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The 8 Best Organic Tampons in 2024

The 8 Best Organic Tampons in 2024

Tampons. No one likes to talk about them (or what’s in them), yet they are necessary for most menstruating individuals. Most name brand tampons are processed with all kinds of chemicals (sometimes even pesticides — what the heck?) that are terrible for your body. This is why the best organic tampons have made an appearance in recent years, and believe it or not: they aren’t outrageously expensive!

Our personal favorite is L. Organic Cotton Reg. Absorbency Tampons. Why? Well, we love how safe they are for your body, that they have a comfortable applicator, and how much product you get for your money. If you want to learn more about organic tampons, keep reading!

Our Top Picks: Best Organic Tampons

In a rush? Check out our quick list of favorite organic tampons below:

  • Best Overall: L. Organic Cotton Reg. Absorbency Tampons. This organic cotton tampon is safe for you, has an applicator, and provides a lot of products for a low cost.
  • Best Eco-Friendly: Natracare Organic Tampons. These tampons are good for you, functional, and applicator free. Perfect for anyone who wants a smaller footprint.
  • Best Budget: Public Goods Organic Tampons. This organic tampon is applicator-free and is incredibly low waste, comfortable, and cheap!
  • Most Comfortable: Rael Organic Cotton Tampons. Easy and comfortable to use; this is one of the best organic tampons with an applicator!
  • Best Plant-Based: o.b. Organic Tampons. Complete with an applicator that is up to 92% plant-based, you’ll love this eco-friendly organic tampon.
  • Best Bang for Your Buck: Cora Organic Tampons Mix Pack. In a pack of 32 and with a BPA-free applicator, you’ll love these tampons if you think more is more!
  • Best Compostable: The Honey Pot Organic Tampons. Complete with an applicator that is 100% compostable, you’ll love these Earth-friendly organic tampons!
  • Best Subscription: Lola Organic Non-Applicator Tampons. Applicator free, organic, and easy to subscribe to. You can receive these tampons every one, three, or even six months.

1. L. Organic Cotton Reg. Absorbency Tampons

The best organic tampons overall

L. Organic Cotton Reg. Absorbency Tampons

Brand: L. | Applicator: Yes | Material: Organic Cotton & BPA-Free Plastic | Count: 30 | Price: 💰💰

L. is currently one of the most well-known organic tampon brands. This purchase comes with a cute and attractive clear container that you can reuse if you so choose, and there are 30 tampons inside. The tampons are 100% organic cotton, and the applicators are polyolefin. Polyolefin plastic does biodegrade eventually, but it can take decades.If plastic waste is a big concern of yours, this may not be the brand for you. However, L. uses no harsh chemicals to make their tampons, and they are vegan and cruelty-free!

As an added plus, you can subscribe to receive tampons and other period products once a month from the L. website, or you can use the link above to shop L. products from Target.

A few buyers mentioned that the applicators on these tampons did not work for them and that these were not as comfortable as other brand’s tampons. However, the majority of ladies loved L.’s organic tampons. They found them very comfortable to wear and loved how absorbent they were. They also loved the attractive packaging; some even mentioned feeling fine with leaving it out because it looked so good!

  • Absorbent, no leaks
  • The packaging is nice
  • They’re very comfortable

  • The applicator doesn’t work well
  • Not the most comfortable fit once inserted

2. Natracare Organic Tampons

The best eco-friendly organic tampons

Natracare Organic Tampons

Brand: Natracare | Applicator: No | Material: Organic Cotton | Count: 20 | Price: 💰💰

Natracare has a whole line of period products that are safe for you and the Earth. Their tampons are 100% certified organic, are non-chlorine bleached, have no synthetic materials, and are not dyed or processed with harsh chemicals. This model comes in a pack of 20 and is applicator-free, but you can easily find their tampons with applicators on Thrive Market. Although they are cheaper on Thrive Market, you can also purchase Natracare products on Amazon; with prime shipping, it may turn out to be a better deal.

