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6 Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough in 2024

6 Best Hand Mixers for Cookie Dough in 2024

Whether you’re prepping for a bake sale, or just keeping the kids busy on a rainy afternoon, whipping up a batch of cookie dough is made much, much easier with a mixer. It does take a pretty powerful motor to get through thicker kinds of cookie dough, and for this reason, some expect that hand mixers won’t suffice. We’re here to say that is most certainly not the case, and that there are any number of hand mixers more than adequate for the task.

In this ranking of the best hand mixers for cookie dough, we picked six choices, depending on your budget. among several other factors. Whether you’re in an apartment, in an RV, or just looking for a mixer that can be tucked away and out of sight when not in use, here are the six best hand mixers for cookie dough. Just be sure to save a gingersnap for us.

Our Top Picks

Want a summary of what’s to come? Don’t lick the beaters! Here’s why we included the following options in our ranking.

Braun HM5100 Electric Hand MixerBest Overall: Braun 9-Speed Electric Hand Mixer.
With dough attachments and 350 watts of power, the Braun 9-speed is the best hand mixer for cookie dough we reviewed. 
Hamilton Beach Hand MixerRunner-Up: Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Hand Mixer.
Another great hand mixer for cookie dough is the Hamilton Beach 6-speed, with a burst button for additional power.
Dash SmartStore Compact MixerBest Compact Mixer: Dash SmartStore Mixer.
Small and compact, the 3-speed Dash SmartStore is powerful enough for thick dough even at the lowest speed.
VonShef 5 Speed MixerBest Accessories: VonShef 5-Speed Mixer w/Stainless Steel Accessories.
With 5 speed settings and a turbo boost setting, the VonShef hand mixer comes with a complete set of accessories, including dough hooks.
Cuisinart HM-90BCSDeluxe Pick: Cuisinart HM-90BCS.
Cusinart’s 9-speed handheld mixer with storage case has a 220-watt motor and dough hooks included.
Black and Decker Helix Hand MixerBest Looking: Black + Decker MX600B Helix.
The two dough hooks included with the powerful BLACK+DECKER MX600B Helix work great and are easy to clean.

Keep mixing. Additional information about the best hand mixers for cookie dough is coming up in our next section.

1. Braun HM5100 Electric Hand Mixer

The best hand mixer for cookie dough overall.

Braun HM5100 Electric Hand Mixer

Brand: Braun | Speeds: 9 | Power: 350W | Colors: 1 | Accessories: Whisks, Dough Hooks, Storage Bag | Price: 💰💰💰

The best hand mixer for cookie dough needs a good mix of power and versatility. Not only does the first pick in our ranking  excel in these areas, the Braun 9-speed is also easy to use, with  SmartMix technology shifting the weight away from your hands, and a VarioControl speed dial, so changing speeds is easy and convenient, even while you mix. What’s more, the soft-grip handle is highly ergonomic, and the attachments switch out easily with the simple push of a button. It’s also very quiet.

In addition to highly-rated dough hooks, the mixer also comes with two multi-whisks and a 5-foot power cord. The system is sealed, with no need to worry about food getting inside the unit, and all the attachments (storage bag included) are dishwasher safe. Feedback on the Braun 9-speed calls it simple to use and easy to clean. It really is powerful, we learned, and great for mixing cookie dough, but also pizza dough and even mashed potatoes. The VarioControl speed dial is an especially popular feature.

  • New design preferred by many
  • Dough hooks save time on hand kneading
  • Also good for bread and homemade brownies
  • Some disappointed by the power
  • Sub par plastic parts for price, some say

2. Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Runner-up top pick, especially if you’re on a tighter budget.

Hamilton Beach Hand Mixer

Brand: Hamilton Beach | Speeds: 6 | Power: 200W | Colors: 2 | Accessories: Whisk, Beaters, Snap-On Storage | Price: 💰

A close runner-up in our ranking of the best hand mixers for cookie doughs is the Hamilton Beach 6-speed hand mixer. There’s a QuickBurst button and a built-in groove to rest the beater on the lip of your bowl for ease and convenience. Included with purchase are quality attachments and a snap-on case for easier storage. Consumers who’ve used Hamilton Beach say it works like a charm every single time — mixing everything from cakes to brownies,and from bread dough to cookie dough. 

What kept it out of the top spot in our ranking was the fact no dough hooks are included with purchase, nor are any sold separately. Nevertheless, further positive feedback on the Hamilton Beach mixer confirms it’s powerful enough for thick cookie dough, and that the QuickBurst button provides the added boost for an especially thick mix when needed. Overall, it’s very well balanced, easy to clean, and convenient to store. Especially considering the affordable price, this mixer is all you need, according to reports.

  • Good deal for the price
  • Won’t take up much space
  • Attachments and cord store together
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Bread dough? Knead it first
  • Snap-on case hard to use, some say

3. Dash SmartStore Compact Hand Mixer

The best compact hand mixer for cookie dough.

Dash SmartStore Compact Mixer

Brand: Dash | Speeds: 3 | Power: 150W | Colors: 4 | Accessories: Beaters, Recipe Book, Clip-On Storage | Price: 💰

What bakers in small spaces need is a small hand mixer that won’t take up too much space. In an instance like this, we like the 3-speed compact hand mixer from Dash SmartStore. Not only is this 150 watt mixer lightweight and easy to use, it’s dishwasher safe and available in an assortment of fun color choices. As far as cookie dough is concerned, two beaters are included with purchase, and speed is easily adjusted with the push of a button. Accessories are also conveniently stored within the mixer itself.

