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10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2024

10 Best Outdoor Solar Lights in 2024

Are you looking for some relief on your electricity bill? Outfitting your yard or garden with solar-powered lights is an excellent way to save some cash. Not only that, but they are also a great way to boost the curb appeal of your property. The best outdoor solar lights also don’t compromise on power or beauty. They’re environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Outdoor solar lights are weatherproof and turn on and off automatically based on sunlight.

After researching outdoor solar lighting options, we came up with a list of our top choices. Although it was challenging to decide on an overall favorite because they all meet different needs, the Sunforce Solar Motion Light managed to shine its way into our top spot. Not only does this floodlight offer security, but it’s also one of the brightest options that can detect movement as far as thirty feet away. Furthermore, the range of distance for motion detection and the amount of time the light stays on are both customizable settings. 

Our Top Picks: Best Outdoor Solar Lights

What are the best solar lights for outdoor use in your garden and around the house? Here’s a quick look at our favorites from several different categories.

Sunforce Solar Motion LightBest Overall: Sunforce Solar Motion Light.
This floodlight offers customizable security and a solar panel that you can mount in a more lighted area than where you want the motion light.
Moonrays Solar Hanging Floral Stained Glass LightBest Green Pick: Moonrays Solar Hanging Floral Stained Glass Light.
Hang this beauty on the shepherd’s hook that comes with the lantern, or place it anywhere you want to add a little ambiance. 
Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path LightBest Budget: Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light.
These affordable pathway lights are tall enough to shine above your shrubbery, and the textured glass creates some lovely shapes in the light.
Joomer LED Solar String LightsBest String Lights: Joomer Solar String Lights.
If you’re looking for the best outdoor solar Christmas lights, these string lights are a fantastic choice with lots of different color options to pick from.
Signature Garden Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden LightsBest Pathway Lights: Signature Garden Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights.
This 6-pack of pathway lights are extra bright and are so durable that they come with a lifetime guarantee.
URPOWER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar LightsBest Floodlights: URPOWER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights.
These are perfect for anyone looking for the best outdoor solar wall lights to handle both the cold and the rain remarkably well.
InnoGear Solar SpotlightBest Spotlights: InnoGear Solar Spotlight
Along with being the best outdoor solar lights for signs, these spotlights do a fantastic job of adding a bit of drama to your landscaping by lighting it up from underneath. 
Kemeco LED Solar Post Light FixtureBest Post Lights: Kemeco LED Solar Post Light Fixture
This post lamp has the classic look of the outdated gas models but offers a greener alternative with cost-savings.
Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki TorchesBest Tiki Lights: Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches
These tiki lamps are a fun and safe option for adding a bit of atmosphere to an outdoor party.
Deneve Solar Flag Pole LightBest Flagpole Lights: Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light
Why not try lighting your flag from up above with this solar flagpole light that will turn on automatically at dusk?

1. Sunforce Solar Motion Light

The best outdoor solar light overall

Sunforce Solar Motion Light

Brand: Sunforce | Style: Floodlight | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: Yes | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰💰

This motion-sensing solar light has a high light output and can detect movement within 30 feet at a 180-degree angle. It’s ideal for use as a security or floodlight.

The amorphous solar panel charges in all daylight conditions, which means it doesn’t require direct sunlight.

It’s sturdy, weather-resistant, and can be mounted just about anywhere. It also comes with 15 feet of wire between the panel and lamp. The fact that this model offers customizable features in addition to intense lighting makes this one of the best solar outdoor motion sensor lights you can find.

  • It’s very bright
  • Works well in cold, wintery conditions
  • If the rechargeable batteries die, they’re replaceable

  • After prolonged overcast conditions, the light dims
  • The motion sensor isn’t as sensitive as some would like

2. Moonrays Solar Hanging Floral Stained Glass Light

The best eco-friendly outdoor solar light

Moonrays Solar Hanging Floral Stained Glass Light

Brand: Moonrays | Style: Hanging Lantern | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

Give your backyard an artistic bump with these decorative solar lamps. They’re made from metal and plastic and provide 360 degrees of illumination. Each side features a hand-painted garden design in a stained glass style. They have a 24-inch above-ground height and will provide eight hours of light on a full charge.

