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Best Men’s Yoga Pants: Hot Yoga, Shorts, Tall, and Loose (2024)

Best Men’s Yoga Pants: Hot Yoga, Shorts, Tall, and Loose (2024)

These days women wear yoga pants everywhere, from the yoga studio to the coffee shop. It can sometimes be difficult, though, for men who are interested in trying yoga to know what to wear — do yoga pants have to be form-fitting, or can they be loose and relaxed? Can men get away with wearing them outside of yoga class? And why can’t we just do yoga in shorts? 

In this article, we answer all those questions and a whole lot more. In doing so, we present the eight best yoga pants (and shorts) for men, including the best hot yoga pants, the best loose yoga pants, and the best tall yoga pants for those long-legged among us. 

We also provide pointers for choosing the best material for yoga pants, providing the breathability, durability, and the free range-of-motion required to bend yourself into those yoga pretzel poses you’ve been working on.

Most importantly, though, we’re here to say that — a lot like yoga itself — yoga pants aren’t just for women. So let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

Get started with this brief rundown of why each pair of pants in ranking needs to be in your closet.

prAna Mens Vaha PantBest Yoga Pants for Men: prAna Mens Vaha Pant
Made from hemp and recycled polyester, prAna’s makes both the best—and the most sustainable—men’s yoga pants around.
YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga ShortBest Men’s Hot Yoga Pants: YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga Short
Hot yoga is just that: hot. Keep it cool with the men’s swerve yoga shorts from YOGA CROW. 
prAna Men’s Mojo ShortBest Yoga Shorts for Men: prAna Men’s Mojo Short
Look no further than prANA for men’s yoga pants that are actually shorts.
YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long PantsBest Tall Yoga Pants: YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants
Big ‘n’ tall dudes deserve yoga too. Find yoga pants that fit and choose men’s yoga long pants from YogaAddict.
AvaCostume Men’s Lightweight Loose Yoga PantsBest Loose Yoga Pants: AvaCostume Men’s Lightweight Yoga Pants
Find the range of motion you need to successfully execute those yoga poses with these lightweight loose yoga pants from AvaCostume.
Nike Yoga Men’s PantsBest Capri Yoga Pants for Men: Nike Yoga Men’s Yoga Pants 
For more comfort and flexibility, choose these capri-style Nike yoga pants made from sustainable materials.
Champion Men’s Open Bottom Lightweight Jersey PantBest Jersey Men’s Yoga Pants: Champion Men’s Jersey Pant
Soft, stretchy and durable, the best jersey men’s yoga pants come from Champion.
Willit Men’s Active Yoga LeggingsBest Leggings: Willit Men’s Active Yoga Leggings
Wanna know a secret? Men wear leggings, too, and the best yoga leggings for men are made by Willit.

A Closer Look: Best Men’s Yoga Pants

Besides going on one leg at a time, what else is there to know about yoga pants for men? We answer that question in our next section.

1. prAna Mens Vaha Pant

The best men’s yoga pants overall

prAna Mens Vaha Pant

Brand: prAna | Color Options: 4 | Sizes: S – XL | Waistband: Elastic/Drawstring | Material: Hemp/Recycled Polyester | Price: 💰💰💰

The relaxed fit men’s Vaha pant from prAna took the top spot in our ranking of men’s yoga pants for their quality construction, versatile sizing options, and four color choices. Made from a sustainable blend of recycled polyester and hemp, the pants are stretchy enough for yoga, with a knit elastic and drawstring waistband keeping them comfortable for a broad range of body types. The fabric also includes a small amount of spandex.

With inseams ranging from 29 to 35-inches and side pockets, these prAna men’s pants are lightweight and soft, according to reports — suitable for the yoga studio but also casual wear, hiking, or for simply just lounging around. 

We were particularly encouraged by comments stating the pants provide a full-range of motion and have moisture-wicking properties. Some big ‘n’ tall men don’t like the fit, however, commenting these pants are most suitable for slender builds.

