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9 Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms in 2024

9 Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms in 2024

Brrr… it’s cold out. To keep a big space warm, we broke down the nine best space heaters for a large rooms. Our list includes oil-filled, infrared, and propane models, among many others. We also present space heaters that use radiant heat, forced air, and convection — just what you need to stay warm when the weather gets chilly. And to keep you toasty when the weather gets frosty, all without wasting too much money or resources, our eco-friendly green pick should do the trick.

So, if you’re facing a large, drafty room, take off that extra sweater and instead try a space heater from this ranking of the best space heaters for a large room.

Our Top Picks: Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms

Here’s a quick look at our favorite picks:

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space HeaterBest Overall: Dr. Infrared Heater.
The best space heater for a large, drafty room is without a doubt the energy-saving Dr Infrared Heater.
Lifesmart ZCHT1071USBest Eco-Friendly: LifeSmart ZCHT1071US.
The LifeSmart ZCHT1071US is our choice for the most eco-friendly and energy-efficient space heater for a large room.
Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat SettingsBest Budget: Vornado MVH.
Don’t blow rent money on a space heater: choose the surprisingly effective Vornado MVH instead.
Taotronics TT-HE001Best Electric: Taotronics TT-HE001.
With eco-mode and a 12-hour timer, the award for best electric space heater for a large room goes to the TT-HE001 from Taotronics.
Duraflame 5010Best for 1000 Square Feet: Duraflame 5010 3D.
With a life-like flame effect, the 5010 3D is the best for large rooms up to 1,000 square feet.
Lasko 760000Best for High Ceilings: Lasko 760000.
Heat rises: to keep it warm where you can feel it in a room with high ceilings, pick the 760000 from Lasko.
Lasko 5160Best Ceramic: Lasko 5160.
For constant heat with no fire hazard, the best ceramic space heater in our ranking is the Lasko 5160.
DeLONGHI ComforTempBest Oil-Filled: DeLONGHI ComforTemp.
For long-lasting heat, there’s nothing better than an oil-filled heater like the Delonghi Comfortemp. 
Mr. Heater F274830 Big BuddyBest Propane: Mr. Heater Big Buddy.
Used properly, a propane heater like the Mr. Heater Big Buddy is a safe and effective way to heat rooms large and small.

1. Dr Infrared Heater

The best space heater for large rooms overall

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Brand: Dr Infrared | Heating System: Infrared | Heating Method: Radiant | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Our research found the best space heater for a large drafty room is the Dr Infrared Heater. With an infrared heating system and a radiant heating method, the 1500-watt heater features infrared quartz and PTC, or positive temperature coefficient. That makes the heater self-regulating, running on an open-loop without any external diagnostic controls. Meaning with Dr. Infrared, you can effectively set it and forget it.

There’s also an electronic thermostat covering 50 to 85 degrees, a remarkably high-pressure, low-noise blower, and a remote control. Don’t miss the tip over and overheat protection. The corded electric space heater for large rooms is also super light, at only about 24 lbs. Those who’ve tried the heater say it’s safe enough to use in their daughter’s room at night, and that two of them kept a 1300 square-foot, stick-built house from 1974 toasty warm. Another user had good luck keeping 900 square feet at a consistent 68 degrees. Otherwise, the heater cycles on-and-off in auto mode as it should, and it’s remarkably quiet. 

  • Powerful blower
  • Good choice for an RV
  • Easy to move on casters

  • Doesn’t work as well in near-freezing temperatures
  • Circuit board tends to blow after time (replaced for free)

2. LifeSmart ZCHT1071US

The best eco-friendly space heater for large rooms

Lifesmart ZCHT1071US

Brand: LifeSmart | Heating System: Infrared | Heating Method: Convection | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰💰

To heat a large room without wasting too much energy, pick the next space heater in our ranking: the eight-element LifeSmart ZCHT1071US. Contributing to the heater’s energy efficiency, there are three adjustable heat power settings: high, low, and eco. That’s while the built-in thermostat runs the heater, warming the room to the temperature you set it to and shutting off once that temperature is reached: not a second longer, and not a moment before. 

This infrared convection heater is 1500 watts and works well in rooms up to 1000 square feet. There’s also a lifetime washable air filter, which cuts down on wastefulness, and a large remote control with dual timer settings that can be programmed up to 12 hours in advance. The heater stays cool to the touch, and rolls easily on its casters. Some use it to heat a trailer, and others had good luck warming an 1100 square-foot house. The heater comes pre-programmed and ready to go, so it’s pretty plug ‘n’ play. Users also report the control settings are reliable, shutting off to save energy and money on your heating bill.

