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The 8 Best Gifts for Bakers: Perfect for Birthdays & Holidays

The 8 Best Gifts for Bakers: Perfect for Birthdays & Holidays

The holidays are here, and that means it’s time to start gift hunting. Finding the perfect gift for your favorite baker can be a challenge, especially when that baker seems to already have everything they could need for their hobby. To help ease the burden, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts for bakers. They range from fun and creative kitchen supplies to unique tools that are sure to become favorites in the kitchen. 

When selecting these gifts, we considered everything from the best gifts for bread bakers to the best presents for cookie lovers. Baking enthusiasts will adore any of the items here they might receive. Keep reading to find the best gift for a baker. 

Our Top Picks: Best Gifts for Bakers

Here’s a quick look at our eight gift picks for bakers — if you want to read more about each item and find multiple ways to buy them, read our more thorough reviews below. 

  • Best Overall: The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet Baking Apron. One of our favorites for bakers both new and practiced is this smart baker apron with a measuring conversion chart on the bottom. It makes for easy measuring while baking. 
  • Best Runner-Up: Large Non-Stick Pastry Measuring Mat. To help ensure the perfect-sized pastries, use this measuring mat. Marked lines on the perimeter and a series of circles in the center make measuring pastries a breeze. 
  • Best for Bakers Who Already Have Everything: Fun Quote Printed Spatulas. Baking is already a delight to bakers, but adding a little something extra to their utensils might make it all the more exciting. Check out these spatulas with their creative quotes. 
  • Best for Organizing: Good Grip 8-Piece Storage Set. Staying organized in the kitchen is imperative to someone who is regularly baking. This set of storage containers makes finding and using baking supplies easy.
  • Best for Beginners: Silicone Bakeware Set. Due to its ability to handle high temperatures and be non-stick without needing oil, silicone is a favorite option among bakers. This set makes for a great gift for beginning bakers. 
  • Best for Cookbook Lovers: Bamboo Cookbook Stand Holder. Bakers love using their cookbooks, but don’t enjoy getting them dirty. Using a cookbook stand allows for easy reading while keeping the pages clean. 
  • Best for Cookie Lovers: Good Grips Cookie Scoop. There are few things more satisfying for bakers than perfectly shaped cookies. This cookie dough scoop helps ensure nicely sized cookies every time. 
  • Best for Perfectionists: 3-Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter. This flour sifter is a kitchen classic. With a crank on the side that helps you control the flour coming out, you’re guaranteed an even spread each time. 

1. The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet Baking Apron

The best gifts for bakers overall

The Smart Baker Cheat Sheet Baking Apron The best gifts for bakers overall

Brand: The Smart Baker | Gift Type: Apron | Material: Cotton | Color Options: 4 | Price: 💰💰

Both aprons and measuring comparison charts are common items found in a kitchen. Now, imagine combining these two into a single unit that allowed a baker to keep their clothes clean and quickly consult their measurement chart. The smart baker cheat sheet baking apron is a fun and creative gift that puts two commonly used baking items into one. Reviewers who own the apron comment on how often people ask where they found it. It’s a fun and unique gift for those who love spending their time in the kitchen. 

  • Gift recipients love the apron
  • Affordable and fun gift for a baker
  • Helps bakers quickly convert measurements

  • Sizes run small
  • Material feels somewhat coarse

2. Large Non-Stick Pastry Measuring Mat

The best gifts for bakers runner-up

Large Non-Stick Pastry Measuring Mat The best gifts for bakers runner-up

Brand: GREENRAIN | Gift Type: Baking Mat | Material: Food-Grade Silicone | Color Options: 3 | Price: 💰

Measuring pastry size is an annoyance for most bakers. It’s a challenge to make sure the pastry is just the right size, so it turns out looking and tasting incredible. Here to solve this problem is the non-stick pastry measuring mat. It comes with lines at specific measurements around the border of the mat to assist in easy pastry measurement. Within the center of the mat is a series of circles with different length diameters for pastries that require a circular measure. A little bonus is the conversion chart in the bottom left corner of the mat. It’s a convenient gift that will see a lot of use in the kitchen. 

  • Oven-proof up to 425 degrees
  • Rolls up small to fit in tight spaces
  • Non-sticky silicone surface and anti-slip underside

  • Very thin mat, despite marketing claims
  • Slides around on some styles of countertop

3. Fun Quote Printed Spatulas

The best gift for bakers who already have everything

Fun Silicone Spatula Gift Set

Brand: Perfect and Simple | Gift Type: Spatulas | Material: Silicone & Bamboo | Color Options: 2 | Price: 💰

The baker you’re gifting might already have spatulas, but they most likely don’t have any with character. These creative spatulas come in a pack of three and feature quotes like “Life is best with cookies!”, “Keep calm and bake”, and “Be wild! Eat dessert first.” The handles are bamboo with silicone paddles to help bakers mix and scoop thoroughly. Choose from a set of general playful baking spatulas or Christmas-themed ones. Either way, this gift is sure to bring a creative spirit to the baking supplies of an already creative person. 

