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Best Organic Face Moisturizers 2024 + Natural & Vegan Options

Best Organic Face Moisturizers 2024 + Natural & Vegan Options

Skincare routines are crucial for the health of your skin. Moisturizers are a key element of every skincare routine. It’s essential to make sure that your moisturizer ingredients are 100% healthy for your skin and body. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best natural or organic face moisturizers.

Our favorite moisturizer? The YUNI Beauty Active Calm Firming Facial Moisturizer due to its natural ingredients and ability to work with most skin types.

Our Top Picks: Best Organic Face Moisturizers

If you’re short on time, check out our list of favorites:

1. YUNI Beauty Active Calm Firming Facial Moisturizer

The best organic face moisturizer overall

Yuni Moisturizer

Brand: YUNI Beauty / Supports: All Skin Types / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

The YUNI Beauty face moisturizer is an excellent all-around face moisturizer. Made of a combination of natural and organic products, it’s an excellent face moisturizer for any skin type. It has a wonderfully light texture when applied, and won’t clog pores.

Users loved this product and how natural the ingredients are. They found it to be moisturizing without causing breakouts, and that it plumped and brightened their skin. Only one person had an adverse skin reaction to the product, mentioning it caused her to break out. She also found the scent to be too strong of green tea.

  • Makes skin incredibly soft and supple
  • Moisturized without causing breakouts
  • Lessened the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles

  • Earthy scent
  • Caused breakout

2. Nourish Organic Botanical Beauty Cashmere Face Cream

The best organic face moisturizer for dry & dehydrated skin

Nourish Moisturizer

Brand: Nourish Organic / Supports: Dry & Dehydrated Skin / FragranceNone / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

Made of 100% all organic ingredients, this face moisturizer is perfect for those who need some serious hydration. Ideal for those with dry or dehydrated skin, this cream will leave your skin soft as cashmere!

Although one user with oily skin broke out from the moisturizer, and another found it not hydrating enough, the reviews were overwhelmingly positive. Buyers found the moisturizer to be incredibly lightweight, and it left their skin softer than ever.

  • Didn’t clog pores
  • Extremely hydrating
  • Product is lightweight on the skin

  • Caused user with oily skin to break out
  • Product was not as hydrating as anticipated

3. DERMA E Anti Wrinkle Cream

The best organic anti-aging face moisturizer

DERMA E Wrinkle Moisturizer

Brand: DERMA E / Supports: Mature Skin / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

The DERMA E Anti Wrinkle Cream is a rich, luxurious moisturizer. Its formula prevents signs of aging in the skin. Although every ingredient is not organic, this is a 100% vegan product. The cream contains zero sulfates, mineral oils, lanolin, parabens, and GMOs.

Although there are many great products out there, it is currently one of the best face moisturizers on the market. And we love that users love it! Most buyers of the product found it to help reduce fine lines, and it made their skin incredibly soft.

Just a couple of buyers had problems with the moisturizer sitting on top of their skin, and not soaking in. This moisturizer would work best for people with somewhat dryer or more mature skin. It may be too thick for those with oily skin.

  • Fine lines less noticeable
  • How soft it made users skin
  • Moisturized skin without being greasy

  • Sits on top of the skin
  • The user’s skin was still dry

4. Beauty by Earth Oil Control Face Moisturizer

The best organic face moisturizer for oily skin

Beauty Earth Moisturizer

Brand: Beauty by Earth / Supports: Oily Skin / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

The Beauty by Earth Oil Control Moisturizer is one of the best face moisturizers for oily skin on the market. It provides maximum moisture without clogging pores and causing breakouts. Although the ingredients aren’t 100% organic, everything appears natural, hypoallergenic, and vegan. However, we could not find confirmation of zero added fragrance in the product,

Buyers loved how lightweight this moisturizer was and appreciated how it helped with their oil control. One customer did not like the scent of the product and found that her skin was too dry for the product, as well. Look into this face moisturizer if you have naturally oily skin!

  • Feels very light on the skin
  • Creamy without being greasy or oily
  • Prevents breakouts while maintaining moisturized skin

  • Didn’t like the smell of the product
  • It did not work for a customer with dry skin

5. Botanical Green Care Facial Moisturizer

The best organic moisturizer for sensitive skin

Botanical Moisturizer

Brand: Botanical Green Care / Supports: Sensitive Skin / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰💰

Botanical Green Care Moisturizer is one of the best organic face moisturizers for sensitive skin. Utilizing ingredients such as organic aloe, apricot, grapeseed, avocado, and argan, Botanical Green Care will leave your skin hydrated and soft.

Buyers loved how effectively this moisturizer soothed and hydrated their dry, sensitive skin. It has a very light, non-greasy consistency, which they appreciated. However, some did mention that the container it comes in did not allow them to get all of the product out once it started to run low. Maybe Botanical Green Care needs to consider a new type of container! Others mentioned they did not like how thin the moisturizer was.

