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Best Lawn Chairs in 2024: Folding, Reclining, Patio, and Heavy-Duty

Best Lawn Chairs in 2024: Folding, Reclining, Patio, and Heavy-Duty

Ah, feel that? Spring is in the air, and that means summer is just around the corner. No matter what time of year it is, though, it’s never too soon to start planning your next backyard party. The first thing you’ll need is a nice new set of the best lawn chairs. But in addition to outdoor entertaining, soccer season, outdoor concerts, and camping season are also fast approaching. Don’t find yourself sidelined without a comfortable lawn chair to root for the team. 

Our list below ranks the best lawn chairs ever, folding and otherwise, and ranging from traditional webbed chairs to chairs with patented rocking technology. Here are the lawn chairs you need for outdoor entertaining or to simply keep yourself comfortable the next time you’re enjoying yourself in the great outdoors.

Our Top Picks

Kick your feet up. Here’s a quick look at what we liked about each chair in our ranking.

VINGLI Lawn Chair SetBest Lawn Chairs: VINGLI Patio Folding Web Lawn Chair Set
With classic style and stable construction, the best lawn chairs come from VINGLI.
Lawn Chair USA Webbing ChairBest Folding Lawn Chairs: Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair.
Epic color selection and multiple design options earned Lawn Chair USA its spot in our ranking.
GCI Outdoor Zero Gravity ChairBest Patio Lounge Chairs: Ostrich Chaise Lounge.
For the best patio loungin’ choose these chaise lounge chairs from Ostrich.
Ostrich Chaise LoungeBest Zero-Gravity Lawn Chairs: GCI Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair.
For the ultimate comfort of a zero-gravity chair, look no further than GCI.
Rowles Recliner Patio ChairBest Reclining Lawn Chairs: Rowles Recliner Patio Chair.
For outdoor entertaining in style, choose these classy reclining lawn chairs from Rowles.
KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Director ChairBest Heavy-Duty Lawn Chairs: KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Director Chair.
For heavy-duty outdoor fun we like the folding director chair from KingCamp.
GCI Outdoor Pod RockerBest Rocker Lawn Chair: GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker.
Rock away the summer with the outdoor pod rocker from GCI.

A Closer Look: Best Lawn Chairs

Relax and stay awhile. Up next are the 7 best lawn chairs that you should consider.

1. VINGLI Lawn Chair Set

The best lawn chair overall

VINGLI Lawn Chair Set

Brand: VINGLI | Color Options: 2 | Max Weight: 265 lbs | Chairs Included: 2 | Price: 💰💰💰

With great mid-century style and two color options, VINGLI comes first in our ranking of the best lawn chairs. Made from tough and durable metal pipes with breathable webbing, these portable and lightweight chairs also offer anti-slip pads for safety. There’s a higher-than-average backrest for comfort, and the compact design makes these chairs nice ‘n’ portable, not only for lawn and yard parties, but also the beach, or even on your next camping trip.

Contributing to our decision were comments from consumers calling the chairs worth the money. Though they do have a fun retro look, they’re much more comfortable than chairs of this style used to be —sturdy and good on the back, according to reports. The seats are slightly slanted upward, though, so the legs of some shorter people didn’t reach the ground while seated. For taller folks, though, this wasn’t an issue.

  • Seat and arms feel sturdy
  • Leg guards prevent tip-overs
  • White frame rather than uncoated aluminum
  • Bit Narrow
  • Some find them too light

2. Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair 

The best folding lawn chair

Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chair

Brand: Lawn Chair USA | Color Options: 39 | Max Weight: 200-250 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰

Color selection alone (an amazing 39 choices!) should put the Lawn Chair USA Webbing Chairs on anyone’s list of the best lawn chairs. Dig a little deeper, though, and these chairs easily earn their spot as the best folding chairs on the market. These chairs are offered with slight design variations, which is also cool: including magnum, low back beach, picnic, and classic. Buy one of each, because these are certainly not the cheapie lawn chairs of the past.

With a maximum weight capacity somewhere between 200 and 250 lbs, we also like the UV-resistant webbing and lightweight aluminum framing. The armrests are solid plastic, and the webbing, we found out, is wider than it is on chairs of a similar style. Consumers report the chairs fold and unfold easily, while the extra height and sturdiness make them a good choice for stockier individuals or for folks with mobility issues.

  • Easy to carry one-handed
  • Good choice for the elderly
  • Webbing held with clip rather than riveted
  • Some colors a bit much
  • Bit expensive, but worth it
  • Front legs instead of tubing could be sturdier

3. Ostrich Chaise Lounge

The best patio lawn chair

GCI Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Brand: Ostrich | Color Options: 5 | Max Weight: 250 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰

What are patios for but lounging? Stretch out and relax with these chaise, folding lounge chairs from Ostrich. Available in five color choices, these chairs are made from stainless steel and polyester with three position adjustments and breathable, quick-dry fabric. For sunbathing, there are face and arm slots, as well as a pillow. The carrying strap makes this chair a good choice for traveling.