  • Heats room with 12 ft ceilings
  • Works well in a hunting clubhouse
  • Contributes to 5% drop in power usage

  • Pretty noisy
  • Remote a little flimsy

3. Vornado MVH

The best space heater for large rooms on a budget

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings

Brand: Vornado | Heating System: Electric | Heating Method: Vortex | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰

Our choice for the most affordable space heater for a large room is the Vornado MVH. Though small and compact, this electric vortex heater is remarkably effective with three heat settings, an adjustable thermostat, and tip-over protection. We learned the vortex air circulation works a lot like a forced-air furnace but just on a much smaller scale. There’s also an internal thermostat with seven settings. 

Otherwise, there are three heat settings: low, medium, and high, maxing out at 1500 watts. Don’t miss the cool-touch base, safety shut-off if it gets too hot, and tip-over protection. It’s also easy to move with an integrated carrying handle. We were encouraged to learn it works well in an RV. Once positioned in just the right place, it keeps an unexpectedly large room warm despite its small size. Just be sure to place it where it can blow across the room unobstructed with adequate airflow supply to the back of the heater.

  • No smell when first turned on
  • Quiet, lightweight, dead-simple control system
  • Tip over switch on the bottom nice safety feature

  • Some fan durability issues
  • Needs to be in just the right spot for best result
  • Tip-over sense plunger unreliable on compressible/embossed vinyl flooring

4. Taotronics TT-HE001

The best electric space heater for large rooms

Taotronics TT-HE001

Brand: Taotronics | Heating System: Electric | Heating Method: Forced Air | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰

For the best electric space heater for a large room, we recommend the Taotronics TT-HE00, a 1500 watt electric and forced air space heater. With wide-angle oscillation, the TT-HE001 heats indoor spaces 20% more than similar heaters. There’s also an energy-saving ECO mode, adjusting the heat based on the ambient temperature, saving both energy and money. In addition, the compact heater had multiple safety protections like built-in overheating and tip-over protection sensors. 

There’s also a 12-hour timer, auto-shutoff, and a remote control, as well as an LED display with touch control. At just about 4 lbs, the heater is light and easy to move. For large spaces, the heater performed well in a large bedroom with vaulted ceilings, warming the space comfortably within about 30 minutes. With temperatures ranging up to about 95 degrees, the unit is quiet. The oscillation directs the heat into rooms evenly, according to consumers. The heater turns off reliably as soon as it hits 45-degrees in the event it gets knocked over by a pet or child. 

  • Looks elegant
  • Fits under a computer desk
  • Quiet enough to hear the TV while it operates

  • Some recommend larger model
  • Remote doesn’t work from side angle
  • Some say the words on the remote are difficult to read

5. Duraflame 5010 3D

The best space heater for 1000 square feet

Duraflame 5010

Brand: Duraflame | Heating System: Infrared | Heating Method: Zone | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Heating a room of about 500 to 1000 square feet is a bare minimum for a large room space heater. To stay warm in the largest of the large rooms, pick the Duraflame 5010 3D, our choice for the space heater for 1000 square feet. This infrared, freestanding heater is available in both cream and black. It convincingly recreates an authentic wood stove atmosphere, with a flame-like effect with five settings for color, brightness, and speed. The flame effect can be on for ambiance with or without heat. 

Suitable for zone heating, the 5010 3D also has an adjustable thermostat, a remote control, and built-in overheating protection. Alongside a wood stove in the basement, this 5200 BTU heater worked well to warm a poorly-insulated 1,500 square foot drafty house, according to one consumer review. The heat has a natural-feeling humidity to it and is comfortable. It’s a bit noisy, some say, but others sleep with it on. Others mention it doesn’t disrupt TV watching or an average conversation. It’s also light, easy to move, and safe around kids. Some cats even like to sleep on it! 

  • Glass doors and easy to attach legs
  • Tells the temp with digital numbers
  • Crackling sound effects and glowing embers

  • Remote durability issues
  • Drove up some heating bills
  • Have to open door to see thermostat

6. Lasko 760000

The best space heater for rooms with high ceilings

Lasko 760000

Brand: Lasko | Heating System: Cyclonic | Heating Method: Convection | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰💰

High ceilings make it extra difficult to heat a large room. With cyclonic ceramic heat, the convection Lasko 760000 is the best space heater for a large room with high ceilings. Cyclonic ceramic heaters are known for pushing air evenly throughout the space, keeping it where you can feel it, and not losing the heat up into the ceiling area. With high, low, and thermostat settings, the 760000 is 1500 watts with two quiet settings and a seven-hour timer. The glide system pivot feature lets you direct the air just where you need it. 

There’s also a fresh air ionizer feature, and the heater is ETL listed with self-heating automatic overheat protection. With a space-saving design, the heater can be pushed straight against a wall and out of your way. Most importantly, according to our findings, the heater maintains temperature well, switching on and off when it’s supposed to. With about 7-foot ceilings, it effectively kept temperatures at about 70 degrees, said one user. And the fact it tucks neatly out of the way cuts down on tripping hazards. There’s no tip protection, however, and cats do like to knock it over.

