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6 Nugget Couch Alternatives: Best Play Couch for Kids in 2024

6 Nugget Couch Alternatives: Best Play Couch for Kids in 2024

Who doesn’t remember the joy of couch cushion fort building as a kid? With a little imagination, your children can explore extraterrestrial terrain, or build a castle from which they can rule their kingdom. For many, Nugget Couch is the best choice for a modular children’s play couch. With backorders and shipping delays, however, Nugget availability is limited, leaving parents to seek an alternative.

What they’re finding is that not only are there more choices than they expect, many options are much more affordable than a comparable Nugget. From playtime to naptime, or for just hanging out with siblings and cousins, here are the six best nugget couch alternatives to buy.

Our Top Picks

Here’s a quick look at the best couch for kids. They are in the same order as our more detailed list further down in the article.

foamnasium blocksy kids couchBest Overall: Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch.
Made in America, the Blocksy modular couches are versatile, easy to clean, and free from harmful chemicals. 
Children's Factory the Whatsit Kids CouchRunner-Up: Whatit Kids’ Couch.
From fort building to dorm rooms, another great nugget couch alternative is the Whatsit Kids’ Couch.
Brentwood Home Play Couch AlternativeGreen Pick: Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa.
Our green pick for the best kids play couch is made from recycled plastics and formaldehyde-free, among other eco-friendly characteristics. 
Jaxx Zipline Modular Kids Loveseat and OttomansBest for Small Spaces: Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat and Ottoman.
Compact in size, the Jaxx Zipline comes in a variety of colors to match your space.
The figgy couch alternativeBest for Kids: The Figgy.
Get the most for your money with Figgy modular couches, well made and easy to clean with an optional wedge for extra versatility.
Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertable Sleeper SofaBest for Sleeping: Serta 2-in-1 Loveseat and Sleeper.
For nap time after playing or for when the cousins stay over, we like Serta 2-in-1 Loveseat and Sleeper.

A Closer Look: Best Play Couch for Kids

Settle in for a closer look at the six play couches we reviewed!

1. Foamnasium Blocksy Kids Couch

The best play couch for kids overall.

foamnasium blocksy kids couch

Brand: foamnasium | Material: Vinyl, Foam | Size: 70 x 25 x 19″ | Style: Easy-to-Clean | Price: 💰💰💰

We picked the Foamnasium Blocksy kids couch to top our ranking of the best nugget coach alternative because of feedback calling it rugged, versatile, and easy to clean. It’s constructed from durable vinyl, with soft edges, a rectangular shape, and it all wipes down easily with just a wet wipe. Available in a few nice color options, it’s all made in America, as well as CPSIA-compliant, free from phthalate and lead, and it’s also nonflammable.

Some assembly is required with the Foamnasium Blocksy modular couch for kids, but once complete, it’s “the best thing ever,” based on feedback. Children love to explore all that can be constructed with the individual segments of the couch — and you just might find yourself joining in for fun, users say. It’s a particularly good choice for an especially rambunctious toddler, we found out, who’ll find tons of ways to play with it.

  • Kiddo’s favorite toy
  • Exactly as described
  • Great for sitting, tumbling, and forts
  • Could have better weight capacity
  • Misshaped from vacuum sealing compression

2. Whatsit Kids’ Couch

The best Nuggest Couch alternative, runner-up.

Children's Factory the Whatsit Kids Couch

Brand: Children’s Factory | Material: Polyester, Foam | Size: 28 x 50 x 19″ | Style: Two-Toned | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Another modular play couch to consider in lieu of a Nugget is the Whatsit Kids’ couch. With four color choices to choose from, the 6-piece couch is stain resistant and machine washable, which parents like to hear. What children like about it, though, is the bouncing, jumping, and sliding, according to reports. And everything is light enough, many kids can do the rearranging all on their own. 

The fabrics are soft, with velcro-like strips to keep things from sliding around anymore than you want them to, making it a good place to sit as well as a fun thing to play with. The Whatsit Kids’ Couch is smaller than a Nugget, we learned, but otherwise, it’s great for building pillow pyramids or cushion forts. Children with special needs and who are on the Autism spectrum particularly love it, we learned.

  • Will play for hours
  • A “magnet” for toddlers
  • Covers come off for cleaning
  • Bit pricey
  • Too small for an adult couch
  • Could have more color choices
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3. Brentwood Home Play Couch Sofa

Best Nugget couch alternative: Green Pick!

Brentwood Home Play Couch Alternative

Brand: Brentwood Home | Material: Recycled Plastics, BioFoamSize: 66 x 49 x 18″ | Style: Vibrant, Soft | Price: 💰💰💰💰

The most sustainable nugget couch alternative to buy is the Home Play couch sofa from Brentwood. Made from recycled plastics and eco-friendly BioFoam, this 6-piece set is offered in a half dozen tasteful color choices. Brentwood is also a 100% carbon offset company, using no flame retardants, certified Greenguard Gold and free from formaldehyde. Otherwise, the play couch can be rearranged easily for a chair, sofa, mat, or whatever you and your family have in mind.

