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6 Best Mini Trampolines: For Kids, Workout, Adults (2024)

6 Best Mini Trampolines: For Kids, Workout, Adults (2024)

Benefits of trampoline workouts — sometimes called rebounding exercises — include improved circulation, better balance, and even a better regulated metabolism. This could mean something as simple as jumping on a trampoline for ten minutes a day, or instead, there are also any number of great workouts to try available on YouTube for you to try. To get started with trampoline workouts, you’re going to need to get yourself a mini trampoline. And not only will your new trampoline be good for exercising, it’s also a great way for kids to blow off some steam while you take a break. With this in mind, we present the six best mini trampolines for kids, workouts, adults, and anyone on a budget. Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

Bounce through the best mini trampolines to buy- this chart shows a summary of the 6 trampolines in our roundup. For details on each option you can scroll further down to our product details.

JumpSport 220Best Overall: JumpSport 220.
For exercise or family time, the JumpSport 220 is the best overall mini trampoline to buy.
Wamkos 40 Rebounder Mini TrampolineBest for Adults: Wamkos 40″ Rebounder Mini Trampoline.
Great for cardio, the Wamko 40” trampoline bounces quietly and is easy to assemble.
Little Tikes 36 inch trampolineBest for Kids: Little Tikes 36″ Foldable Trampoline.
For the little tikes, choose the Little Tikes 36” foldable trampoline — without a doubt the best mini trampoline for kids. 
Newan 48 inch Fitness TrampolineBest for a Workout: Newan 48″ Fitness Trampoline.
The Newan 48” fitness trampoline is a bungee rebounder with an adjustable handlebar.
Darchen Mini TrampolineBudget Pick: Darchen Mini Trampoline.
The best mini trampoline to buy for not a lot of money is the Darchen Mini: quiet and safe, with the perfect tension.
Fit Bounce ProDeluxe Pick: Fit Bounce Pro II Bungee Rebounder.
For the ultimate mini trampoline experience, choose the Fit Bounce Pro II; sturdy, well made, and easy to to set up.

A Closer Look: Best Mini Trampolines for All

Don’t bounce just yet! The six best mini trampoline reviews are coming up next. 

1. JumpSport 220

The best mini trampolines overall.

JumpSport 220

Brand: JumpSport | Frame Size: 39″ | Jumping Surface: 32.5″ | Features: Silent FlexBounce System | Price: 💰💰💰

The first mini trampoline in our ranking is the JumpSport 220. With about 33 inches of jumping surface and a 39-inch frame, this option is easy to assemble. If a workout is what you’re after, the FlexBounce system makes bouncing easy on the joints and knees. Plus, it comes with an exercise DVD for inspiration, and the resistance is adjustable as your fitness improves.

The JumpSport 220 is also the overall best choice to keep your family occupied, though, because it’s very sturdy, with an optional stability bar: your choice. Worried about that annoying squeaking sound trampolines can sometimes make? That’s less of an issue with the 220 because it uses bungees with a rebounder surface, rather than springs.

  • Fun for all ages
  • Comes with tools
  • Great for a home gym
  • But tall — hard to store
  • Kids like it; you’ll never get a turn!

2. Wamkos 40″ Rebounder Mini Trampoline

The best mini trampoline for adults.

Wamkos 40 Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Brand: Wamkos | Frame Size: 40″ | Jumping Surface: 26″ | Features: 32 Springs | Price: 💰

For adults seeking the best mini trampoline for exercise, relaxation, or just for fun, we recommend the Wamko 40” Rebounder. It’s durably constructed with 32 coil springs, and a jump mat made from heavy-duty polypropylene. Best of all, it weighs less than 20 lbs. Nicely, the frame is foldable so it’s easy to store at home or even at the office for a quick lunchtime workout. 

Unlike a treadmill or other kinds of heavy exercise equipment, this trampoline is easy to put right in front of your TV to keep things interesting. With springs rather than a bungee, it might not be as bouncy as other options. On the other hand, though, that means this trampoline is particularly easy on your joints, according to feedback.

  • Quite firm
  • Not too noisy
  • Easy to put together
  • Some prefer a bungee system
  • Spring durability issues reported
  • Two people required for assembly and disassembly

3. Little Tikes 3′ Foldable Trampoline

The best mini trampoline for kids.

Little Tikes 36 inch trampoline

Brand: Little Tikes | Frame Size: 36″ | Jumping Surface: 29″ | Features: Handlebar for Safety | Price: 💰

Kids bouncing all over the house? Give them a mini trampoline to burn off some of that excess fuel. To this end, we chose the 36” foldable trampoline from Little Tikes as the best mini trampoline for kids. With a big surface to jump on, and a handlebar for safety, this Little Tikes product is good for ages 3 – 6 years old, and it is designed specifically for indoor use.