Some buyers wished this tampon came with an applicator and had difficulty inserting and/or removing them. However, this is a risk you run when buying tampons that don’t have applicators! Always read labels to make sure you’re purchasing what you want. Overall, buyers loved the low price, eco-friendliness, and high absorbency of these tampons, and left very positive reviews.

  • The low price
  • How eco-friendly the product is
  • How absorbent the tampons were

  • Some wanted an applicator
  • Difficulty inserting and removing tampons

3. Public Goods Organic Tampons

The best organic tampons on a budget

Public Goods Organic Tampons

Brand: Public Goods | Applicator: No | Material: Organic Cotton | Count: 18 | Price: 💰

These applicator-free organic cotton tampons from Public Goods are some of the best organic cotton tampons on the market. Public Goods does not use chlorine, rayon, synthetic fibers, and pesticides. We love how compact these tampons are, as they’re perfect for on-the-go. Public Goods tampons are low waste, not harmful to your body, and they’re incredibly cheap! What’s not to love?

There were a few buyers who found these tampons leaked more than other similar brands and that they were not comfortable to insert. It’s worth noting that not having an applicator can make insertion slightly more complicated, but that’s just the downside of not using tampons with applicators! Overall, buyers were pleased — the tampons were low cost, compact, and they loved that they’re organic and safe for the body.

  • Very inexpensive
  • They’re compact and waste-free
  • Organic, and won’t harm their body

  • Not comfortable to insert
  • Leaked more than other brands

4. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

The best most comfortable organic tampons

Rael Organic Cotton Tampons

Brand: Rael | Applicator: Yes | Material: Organic Cotton & Plant Material | Count: 16 or 32 | Price: 💰💰

Rael’s organic cotton tampons are a real fan favorite. They have a plant-based applicator, are free from toxins, and even come in cute packaging that looks like an ice-cream carton. It comes in an 16 pack from their website, or you can get them from Target for a similar price. You also can find Rael on Amazon but in a pack of 32 instead of 18, so if you believe more = more, and have Prime, it may be worth buying from Amazon. Oh, and you can subscribe to receive these tampons, as well!

Although most enjoyed these organic tampons, there were a few who were dissatisfied. A couple of buyers mentioned that Rael’s tampons were not absorbent enough and didn’t seem high-quality. Specifically, one commenter noted the tampons smelled very strongly of fragrance. Another said the tampon string came off upon tampon removal. However, most buyers were delighted and said they appreciated the easy application, how small and compact the tampons were, and how absorbent and safe they were to use.

  • Easy application
  • They work well, are organic
  • Compact, easy to travel with

  • Not absorbent enough
  • Not the best-quality product

5. o.b. Organic

The best organic tampons w/ plant-based applicator

o.b. Organic Tampons

Brand: o.b. | Applicator: Yes | Material: Organic Cotton & Plant Material | Count: 18 | Price: 💰💰

O.b. Organic tampons are made of 100% organic cotton and are free of chlorine, dyes, and fragrances. This pack comes with 18 regular tampons, but they sell an 18-pack of super tampons as well. Their organic tampons come with applicators that are up to 92% plant-based and are said to be just as smooth and comfortable as regular plastic ones. They make tampons without applicators, but they are not organic.

Although most buyers were happy with these tampons, some did not find them overly comfortable to wear, and that they leaked. Despite these negative reviews, most of them were very positive. Users loved that the product is plant-based and how comfortable and easy they were to insert. One of their favorite things was how low the price of these tampons is. Who doesn’t love affordability and function?

  • The low price
  • That they are plant-based
  • How comfortable tampons are to insert

  • Leaks too much
  • Not a comfortable fit

6. Cora Organic Tampons Mix Pack

The best bang-for-your-buck on organic tampons

Cora Mix Pack

Brand: Cora | Applicator: Yes | Material: Organic Cotton & BPA-Free Plastic | Count: 32 | Price: 💰💰💰

Cora’s has some of the best organic tampons with applicators on the market. They are certified organic cotton, and their plastic applicators are BPA-free, so it’s safe for your body. No fragrances, synthetics, dyes, and other harmful chemicals are in these eco-friendly tampons. This package comes with 32, yes, 32 tampons with a mix of regular and super tampons. You can also find a pack of 36 on Amazon, which is more expensive but worthwhile if you have Amazon Prime!