Those who’ve used the modular play couch for kids comment on the beautiful fabrics and colors, calling it a great choice for playing or lounging. Some report isolated durability issues with the zippers, but others comment on the quality construction. Most of all, consumers love to support a great company like Brentwood and their eco-conscious policies. The cushion may seem a little flat at first, but rest assured, they puff up quickly once children start playing with them.

  • Great for sleepovers
  • Firm enough for fort building
  • Made with climate neutral technology
  • Ain’t cheap
  • Little tricky to unpack
  • Frequently backordered

4. Jaxx Zipline Kids Modular Loveseat and Ottoman

The best small space modular couch for kids.

Jaxx Zipline Modular Kids Loveseat and Ottomans

Brand: Jaxx | Material: Microfiber, Upholstery-Grade Foam | Size: 40 x 0 x 16″ | Style: Convertible Sofa | Price: 💰💰

In need of a modular, nugget couch alternative that won’t take up a lot of space? The Jaxx Zipline is not only small and compact, it’s available in a broad range of colors and best of all, it’s relatively affordable. Made from the upholstery-grade firm foam, it’s also shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging, which is a plus, folding into a table when it’s time for snacks, and into a mattress for when the little ones are all played out.

According to reports the puppet theater, fort, and tent conversions are also popular, we learned. It’s otherwise made from sturdy and soft material. It’s a little on the small side for larger kids, but two can sit on it easily, based on feedback, and there’s more than enough room for toddlers to play on it. The covers can also easily be taken off when it’s time for a cleaning, or vacuumed instead for things like pet hair. Overall, this is highly recommended for kids who like to make forts, based on feedback.

  • Shows very little wear
  • Fits three young kids comfortably
  • Configures to many different things
  • Attracts pet hair
  • Some off-gassing smell at first
  • All pieces remain attached – not truly distinct 

5. The Figgy

The best deluxe play couch for kids.

The figgy couch alternative

Brand: Figgy | Material: Polyester Suede, CertiPUR Foam | Size: 66 x 33 x 27″ | Style: Waterproof | Price: 💰💰💰💰

Just because you’re after a Nugget couch alternative shouldn’t mean you have to accept a downgrade in quality or features. For this reason, we call The Figgy the best deluxe modular couch in our ranking. It’s made from 100% polyester suede fabric, with CertiPUR-US certified foam and a patent-pending velcro system. Since kids will be playing on it, it’s also important to note the zipper’s sharp edges are all concealed, protecting walls and floors from dings and scrapes as well as the skin of your little ones.

Fans of The Figgy like the waterproof lining and the color scheme, well suited to any number of room interiors. The velcro strips also make it easy for children to assemble and disassemble the different segments, and the optional wedge add-on offers even more versatility. Otherwise, the foam is firm, but has a nice give to it, nonetheless. It’s also soft enough for children with sensory processing issues, and everything is easily washable.

  • Keeps its shape
  • Nice and durable
  • Each piece truly separate
  • Ships a little slowly
  • Covers hand wash only (recommended)
  • Limited color choices compared to Nugget

6. Serta 2-in-1 Loveseat and Sleeper

The best play couch for sleeping.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Extra Wide Convertable Sleeper Sofa

Brand: Serta | Material: Machine Washable & Non Slip | Size: 30 x 40 x 12″ | Style: Sleeper Sofa | Price: 💰

Searching for a Nugget Couch alternative that’s as useful for naptime as it is for when it’s time to play? The best choice, the Serta 2-in-1 loveseat and sleeper, is also the best budget pick in our ranking. What we like in particular is the Serta Foam construction, machine-washable slipcover for when it’s time to clean up, and non-slip bottom for especially rambunctious play. It also comes in a few nice color choices. It might not be the most versatile for fort building, but it will convert from lounger to sofa to mattress, fitting up to three kids comfortably.

Reviews call the Serta 2-in-1 easy to assemble and a quality product, suitable for reading, watching TV or iPad, sleeping, and playing. It’s comfy with an awesome design, another consumer commented. There’s a child-proof zipper preventing mischievous from undoing the cushions once assembled, and though vacuum sealed, the pieces fluff up quickly. There’s also a nice side pocket for book and device storage.

  • Fits together well
  • Comfy and awesome
  • Perfect size for any room
  • Too small, some say
  • Arms could be sturdier
  • Shipping issues reported

Our Process

You can trust the choices Shelf delivers to you, as we have mastered the world of online shopping. Our author spent 5 hours researching play couches and Nugget couch alternatives in order to narrow down the options for this list. They thoroughly vetted quality, price, features, and user feedback and eventually narrowed the list down the top 6 choices here.

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