One word of caution, the ease with which the legs unfold does receive mixed reviews. Some say, though, it’s simply a matter of expanding the legs first before unfolding the upper portion of the chair. Those who like the chair comment on the face hole, making it easy to comfortably flip over and catch some rays on your backside, and the fabric resists fading, according to reports. 

  • Durable ratchet mechanism
  • Strong, double-stitched fabric
  • Good height adjustment for book reading
  • Could be a bit longer
  • Some ripping issues reported
  • Face hole too large for some

4. GCI Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

The best zero-gravity lawn chair

Ostrich Chaise Lounge

Brand: GCI | Color Options: 1 | Max Weight: 300 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰💰

For the uniquely relaxing experience of a zero-gravity chair, choose GCI. Zero gravity chairs recline, putting your neck, feet, and back in alignment. And if you’ve never tried one, you’re in for a treat. The GCI zero-gravity is made from a powder-coated steel frame that locks securely in place once you’re in position, both horizontal and upright. For added comfort, there’s an adjustable headrest, and what’s a serious chill sesh without a cup holder?

Otherwise, the chair fold-up for portability, though it does lack any kind of handle making longer trips a bit difficult, according to reports. It’s made from textilene mesh with a 300-lbs weight capacity. Those who’ve tried the chair call it a bit short for taller folks, but a good choice for people with bad backs, offering a full-range of motion: from completely vertical to 100% horizontal.

  • Reclining lever easy to use
  • Locks securely in place once in position
  • Well ventilated — won’t make your back too sweaty
  • Cup holder could be bigger
  • Not a great choice for camping
  • Won’t go upright enough, for some

5. Rowles Recliner Patio Chair

The best reclining lawn chair

Rowles Recliner Patio Chair

Brand: Rowles | Color Options: 2 | Max Weight: 300 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Not all lawn chairs are meant for casual hangouts. For more formal outdoor dining or for patio and poolside entertaining, look to the Rowles recliner. Available in two color options — blue and beige — this well-made chair is made from powder-coated metal with ample foam cushioning covered in a polyester blend. The back is adjustable up to 160 degrees, and the chair is good for year-round use with a max weight of up to 300 lbs. 

Otherwise, the Rowles reclining lawn chair is easy to assemble, according to consumer feedback, and both the cushion and cushion cover are removable for cleaning, which is convenient. The chair is also highly resistant to rust. Another feature not to be missed is the footrest, but the footrest can’t be used when the chair is upright, unfortunately. Overall, the Rowles is a great chair for the price, consumers say, that will go a long way toward sprucing up your patio. 

  • Clear instructions
  • Dirt brushes off easily
  • Colors dark enough to hide stains
  • Bit large for petite people
  • Back bar difficult to installReplacement cushions not available

6. KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Director Chair

The best heavy-duty lawn chair

KingCamp Heavy-Duty Folding Director Chair

Brand: KingCamp | Color Options: 1 | Max Weight: 350 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰💰

For hardcore hanging out on your next camping trip or in your back yard choose the heavy-duty folding director’s chair from KingCamp. With a strong steel frame, the chair is made from extra-durable Oxford fabric with padded armrests. We really like the fold-away cooler bag and side table with a cupholder. It folds and unfolds in seconds, making it very easy to transport. The black and grey color combo is the only design option, however.

Otherwise, fans of the chair love the armrests, adding that it sits a bit higher than other camping chairs. The side table is also very sturdy, according to reports locking firmly in place. The cup holder also has drains holes in the event of a spill. In addition to camping and tailgating, the chair is also a good choice for anyone with mobility issues like a bad hip. The chair is easy to get into and easy to stand up from.

  • Good choice for “big dudes”
  • Thick polyester seat and back
  • Insulated cooler bag next-levels your porch party
  • No padding
  • Cup holder a bit small for some 
  • Folded dimensions bigger than quoted

7. GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker

The best rocker lawn chair

GCI Outdoor Pod Rocker

Brand: GCI | Color Options: 2 | Max Weight: 250 lbs | Chairs Included: 1 | Price: 💰💰

GCI showed up again when we went searching for the best rocker lawn chair, and for good reason. Available in two color options, this foldable, full-size pod rocker has spring-action rocking technology with a sling-style seat, secured in a powder-coated steel frame. The mesh panels are breathable, with a cupholder and a pocket for incidentals like cell phones. And it all folds up neatly and compactly when it’s time to hit the road — carry bag included!

Helping the pod rocker stand out from the pack were reports that a consumer with back issues found the chair easy to get into and out of, and the rocking motion is really comfortable. The sitting position, though, is also very stable if that’s what you prefer. Some say it’s a bit heavy to carry when folded, but the double stitching is strong and durable, and the vented pocket is a really nice and convenient feature. Also, if you’re short and you hate it when your feet can’t touch the ground, this is the chair for you, according to reports.

  • Shapes to fit you
  • Lighter than expected
  • Good choice for a fidgeter
  • Too big, for some
  • Too small, for others
  • Occasional click or tap when rocking

Our Process

For this guide on best lawn chairs, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 35 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about forty five user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each lawn chair. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 7 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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