  • High quality when considering the price
  • Versatile for all kinds of cooking and baking
  • Two lovely themes to choose from — general holiday and Christmas

  • Paddle comes off handle
  • Handles can’t go in dishwasher

4. Good Grip 8-Piece Storage Set

The best organizing gift for bakers

Good Grip 8-Piece Storage Set

Brand: OXO | Gift Type: Storage Containers | Material: Plastic | Color Options: 1 | Price: 💰💰💰

Finding storage in a kitchen full of baking cookware is a challenge bakers face regularly. Bags of flour and sugar have no suitable home where they’re guaranteed not to make a mess. Having a set of reliable and sturdy storage containers can be the difference between baking supplies that are easily accessible and fumbling for the necessary ingredients. For your baker, gift this set of storage containers. They come in different sizes, each with an airtight lid to help prevent accidental spilling. The two larger sizes even come with the scoop that attaches to the underside of the lid. 

  • Seal-on lid keeps liquids in and out
  • The lid comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Various sizes for all types of ingredients

  • Lids can break if jostled around too much
  • Poor customer service from the manufacturer

5. Silicone Bakeware Set

The best gifts for beginning bakers

Silicone Bakeware Set

Brand: Boxiki Kitchen | Gift Type: Bakeware | Material: Silicone & Metal | Color Options: 1 | Price: 💰💰💰

Bread, cakes, and brownies are all at a baker’s fingertips with this silicone bakeware set. After hundreds of uses, this bakeware remains intact due to its stainless steel handles and non-stick silicone pan. The set comes in three sizes: a round cake pan, brownie pan, and bread pan. As the three staples of baking, each of these bakeware pieces will go a long way in the kitchen. This is the perfect gift for those just getting into baking. Beginners and seasoned bakers alike will love them for their reliability and easy use. 

  • Comes with three different sizes
  • Easy to use when hot with metal handles
  • Baked goods slide out without needing oil

  • Handles started rusting after use for some reviewers
  • Can’t cut ingredients in pan without breaking silicone

6. Bamboo Cookbook Stand Holder

The best gift for cookbook lovers

Bamboo Cookbook Stand Holder

Brand: Pipishell | Gift Type: Cookbook Stand | Material: Bamboo | Color Options: 1 | Price: 💰

Most bakers treasure their cookbooks. They don’t want flour and dough getting stuck between the pages when using the recipes. Using a cookbook stand keeps the book away from the messy action happening on the countertop. This stand is made from bamboo, making it more environmentally friendly than other cookbook holders on the market. There are a series of notches on the back part of the stand that allows the baker to adjust the angle of their cookbook. Two arms come up from the bottom of the stand to help the pages of an open cookbook stay in place. It’s ideal for the classic baker, or for if you are gifting a cookbook along with it! 

  • Works great for large and small cookbooks
  • Helpful to be able to adjust angles for better viewing
  • Can even be used for digital cookbooks on tablets and laptops

  • May start to crack if book weighs over 22 pounds
  • No stopper on bottom to create traction on countertop

The best gift for the cookie-loving baker

Good Grips Cookie Scoop

Brand: OXO | Gift Type: Cookie Dough Scooper | Material: Stainless Steel | Color Options: 1 | Price: 💰

We love our cookies but hate rolling them by hand. The dough sticks to your fingers and never comes out as a perfect circle. An easy fix to this problem is the good grips cookie scoop. The rounded scoop is the perfect size to get you that well-rounded cookie each time. The best gifts for bakers means no more having to deal with cookies running into each other as they spread while baking. When you squeeze the handle, the dough is nudged from the scoop, and it’s much quicker than rolling cookie dough balls with your hands. This is perfect for the baker who is always delivering great tasting cookies. 

  • Dough pops right out in even balls
  • Cleanly removes dough with each use
  • Perfect for getting the right size of cookie

  • Arms have popped out of place for some reviewers
  • Works better with some kinds of cookie dough than others

8. 3-Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

The best gift for perfectionist bakers

3-Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

Brand: Norpro | Gift Type: Flour Sifter | Material: Stainless Steel | Color Options: 1 | Price: 💰

This stainless steel 3-cup flour shaker from Norpro makes spreading flour evenly a breeze. On the right side, there is a crank to turn while shaking the flour. Use the sifter to spread flour over a countertop or cutting board before rolling dough. You can also use it with powdered sugar and other toppings to make baked goods look like they came straight from the local bakery. Volume markers on the inside and outside of the sifter make measuring flour simple. It comes equipped with a two wire agitator to help ensure you waste no flour. The intuitive design of this flour sifter makes it easy to use and reliable. It’s an excellent gift for the perfectionist baker. 

  • Crank moves smoothly
  • Easy to use — just turn crank!
  • Stands up to constant use by regular bakers

  • Label sticker doesn’t come off cleanly
  • Volume markings not entirely accurate 

Our Process

For this guide on gifts for bakers, our team spent 4 hours researching the most popular options from over 25 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred and sixty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each gift. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 gifts for bakers on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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