  • Inexpensive
  • It looks nice at night and during the daytime
  • The soft glow is perfect for adding ambiance 

  • The ground hook that holds them is flimsy 
  • Some had issues with needing to have defective units replaced

3. Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light

The best budget outdoor solar light

Moonrays Payton Solar LED Plastic Path Light

Brand: Moonrays | Style: Pathway Lights | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

These path lights are made from sturdy plastic with a “hammered” lens that gives style and shape to the light. At nearly 16 inches in height, common obstructions like grass and shrubs shouldn’t be a problem for this light. The device is also weatherproof.

Installation is simple —just push the stake into the ground — and the light automatically turns on at dusk. It should last eight hours on a full charge. The solar panel is on top of the lamp, so it needs to be in direct sunlight during the day. They come in a pack of eight, making them a good value for the money.

  • Easy to install
  • They make excellent accent lighting
  • The emitted light makes a pretty, geometric pattern on the ground

  • Not very bright
  • The plastic casing is not very durable 

4. Joomer LED Solar String Lights

The best outdoor solar string light

Joomer LED Solar String Lights

Brand: Joomer | Style: String Lights | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

These string lights are a festive way to add a soft glow, whether you use them as Christmas lights or patio lighting. The two strings of lights are each 72-feet long with 200 LED lights. Each string of lights offers eight different lighting modes, and they come in a variety of colors. The solar panel comes with a spike and is angle-adjustable. The lights turn on and off at dusk and dawn and also come with a power switch. They are waterproof, and you can hang them anywhere.

  • Zero maintenance 
  • It remembers the last mode you had set
  • Adds ambiance without being too bright

  • They need direct sunlight to work properly
  • Some string lights didn’t work upon arrival and had to be replaced

5. Signature Garden Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights

The best outdoor pathway solar light

Signature Garden Stainless Steel LED Solar Garden Lights

Brand: Signature Garden | Style: Pathway Lights | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰

This pack of six solar path lights consists of stainless steel and durable, weatherproof plastic that will endure all conditions. All you have to do to install them is stake them into the ground. They light up automatically and last for eight hours on a full charge. There’s also an on-off switch for when you want to store them. What’s more, these lights come with a 100% lifetime replacement guarantee.

  • Hold up in winter weather
  • They honor the lifetime guarantee
  • Much brighter than other pathway lights

  • The silver color doesn’t blend in with the garden
  • The stem of the light that fits into the ground pipe is too short and doesn’t fit snugly

6. URPOWER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights

The best outdoor solar flood light

URPOWER Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Lights

Brand: URPOWER | Style: Floodlight | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: Yes | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

These motion-sensing solar lights are great at keeping a charge. They provide up to 12 hours of continuous light, thanks in part to the extra-large solar panel and LED lights with a lifespan of five years. The motion sensor can detect movement up to 10 feet away at a 120-degree angle.

An automatic switch turns the light on at night when motion is detected and off in the morning. There are two brightness settings. They come in packs of four and are waterproof and heatproof.

  • Nice and bright
  • Motion detector responds quickly
  • Work in wet climates without issues

  • Light is somewhat bluish
  • Lights only stay lit for 30 seconds after motion is detected

7. InnoGear Solar Spotlight

The best outdoor solar spot light

InnoGear Solar Spotlight

Brand: InnoGear | Style: Spotlight | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

You get two bright spotlights in this package, which is perfect if you want to highlight something in your garden or yard. They can be stuck into the ground or mounted on a wall. They turn on and off automatically at sundown and sunrise and have two brightness modes. Both the light and panel are adjustable, so you can shine it at the correct angle while giving it the most sun exposure. These are well built and resistant to both water and heat. 

  • Very bright and high reaching light
  • The low light setting stays on all night
  • These work well for landscape lighting

  • Solar panels can only adjust up and down
  • Several reviewers had issues with these standing up to wet weather

8. Kemeco LED Solar Post Light Fixture

The best outdoor solar post light

Kemeco LED Solar Post Light Fixture

Brand: Kemeco | Style: Post Light | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰💰💰💰

If it’s time to swap out that gas-powered lamp with something a little more cost-effective and eco-friendly, this post light is an attractive alternative. Also, because it’s one of the best quality outdoor solar lights, it’s likely that people won’t even notice the difference.  

One of our favorite things about this post light is its versatility. You can choose to attach this light to an existing pole or use the provided base to fasten it to a more suitable location. This post light even looks lovely just sitting atop the raised stone wall of a patio.