Some buyers did not enjoy the application process of these tampons, mentioning that the tampon wouldn’t come out of the applicator. There were also a few who were sad to find that these tampons leaked more than other brands. However, most were very pleased and found the tampons were high-quality, and very absorbent. They loved how non-toxic the tampons were.

  • They’re highly absorbent
  • Tampons are good quality
  • Good for the environment and non-toxic

  • They leak a lot
  • Couldn’t get the tampon out of the applicator

7. The Honey Pot Company

The best tampons w/ compostable applicators

The Honey Pot Company

Brand: The Honey Pot | Applicator: Yes | Material: Organic Cotton & Bioplastic | Count: 18 | Price: 💰💰

Made of certified organic cotton, The Honey Pot’s tampons are made free of chemicals, dyes, pesticides, and synthetic materials. Best of all, it has a bioplastic applicator derived from sugar cane, which is 100% compostable! This package comes with 18 tampons total, nine regular, and nine super.

A few buyers left negative reviews about the applicators, specifically about how they did not help with insertion. Another mentioned that the tampons were TOO absorbent — quite a rare complaint about a tampon! Despite this, overall, buyers loved how comfortable, absorbent, affordable, and nontoxic these tampons from The Honey Pot were.

  • They’re very absorbent
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • They’re affordable AND chemical-free

  • The tampons are overly absorbent
  • Can be challenging to insert the tampons

8. Lola Organic Non-Applicator Tampons

The best organic tampon subscription

Lola Non-Applicator

Brand: The Honey Pot | Applicator: No | Material: Organic Cotton | Count: 18 | Price: 💰💰

With tampons made of 100% organic cotton, Lola is an excellent organic tampon brand. They happen to sell tampons with and without applicators, per your preference. The ones linked above are applicator-free, but you can find them with either cardboard or plastic applicators right here! This company is another excellent option for anyone who wants a tampon or other period product subscription service. Each box comes with 18 tampons of various sizes, and you can get them delivered once a month, every three months, or every six months.

There were a few negative reviews which mentioned the tampons leaked, and that the sizes were significantly smaller compared to name brand tampons. Despite these comments, the majority of users were very satisfied. They appreciated the lack of harmful chemicals that name brand tampons carry. They were glad to not deal with wasteful applicators. One reviewer specifically mentioned that the company was easy to work with when she received a wrong order.

  • No wasteful applicators
  • The lack of harmful chemicals
  • The company is easy to work with

  • Tampons leaked
  • The sizes were smaller than name brands

What to Look for in the Best Organic Tampons

Best Organic Tampons w Natural Cotton
Image by Elena Pavlova / Canva

They are pretty simple products, but there are still a few things you may want to consider when searching for the best organic tampon.

  • Does it have an Applicator? Some women prefer an applicator, and some don’t! Luckily, there are options for both applicator and applicator-less organic tampons. Throughout researching, we’ve noticed there are quite a few reviewers who seem surprised that what they purchase either does or doesn’t have an applicator, despite the package stating whether or not it comes with applicators. So, always read the fine print and full product descriptions. You never know what you’re missing until it’s too late!
  • Tampon Ingredients & Production Values: Always be on the lookout for ingredient lists and info about what chemicals are/aren’t and used in the processing of your tampons. You don’t want pesticides (what the heck are pesticides even doing in our tampons?!) or dyes and fragrances in something that’s going into your intimate areas!

There are a lot of options out there, so we hope we’ve made your day a little easier with our list of best organic tampons!

Our Process

For this guide on organic tampons, our team spent 9 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each tampon. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 8 organic tampons on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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