  • Stays cool to the touch
  • Easy on the electric bill
  • No window required for exhaust

  • Some inconsistent thermostat readings
  • Keep AAA batteries handy for the remote
  • Little smelly when turned on for the first time

7. Lasko 5160

The best ceramic heater for large rooms

Lasko 5160

Brand: Lasko | Heating System: Ceramic | Heating Method: Oscillating | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰

To take full advantage of a ceramic oscillating heater at a price that can’t be beat, we recommend the Lasko 5160. Setting the heater apart from other heaters is the elongated ceramic element and patented blower technology for exceptional heat distribution. There’s a multi-function remote and a digital thermostat, with the control buttons located conveniently on the top of the unit for easy access. The timer is 8-hours, and there’s a high, low, and auto setting. 

For safety, there’s overheat protection. The housing is made from V-O safety plastic and stays remarkably cool to the touch. Portability is another great reason to pick the 5160, with an easy-grip carry handle. Some say the small and compact design is a bit deceiving and that it really does work well in large rooms. According to some consumer reports, it does dry the air out a bit, but it runs quiet and looks great. We felt comfortable recommending the 5160 when we learned how well it heated a roughly 1500 square foot unfinished garage. That’s a tall order!

  • Superior to quartz-type heaters
  • Heats in under 10 minutes, no noise
  • Doesn’t heat the surface it’s sitting on

  • Too loud for some
  • Some inconsistent thermometer readings
  • Can’t read the temp from across the room

8. DeLONGHI ComforTemp

The best oil-filled space heater for large rooms

DeLONGHI ComforTemp

Brand: DeLONGHI | Heating System: Oil | Heating Method: Radiant | Power Source: Electric | Price: 💰💰

Oil-filled heaters are an affordable and efficient method of zone heating, and the DeLonghi ComforTemp is the best oil-filled space heater for a large room in our ranking. The ComforTemp button automatically keeps your room a constant temperature, saving both money and energy, with three heat settings and seven oil-filled fin heating elements. The ComforTemp is 1500 watts and runs quiet with safety features like thermal shut-off to prevent overheating. 

It’s important to note that oil-filled space heaters are not forced air but rather radiant. Warmth doesn’t blast out of the thing- but it’s effective for zone heating. Additionally, radiant heat doesn’t dry the air like forced-air can sometimes do. The oil system is also permanently sealed — no need for refills. The controls are simple, and the unit rolls on both carpet and wood floors, with an orange light alerting you when the heater is in operation. Reports also say the heater worked well in a large basement and stairwell, and an RV. We also like the adjustable thermostat and the anti-freeze setting, switching the whole thing off when temps dip below 44 degrees.

  • Steady heat
  • No assembly required
  • Fills room with comforting warmth

  • No remote
  • No digital controls
  • “Pings” when in use

9. Mr. Heater Big Buddy

The best propane space heater for large rooms

Mr. Heater F274830 Big Buddy

Brand: Mr. Heater | Heating System: Propane | Heating Method: Radiant | Power Source: D Batteries/AC | Price: 💰💰💰

Although there are some safety concerns to be aware of, propane is a great choice for a space heater that’s efficient and affordable to operate. Propane is also a clean-burning fuel. We like the Mr. Heater Big Buddy for a lot of reasons. It’s warmer than a lot of other heaters in ranking, ranging from 4,000 to 18,000 BTU. It also has shut-off protection if it should tip over or if the pilot light goes out. To set your mind at ease about gas leaks, the Big Buddy even shuts off when it detects low oxygen levels. Otherwise, the heater maintains a constant temperature through the heat-control knob with low, medium, and high settings. 

The propane tanks are sold separately, and the unit does run on D batteries. However, if you prefer an AC adapter, it is sold separately. The radiant heater takes both refillable and disposable tanks. Those who’ve used the heater say the small fan does push the air a bit, however, it’s not required for operation. We were particularly encouraged by reports that the Big Buddy worked well in two cabins with vaulted ceilings. It also accommodates a wide variety of propane tank sizes, depending on your needs.

  • Can be hooked up to large propane tank
  • Effective when used along with a wood stove
  • Both burners bright orange in a matter of minutes

  • Fan a little noisy
  • Don’t bother with the carry bag
  • Best for radiant zone heating rather than continuous use

Our Process

For this guide on space heaters for large rooms, our team spent 5 hours researching the most popular options from over 20 brands and manufacturers big and small. We then read about one hundred and sixty user reviews (both positive and negative) to discover what shoppers thought about each heater. After comparing this data, we narrowed our list down to the top 9 space heaters for large rooms on the market. You can count on this research to guide you to a mindful purchasing decision.

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