  • Double as casual wear
  • Good indoor and outdoors
  • 34-inch inseam rare in men’s yoga pants
  • No functioning fly
  • Ordering can be arduous at times

2. YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga Short

The best men’s hot yoga pants

YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga Short

Brand: YOGA GROW | Color Options: 6 | Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large | Waistband: Elastic | Material: Nylon/Polyester blend | Price: 💰💰💰

Hot yoga is pretty much regular yoga performed under hot and humid conditions. It is believed to improve many of the health and wellness outcomes associated with this ancient form of exercise. It makes sense then, that the best men’s hot yoga pants are actually shorts. 

Made by YOGA CROW, the men’s Swerve yoga shorts have six color options and an elastic waistband. They’re made from a nylon and polyester blend, with sizes X-Small to XX-Large. 

We were confident giving YOGA CROW the designation of best men’s yoga shorts for hot yoga based on the 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking properties, and breathability. 

These shorts also resist bunching up, and have a boxer brief lining for comfort. Some who’ve worn the shorts in a hot yoga session say they dry quickly, even for heavy-sweaters, and they keep your private parts covered even in the most difficult of poses. Many turned to YOGA CROW after Lululemon discontinued their men’s shorts specifically for yoga. 

  • Also work for running
  • Don’t constrict in Warrior Pose
  • Don’t bunch up “around the junk”
  • No fly
  • Waistband a little bunchy, for some
  • Not a great fit for tall and thin builds

3. prAna Men’s Mojo Short

The best men’s yoga shorts

prAna Men’s Mojo Short

Brand: prAna | Color Options: 17 | Sizes: X-Small – XX-Large | Waistband: Plush | Material: Recycled Polyester | Price: 💰💰

From traditional yoga to hot yoga, some men simply prefer practicing yoga in shorts. The best yoga shorts for men also from prAna. Made from recycled polyester with a plush elastic waistband, pRana’s Mojo shorts offer a pull-on closure and a full inseam gusset for added durability. There are both front and back pockets for convenience, and all sorts of color and print patterns to choose from. And the fabric is also very quick-drying, according to reports. 

These shorts are great for yoga, we learned, but also hiking and jogging. They even worked well as board shorts, according to one report. There’s no liner; however, users call them comfortable, saying they fit well and that they are truly lightweight. Some do add the waistband bunches up a bit, though, and that the sizes do tend to run a little small.

  • Legs shorter than pictured
  • Great length for men’s yoga shorts
  • Back pocket deep enough for a wallet
  • Fabric could be stretchier
  • No drawstring to adjust the fit
  • Waistband loses some elasticity

4. YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

The best men’s tall yoga pants

YogaAddict Men’s Yoga Long Pants

Brand: YogaAddict | Color Options: 4 | Sizes: Small – XX-Large | Waistband: Drawstring/Elastic | Material: Cotton/Spandex Blend | Price: 💰💰

It can be challenging for tall men to find yoga pants that fit. To help, we selected the men’s long yoga pants from YogaAddict.These pants are extra long with a drawstring elastic waistband, meaning the fit is adjustable for men with thin waists and long legs. They’re also available in four color options. They are made from cotton and spandex blend, making them extra stretchy and comfortable.

One person said they are the most comfortable yoga pants they’ve ever worn. Even though they fit snugly in the crotch area, the legs flare, providing extra room and creating a nice and flattering silhouette. 

Otherwise, the waist is wide, supportive, and resists bunching. There are also contiguous elasticized gussets along each pant leg, allowing greater mobility for certain yoga poses.

  • Side pockets
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Double as lounge pants
  • Bit high-waisted, for some
  • Bit heavier than other yoga pants
  • Drawstring a different color than the pants

5. AvaCostume Men’s Lightweight Loose Yoga Pants

The best men’s loose yoga pants

AvaCostume Men’s Lightweight Loose Yoga Pants

Brand: AvaCostume | Color Options: 30 | Sizes: Small 0 XXX-Large | Waistband: Elastic | Material: Cotton/Spandex Blend | Price: 💰

Based on what many women typically wear to the yoga studio, it’s understandable that when many people think of yoga pants, they think of tight, form-fitting leggings. Nothing is further from the truth, and our choice for the best loose yoga pants for men come from AvaCostume. 

Available in an astounding 30 color options, these pants — sometimes called harem pants — are made from a cotton and spandex blend and sized small to triple-XL. The waistband is elastic, and best of all, they’re very reasonably priced.

