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6 Best Yoga Bolsters in 2024: Support Your Practice

6 Best Yoga Bolsters in 2024: Support Your Practice

Yoga bolsters are a must-have for all yogis because of the support, comfort, and assistance they provide. In order to save you some time in your hunt for the top yoga bolster, we compiled a list of the best yoga bolsters currently available.

After investigating the best yoga bolster brands, we’ve chosen the Hugger Mugger yoga bolster as our favorite. This bolster is high quality, durable, and comfortable, and the reviews are nothing but positive. That said, it’s not the only fantastic bolster out there…

Our Top Picks: Best Yoga Bolsters

Short on time? Check out our quick list of favorites:

Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga BolsterOverall Best: Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster.
An investment in your practice from now until forever. This bolster is loved by all, and easily takes the place of best yoga bolsters on our list.
Ajna Yoga BolsterGreen Pick: Ajna Yoga Bolster.
If you want a more eco-friendly option for your yoga practice, this bolster is made with vegan and toxic-free materials.
Incline Fit Yoga BolsterBest Budget Option: Incline Fit Yoga Bolster.
Add to your accessories without breaking your budget. Expect to get what you pay for, which is still something pretty great.
Peace Yoga Buckwheat BolsterBest Meditation Bolster: Peace Yoga Buckwheat Bolster.
Buckwheat Hulls are becoming a lot more common as a pillow stuffing. They will even help to stifle noise and enhance your meditation experience.
Lotuscrafts Yoga BolsterBest Yoga Bolster Pillow: Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster.
Kapok fibers will enhance the comfort of this yoga bolster, earning it a deserved place on our list.
YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga BolsterBest Pranayama Bolster: YogaAccessories Yoga Bolster.
If you’re looking for a bolster specifically made for your breathing exercises we recommend this one.

1. Hugger Mugger Standard Yoga Bolster

The best yoga bolster overall

Hugger Mugger Standard Bolster one of the best yoga bBolsters

Brand: Hugger Mugger / Shape: Rectangular / Dimensions: 25″ x 12″ / Price: 💰💰💰💰

Hugger Mugger is one of the best yoga bolster brands out there. They have several different models. For this article, we are focusing on their standard yoga bolster.

With its impressive length and width, the Hugger Mugger is suitable for anyone who needs some support in their practice. Whether you need help with breathing exercises or assistance in performing varying poses free of strain, this bolster fits the bill.

While this bolster is quite expensive, its durability and impressive quality make it an excellent investment for anyone who wants a bolster that will withstand the test of time.

The Hugger Mugger yoga bolster is beloved by its users, and we can see why! It’s an extraordinarily durable bolster, with excellent supporting abilities. Buyers loved the support this bolster brought while remaining comfortable to use.

The only complaint users had was that it is quite an expensive product. Also, one mentioned the color looking different in-person compared to how it looked online. As previously noted, this is an expensive yoga bolster. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth the price!

  • Highly durable product
  • All-around high quality
  • The perfect combination of firmness and comfort

  • The product is quite expensive
  • Colors did not look as advertised

2. Ajna Yoga Bolster

The best green yoga bolster

Ajna Yoga Bolster

Brand: Ajna / Shape: Rectangular / Dimensions: 25.6″ x 10.2″ / Price: 💰💰💰

The Ajna yoga bolster is another excellent option on our list. It is what we consider to be the most eco-friendly option.

The soft, removable cover is called “eco-suede.” It is made from recycled 100% vegan materials, with no harmful chemicals and toxins. The covers come in three different colors and are easily removable for cleaning. An added bonus? Each purchase comes with a matching cotton bag for easy transportation.

There was a minuscule amount of negative reviews, although they are still worth mentioning. The negative reviews were mostly regarding the bolster either being too firm, or much too soft.

Overall, the buyers loved this yoga bolster. They found it to be incredibly comfortable, providing just the right amount of support. The vast majority left sparkling reviews, noting the quality of the eco-suede, the support the bolster provided, and its multitude of different uses.