Some skin types do well with thicker consistency moisturizers, and some don’t. Always consider that whenever you’re searching for the best face moisturizer for your sensitive skin.

  • Light and non-greasy feel
  • Moisturizer soothed dry, sensitive skin
  • Makes skin incredibly soft and smooth

  • How thin the moisturizer was
  • The pump-style container is inconvenient

6. DERMA E Hydrating Night Cream

The best organic night cream face moisturizer

DERMA E Night Moisturizer

Brand: DERMA E / Supports: All Skin Types / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

The DERMA E Hydrating Night Cream is an incredible natural face moisturizer for mature or dry skin. Although its ingredients are not 100% organic, they are sustainably sourced and are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Buyers generally were pleased with their purchases. Some like it so much that they use it morning and night! They found it incredibly hydrating and loved how soft it made their skin. Some people thought the consistency was a little too thick, so it didn’t absorb into their skin. Remember, this is a product for dry or mature skin rather than oily skin.

  • Leaves skin soft
  • Very hydrating cream
  • Immediately soaks into the skin

  • Consistency was too thick
  • Didn’t absorb into the skin

7. Kiwi Botanicals Day Lotion SPF 30

The best organic moisturizer with SPF

Kiwi Moisturizer The best organic moisturizer with SPF

Brand: Kiwi Botanicals / Supports: All Skin Types / Fragrance: None / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

Kiwi Botanicals SPF 30 moisturizer is an excellent option for anyone who wants hydration with sun protection this summer. While not organic, Kiwi Botanicals utilize natural and healthy ingredients in all their products and are even cruelty-free.

Buyers love the non-oily finish on this product. It isn’t sticky like a typical sunscreen, which makes it one of the best face moisturizers with SPF! However, the texture of the lotion didn’t work for everyone. Some found it to be gritty, or merely a texture that wasn’t compatible with their skin type.

  • Non-sticky finish
  • Non-oily hydration
  • Made skin soft and smooth

  • Smelled like sunscreen
  • The gritty texture of the lotion

8. Honeyskin Ultimate Face and Body Cream

The best organic face moisturizer for mature skin

Honeyskin Moisturizer The best organic face moisturizer for mature skin

Brand: Honeyskin Organics / Supports: Mature Skin / Fragrance: Jasmine Vanilla / Cruelty-Free? Yes / Price: 💰💰

This next option includes a combination of organic ingredients and natural botanical extracts. The Honeyskin face and body cream is one of if not the best face moisturizer for mature skin. It is a superb moisturizer that you can use on your face and any other dry patches of skin on your body.

Although the Amazon link does not have many reviews, the Honeyskin Organics website has a multitude of reviews from buyers. While the vast majority are positive, a few found the smell to be unappealing and found it to be too thick a cream for their skin. However, the overwhelming majority loved it and found it to be the perfect texture and consistency to moisturize their skin.

  • Makes skin very soft
  • Works for face and body
  • Non-greasy, yet hydrating

  • Product was too thick
  • Product smell was disagreeable to some

What to Look for in the Best Organic Face Moisturizer

When searching for the best organic face moisturizer, you need to consider your skin.

Best Organic Face Moisturizer
Image by Mladen Zivkovic / Canva Photos

What is your Skin Type?

Skin type is a pretty simple thing to decipher about your skin. Let’s break down the different skin types and how to look for moisturizers to suit your skin.

Oily Skin. This is a very common skin type, especially for teens going through puberty. However, some people just have oily skin throughout their life, and that’s completely normal, too! When you have oily skin, you want to look for lightweight, oil-free moisturizers. Ideally, moisturizers that are thinner in consistency are perfect for oily skin. Avoid cream moisturizers; those are way too thick and will clog your pores and cause breakouts!

Dry Skin. Human skin dries as we age, so while many with dry skin are more mature, your environment and genetics also play a role in how dry your skin is. If you live in a dry environment, your skin is likely to be dryer. When you have dry skin, the thicker, cream-based moisturizers will help plump your skin and help avoid fine lines.

Combination Skin. With combo skin, it can be tricky to find your perfect moisturizer. One way to try out various products is to start with lighter, oil-free moisturizers, and check your skin to see if it needs more moisture. If your skin fills tight at all after putting on your moisturizer, it may be time to try a slightly heavier one! Work your way up to find your perfect moisturizer.

Dehydrated Skin. Dehydrated skin is frequently mistaken for combination skin. It generally has a layer of oil on top of the skin, yet the skin itself is quite dry and maybe even itchy underneath the oil. It is simultaneously oily and dry, hence the confusion with combination skin. When skin is dehydrated, it means that the skin barrier is damaged. In the case of dehydrated skin, it is best to look for gentle moisturizers that you can use to seal your serums into your skin.

Our Process

For this guide on organic face moisturizers, our team spent 8 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each moisturizer. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 organic face moisturizers on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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