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5 Best Wine Aerators in 2024

5 Best Wine Aerators in 2024

Everyone enjoys a glass of wine from time to time… or every night. But, what if we told you that you’re not experiencing that wine to its full potential? If you’re not aerating your wine before drinking it, you are cheating yourself of the full potential that wine has to offer. Here we will break down our picks for the top 5 best wine aerators on the market.

In addition to our top pick, the Tribella Classic Wine Aerator, we will also be giving you other options at various price points. Each has different unique qualities that make them exceptional.

Our Top Picks: Best Wine Aerators

Choosing a wine aerator isn’t a dash-and-grab sort of buy. There are several considerations to evaluate before you can select the best for your home or suitcase.

Here we’ve listed our top picks to help you narrow down the competition. In the following section, we’ll give you a detailed breakdown of why (and where) each one excels.

Best Overall: Tribella Classic Wine Aerator. This aerator is a great all-around pick for any time and anywhere. It’s got a phenomenal price point, comes with a traveling case, uses the natural aeration of the multi-stream pour to give you the effect, and requires no power to run.
Best Budget: Rabbit Super Wine Aerator and Pourer. Cheap, cheerful, and effective, Rabbit comes through again with a great budget aerator ready at a moments notice.
Best Modern: Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Set. A sleek and modern device that effortlessly enhances your favorite glass into an experience. Great for in-home tastings and a weeknight merlot.
Best Luxury: Ullo Wine Purifier. The Ullo is a convenient gadget that can sit on top of your glass or decanter with ease. It handles filtering and aeration in one.
Best Travel: Soirée Luxury Sport Wine Aerator. Our top travel pick the Soiree aerator is convenient and practical. Reasonably priced and comes with a custom carrying case for a girl’s trip or your next business trip.

1. Tribella Classic Wine Aerator

The best wine aerator overall

Tribella Wine Aerator

Brand: Tribella / Craftsmanship: Stainless Steel & Plastic / Includes Accessories: Yes / Price: 💰💰💰

This phenomenal piece of equipment is our pick for the best wine aerator overall. It’s a classic design that offers a no-drip pouring mechanism.

The aerator works on cork and screw-top bottles. It uses the elegant simplicity of a multi-spout pour to effortlessly aerate and open up the wine, no decanter necessary. Coupled with its custom carrying case, you should never be without it.

  • Very well constructed, easy to use and clean
  • Compact design, puts plenty of air into the pour
  • Besides its sleek design, a lot of people are obsessing over its excellent function

  • No venturi to mechanically aerate
  • Wine can spray out of the top if inverted too quickly after pouring

2. Rabbit Super Wine Aerator and Pourer

The most affordable wine aerator


Brand: Rabbit / Craftsmanship: Stainless Steel & Plastic / Includes Accessories: No / Price: 💰

This aerator is effective in its simplicity and easy on the wallet coming in under $20. It can be used on any type of bottle and aerates during the pour into the glass.

  • Great price
  • Fantastic quality
  • Easy pour dispenser

  • Can come apart
  • The aeration piece is small so can be easily lost down the drain

3. Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Set

The best modern wine aerator

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Brand: Vinturi / Craftsmanship: Plastic / Includes Accessories: Yes / Price: 💰💰

This sleek device is easy to feature on the countertop of your bar or kitchen all the time. It effortlessly aerates either a glass at a time or a whole bottle into a decanter.

The design is a standout, especially for the reasonable price point.

  • Clean up is effortless
  • Makes a $2.00 bottle taste like a $40.00 bottle
  • As the best red wine aerator around, it does an excellent job improving taste

  • A bit messy as wine comes out the vent holes on the aerator
  • The only flaw seems to be when you place the aerator in the stand and pour wine into it — a small amount of wine may drip out the air hole.

4. Ullo Wine Purifier

The best luxury wine aerator


Brand: Ullo / Craftsmanship: Plastic / Includes Accessories: Yes / Price: 💰💰💰💰

While this aerator is a bit pricey, it gets the job done like no other. It sits gracefully on top of your glass or decanter and aerates and filters the wine by removing sulfites and sediment to greatly enhance the flavor and disposition.

It gets rid of any impurities and makes it like you’re opening the bottle in the fields of the creator’s vineyard.

  • Eliminates hangovers
  • Looks great on the counter
  • Massive difference in taste between before and after using Ullo to filter your wine

  • Unreasonably expensive
  • Difficult to put back together whenever you need to swap out a filter

5. Soirée Luxury Sport Wine Aerator

The best portable wine aerator

Soiree Wine Aerator

Brand: Soirée / Craftsmanship: Glass / Includes Accessories: Yes / Price: 💰💰💰

Stick this simple device in any bottle of wine for a perfect glass on the go. Whether you’re out at a restaurant or traveling abroad, don’t go anywhere without your Soiree Wine Aerator.

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect size for on the go
  • Fits on top of a wine bottle and will aerate an entire bottle

  • Aerator is a little fragile
  • Packaged well but seems very delicate and must be handled carefully

What to Look for in the Best Wine Aerators

The great thing about a wine aerator is that any option you pick from our list will make the wine you drink taste better. Period.

Best Wine Aerators With White Backdrop
Image by Victoriya / Canva Photos

Drinking straight from the bottle is enjoyable, for sure, but you’re cheating yourself by not letting it breathe a bit. That process is made simple through the use of a wine aerator.

Beyond that, it all comes down to what you hope to accomplish with the device. If you’re simply looking for some fluffing and boosting the oxygen, go for the economy model. If you’re dealing with a sensitivity to sulfites and haven’t been able to enjoy wine because of them, going for the splurge will be worthwhile.

There are several differences to consider. Here are the questions you should ask before purchasing a wine aerator:

  • Do I need or want a filter?
  • Would I like it to connect to the bottle itself or prefer it to be on top of my glass?
  • What type of wine am I usually drinking?
  • Are you a budget wine drinking or top of the line?
  • How often do you drink wine?

By answering these questions, it will be far easier to determine what price level and aerator is right for you.

Our Process

For this guide on wine aerators, our team spent 10 hours researching the most popular options from over 50 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each aerator. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 5 wine aerators on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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