  • It has no toxic smell
  • Provided amazing support
  • The beautiful design of the bolster

  • Bolster was too firm
  • Bolster was not filled enough

3. Incline Fit Yoga Bolster

The best yoga bolster on a budget

Incline Fit Yoga Bolster

Brand: Incline Fit / Shape: Round / Dimensions: 28″ x 10″ / Price: 💰💰

The Incline Fit yoga bolster is a fantastic addition to this list. It is complete with a machine washable cover, a soft interior, and a low price tag. Although there are a couple of lower-priced bolsters in this list, this one is the cheapest out of the standard yoga bolsters.

The negative reviews consisted of those who were not satisfied with the firmness of the bolster. They thought it was much too soft, more like a standard pillow, despite being advertised as a bolster. The other issue some had, was the zipper either being broken upon arrival, or it breaking early on in use. These are clearly some QC issues. Nevertheless, most buyers were very pleased with their purchase.

Overall, customers were satisfied with their bolsters. They found them to have great firmness, and they were perfect for stabilizing the spine in various restorative yoga poses. Some buyers even decided they wanted to buy some more so they could have one for at home and one for their studio.

Incline Fit’s Yoga Bolster really is a perfect fit for anyone who wants a bolster, yet doesn’t like the big price tags on the majority of high-end yoga props.

  • Great quality for the price
  • Perfectly firm for restorative yoga
  • Very helpful in stabilizing the spine

  • The zipper was split upon arrival
  • Bolster has too much give for some users

4. Peace Yoga Buckwheat Bolster

The best yoga bolster for meditation

Peace Yoga Buckwheat Bolster

Brand: Peace Yoga / Shape: Heart-shaped / Dimensions: 18″ x 9.6″ / Price: 💰💰

The Peace Yoga bolster is explicitly designed with meditation in mind. Its oblong heart shape is perfect for a seated meditation position, especially if you plan to meditate for an extended time.

This yoga bolster is different from the others in this list because of the intention for meditative use. It has an entirely different shape compared to the others, as it is designed primarily for being sat on. It elevates the hips to ease joint pain, and won’t cut off the circulation in your legs.

Buckwheat hulls are used for the filling and provide excellent cushioning. And they don’t get warm from body heat, so you’ll have a cool cushion no matter how warm you get.

The case comes in several different but beautiful colors and designs. Some people even use these bolsters as couch pillows because they are so stylish and soft! The cover is also machine washable, very convenient.

The buckwheat hulls aren’t supposed to get wet, so Peace Yoga suggests that if they are wet or damp, simply lay them out in the sun. Sun-drying is the best way to prevent any mold or mildew growing from damp buckwheat.

There were a couple of negative reviews, the most notable stating that there were lots of little bugs all over the bolster upon arrival. Luckily, Peace Yoga gave the customer a full refund and was investigating the issue to prevent future dissatisfaction.

Despite the QC issue, most buyers love their yoga bolsters. The majority notes that the filling is very comfortable and stable. The cover is beautiful, and they find it a high-quality product.

  • It relieved back pain
  • The cover is eye-catching
  • The buckwheat filling is very comfortable

  • The scent was too strong
  • Bugs were in the package upon arrival

5. Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster

The best yoga bolster pillow

Lotuscrafts Yoga Bolster

Brand: Lotuscrafts / Shape: Rectangular / Dimensions: 28″ x 8″ / Price: 💰💰💰

The Lotuscrafts yoga bolster is a beautiful, comfortable, and eco-friendly prop. The case is made from 100% organic cotton, and they color it with environmentally-friendly dyes. Kapok fiber fills each bolster generously. For those who don’t know, kapok fiber is a wool-like fluff that comes out of Ceiba tree seed pods.

The overall consensus from users is that this is one of the best bolsters for yoga out there. Plenty even suggest using it for things other than yoga. This pillow can also work well as a neck roll pillow. It’s also great to support under your knees if you tend to sleep on your back.

One issue that some users found was the bolster was stuffed too tightly, so it was hard to remove the casing. Another post stated the casing shrank after being washed with cold water, despite being advertised as machine washable.