Fans of the Dash SmartStor compact hand mixer call it a steal for the money and a powerful little machine, more than enough for thick dough, even at low speeds. Many choose this product for their RVs, with good results. One consumer used it to make several batches of cookies and confirmed the great quality for the price. It’s not a heavy-duty mixer, many caution, but for small kitchens, first apartments, or for making brownies, cakes and cookies nothing beats the compact hand mixer from Dash SmartStore.

  • Great for a tiny house
  • Also worked for meatloaf
  • Did a splendid job with Hello Kitty cookies
  • Beaters a little short
  • Beaters a bit tricky to eject
  • Just not big enough for some

4. VonShef Hand Mixer w/ Stainless Steel Accessories

The best accessories for a cookie dough hand mixer.

VonShef 5 Speed Mixer

Brand: VonShef | Speeds: 5 | Power: 250W | Colors: 2 | Accessories: Beaters, Dough Hooks, Balloon Whisk | Price: 💰

When it comes to baking, sometimes it’s all about the accessories. The best assortment of stainless steel baking accessories in our ranking is the VonShef 5 speed. With two beaters, dough hooks, and a balloon whisk included, this 250 watts gives you power when you need it, with a turbo boost button. There’s also an eject button, meaning switching out beaters to dough hooks is easy and convenient, and it’s all dishwasher safe when it’s time to clean up. We also like the long power cable for different kitchen arrangements, and there are a few different colors to match your decor.

After using the VonShef for cookies, gingerbread men, and peanut butter blossoms, one consumer called it a great product. It’s good quality, and easy to use, especially for the price. After making two batches of Christmas cookies, feedback reports that the beaters stayed in place, and that they were easy to load and easy to eject. We were particularly confident including VonShef in our ranking based on comments calling it perfect and stylish, and more than capable of mixing cookie dough and even dough for small loaves of bread.

  • Simple to clean
  • Popular red color
  • Easy to manage and store
  • One shipped missing beaters
  • Five speeds? More like three, some say
  • Reports of missed ingredients at bottom of bowl

5. Cuisinart HM-90BCS Handheld Mixer

The best deluxe hand mixer for cookie dough.

Cuisinart HM-90BCS

Brand: Cuisinart | Speeds: 9 | Power: 220W | Colors: 3 | Accessories: Beaters, Whisk, Dough Hooks, Snap-On Storage (Mixing Bowls, optional) | Price: 💰💰💰💰

If price is no issue, then treat yourself with the best deluxe hand mixer for cookie dough, the Cuisinart 9-speed, sold complete with beaters, chef’s whisk, dough hooks, spatula, and even an instruction and recipe book. Solving the splatter problem, this Cuisinart has three low speeds for slow starts, and with simple and easy to use on and off button, with a snap-on storage case included with purchase. Available in black and chrome, all removable, non-electric parts are safe to put in the dishwasher.

Consumers love this hand mixer, calling it great quality and efficient. It’s lightweight and powerful, and based on feedback, made cookie dough without an issue, but also mashed potatoes, eggs, and whipped cream. It’s a beast, according to one report, and the ability to start slow and gradually build up speed is a popular feature among many who’ve tried it. With extended use, there’s no lagging in the motor, nor are there any whining noises or troubling smells. The swivel cord is another popular feature, keeping the unit easy to maneuver and allowing you to find the most comfortable position while in use.

  • Latch release
  • Just the right weight
  • No rusting attachments
  • One-handed use a bit “fiddly”
  • Won’t rest upright on counter
  • Eject and start triggers easy to mix up

6. Black + Decker MX600B Helix

The best looking hand mixer for cookie dough.

Black and Decker Helix Hand Mixer

Brand: Black + Decker | Speeds: 5 | Power: 250W | Colors: 6 | Accessories: Beaters, Dough Hooks, Whisk | Price: 💰💰

Ok, we admit what first caught our attention about the BLACK+DECKER MX600B is that it’s a pretty cool looking appliance. The more we looked into it, the more confident we were that this well-reviewed hand mixer belonged in our ranking. Sold with five attachments, including  two helix beaters, two dough hooks, and a single wire whisk, the MX600B has double the beater surface area for thicker doughs, and TurboBoost when you need some extra oomph. Plus, the mixer lets you slowly build up speed, cutting down on splatters. The beaters are also nylon reinforced for extra durability. 

As far as cookie dough is concerned, this appliance offers good performance, with the helix mixer working well for cookie dough, and the whisk attachment working well with eggs. Some recommend avoiding heavier cookie dough with the MX600B in favor of a lighter mix, while others say it mixed-up thick cookie dough quickly and evenly. One consumer used it for their dough and it cut right through the butter when the dough hooks were attached. Otherwise, it received high marks for ease of use, convenient storage, and attachments that are easy to load and eject.

  • Nice storage case
  • Nice color options
  • Powerful for its size
  • Just “OK”
  • Little bit noisy
  • Dough buildup on beaters reported

Our Process

For this guide on the best hand mixers for cookie dough, our writer spent 4.5 hours researching the best options on the market. They used customer feedback to narrow down the top picks, as well as comparing quality, price, and accessories. These methods have been expertly crafted by the team at Shelf to make your shopping easier and effortless. If you think we missed one of your favorite brands, leave us a note in the comments below.

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