AvaCostume loose yoga pants are also an excellent choice for taller men with a longer than average inseam. Those who’ve worn them while practicing yoga call them lightweight and comfortable, and a great choice for men who have a hard time finding yoga pants that fit. 

The waistband has no drawstring. However, overall the pants stretch and move as you stretch and move, according to reports.

  • Elastic doesn’t pinch
  • Thin but not see through
  • Accommodates deep yoga stretches
  • No pockets
  • Not moisture wicking
  • Bit chilly in cold weather

6. Nike Yoga Men’s Pants 

The best men’s capri yoga pants

Nike Yoga Men’s Pants

Brand: Nike | Color Options: 4 | Sizes: S – XX-Large | Waistband: Elastic | Material: 75% Recycled Polyester | Price: 💰💰💰

Capri or ¾-style yoga pants offer a kind of comfort and range of motion preferred by many men who practice yoga. Our pick for the best capri-style yoga pants comes from Nike. Made from 75% recycled polyester, these Nike yoga pants have an elastic waistband and four color options. 

Most notable, though, is the mesh at the back of the knees and in the calf area, providing the extra ventilation you need to stay cool and relaxed on the mat. What’s more, Nike’s Dri-FIT material technology provides unparalleled moisture-wicking properties. 

Those who’ve tried these stretchy, easy-fit yoga pants for men call them great for yoga, but versatile enough for any kind of physical activity like basketball. The pants give you free-ranging movement with minimal restriction, one consumer commented. Waists do run a little large, however.

  • Recycled fabric
  • Very comfortable
  • Great pants for all sports
  • Bit spendy
  • So-so durability
  • Medium fit someone typically a large

7. Champion Men’s Open Bottom Lightweight Jersey Pant

The best jersey men’s yoga pants

Champion Men’s Open Bottom Lightweight Jersey Pant

Brand: Champion | Color Options: 6 | Sizes: S – XXXX-Large | Waistband: Sports Comfort | Material: Cotton Jersey | Price: 💰

If you’re wondering what to wear to yoga for the ultimate in softness and durability, choose pants made from jersey fabric. The next product in our ranking is the open-bottom lightweight jersey yoga pants from Champion. 

It is available in six color options and sizes ranging up to 4-XL (so listen up, big fellas). These yoga pants for men are a soft, cotton jersey fabric with a sports comfort waistband and an adjustable drawstring for a better fit.

Those who’ve worn the pants to yoga class call them roomy and lightweight but also cozy when the temperatures drop. For plus-size men, these pants provide a true loose fit, we learned, and the pockets are also very convenient. 

Some do find them a bit oversized in the thigh and rear area, so they choose to buy a size smaller than they might otherwise.

  • Good length
  • Plenty stretchy in the waist
  • Thinner than average sweatpants
  • Open bottom a bit floppy
  • Itchy waistband, for some
  • Shrinking issues reported

8. Willit Men’s Active Yoga Leggings

The best men’s yoga leggings

Willit Men’s Active Yoga Leggings

Brand: Willit | Color Options: 6 | Sizes: S – XXX-Large | Waistband: Elastic | Material: Nylon/Spandex Blend | Price: 💰

Just because men don’t have to wear leggings-style yoga pants, doesn’t mean they aren’t an option if that’s what you prefer. The best men’s leggings for yoga comes from Willit. With sizes ranging from small to 3XL, these yoga leggings have an elastic waistband for ease of fit. They are made from a stretch-fabric made from a nylon and spandex blend that is known for drying quickly.

Other things we liked about Willit leggings include the very reasonable price, the side pockets, and the gusseted crotch for comfort and stability. Fans of the leggings say they’re light and fit great. The material truly is stretchy, according to one report, and they have an excellent cooling quality. The side pockets are large enough to hold a cell phone.

One experienced male yoga practitioner who was reluctant to try leggings called the compression subtle but comforting without restricting any motion.

  • Well-sewn
  • Nice color options
  • Good choice for tall/slim builds
  • No drawstring
  • Some pilling reported
  • Bit longer than expected

Our Process

For this guide on best men’s yoga pants, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 45 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about twenty four user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each men’s yoga pants. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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