In contrast with the negative reviews, the overwhelming majority of buyers write highly about their Lotuscrafts bolster. They praised the bolster, saying how comfortable it was. They love how easy it is to clean and found the material to be high quality. One buyer even mentioned it immensely eased their back pain.

All-in-all, the Lotscrafts yoga bolster is a great buy.

  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality material
  • Extremely comfortable

  • Bolster was stuffed too full
  • Could not wash the cover without shrinkage

6. YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

The best pranayama yoga bolster

YogaAccessories Pranayama Cotton Yoga Bolster

Brand: YogaAccessories / Shape: Rectangular / Dimensions: 25″ x 6″ / Price: 💰

The YogaAccessories yoga bolster has excellent quality and a wonderfully low price. Designed specifically to assist in pranayama breath control exercises, this bolster is only 3 inches high (regular yoga bolsters are around 6 inches). This height is ideal for providing just the support you need to open up your chest for pranayama.

YogaAccessories fill their bolsters with pure cotton, so upon arrival, it may appear fuller than advertised. Luckily, the cotton will settle, although YogaAccessories suggests taking out some stuffing if you prefer a softer experience. The outside casing is removable and machine washable for an easy clean.

Our favorite thing about this bolster? It’s high-quality while having a very low price. The reviews reflect pleased customers.

Overall, they love how supportive the pranayama bolster is and its size, which is perfect for pranayama practice.

Some reviewers found the bolster to be a bit too full, and one stated their bolster smelled very dusty despite lots of airing-out. Nevertheless, the majority of buyers loved it and were very satisfied with their purchase- especially considering the low price!

  • Easy to transport
  • Perfect size for pranayama
  • It provided perfect support

  • The bolster smelled dusty
  • Bolster was lumpy due to the stuffing

What to Look for in a Yoga Bolster

What to Look for Yoga Bolster - Best Yoga Bolsters
Image by Debbie Helbing / Canva Photos

Yoga bolsters are simple, minimalist yoga props. Depending on your own yoga habits, the bolster you need could vary greatly. To make sure you buy the right one, consider the following specs.


Density and Filling Material

The first thing to consider is how firm or soft you want your yoga bolster to be. Generally speaking, it’s better to have a fairly firm bolster; otherwise, it may collapse or break down quickly. When looking through product reviews, always make sure that buyers confirm the firmness of the yoga bolster.

If you are looking for eco-friendly yoga accessories — make sure to critique the stuffing used. You may want to get a yoga bolster that is stuffed with a natural and sustainable material such as kapok fiber or buckwheat hulls.



Durability is something you want in every product you could possibly buy, so this may be a bit of no-brainer. You definitely want to invest in a product that will last, considering that yoga bolsters aren’t necessarily a cheap purchase in the first place. Glance through product reviews to make sure that your yoga bolster of choice is a sturdy, long-lasting product.



Product shape is an important aspect to consider when buying a yoga bolster. When choosing a shape, there are the two most common options: rectangular and round.

  • Rectangular: This shape is flatter compared to the round bolster, providing extra stability and allowing for deeper bends.
  • Round: The round bolster provides more support in various bends, and is ideal for opening up your chest.
  • Round (Small): This one is essentially a cushion meant to sit on. Most use it for meditation. If you have issues with your legs falling asleep or any pain from sitting on a hard surface while you meditate, this is a great option.



The final thing to consider is the size (length and width) of your yoga bolster. Preference will vary from person to person. Depending on your height and weight, you may want a larger or smaller yoga bolster. At the end of the day, it is a personal preference.

You also need to consider what practice you want to use your bolster for when considering your bolster’s length and width. Pranayama (breath-control technique) generally requires a round bolster with a shorter diameter than the standard yoga bolster. In Pranayama, bolsters are utilized to lie on along your spine, to open up your lungs.

There are lots of different lengths and widths for yoga bolsters, and they can vary depending on the brand. Just make sure to check the dimensions before you buy!

Our Process

For this guide on yoga bolsters, our team spent 6 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about sixty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each bolster. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 6 yoga bolsters on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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