folding bike from Ancheer. This cute and futuristic-looking 12” ebike has an aluminum frame and disc brakes. With one speed only, there’s nevertheless a 350-watt high speed motor reaching speeds up to about 15 mph in about a 15 mile radius. There’s also cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity for app support.

The bike comes fully assembled, which is a definite bonus, and the app allows you to monitor your mph among many other data points. It’s nice ‘n’ light, and comes in two different colors, black and white. It might not be the best choice for hills, but for flat terrain, it can’t be beat. Overall, the bike is easy to operate, with surprisingly good range. It did take awhile for some to figure out how to fold it up, however.

  • Good work commuter
  • Safe folding mechanism
  • Charges fast, long battery life
  • Too small for some
  • Some brake rotor clicking sounds reported
  • One shipped with a broken gear shift cable

3. Macwheel 27.5″ / 500W Electric Mountain Bike

The best electric mountain bike under $1000

Macwheel 27.5″ _ 500W Electric Mountain Bike

Brand: Macwheel | Frame: Aluminum | Brake Style: Disc | Speeds: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰

The best ebikes under $1000 are for a lot more than just around-town commuting. Offering a more rugged experience, consider the electric mountain bike from Macwheel. With 7-speeds and an aluminum frame, this bike has a more powerful motor than many other ebikes, with a high-capacity battery pack powering rides of up to about 60 miles or so. In electric mode, the bike offers five gears, and you can easily switch back and forth between the modes using the throttle switch. An LCD display presents remaining battery life, and the Tektro dual disc brakes are known for their reliability. 

The assist mode is smooth and seamless, and though it’s not as fast as more expensive bikes, it’s pretty quiet. It may also be a bit heavy for a true trail bike, we learned, but it handles well on steep-hill trails, as well as gravel, pavement, and large rocks. Mileage versus battery life is also strong, according to reports, and the wheels are thick enough to resist sticking in mud or in the grass.

  • Runs smooth
  • Easy to assemble
  • Strong suspension
  • Issues with bent brake rotors
  • Gears “clunky,” according to some
  • Front wheel quick release issues reported

4. Ecotric 26″ 36V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

The best electric fat tire bike under $1000

Ecotric 26_ 36V 500W Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Brand: Ecotric | Frame: Aluminum | Brake Style: Disc | Speeds: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

For the benefits of a fat tire bike, we recommend the Ecotric 26” electric bicycle, boasting seven gears and reaching speeds up to 21 mph. Fat tire backs absorb more shock from the road, and are easier to ride on a variety of surfaces, from sand and snow to standard concrete. Things we liked about this aluminum-framed fat tire ebike in particular include the lithium battery, twist throttle, rear hub motor, and multi-function LCD display.

With charging times ranging from between six and eight hours, the bike offers a lot of power with two bars of battery life remaining after a 19-mile ride, according to reports. It’s also a good choice for trail riding, and very quiet, which is important for urban and suburban areas. Overall, the bike offers great value at an excellent price and it feels solid. It even worked well traversing difficult terrain on a hunting trip, and the motor kicks in without even having to use the handle.

  • Pedal assist works well
  • Made from good components
  • Particularly good choice big ‘n’ tall folks
  • Only one color combo
  • Can’t raise the handlebar
  • Assembly instructions could be more robust

5. Nakto NAK- CLSFB 26 in. Classic Cargo Electric Bicycle

The best electric cargo bike under $1000

Nakto NAK- CLSFB 26 in. Classic Cargo Electric Bicycle

Brand: Nakto | Frame: Carbon Steel | Brake Style: Disc | Speeds: 6 | Price: 💰💰💰

For schlepping the groceries home or whatever cargo you may need to transport on your daily errands, the Nakto NAK-CLSFB is the best electric cargo bike in our ranking. With six speeds and disc brakes, this moderately priced bike offers a Shimano transmission system, V and rear expansion brakes, a removable lithium battery, a battery charger, and a durable, carbon steel frame.

In terms of lugging your gear on this Nakto ebike, there’s plenty of room to attach a basket to the front or to bungee cord your stuff to the rear end. The basket included with purchase holds an estimated 10 lbs, according to reports. The pedal assist works great, and the seat can be easily adjusted to accommodate people of different sizes. The shock absorption is also notable, and it was even usable for a rider with knee problems.

  • Very well made
  • Comes 95% assembled
  • Front headlight included for safety
  • No rear light
  • Some shipments missing the basket
  • One shipped with a broken front brake

6. SWAGTRON EB12 Electric Bike

The best electric bike under $1000 for commuting

SWAGTRON EB12 Electric Bike

Brand: SWAGTRON | Frame: Aluminum | Brake Style: Caliper | Speeds: 7 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Those living in the city looking for the best ebike to get back and forth to the office should consider the very stylish looking SWAGTRON EB12. With an aluminum frame, seven speeds, and caliper brakes, this bike pushed the upper limits of price but it’s worth it. We like the 25 mm cycling tires, Shimano gears, and flat bar for a relaxed and upright riding position. There’s also a swappable battery, which is nice, and battery life is estimated at 28 miles on a four or five hour charging time.

Those who’ve tried the bike say it fits taller people well, with straight-forward electronic controls and plenty of power on flat ground or a mild, uphill slope. For especially steep inclines, though, you may find yourself pedaling. The motor is a bit loud, according to reports, and it’s important to understand that this is strictly a street bike, so no-offroading. It’s lightweight, though, with excellent battery life, and it offers the classic look of a bicycle with the convenience of an ebike.

  • Arrives almost fully assembled
  • Good road bike even without the assist
  • No need to hold thumb throttle in cruise
  • Some replace the seat
  • Stronger motors availableNot great on the steepest hills

Our Process

For this guide on the best electric bikes under $1000, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 30 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about forty-five user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each electric bike under $1000. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 6 electric bikes under $1000 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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