  • It still charges in cloudy conditions
  • Installing on an existing post is easy
  • Light is not harsh and lasts a long time

  • The paint fades over time
  • The included set screws are low quality and hard to tighten

9. Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches

The best outdoor solar tiki light

Newhouse Lighting Solar Flickering LED Tiki Torches

Brand: Newhouse | Style: Tiki Lights | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰

Have you ever wanted to line your garden or patio with Tiki torches but didn’t want to deal with the oil or flames? These flickering yellow lights will give you that tropical outdoor feel and require nothing more than sunlight to run. These tiki lights offer adjustable height up to five feet tall, and they turn on automatically at night. They’re affordable and come in a two-pack or four-pack.

  • The flickering light looks realistic
  • Light is atmospheric and not harsh
  • They can withstand heavy rainstorms

  • They discolor over time
  • Pole and ground stakes are flimsy 

10. Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light

The best outdoor solar flagpole light

Deneve Solar Flag Pole Light

Brand: Deneve | Style: Flagpole Light | Light Sensor: Yes | Motion Sensor: No | Weather Resistant: Yes | Price: 💰💰

Did you know the U.S. Flag Code suggests lighting up the American flag at night? This gives you two options: take down your flag every day before sundown, or buy a light to shine on it at night. An easy solar option is this light by Deneve. It sits atop your flag pole and automatically casts light down on your flag when the time is right. The easy-to-set-up light is ideal for poles 15-25 feet in length.

  • Made in the USA
  • Installation is straightforward
  • Rechargeable batteries are replaceable

  • Not especially bright
  • If you have two flags, it only lights up the higher one effectively 

What to Look For

One of the Best Outdoor Solar Lights on a white background
Image by Ruvan Boshoff / Canva Photos

There are different types of solar lights you can use for your patio, lawn, and garden. Each of the best outdoor solar lights serves a particular purpose, whether it’s for security, illumination, or beautifying that well-kept garden of yours.

Main categories of outdoor solar lights:


Garden Lights

Garden solar lights are great for decorating and adding ambiance, whether you wish to enjoy the yard on your own or entertain guests. Garden lights usually aren’t bright, but they emit a warm glow that’s perfect for illuminating plant beds at night. They come in various styles, but the best models are weatherproof, and you won’t need to remove them after summertime is over.


Path Lights

Solar path lights stake into the ground wherever you want to light up a walkway. Although you can use these in the garden, path lights usually last longer than your typical garden lights and almost always incorporate weatherproofed materials in their construction. Solar path lights often have a patterned design that the light filters through to create a bit of personality in your lit path.


Spot Lights

Solar spotlights provide a more powerful light source if you wish to highlight a sign, something in your garden, a high traffic walkway, or a carport/shop area.



Solar floodlights offer a broad area of high-intensity light. They often can detect motion and will turn off after a short amount of time. This kind of lighting provides security and works well in areas where you just want a quick bit of light to find your way or see what you’re doing.



Motion sensing solar lights come in a variety of styles. They can double as a deterrent for potential intruders and illumination when you leave and enter your home.

Subcategories of outdoor solar lights:

  • Wall solar lights.
  • Hanging solar lights.
  • Flagpole solar lights.
  • Lamppost solar lights.
  • String solar lights.

But how do you know which ones make for the best outdoor solar lights? It depends on the area you are trying to light up and if you have ground space or wall space available. Wall mounting is a bit more permanent, of course, whereas ground stakes will be easy to rearrange down the road.

The biggest concerns when choosing solar lights are brightness, lighting range, durability, how long they hold a charge, and, of course, the price. 

Benefits of Using Outdoor Solar Lights

Once installed, you won’t need to think about your solar lights again. Solar panels absorb sunlight and recharge the built-in batteries each day. When the sun goes down, the batteries power bright LED lights that can shine on your property all night long. All you need to worry about is setting up the panels to get the most sun.

With so many options available, finding solar lights that match perfectly with the outside of your home is easy. Set-up is also simple. Many lights come with the necessary pieces to install them yourself. What’s more, unless the solar panels are separate from the light fixtures, there’s no need for wires. It’s less of a hassle and safer.

Still not convinced? Here are more benefits to using solar power:

  • It’s pollution-free and emits no greenhouse gases
  • Reduces dependence on oil and fossil fuels
  • Renewable clean power available every day, even when cloudy
  • Works even during a power outage
  • Install them anywhere — in the ground, on a building, or hanging from a tree

Our Process

For this guide on the best outdoor solar lights, our team spent 8 hours researching the most popular options from over 15 brands and manufacturers, big and small. We then read about one hundred user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each unit. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 10 outdoor solar lights on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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