Parents who’ve tried the trampoline appreciate that it comes fully assembled and once it arrives, all they have to do is unfold it and screw on the legs. It all goes together in about 15 minutes, based on feedback, and since it uses elastic, there are no springs to pinch the toes of little ones while they jump. Otherwise we learned the worst part about this trampoline is your cats may want to nap on it.

Editor’s Pick

We purchased this trampoline for our 3-year-old that loves jumping- they use it everyday and it’s held up incredibly well. If you have a high-energy kid it’s a perfect way to encourage movement, especially on rainy days!

  • Simple to assemble
  • Strong, sturdy, and bouncy
  • Rubber cover on legs protects flooring
  • Handlebar cushion too fragile     
  • Weight capacity could be better
  • Some bolts and screws require reinforcement 

4. Newan 48″ Fitness Trampoline

The best mini trampoline for working out.

Newan 48 inch Fitness Trampoline

Brand: Newan | Frame Size: 48″ | Jumping Surface: 39″ | Features: Adjustable Handle Bar | Price: 💰💰

Jumping on a trampoline: it’s not just child’s play. Trampolines are also a great way to get some exercise, particularly cardio. To get the best rebounder workout, we like the 48” fitness trampoline from Newan. With an adjustable handle and a unique, hexagonal design, the Newman fitness trampoline uses a bungee rope system, and is otherwise made with stainless steel construction.

Overall, the Newman is strong and solidly built, and it’s very reasonably priced. It’s a phenomenal choice for a cardio workout, due in part to the firm bungee system, we learned. And there are lots of videos available on YouTube for inspiration. Comparatively, it’s a little tough to set up, based on feedback, but most consider it well worth the effort. This trampoline is a true rebounder, for an intense workout.

  • Large jumping surface
  • Very solidly constructed
  • Workouts feel awesome
  • Handlebar a little wobbly
  • Instructions could be better
  • Assembly takes some effort

5. Darchen Mini Trampoline for Adults

The best mini trampoline on a budget.

Darchen Mini Trampoline

Brand: Darchen | Frame Size: 40″ | Jumping Surface: 28″ | Features: High Weight Capacity | Price: 💰💰

Getting the best mini trampoline can be as expensive or as affordable as you make it, but keep in mind, you get what you pay for. For adults seeking an exercise trampoline that won’t bust the budget, we like the Darchen mini trampoline. With 30 bungees and alloy steel construction, it’s also very quiet, making it a great choice for indoor exercise in apartments and condos.

Standing on six strong legs, this trampoline also has a pretty high weight capacity, at 500 lbs, and it all assembles in about 45 minutes, according to reports. A popular choice for larger folks, jumping on the Darchen for as little as 5 minutes, and you’ll start to feel it. It doesn’t fold, unfortunately, but we found out it’s compact enough to fit under the bed or in the closet.

  • Easy to move 
  • Lightweight but strong
  • Very strong bungee cords
  • Quiet? That’s debatable.
  • Bungees a bit tricky to attach
  • Weight capacity questionable

6. Fit Bounce Pro II Bungee Rebounder

The best deluxe mini trampoline.

Fit Bounce Pro

Brand: MaXimus Life | Frame Size: 40″ | Jumping Surface: 28″ | Features: Folding Legs | Price: 💰💰💰💰

For the ultimate mini trampoline experience, check out the Fit Bounce Pro II bungee rebounder, the best deluxe mini trampoline we reviewed. With an extra strong 60 connector bungee system and folding legs, the trampoline is lightweight and easy to move. It comes fully assembled, and the legs fold up neatly when it’s time to put it away. We also like the big weight capacity at more than 300 lbs.

Also notable, the package comes with a storage bag, and an instructional DVD among other useful extras like a BounceCounter. Those who’ve used the trampoline call it awesome, with sturdy construction, and it’s also very easy to fold up when it’s time to store it. One person  used it as often as six days a week for 30 minutes a day and said they’re 100% happy with the purchase. It’s also a great way to get your heart rate up.

  • Good bounce from the bungees
  • Workouts included with the DVD
  • Unpack, unfold, insert pins — good to go
  • Legs a little hard for some to fold
  • Jumping surface surprisingly small
  • Isolated incident of a broken bungee

Our Process

If you’re looking for the best mini trampoline for adults, kids, or anyone- you’ve come to the right place. At Shelf, we’ve mastered online shopping, and use our skills to bring you carefully curated product roundups. For this article, our author spent 5 hours researching mini trampoline brands and manufacturers. They analyzed prices, features, quality, and user feedback to narrow that list down to the top 6 mini trampolines on the market. You can feel confident in your purchase using our articles! If you think we missed your favorite brand, drop us a comment below.

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